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 Welcome to the first edi on of Goulburn Valley
 Bride & Groom, a magazine designed especially to
 bring you the best of bridal services and advice in
 the Goulburn Valley area.
 Preparing for your wedding is an exci ng me, but
 it can also be a li le daun ng: How do you choose a
 photographer? What’s the correct wording for your
 invita ons? What’s the best man really supposed to
 do? Relax, the answers to all of these ques ons, and
 many more, lie within these pages. But because we
 know that inspira on is as important to you right
 now as informa on, we have also included many
 truly gorgeous photos from the region’s premiere
 wedding photographers.
                                                                                31 invitations
 The Goulburn Valley’s leading wedding providers
 have also stepped up to let you know about the
 wealth of services right here on our doorstep.
 We hope that with our help you can enjoy planning
 your wedding, and the other events that accompany
                                                                                16 cakes                                           24 honeymoons
 it, as much as you enjoy the big day itself.

                                                                                                                                   28 photographers
                                                                                39 bouquets

                                      Narelle & Adam Swinden

                                      Photography by:                             in this issue...
                                      Rick Connors Photography
                                      6 Williams Road
                                                                                  feature wedding >>>              2    feature wedding >>>               18
                                                                                  Le cia Lopes and Ben Cosgriff          Kate Baker and Hamish McMillan
                                      Victoria 3630
                                      03 58315915                                 fabulous fi ng >>>                5    vows >>>                          22
                                      0409 507987                                 Learn the language of gowns           Finding the right words
                                           pu ng the word out >>>           9    honeymoon heaven >>>              24
                                                                                  What to say on your invita ons        Exo c op ons
                                                                                  ge ng to the church                   pre y as a picture >>>            28
GOULBURN VALLEY BRIDE & GROOM                                                                                           Choosing the right photographer
                                                                                  in style >>>                     10
Editorial: Dominique Cosgriff
                                                                                  Glamorous modes of transport          inspiring invita ons >>>          31
Photography: Ray Sizer, Nikki Davis-Jones, Julie Mercer, Christina Prochazka,
             Sally Richards                                                       ceremonial rites >>>             12   share the day >>>                 32
                                                                                  Securing the right celebrant          Ge ng the right support
Design: Moira McGann
                                                                                  beau ful bride >>>               15   perfectly groomed >>>             36
Features co-ordinator: Mardi Qose
                                                                                  Get some ps from the trade            Stylish ideas for men
Advertising / Co-ordinator: Ashton Still 5820 3161
                                                                                  presen ng an opportunity >>> 16       beau ful bouquets >>>             39
Advertising design: Luci Caldwell, Warren Goater, Brendan Cain                    How to ask for money – nicely!
Published by: Shepparton News, Melbourne Rd, Shepparton                                                                 wedding planner >>>               42
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