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									Issue 24: September 2010

 “Let us walk beside you in your time of need”
                                                                                    Debbie and John in Sydney
In The Meantime Matters
Emotional and mental health support service
for carers and clients 16 years and over.

Monday: Drop-in centre, 8 am-3 pm.
Tuesday: Centre based respite, 8 am-3 pm.                      Aftercare is excited at the opportunity to work with “In The
Thursday: Drop-in Centre, 8 am-3 pm.                           Meantime” on the proposal for a Consumer Operated
Where: 109 Old Maryborough Rd, Pialba 4655                     Service in Hervey Bay.
Phone: (07) 41 914 616
Fax: (07) 41 246 965                                           We attended the interview for the service and explained our
Mobile: 0402 258 683                                           proposal to the Department representatives earlier this
Email:                             month. We now await the results of our work together which
                                                               is expected in December 2010.

                                                               In the meantime, Debbie has attended the Aftercare Annual
                                                               General Meeting and Aftercare plans to attend the QLD
                                                               Regional Achievement and Community Awards in
                                                               November 2010 at Rockhampton.

                                                               Fingers crossed and looking forward to continuing our
                                                               partnership over the coming years.

Letter from the Director,                                      Kind regards

Well! This must be my year. I am one of the ten semi-          John Malone
finalists, out of two hundred and twenty nominations, in the   Executive Director
2010 QLD Regional Achievement & Community Awards,
as an individual.                                              I would like to take this opportunity to thank John Malone
                                                               and Phillip Amos, from Aftercare for their ongoing support.
Eight members of In The Meantime and two members from
                                                               Also thanks Helen for walking beside me, through this
Aftercare will be attending a gala dinner for the awards in
                                                               exciting and scary experience………
Rockhampton Saturday 13th November 2010.

Transformations by the Bay
Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation.
A welcome addition of a much needed program was
launched Friday the 15th October 2010 at 234 Torquay
Terrace, Torquay, during mental health awareness week.

For further information, phone Darren Yates: 41 946 621.
                                                                              Debbie and Helen in Brisbane
Congratulations Darren and his team!                           Until next time, take care of each other.
I would also like to congratulate my friend Michael Burge,
                                                               Thanking you
for winning the individual category at the 2010 mental         Debbie Pearson
health achievement awards!
Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief                                   paranoia. This in turn locks in the ‘different’ feelings,
                                                                    symptoms and sensations until thought patterns, attitudes
People are suffering. Stress is taking over. The body is            and behaviors change and sickness follows.
becoming addicted to adrenaline. People all over the world
are experiencing the disease symptom associated with                For best results, learn to breathe correctly first. Bring peace
prolonged stress, shock/trauma and adrenaline.                      into your life and balance your energy…”

Multiple Anxiety Disorders (M.A.D.) or Anxiety Syndrome
(A.S.) is the result.

Do you know what it feels like to feel stressed and anxious?
                                                                    What is the cause and effect of Anxiety?
Stress has many different ways of manifesting itself within
the physical body and within the mind, and the various              We inherit a nervous system. How we breathe is ours
forms of stress and trauma that we absorb on a daily basis          alone. Breathing is one thing we can change and the
affect us mentally, physically and emotionally.                     reason why anxiety problems are not inherited. Using
                                                                    the respiratory muscles the wrong way all the time
Simply speaking, stress and trauma are tools we                     causes us to run on adrenaline, therefore, the cause of
unconsciously use to put the body into panic. And, simply           stress and anxiety is a technique problem in the
speaking, by using the respiratory muscles correctly we can         physical body connected to the way we breathe.
‘technically’ stop stress and adrenaline from taking over our
lives. However, having a friend and/or counselor listen to us       The function of the body and mind is chemically
and really hear what we are saying also helps.
                                                                    changed if we use the upper and lower abdominal
Stress is all about adrenaline – fight, flight and fright, freeze   respiratory muscles of the bod incorrectly.
response. To make the body experience these responses
we unconsciously continually alter the way the respiratory          Commonly asked Questions and Answers.
muscles work when breathing. If we practice this often
enough we learn a bad habit and cause the body to become            Question
addicted to adrenaline. We cause our own panic, stress and
anxiety and we, therefore, can do something about it                What are the most important things to remember?
Adrenaline can be good and bad. What we need to do is
identify whether the adrenaline response is creating normal             1. When practicing breathing, always make your
or abnormal responses in our minds and bodies and learn                    hands move in and out or the body/mind
how to, as a year twelve student said to me, ’harness the
                                                                           connection will not learn to respond
energy’. Stress and, therefore, adrenaline affects nearly
everyone I meet.                                                           automatically at a later date when you place
                                                                           your hands on the lower abdominals/
By calming yourself you will help yourself learn to relax and              respiratory muscles.
improve your lifestyle and, if you practice the technique
before going to sleep, you will have a more restful sleep.              2. Practice as often as possible.

What is Anxiety?                                                        3. When you stand up, or move suddenly from a
                                                                            relaxed position to, e.g. answer the telephone,
Anxiety is a feeling of unease. Anxiety symptoms are the                    hold your, breath for a split second deep down
mental, physical and emotional feelings, symptoms and                       in the abdominal area. Then, as you move,
sensations that we spontaneously felt throughout the body                   release the air immediately, so that your
and mind when the nervous system spontaneously goes
                                                                            breathing continues. This will stop you from
into panic.
                                                                            feeling dizzy when you stand up or move.
There are three levels of panic – arousal, fight and flight and     By: Helen Johnson
    Mental Health Awareness Week 2010
Monday 11th October, 10 am to 2 pm
The Mad Hatters Tea Party                                         Is everyone ready for our mental health week?

                                                                  Thursday 14th October, 9 am to 3 pm
                                                                  Silent Auction

Aaron and Michael won our best hats on the day. They received
a cinema pass each. Debbie cuts the hat cake, made by Gail from
Centrelink. Oh my god, there is something inside!
Lollies……….thanks Gail!                                                                        Laz you will never guess how many!
Tuesday 12 October, 9 am to 3 pm                                  Friday 15th October, 9 am to 4 pm
Silent Auction                                                    Mental Health Awareness

The first day for our silent auction and sausage sizzle.          Mental Health Week was such a wonderful successful week.
Wednesday 13th October, 10 am to 2 pm                             We raised over $2400.00 for the week. The winner of the
Stress less Day                                                   raffle was:
                                                                         Marie Gatt.
                                                                   The winner of the nut guessing competition was:
                                                                         Christine Spicer.
                                                                   There was 201 nuts and she guessed 200. Congratulations!

                                                                  I would like to thank the 63 local businesses that sponsored
                                                                  us this year. We couldn’t have our annual silent auction
                                                                  without their support.

                                                                  Thank you to all the clients, carers and family members,
Susan Webster and Cherrie McGregor from Maryborough Mental        who worked endless hours planning and organising such a
Health Unit, along with members of In The Meantime supported      wonderful event.
stress less day at the Hervey Bay Library.
                                                                        In The Meantime
                                                                                      Is quality time!
                   Good News!
      Helen and Jimmy's grand-daughter, Ranei
was born weighing 9 pound 4 ounces.
     Lorraine and Michael went to
Rockhampton for the Ten Pin Bowling
                                                              BAY POWDER COATING SAND
     Margaret and Trevor are off South in their             BLASTING INDUSTRIAL COATING
new motorhome.
     West and Michael now have paid
employment in the community. Well done guys!
      Debbie and John’s grand-daughter, Shayli
was born weighing 7 pound 2 ounces.
                                                     The Coffee Club     Open House   Woolworths
       We are very proud of Sonia. Receiving 11
passes, 8 credits and 4 distinctions in her                            Gardening Tip:
Diploma in Community Education.
Congratulations Sonia!                               Make Life Easier

                        Eli Waters Seafood
 Alpha First Aid Supplies
                  Torquay Hotel

Billiard Shop   Positive Batteries   Chris Calcutt
                                                     When planting a number of new shrubs, apply the
                                                     mulch as you plant each one and not after you
                                                     have finished the job.
                                                     This will help to avoid accidentally treading on
                                                     the new plants as you step back into the bed.

                     Friendlies Family Chemist       Water each plant before you apply the mulch and
                                                     you will lock the moisture in. You can see from
                                                     the layer of mulch exactly where you have already
                                                     planted and watered.

             Point Vernon Butchery                   Depending on the raw material and the way it has
Prime Time Meats Wide Bay Computers                  been shredded, mulch may vary in colour and
   Fraser Coast Eight Ball Ass                       structure.
Scotty’s Mad about Meats
        Ian Leslie's Complete Auto Repairs           Coarse chippings deter weeds, but to feed your
                 Integrated Development Academy      soil, choose a finer grade, which decomposes
Urangan Automotive Services                          faster.
            Pialba Services Memorial Bowls Club      Sponsored by:
                                                     Danielle’s Nursery & Garden Supplies
Kristie’s Hairworx               Shazaynes
A message from the library:
Hello Everyone,
We are very sad to have one of our major
sponsors close their doors, Book City.
 In The Meantime is so grateful for their support
and sponsorship over the past three years.                                       Boats on the Bay

                                                          Cool Cats         Bling Things         Auto Parts

                                                          Air Conditioning
We would not been able to provide such a                                      Shelly Beach Fish & Chips
wonderful range of books, to suit peoples
different interests without them.
We thank Brian and Adriana so much and wish                                     World Bizzar
them well.
Margaret is off in their new motorhome with
Trevor at the moment, so I am busy keeping the
library in order until she returns next month.
By: Lorraine and Margaret
Sponsored by:
                                                                                     Tuscany Deli Cafe
                                                          The Reject Shop                    Flash Harry’s

                                                                                               SA-Di Designs

                                                          Scarness Mechanical       Sassy Strides    Loot

Melbourne Cup was a fun day. 17 clients and carers made
an effort to dress up wearing their favourite hats.                           Vast Interior Designs
                                                          Hervey Bay RSL     BCF Show Case Jewellers
We all decided to run 3 sweeps on the day, which was
exciting for all. Well the people who won!                Leading Edge Video’s       Terry White Chemist
                                                                   Comments from carers:
                                                       “Who let us walk beside them in their time of
                                                     Hello Everyone,
                                                     Aaron and I moved to Hervey Bay from
Arafmi is a not for profit community organisation    Mullumbimby in September of 2009. As we
that provides support for families, friends and      both have a condition called Asperger’s
others who care for or about someone with a
mental health issue and/or psychiatric disability.   Syndrome I began to search for a support
                                                     group. This search led me nowhere until Aaron
Arafmi was first established in Queensland 1977
as a self-help group and since then has grown to     had the bright idea to ‘Google’ ‘Autism
be a state wide organisation providing a range of    support group Hervey Bay’.
support services.
                                                     This worked and at one of the first meetings I
Arafmi facilitates a monthly support group.
                                                     attended, I was given info about ‘In The
When: The last Wednesday of each month.
                                                     Meantime’. I phoned Debbie and the rest is,
Where: In The Meantime Support Service.              as they say, history.
109 Old Maryborough Road, Pialba.
Time: 10 am till 12 noon. Tea, coffee and biscuits   We both love our 3 days at the ‘house’.
provided on the morning.                             Everyone always makes us welcome. All in all
Phone: 41 914 616.                                   this is one great big happy house full of
Facilitators for Hervey Bay: Debbie & Helen          wonderful people.
Mobile: 0402 258 683 or 0466 916 193                  Cheers from
Toll Free 24 Hr. Support: 1800 351 881

                                                                    Thoughts in the clouds
               YOU                                              Learn to listen and soon the truth will
                                                                       Whisper in your ear!
             ARE NOT
              ALONE                                   Thoughts. Coming and going. Nothing to worry
                                                     Worry is your brain in too much of a hurry. To get on top of it, get
                                                     over yourself. Helicopter over your thoughts. Observe their
Important message:                                   patterns and themes. Let them go.
Wednesday 15th December will be the last Arafmi
                                                     They’re not facts, and not fixed. Like clouds, they will pass. Let
meeting for 2010.                                    them go. Let them be. Just be!
            Comments from clients:                        start times and being held up behind the old farmer in
                                                          his falling to bits 40 year old farm truck doing 5 Km,
  “Who let us walk beside them in their time of           double lines and no overtaking lane. As for
                    need?”                                entertainment and great company, who needs the
                                                          pub? Drinks are only $1, the barstools are more
Hi Everyone,                                              comfortable, the venue is more welcoming, and the
                                                          patrons are simply the best around, and speaking of
             For those ‘In The Meantime’ locals that I    patrons;
haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, my name is
Aaron Houston. I’m turning 30 on January 15 2011           I have recently formed a friendship with a young guy
and I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a                         my age who attends ‘In The Meantime’. I take Michael
neurodevelopmental condition on the Autism                cruising to the movies and dinner which is some
Spectrum. As many parents of Autistic children (kids,     positive fun. Michael also has a wonderful mum
teens, and adults) would know; getting help and           Loraine who is very caring and friendly like every
support in a very negative and judging society can be     single person at ‘In The Meantime’.
tough (Of course there are loads of really nice people
out there).                                                Finally to conclude, I must say that my flying ride of
                                                          life has been very turbulent with some landings along
 My ride of life onboard the 29 year old aircraft has     the way and takeoffs in 2 separate relationship aircraft
been quite turbulent. My wonderful and very caring        that both crashed, the last one less than 12 months
Mum also has Asperger’s Syndrome and my now               ago.
deceased Dad also wonderful and very caring had Bi –
Polar disorder. After Mum and Dad’s break up in            I’m now on board the happiness aircraft thanks to ‘In
1993, I have lived mostly with Mum who spent and          The Meantime’ and I haven’t felt a single bump. I
continues to spend her life on the front line trying to   swear this aircraft has some anti-turbulence
help me.                                                  technology from the 22nd century.

 In 2006 and 2007 we finally received our Asperger’s      Cheers Everyone from
Diagnosis’s and since then we have been able to
access the few Autism Spectrum support services           Aaron Jay Houston. 30/10/2010
that are out there. Thanks to the Autism Support
group in Hervey Bay, Mum was able to discover the
                                                          “NEW SERVICE FOR MARYBOROUGH”
amazing wonderfulness of ‘In The Meantime’. As for
                                                          Mental Health Fellowship
                                                          Meet every Tuesday from 1 to 3 pm. For More
what I like best about Debbie’s tireless work; may I      information and venue details phone
just put something into perspective?                      Paddy: 0402 739 214.

One of the features of Asperger’s Syndrome is
                                                          Dear Debbie Pearson,
difficulty understanding nonverbal communication
like hand gestures and facial expressions and in some     As I mentioned in our phone conversation it is because
Asperger’s Syndrome people there can be shyness           of groups such as yours Debbie that we now have the
and discomfort when entering someone else’s home.         confidence to step out into fledgling groups of our own.
                                                          Thank you for your continued support Debbie.
I’m usually too shy to pull out the chair and sit down
                                                          Fond Regards
even if I have been invited to sit down and ‘make         Paddy
myself at home’.

 However, at ‘In The Meantime’ I can pull out a chair
                                                          Our dear friend Paddy,
and sit down without worrying about the chair biting      We are so proud of how far you have grown. We
me. It’s just the way Everyone makes me feel              wish well, from us all at; In The Meantime.
comfortable when I arrive which is late I might add
but the great thing about that is that anyone can         CONGRATULATIONS PADDY!
come and go as they like without worrying about
Our Art Corner                                       Community Awareness:
           Local Artists: Erica and Laszlo

                                                     Refills Now, provides the Fraser Coast with up to
                                                     date and relevant information of In The Meantime
                                                     Matters, newsletter
Hello everyone,
Client and carers art work has been on display at
the Hervey Bay Library foyer over the last 5
Laz likes the fact that clients and carers are
bringing their art work in to show him, and it’s
                                                     Centrelink Community Engagement Officer Gail
also an opportunity for everyone to appreciate the
                                                     Winter is available at: In The Meantime Support
other persons work.
                                                     Service every Thursday from 8.15 am to 10.15
They get to share each other’s talents and see a     am.
whole other side of them that we never knew.
                                                     The reason is for clients and carers to be in an
                                                     environment where they feel safe to ask questions,
                                                     and hand any relevant forms that need to be

                                                     Gail was only too happy, to talk with Ian.

Sponsored by:

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