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Robes 7 Holiday Stockings & Hats 7 Mittens 7 Hats
      Neckwarmers 7 Scarves 7 And More!
                                    BUY 50      BUY 250   BU
                                                       Y 500
                                   SAVE BUY 100E SAVESAVE
                                    5% SAV 15% 20%

BUY 100
           BUY 500 BUY
                       1000   Neckwarmers
                                  & Scarves
 5% S 0% 15% 20%
    Add one of these Packaging Options
    to your Fleece Blanket order!

A helpful guide to our FAB FLEECE FINDS Flyer
All prices are valid at the me of publishing.

Canadian Made products are indicated by

Decora on Op ons are indicated on each page spread. These op ons are referenced by the     E P P+ L    and are unique to the
products on that par cular page or 2-page spread.

To calculate Decora on Price, add decora on op on to the blank product price displayed. See following for details on our
NEW! Percentage Program for price-break incen ves. NEW! Percentage Program is a simpli ed way to calculate your savings when

buying more than the minimum quan ty! We are now o ering savings on your ENTIRE order when you decide to buy more and
when choosing to Decorate with us!

Here’s how:
All prices displayed are for blank product, 1pc. You can receive as much as 20% o your ENTIRE order when going to the next
quan ty price break indicated on the Savings Tags:

                                                                BUY 50     BUY 250   BUY
For decora on op ons:
                                                               SAVE BUA100E SAVESAVE
Add decora on price to blank pricing as indicated.              5% S 0% 15% 20%
Get discount based on quan ty purchased.

Example: NW20, 1 color print, 100 pcs
1) $6.33 +$2.42 = $8.75

2) $8.75 x 100pcs = $875

3) ($875 + 37.50) - 10% = Total >> $912.50 - 10% = $821.25

For bulk quan es, addi onal discounts may be available.
Colors may vary in appearance due to prin ng process limita ons.
For detailed Decora on Restric ons and other important informa on,
see our Terms & Condi ons at the back of our Flyer.
Terms & Conditions
Print Size: up to 15”x 15”
Pre-production samples are $ 62.50 (G) per product, plus applicable setups, plus product price, plus freight. The $62.50 (G) charge and the product price will be waived on orders over
$5000 (K) for the first pre-production sample only. Applicable setups and freight are still charged.

Print Size: large format (up to 25” x 50”)
If there is a repeat order with the same design and print size, but different towel size, above charges will be applicable again. Screens and films are based on towel size i.e. 22” x 44” vs. 30” x 60”

Pre-production samples are $ 250.00 (G) per product, plus applicable setups, plus product price, plus freight. The $ 250.00 (G) charge and the product price will be waived on orders over $5000 (K)
for the first pre-production sample only. Applicable setups and freight are still charged.

Metallic Thread – add 25% to embroidered price. Prices are subject to approval of artwork.

Pre-production samples are $ 125.00 (G) per product, plus applicable setups, plus product price, plus freight. The $ 125.00 (G) charge and the product price will be waived on orders over $5000 (K)
for the first pre-production sample only. Applicable setups and freight are still charged.

For decorating on Less Than Minimum:
Pricing is based on minimum order of 100 pcs per item (bathrobes 25 pcs; table throws 1pc). For less than minimum orders, add $100 (k) surcharge. Absolute minimum 50 pcs per item
(bathrobes 10 pcs). No minimum on blanks.


Screen Printing: Screen printing is not an exact science. Due to the fact that we are printing on textiles, one should be aware that there is the possibility of having some color variance within
a print run. In some cases, there will be minor colour and print inconsistencies. Example: Printing light colors on dark products- This process involves lying down a light base for the choice color
to be printed on top. A perfect Pantone Match is not always achieved. Please be aware. This is especially true for Microfiber Suede Products. In extreme cases, the dyes in the fabric may interfere
with our printing process and more prominent discrepancies will be visible (i.e. white/light ink colors on dark colored fabric/towels).

In regards to Nylon fabrics, we advise to limit the artwork to (1) color. This ensures a clean, sharp print and reduces the risk of fabric shifting during the print process.

Embroidery: Please be advised that embroidery is not suggested for Silken products because it is characteristically more delicate than any of our other fabrics. Screenprinting would give the
best imprinting results for that particular fabric.

Red fabrics, in general, are prone to color-transfer. When choosing an item that offers (2) body colors (ie. blankets), we suggest matching red with another dark color as red tends to transfer
onto white and like colors.

Proofs: The 1st digital / paper proof is included with all orders at no charge. Additional proofs or artwork reconstructions / modifications thereafter are billed at $ 50 / hour (K) art fee, minimum 1 hour.

Overruns and Under runs: Orders are considered complete with a 5% +/- overrun and under run.

Variances: Variances in weight, size, and imprint location of +/- 10% are considered to be within acceptable manufacturing tolerances. This may account for decorated images not being completely
100% centered. Product colors may vary from one dye lot to the next.

Packaging: Prices are for bulk packaging. For poly bag packaging, add $ 0.94 (G). Bathrobes are poly bagged at no additional cost. Special packaging and IN HOUSE fulfillment service is available.
For packaging, call for quote.

Ink Color Matching: No charge for PMS color matches; however, exact color match is not guaranteed.

Panels: For items produced in Canada (see symbol on product detail page), panels may be available for decoration. Please add $1.25 (G) to cost of product for tracking and handling charge unless
specified within the product details.

Ordering: All orders must be submitted via a faxed purchase order or by email. Any cancellations must also be submitted in writing via fax.

Prices: Prices are subject to change without notice.

Production time: vary depending on product. Please see individual product details on website for production time.

Claims and Third Party Shipments: Claims regarding discrepancies in shipments must be filed within 2 days of receipt of goods. Claims for opened or damaged goods while in transit must be
filed with the courier company and acknowledged at the time of recieving of goods on the waybill. We are not responsible for goods shipped to a 3rd party and the buyer will be liable for the goods.

Payment and Terms: First Time Orders must be paid upfront inthe form of Certified cheque, Credit Card or Money Order. Terms will be offered at our discretion upon processing and review of credit
application. NSF Cheques are subject to a $35 fee and any costs incurred to collect the outstanding amounts will be at the expense of the customer. Terms discounts are not applicable if paying by
credit card. Credits cards accepted are VISA and Mastercard.

Samples: All samples will be charged at our end-column pricing for sample purpose only plus applicable shipping and tax charges. We reserve the right to restrict sample order quantities.

Returned Goods: Goods cannot be returned without first obtaining a return authorization number. Without an approved RA (return authorization) number, we will redirect the goods to the sender.
Stock goods must be returned in the same condition as supplied within 15 days of shipment. A restocking fee of 20% will be applied on all returned items. Frieght on returned items must
be prepaid. Altered products, custom, and 'Quick Ship' (manufactured) goods cannot be returned.

Custom Products: Once a purchase order for a custom product has been submitted and has been approved for production, payment must be paid in full before production starts. Custom items are
non-refundable. Please note that due to variations in the manufacturing process, quantities may vary by +/- 10%.

Pre-production Samples: Pre-production samples for custom or made to order items are available at an additional cost upon request.

Artwork: All artwork submitted should include your company name, and purchase order number in the subject line. Acceptable formats are vectorized AI (Adobe Illustrator) or EPS version 10.0 or
lower format. Unacceptable file formats are pdfs, jpegs, word, MS Power Point. Artwork fees are billed at $50 (K) per hour with a minimum of 1 hour.

Shipping Information: All orders are FOB our warehouse. Orders are shipped via: UPS PREPAID and billed on the Invoice unless specified on the purchase order. We are not responsible for late
deliveries by carrier. UPS Tracking numbers can be emailed. Please provide appropriate email address on the purchase order.

We ship to the first location at no charge. For 'Drop Shipments' to additional locations, please add $18.75 (G) per location for handling and administration costs.

Rush Shipping : Available for all products in this flyer and on the website. Lead Times are calculated by cutting the time of regular shipping in half, rounded off to the next day.
To Rush Ship your order, add 10% (g).

Minimum Charges* for Rush Shipping:                                               Rush Shipping Example:
$62.50 (g)  Blank                                                                 Blank goods will ship within 5 days. Decorated goods will ship within 10 days. To ship blank goods in 3 days, add 10%
$250 (g)    Printed                                                               or minimum Rush charge (whichever is greater).To ship decorated goods in 5 days, add 10% or minimum Rush charge
$375 (g)    Embroidered                                                           (whichever is greater).
$375 (g)    Large Format Print

*This pertains to the minimum charges for the rush shipment and
NOT the minimum order.
                                                                                 !   Due to limitations in production, we will confirm production time for rush orders.