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					Welcome to the Baylor Med-Peds family! For those of
you new to Houston, and perhaps even those who have
been here for-ev-er, the city can be a daunting but
exciting place. On the surface, it may appear to lack
the character of New Orleans, New York, or Seattle,
but in fact, buried within the myriad strip malls are
extraordinary gems of restaurants and shops you
won’t find anywhere else. This city is so diverse, you
can get anything you could possibly crave. It has taken
us years to find them, but in the interests of saving
you the trouble of searching for a good dentist (tougher
than you might think) or wasting time aimlessly
wandering the streets bored on your day off, here are
some Med-Peds tested and approved goods, services,
and fun times to get you started, all in a handy glove
compartment sized guide! Included are the names of
the people who recommended them—maybe you’ll find
someone whose taste you trust, like that episode of
Seinfeld with Elaine and the video store guy! We look
forward to getting to know you and hope that you will
tell us about your own fantastic finds! And, be on the
lookout in your e-mail for your monthly Med-Peds
Happy Hour!

-Lesley (your social chair)
                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

Bank/Mortgage                   7
Breakfast                       11
Churches/Temples                10
Coffee/Dessert Shops            11
Day Trips                       19
Daycare                         7
Dentists                        5
Dog Parks                       6
Family Friendly Restaurant      12
Financial Planning/Insurance    21
Games                           21
Getting Around                  4
Gym                             18
Heating/AC                      8
Hole in the Wall/Cheap Eats     13
Ice Cream                       14
Internist/PCP                   4
Mechanic                        9
Misc Restaurants                17
Misc Stuff/Places to Explore    20
Nice Restaurant                 14
OB/Gyn                          5
Optometrists                    6
Outdoor Dining                  15
Pediatricians                   4
Pet Sitter                      6
Places to go Jogging            18
Plumber                         7
Realtor                         7
Recycling                       9
Salon                           8
Spa/Nails                       8
Specialty Grocery Stores        10
Tennis Courts                   19
Tex-Mex/Mexican                 16
To Do When Bored on a Day Off   19
Vegetarian                      17
Veteranarians                   6

GETTING AROUND: Secret highway code names
Inner Loop= 610
Outer Loop= Beltway 8
North Freeway= I-45 N
Gulf Freeway= I-45 S
Katy Freeway= I-10
Southwest Freeway=Hwy 59

Dr. Ernest Bartimmo: 915 Gessner, Suite
100; 713-242-2222. Former Chief of
Medicine, is now I believe in private practice
in Memorial City but may still be on our plan.
Karen Hill: 5420 Dashwood #103,
        (713) 661-9550. Med-peds and
        former Baylor grad (Frene)
Baylor Family Practice: 3701 Kirby, Suite
        100; 713-798-7700. Is a great place
        for a PCP. They accept the Baylor insurance and the best
        thing—they have SAME DAY appointments!! It's not a good
        place if you are concerned with continuity of care (like seeing the
        same doc each time), but if you are healthy and have no ongoing
        medical problems that need monitoring except your yearly
        check-up, etc, then it's a great place to go. Also it is not in the
        med center so there's free and easy parking right outside. Also
        they have computerized medical records, which is cool and the
        clinic is very new and shiny. (Georgeann)
        -my husband goes to Baylor Family Medicine - only because
        they do evening hours (Damitra)

Greenbriar Pediatrics: 4101 Greenbriar, Suite 100; 713-526-6443. A
        TCPA group, they are all very good (Katy)
Janet Pate: TCPA Southwest, 3838 Hillcroft, Ste. 215; 713-782-2770.
        Former Chief resident who is THE BEST. (Lisa)
Brain Talbot: TCPA Pearland, 9330 Broadway, Building 300, Suite 312
Pearland, Texas 77584; 281-412-5852 (craig)
Baylor OB-GYN (Dr. Timmins or Dr. Raine): 6620 Main Street, Suite
         1450; 713-798-7500. Anyone that can get a 9 lb baby out of me
         without c/s deserves more business! The office staff is
         improving and I would only recommend these two docs! (Katy)
Baylor Family Practice: They have a nurse practitioner there who does
         gyn exams all day every day, so she is very good. As far as
         being preggers and needing to see an obstetrician, I have no
         suggestions. But just for normal pap smears, etc, Baylor Family
         Practice is great! (Georgeann)
Catherine Holste, Houston Area Women's Associates: 7400 Fannin,
         Suite 1050; 7400 Fannin, Suite 1050. Baylor grad - did her
         residency at UT Houston. (Damitra)
Wanda Mott: 6624 Fannin St # 1800, (713) 797-1144 (Frene)
Philip Pinell: 7900 Fannin, Suite 2600; 713-791-9700 (Lisa)

*FYI, you should NOT have to pay any co-pay with the Baylor dental
Holcombe Dental Associates: 2329 W Holcombe
        Dr. "E" or Estefanari is the BEST, and I have
        had four dentists in Houston and have awful
        teeth and needed some pretty extensive
        work done. He is polite but professional and
        his staff is great. He is on our plan and is
        less than a mile up Holcombe from TCH.
        (Jill Ann)
Helene Jafari: (Greenbriar near 59) 713-777-8999
        (Dr. Guss)
Dr. Peoples (Diamond Dentistry): 713-664-8000
Marvin Rodrigue: 8300 Broadway St., (713) 641-
        3777 (Frene)
Larry Steinberger: 5555 San Felipe, Ste 1090, 713-627-1090 (Katy)
Dr. Syal: 7707 Fannin, Ste. 150, 713-790-1111 (Hilary, Lesley)
Don't have one yet, but would discourage anyone from going to chain
        dental places like Lovett Dental and Castle Dental. For obvious
        reasons. (Georgeann) Or Monarch! (Lesley)

Lens Crafters in the Galleria: covered on our plan and, found out, they
        can trade information with other Lens Crafters anywhere (Jill
Dr. Nadia Miani-Sledge: Pearle, Galleria 1, Suite 2301
        5015 WESTHEIMER, (713) 623-4181 (Katy)
Sam's Club (Georgeann)
Dr. Smoke: Southwest Dental (Lisa)

Banfield Pet Hospital: 8230 Kirby Drive
        (inside PetSmart), (713) 668-3697.
        We have one of the "insurance"
        plans (Katy); also, complimentary
        office visits on Tuesdays &
        Thursdays from 2-4pm (Lesley)
Chestnut Animal Hospital: 4834 Chestnut,
        713 667 4244; on Bissonet just outside the loop (Damitra)
Claws and Paws: 2556 E. Broadway in Pearland, 281-997-1426 (Frene)

Rover Oaks: 2550 West Bellfort, (713) 662-2119 (Katy)
PetsHotel: 5415 W. Loop S, 713-661-1205 (Katy)
Wanda Zuchniewicz:. $20/day to come to your place as often as you like,
       keep your pet at her home, or stay at your home (tell her Lesley,
       Paco’s owner, sent ya)

Millie Bush Bark Park has two ponds, a dog wash station, a large big dog
         yard and also a small dog yard, and, of course, the patriotic
         name. Additionally, it is located on Westheimer in the heart of
         George Bush Park on the west side (just east of katy), and has
         the added attraction of the sounds of distant gunfire from the
         shooting range there....this is true. don't get me wrong, i think it
         is entirely safe, and it really is a big doggie treat to have all that
         space, all that cameraderie, AND ponds...... (Lisa)
There's a dog park across allen parkway from my house near the big ball
of water fountain (Georgeann)

St. George-St. Patrick Episcopal Church: 4040 W Bellfort St., (713) 666-
1408. (Katy)
My Great Beginnings Learning Center: 2603 McHard Road (Pearland),
        (713) 436-8830. (Stephanie)
Kids R Kids: 12015 Broadway St. (in Shadow Creek Ranch, Pearland)
        713-436-3688. Tyler used to go here, but we did not like two
        teachers for the toddler room. They had a great webcam
        though. Both have about 2 teachers for 8-10 kids. Tyler likes
        both daycares (I think). (Stephanie)

Bank of America offers Doctors Loans for
        buying a house - I am not
        recommending them because they
        stink but use them at your own
        risk (Katy)
BCM CreditUnion: 1 Baylor Plaza, (713)
Rachel Brown, The Vault Mortgage: 713-
        739-9900; very professional and has been very helpful with
        buying our house. They have a loan officer on call during the
        weekends and evenings. Even though you are working with one
        broker, they have an open file system that allows other brokers
        to be able to help you. (Heather)

Karen Arbelaez:, 832-545-3761. (Mary
       Catherine & Nick)
Rosanne Kaplan, Coldwell Banker: 713-623-8899. She is a buyer's agent
       which is nice and she is great. (Georgeann)
Ed LaSage, Texas Real Estate Café:

Village Plumbers: 5403 Kirby Dr., 713-224-DRIP. (Dr. Guss)

John Moore: 713-590-5555. They also do
       plumbing, electrical, you name it. (Lesley)

Clique Salon: 2414 University Blvd. 713-807-8300.
        Excellent for highlights. (Georgeann)
Gallery of Salons: 11333 Fountain Lake Dr. in
        Stafford, 281-340-2200. Frene recommends
SuperCuts: Kirby & Richmond. Call me cheap, but they do a good job
        and it is quite trendy after they remodeled! (Lesley & Joe)
Toni and Guy: in the Galleria, 713-831-9340 (Georgeann)
Tracie Armand Studio: 3406 Mount Vernon St., 713-927-7983. (Katy)
Traci-Scott Salon: 615 West Gray, 713-520-8212 (Heather)
Tranquility Salon: 2020 Post Oak Blvd, 713-355-6666. I recommend Kim
        for haircuts (have been going to her for 7 years). She charges
        ~$60-70, but is GREAT. (Georgeann)

Beautique: 2507 Times Blvd., 713-526-1126. Easy
because it has everything in once place. (Georgeann)
Isle Pedi Spa: 5819 D Kirby, 713-528-8802. VERY
        clean, good price for a basic pedicure. They
        sterilize their tools into individual packets for
        each customer.
Nails Unique: 3733 Westheimer Rd # 2 (@ Weslayan),
        Houston, 77027 - (713) 621-2544. I am a nailaholic and this by
        far the best (in terms of quality and values) out of the dozen or
        so nail places I have tried in Houston (Jill Ann)
Natural Skin Creations 3406 Mount Vernon St., 713-526-4264. (Katy)
Paradise Nails: 2617 W Holcombe (@ Kirby), 713-665-8898. 4-star
        pedicures (Gianni)

Mobil Station: OST & Almeda. Drop off
         your car in the AM, walk to work
         @ the VA, pick up after work!
Pacific Auto: 5503 Glenmont Dr., (713)
         663-7444. Near Chimney Rock &
         59. Not the prettiest place out
         there, but my friend's dad owns it
         and will give discounts if you let
         me know you need repairs done
         on your car (they will give you the
         parts at cost without mark up);
         and since I know them, they will
         be nice to you and won't rip you off. (Georgeann)
Poutous Auto: 4601 Kelvin Dr., (713) 524-4444. A bit pricey, but they are
         very honest and dependable. Just north of Rice Village.
West Bellfort Auto: 4081 W Bellfort St.,(713) 432-1868. (Katy)
Cornerstone Automotive: 9734 Broadway St, Pearland, TX 77584 Very
very honest and reasonable (craig)

West U: 5004 Dincans (just off Westpark near Kirby,
         behind Goode Co. Seafood)
         -Do it yourself 24 hour recycling for bottles &
         cans (just clap your hands—sorry, Beck
         reference!), paper, cardboard, plastic
Westpark Recycling Center: 5900 Westpark
         -They take EVERYTHING, it is drive-thru,
         and an impressively efficient swarm of people come to clean out
         your trunk, so don’t put anything you DON’T want recycled in
         there! Downside—only open 8-5 Mon-Sat

Bethel Independent Presbyterian Church (independent): 825 Bering Dr.,
         (713) 782-8948. Bible-church with great teaching, heavy
         missions focus (Damitra)
Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church: 3015
         North MacGregor Way
         (713) 524-6578. Down the street from
         clinic (Frene)
Lakewood Church, Christian
         (contemporary/charismatic, but not really
         a specific denomination): 3700 Southwest
         Fwy. Its the largest church in the US,
         Pastor is Joel Osteen. Many services
         during the week. (Gianni)
St. Anne's (Catholic): 2140 Westheimer Rd., (713)
         526-3276. between South Shepherd and
         Kirby (Heather)
Trinity Episcopal: I hear they have a great youth minister! (Katy). 1015
         Holman (at Main)

Central Market: 3815 Westheimer Rd, (713) 386-1700. Gourmet foods,
        tons of samples, spectacular produce,
        seafood, meats—you have to go at least
Fiesta: multiple locations. Highlights include
        international foods, cheap produce, and
        overall Latino flava
Hong Kong Food Market: 11201 Bellaire Blvd (just
        outside Beltway 8). Located inside Hong Kong City Mall, you
        can get any Chinese food ingredient here—also cheaper
        produce, seafood, and meat
Whole Foods: 2955 Kirby Dr, (713) 520-1937 partially owned by Dr.
        Schaffer, good eats abound

The BEST Houston Restaurant Website EVER!

59 Diner: 3801 Farnham St., 713.523.2333. Great old style diner! i love
         the breakfast here and it's a great price! And it's breakfast
         anytime. (Heather)
Baba Yega: 2607 Grant St, 713.522.0042.
Barnaby’s: see Family Friendly
Berryhill Baja Grill: see Tex-Mex
Black Walnut: see Outdoor Dining
The Breakfast Klub: 3711 Travis St., (713) 520-
         7754. Fried chicken & waffles, other good Southern fixins,
         bottomless kup o’ koffee, live music on weekends but long
         lines—good to go post-EC shift on a weekday (Lesley)
Buffalo Grille: 3116 Bissonnet St, (713) 661-3663. You are bound to run
         into someone you know at this institution (Anoop)
Farrago: 318 Gray St., (713) 523-6404. Great food, bottomless mimosas.
         In midtown, Bagby & W. Gray. (Georgeann)
Hobbit Café: see Vegetarian (I think Jill Ann goes here for every meal!)
King Biscuit: 1606 White Oak Dr., (713) 861-2328. In the Heights—I
         haven't been here but i heard they have good breakfast
Le Peep, they're all over, there's one in the village (there's one of
         everything in the village). Really yummy breakfast (Gianni)
Maria Selma: 1619 Richmond Ave., (713) 528-4920. Great brunch,
         awesome margaritas (Georgeann)
Ruggles Restaurant: 903 Westheimer Rd, Houston, (713) 524-3839.
         Sunday brunch (Jill Ann)
Tacos a Go Go: 3704 Main St., (713) 807-8226. Bottomless mimosas!

Agora Crossroads in the Village: 2531 University Blvd,
        (next to Mi Luna). Also free wi-fi and great
        coffee, amazing crepes. (Gianni)
Cafe Brazil: 1228 Westheimer Rd., (281) 293-7442
Cafe Artiste: 1601 W Main St., (713) 528-3704. Great ambience located
        off of Dunlavy (Heather). Free wifi, great place to study! (Anoop)

Chocolate Bar: see above.There is no second choice for chocolate ice
cream or cake in this city. (Anoop)
Dessert Gallery: 3200 Kirby Dr # 106, (713) 522-9999
Empire Café: 1732 Westheimer Rd., (713) 528-5282
House of Pies: 3112 Kirby Dr, (713) 528-3816. Greasy diner with great
         pies, especially the lemon icebox (Georgeann)
Salento: 2407 Rice Blvd., 713.528.7478. Good atmosphere, they also
         have edemame
Taft Street: 2115 Taft St., (713) 522-3533. Break away from the
         Starbucks death grip; this is a non-profit place (has a church
         attached), and sells only free trade coffee (Anoop)
Tapioca Express: 3311 Westpark Dr, (713) 668-
         7778. At Buffalo Speedway. I recommend
         taro snow bubble with black tapioca
The Teahouse: 2089 Westheimer Rd. (@
         Shepherd), (713) 526-4480 Free wi-fi,
         excellent Boba tea as well as other things.
         Nice place to sit and chat. (Gianni)
Tea Spot: 2444 Bolsover Street Suite B, (713)
         521-0710. (Rice Village by Nit Noi) -
         good atmosphere, but tea is not the greatest (Georgeann)
Suzhi Teahouse: 9252 Bellaire Blvd # A, (713) 777-5522. Take it from an
         Asian—this is the best bubble tea in the city, and believe me, I
         have been everywhere! Largest selection of flavors, and buy 8
         get 1 free punchcard! (Lesley)

Antonio's Flying Pizza: 2920 Hillcroft St., (713) 783-6080 (Damitra)
Barnaby's: 3 locations in Montrose - Sheperd, Fairview, and W. Gray) -
        Great burgers, AWESOME meatloaf (Georgeann)
Buca di Beppo: 5192 Buffalo Speedway, (713) 665-2822 (Anoop)
Poblanos Mexican: 9865 Post Oak Rd, 713-723-8100 (Katy)
Paulie's: 2617 W Holcombe Blvd, (713) 660-7057; 1834 Westheimer Rd,
        (713) 807-7271. Cafeteria style - highly recommend the shrimp
        cake burger and the pricepe (sp?) (Georgeann)
Pronto Cucino: 1401 Montrose, 713-528-8646. Cafeteria style Italian
        eatery, highly recommend the Rigatoni Rustica (Georgeann)

Romano's Pizza: 1528 W Gray St., (713) 526-1182. BEST PIZZA in
        Houston, better than star pizza - large NY style slices of pizza,
        also VERY good beef cannaloni/lasagna (Georgeann)
Star Pizza: 2111 Norfolk St., (713) 523-0800. If you like deep dish pizza
        it is amazing, however takes a long time if you dine in

Bodard Bistro: 9140 Bellaire Blvd, (713) 541-5999. Open 24 hrs—great
        pho, Vietnamese sandwiches, large menu of Chinese/
        Vietnamese food (Lesley)
Bombay Sweets: 5827 Hillcroft St., (713) 780-4453. Indian vegetarian
        buffet (Jill Ann)
Cali Sandwiches: 3030 Travis St.,
        713.526.0112. Vietnamese
        sandwiches & more—other places
        in the area are better, but less
        atmospherically appealing or
        more expensive! (Lesley)
Carribean Cuisine: 7433 Bissonnet St # F,
        (713) 772-8225. MY AUNT’S
        REST! (jamaican food mostly) W
        of Fondren. Muy cheap y muy bien! (Gianni)
China Stix: 3141 W Holcombe Blvd., (713) 218-8100. Cheap healthier
        Chinese takeout, can eat in too (Damitra)
Himalaya: 6652 Southwest Fwy, (713) 532-2837paratha rolls and
        chicken biryani - best food i've had in Houston. On 59 South
        feeder at Hillcroft. (Georgeann)
Hunan Plus: 9124 Bellaire Blvd., (713) 995-8825. SUPER cheap and
        GREAT chinese food ($3.25 lunch specials). On Bellaire in
        Chinatown past Gessner in Diho Square. (Georgeann)
Konomwan Thai: 736 Telephone Rd, 713-923-4230 (Katy)
Lankford Grocery: 88 Dennis St., (713) 522-9555. Only open for
        lunch, best burgers in Houston. In midtown. (Georgeann)
Lee’s Sandwiches: 11210 Bellaire Blvd, (281) 933-9988It may be far
        away, but you have to go at least once—something for everyone,
        from the yummy Vietnamese sandwiches, to perfect strong iced
        coffee, GREEN COCONUT WAFFLES, Asian-flavored ice cream
        (lychee, taro, mango), and Delimanjoo (you have to go to find out
        what this is!). (Lesley)

Mission Burritos: 2245 W Alabama St, (713) 529-
        0535. (Jill Ann)
Freebirds World Burritos: 3745 Greenbriar St.,
        (713) 524-0384. Chipotle is a cheap
        knock-off these two amazing burrito
        places. (Anoop)
New Orleans: across the street from the Breakfast Klub (Frene)
Pho Saigon: 2808 Milam St # D, (713) 524-3734. Cheap and great pho,
        but closes at 7 or 8pm, so go early - 10% off with student ID. In
        midtown just below Mcgowen. (Georgeann)
Taco Cabana: Many locations, open 24 hours, fabuloso chips y queso
Thai Spice Express: 8282 Bellaire Blvd # 112, (713) 777-4888. Not the
        same as Thai Spice in Rice Village—this is much more authentic
        and cheap. Highly recommend #26 (steamed mussels), and #46
        with chicken (spicy), and #16 (best fried rice in town).
Yum Yum Cha Café: 2435 Times Blvd, (713) 527-8455. Good dim sum
        inside the Loop, and it’s made to order! (Lesley)

Amy’s Ice Cream: 3816 Farnham St.
Black Walnut: 5510 Morningside Dr.
Chocolate Bar: 1835 W.Alabama
Hank's Ice Cream: BEST ice cream EVER, hole in
        the wall, family owned (Georgeann)
Paciugo Gelato: 5172 Buffalo Speedway. A bajillion
        tasty (banana flambé) and intruiguing (black pepper
        olive oil) flavors

Backstreet Café: 1103 S. Shepherd, 713-521-2239. AMAZING food,
        great atmosphere. (Georgeann, Damitra)
Bistro Vino: 819 W Alabama St., (713) 526-5500 (Jill Ann)
Brennan's: 3300 Smith St. (@ Elgin in Midtown), (713) 522-9711. Great
        food and awesome pralines. (Georgeann)
Churrasco's/America's: 2055 Westheimer Rd # 180, (713) 527-8300.
        Amazing food, amazing prawns, amazing beef tenderloin
Daily Review Café: 3412 W Lamar St., (713) 520-9217. Fun because the
        menu changes everyday! Hence the name. (Georgeann)

Dharma Café: 1302 Nance St., (713) 222-6996, fun atmosphere, great
         food (north side of downtown) (Georgeann)
Hugo’s: 1602 Westheimer Rd., (713) 524-7744 (Jill Ann)
Julia’s Bistro: 3722 Main St., (713) 807-0090 (Jill Ann)
Mark’s: 1658 Westheimer Rd, (713) 523-3800 (Jill Ann)
The Melting Pot: 6100 Westheimer Rd #
         146, (713) 532-5011. Really fun and
         delicious but you leave smelling like
         meat (Georgeann)
Nelore Brazilian Steak House: 4412
         Montrose Blvd., 713-395-1050.
         Lunch is cheaper. If you like meat,
         this is the place to go! Dinner is
         about $35 per person, excluding
         beverages. On Montrose just north
         of 59. (Gianni)
Ninos: (2817 W Dallas St, 713.522.5120/Vincents (2701 W Dallas St,
         713.528.4313): great Italian food - and it is behind my house! -
         so come visit if you ever go there!! (on W. Dallas just east of
         Waugh) (Georgeann)

Baba Yega: see Breakfast
Black Walnut: 5510 Morningside Dr # 150,
        (713) 526-5551. Something for everyone, and you’ll always see
        someone you know!
Cafe Adobe: 7620 Katy Fwy (Marq-E Center), 713.688.1700 (Frene)
Café Express (multiple locations)
Empire Café: see Coffee Shops
Escalante’s: 4053 Westheimer Rd.,
        713.623.4200 (Highland Village)
Hobbit Café: see Vegetarian. Everything is
        Hobbit themed, so if you like all that
        you will have fun here - very hippie
        and granola - good burgers
Mi Luna: 2441 University Blvd., (713) 520-
        5025 great tapas and good paella

Ruggles in Rice Village: 2365 Rice Blvd, (713) 520-6662.
         Mmm. . .dessert. . .(don’t waste your time on the entrees)
Spanish Flowers: 4701 N Main St., (713) 869-1706 (Jill Ann)
Taco Milagro: 2555 Kirby Dr, (713) 522-1999ive salsa every night, all the
         chips you can eat, and fun dishes (Katy)
Teala’s: 3210 W Dallas St., (713) 520-9292 (Jill Ann)
-Any of the Mexican restaurants on Richmond between Montrose and
Shepherd (Jill Ann)

TEX-MEX/MEXICAN (you're in texas!!)—all Georgeann’s suggestions
unless otherwise noted!
 100% Taquito: 3245 Southwest Freeway (@
         Buffalo Speedway), 713 665 2900.
         Super cheap! Food is like what you
         would buy off the street vendors in
         Mexico City, restaurant is
         even decorated to mimic Mexico City.
Berryhill Baja Grill: (3 locations - Montrose,
         Wesleyan, Westheimer) - $2 fish
         tacos all day Mon/Fri - great
Chachos: 6006 Westheimer Rd (@ Fountain View), (713) 975-9699.
         Huge menu, huge portions, full bar, two drive-thru lanes, and
         super cheap, almost impossible to find parking on Fri/Sat night -
         do not spend more than $6/person, else you will burst! (Anoop)
Chuy's: 2706 Westheimer Rd., (713) 524-1700 - good ole tex mex -
         MUST ask for creamy jalapeno for your chips, I recommend the
         chicken taquitos
La Mexicana: 1018 Fairview St (@ Westheimer), (713) 521-0963.
         GREAT tamales and sopes, very authentic
La Tapatia Taqueria: 1749 Richmond Ave, (713) 521-3144. Classic
Lupe Tortilla: 2414 Southwest Fwy., (713) 522-4419 (on feeder between
         Shepherd/Kirby) - HANDS DOWN THE BEST BEEF FAJITAS
         OF ALL TIME (i can't stress this enough)
Pappasito's and Ninfa's: not worth your time
Ruchi's: 3102 S Shepherd Dr, 713.524.6993. Hole in the wall taqueria,
         open 24 hrs, good if you are drunk at 0200

Taco Cabana: (many locations) Best breakfast tacos ever (not served
         until after 11pm to morning); tortillas and queso good for quick
Tila's: 1111 S Shepherd Dr., (713) 522-7654. Pricey but nice. (Anoop)

Anand Bhavan: 6662 SW Fwy, (713) 977-0150. Cheap Indian food,
         better than Bombay Sweets and a favorite of my parents.
Baba Yega: 2607 Grant St, 713.522.0042. (Anoop)
Field of Greens: 2320 W Alabama, 713-533-0029 (Katy)
Hobbit Cafe: 2243 Richmond Ave., (713) 528-3418 (Jill
Madras Pavilion: 3910 Kirby Dr Ste 130, (713)
521-2617. Indian. (Jill Ann)
Udipi Café: 5959 Hillcroft St., (713) 334-5555 (Jill Ann)
Whole Foods deli: 2955 Kirby Dr, (713) 520-1937. (Jill Ann)
Quan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant: 10804 Bellaire (just inside Beltway 8)
         You will be amazed by the flavor and look of the faux meats &
         seafood—AMAZED! (Lesley)

MISC RESTAURANTS (Anoop’s suggestions unless otherwise
        Hong Kong Food Street: 9750 Bellaire Blvd, 713.981.9888.
                 Authentic Cantonese food (Lesley)
        Indika: 516 Westheimer Rd., (713) 524-2170. Pricey, but
                 amazing; if I could afford it, I would eat here all the time
        India's: 5704 Richmond Ave., (713) 266-0131. Does the basics,
                 and does it right, all in a nice dining atmosphere.
        Bombay Sweets: see Cheap Eats (or any other Hillcroft eatery) -
                 for super cheap ($4), homecooked, all you can eat
        Thai Sticks: 4321 Montrose Blvd., (713) 529-4500. Very nice
        Thai Spice: 5117 Kelvin Dr, (713) 522-5100. Great lunch buffet
                 and early bird special (before 7pm) on weeknights

         Mo Mong: 1201 Westheimer Rd # B, (713) 524-5664. An Anoop
                  all-time favorite, get the tofu luc lac),
         Van Loc: 3010 Milam St., (713) 528-6441. Better than Mai's and
                  on the opposite side of the street
         Vietopia: 5176 Buffalo Speedway, (713) 664-7303. Try the
                  lychee martini! (Lesley said that, not Anoop!)
         Tomo: 1517 Westheimer Rd, (713) 526-8866. Formerly Yan
         Zake: 2946 S Shepherd Dr, (713) 526-6888. Hip, trendy
Indian/British/African fusion:
         London Sizzler: 6690 Southwest Fwy, (713) 783-2754
Guatemalan (like Mexican, but more seafood based):
         El Pueblito: 1423 Richmond Ave, (713) 520-6635
         Buon Appetito: 2231 W Holcombe Blvd, (713) 665-4601. Very
Great Baker:
         Moeller's Bakery: 4201 Bellaire Blvd, (713) 667-0983. Been
         there forever, make great cakes (Damitra)

24 Hr Fitness: many locations. Gives a discount to Baylor residents/
        employees (Gianni, Frene)
UT Gym: 7779 Knight Road, 713-500-8420. Olympic Sized pool, tennis
        courts, discounts for residents

Rice stadium (Katy, Heather)
Memorial park (Katy, Heather, Jill Ann)
Heights- White Oak Bayou Park (Heather)
Hermann Park (Jill Ann)
Through the streets of River Oaks-all the fancy
houses and very safe (Jill Ann)
Around West University (Damitra)

Rice courts- there are two sets. the one that is open to the public is the
        one closest to the Rice track.
West University courts
Courts off Hazard
Cherryhurst court (with practice wall)- off Westheimer
River Oaks courts - again off Westheimer but closer to Weslayan.
Memorial Park has courts but you have to pay, ~5 bucks for 2 hours

Brazos Bend State Park: they
        have alligators running
Galveston: it’s a beach
Hill Country: Becker Vineyards
        (near Fredericksburg)
Kemah Boardwalk:
Messina Hoff Winery: a
        romantic day trip for dinner and drinks.
Moody Gardens: 3 pyramids, each w/ a different theme—the aquarium is

 Shopping in Rice Village (Katy)
 Go to Central Market—they have Tuesday
   Tastings—less crowded but also fewer
   samples than on the weekends (Lesley)
 Houston Zoo: great on a nice day, but
   park in the Ben Taub or Garage 10, don’t
   waste time looking for a spot in the park
 IKEA: The only Texas-sized Ikea in the
 Menil Collection (free always--Heather)
 Museum of Fine Arts (free on Thursday—Heather)
 Museum of Contemporary Arts (free all the time—Heather)

   Rothko Chapel; the water wall (2800 Post Oak Blvd.,
    I); Space Center (Anoop)
   The Woodlands - nice shops and restaurants and parks (Frene)
   Heather’s fun driving tour:
    o if you get to the museums, the neighborhoods in that area are
         fun to drive around. basically make a left from Montrose onto
         Bissonnet and then make a right on Yoakum or Mount Vernon
         and you can lose yourself among all the houses (north and south
         blvd have a bunch of old mansions and some new ones too)
    o if you get to Rice Village, West University is right next door and
         that is fun to drive around in too.
   Georgeann’s list:
    o Galveston to eat saltwater taffy
    o go to Museum District and walk around - good places that are
                   free include - the Menil collection (my fave), Rothko
                   chapel (awesome), Byzantine Chapel (very very cool),
                   Contemporary Arts Museum (the big silver metal building
                   at Bissonet & Montrose)
    o go to Hermann Park and play in the grass at Miller Outdoor
                   Theatre - good for frisbees, etc
    o go see a matinee movie by yourself - it is very peaceful and you
                   will feel very accomplished
    o go see a Cardinals-Astros game
    o shopping (Galleria, Rice Village, River Aaks strip, Highland
                   Village, Uptown Park), if you are really bored, go outlet
                   shopping at Katy Mills

-Chinatown: Bellaire from Hwy 59 to outside
Beltway 8
-Indian part of town (off 59 at Hillcroft, make
a right)
-Historic Heights (you won't believe you're in
Houston anymore; fun antique shopping.
stop at Cricket Cafe for gelato or cafe like
food (Heather)
-antique shopping and vintage clothes along
Westheimer in the Montrose area

- Pretty parks to go read - the little park by the John McGovern library on
Stella LInk between Holcombe and Braeswood (Damitra)
-Hermann Park Miller Outdoor Theatre has free performances
throughout the year:

-Dave and Busters (6010 Richmond Ave, 713-952-2233) or Jillian's
          (7620 Katy Fwy, 713-263-0303) for games/arcade
-Bowling: at UH and Palace Lanes (4191 Bellaire Blvd, 713-667-6554)
-If you’re a dude, there’s poker that only the guys know about and
Fantasy Football every year
-Rockets Basketball
-Astros Baseball
-Aeros Hockey
-Texans Football
-Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo: every year in March with great fair
          food and concerts every night.


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