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                       PRESIDENT: Matthew Tracey
                       VP (FINANCE): Patrick Loffel
                       VP (EDUCATION): Shaun Star
                       VP (COMPETITIONS): Andrew Mahony
                       SECRETARY: Polina Oussova
                       TREASURER: Matthew Hodgkinson
                       EDITOR: Emma Buxton
                       Tahnee Nicholson and Jenna Leo
                       MARKETING OFFICER: Barnaby Hartford Davis
                       COMPETITIONS DIRECTOR: Adrian Amer
                       BRIEF EDITOR: Amy Malequin
                       IT OFFICER: David Thomlinson

                                    THE       2008
                              MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY
                                      LAW SOCIETY
                                  CLERKSHIP GUIDE

     PART ONE: INTRODUCTION                                  3

     PART TWO: PART TWO: AREAS OF PRACTICE                  21

     PART THREE: PART THREE: THE FIRMS                      27


     PART FIVE: SAMPLE APPLICATION FORM                     45

                                MULS   CLERKSHIP GUIDE   2008 1
                       LAW SOCIETY
                       The printing and formatting of the Clerkship
                       Guide is facilitated by sponsorship revenue,
                       for which we must thank all of our generous
                       sponsors. Special thanks must also go to the
                       Division of Law, Macquarie University.

                       PREMIER SPONSORS
                       Clayton Utz
                       Allens Arthur Robinson

                       LEADING SPONSORS
                       Blake Dawson
                       Baker & McKenzie
                       Henry Davis York
                       Gilbert + Tobin

                       SUPPORTING SPONSORS
                       Corrs Chambers Westgarth
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                                              CLERKSHIP GUIDE   2008 3
                                                     Image provided courtesy of Iain Brew

Message from the Dean
The summer clerkships offered by many law            law degree taken in combination with, or after,      professional working environment at first hand
firms and other bodies provide invaluable            other studies is the most useful of qualifications   over an intensive summer period. It is a great
experience to students - about the nature of         whatever career path you ultimately embark           opportunity for those who are selected. I am
work in a professional environment, the legal        upon. Law graduates are found not only in the        grateful to the firms for their continued support
and ethical issues involved in particular types      legal profession, either as private practitioners    in this way over many years to Macquarie Law
of work and the management of them in that           or in government or corporate legal positions,       students. However, you should appreciate that
context, and the responsibilities that go with       but they are found here amongst my colleagues        applying for a clerkship is a very competitive
being a professional in a community which has        at this law school and other law schoolsaround       process and the firms that participate are
very high expectations of lawyers. A summer          the country; they are found in business, the         literally swamped with applications. Write your
clerkship guide published by students is a very      union movement, journalism and publishing,           application carefully, prepare for the ‘curly’
sensible publication. It gives you the information   the diplomatic service and, of course, politics.     question at interview and be positive about
you want from the perspective of your peers. I       Of recent Prime Ministers, both Gough Whitlam        all the things you have done to date. But
commend MUL S for their energy and initiative        and John Howard are law graduates. But for           remember not to get dispirited if you do not get
in putting the guide together for your benefit.      admission to the practice of law you need to         selected – it is a like applying for a scholarship.
                                                     have an appropriate placement in a firm. This        And, after all, clerkships are only part of the
An introduction to a summer clerkship guide by       guide is your resource to assist in that process.    story – so the MULS team is also preparing a
the Dean needs also to place such clerkships in      The firms that participate in the summer             Careers Guide to give you a glimpse of some
the broader context of your legal education. An      clerkship scheme provide great support to law        other possibilities. My congratulations to the
undergraduate degree in law serves a myriad          students in taking that vital first step in a law    Macquarie University Law Society for the
of purposes. It is a universal qualification.        career in practice if this is your chosen career     preparation of this guide. It is, as in all they do,
Remember that, if you hear people saying:            pathway. The firms have each spent great             a great service they have given to you.
"there are too many lawyers" or "too many            time and energy in crafting summer clerkship
law graduates", or similar sentiments. There         programs that will provide you a marvellous          Tyrone Carlin
can never be too many law graduates, for a           opportunity to see and feel practice in the          Dean of Law
4 MULS        CLERKSHIP GUIDE            2008
                                                                                Welcome from the
                                                                                    Welcome to the Macquarie University Law Society Clerkship
                                                                                Guide for 2008. Within these pages we hope to showcase the wide
                                                                                range of Sponsor Firms who have demonstrated a commitment to
                                                                                MULS and its members. Over the last eight months, Patrick Loffel
                                                                                (MULS Vice President Finance) and I have been meeting with firms
                                                                                to discuss how best they can attract Macquarie students. Given that
                                                                                to a large extent, the clerkship process now stands as the primary
                                                                                recruiting tool for graduates, it has become increasingly more
                                                                                important to engage with potential employers at a more youthful
                                                                                stage of the degree. The overwhelming message that has emerged
                                                                                throughout this process is that firms do not look for the finished
                                                                                product. They don’t want to interview a twenty-something, fourth
                                                                                year Denny Crane – but rather, an individual who is well rounded,
                                                                                balanced and knows why XYZ Firm is for them. The last aspect
                                                                                of this personality trait trifecta is where we can assist best. In the
                                                                                pages that follow, each firm will be trying to demonstrate why they’re
                                                                                different. It is this difference that will enable you to best understand
                                                                                their position within what can appear to be (but is never the case) a
                                                                                very expansive and homogenised marketplace. Whatever lies ahead
                                                                                for each individual is of course the decision of that person. We hope
                                                                                that this guide may allow you to understand the clerkship process
                                                                                and potentially arm you with the information so that you may make
                                                                                a more informed choice. I would like to extend my most heartfelt
                                                                                thanks to the Editor, Emma Buxton, for her relentless drive and
                                                                                outstanding work ethic in producing the signature careers publication
                                                                                of MULS for 2008. In addition, to all those applying for Summer
                                                                                Clerkships in 2008, I send my best wishes to all and a hope that the
                                                                                stress that follows in the next six months of applications does not
                                                                                distract from your true calling – whatever that may be.

                                                                                Matthew Tracey
                                                                                President, MULS

Message from the Editor
Whenever the topic of Summer Clerkships           rather than ones that will define your lawyerly    Good Luck!
comes up amongst my friends, there is             worth. And be confident. As Doctor Phil would
always an impending sense of doom that            say, you are worthy. Actually, maybe that
settles over the group. Otherwise sane            wasn’t Doctor Phil. I think it was L’Oreal?
individuals start talking at fever-pitch, their
faces riddled with angst, concerned that          Particular thanks must go to Pat Loffel
they will miss the deadline or that if they       who got permission for all my entries in
don’t have a paralegal job they will get no       Part Two and Three: Thanks Pat! Also
offers. To all you out there who are suffering    to our president Matthew Tracey who
from these symptoms, chill out and take a         maintained his cool, despite wanting to
breath. Summer Clerkships are a fantastic         kill me. And thanks to Mitchell and Iain
opportunity for young potential lawyers to        for their hard work making the guide look
gain experience and spend time working in         beautiful.
a commercial law firm, and I definitely urge
all of you who are interested to arm yourself     Now all you students, take arms and go
with all the tips and information herein and      forth!
give the process your very best. However, if
perchance you aren’t successful in gaining a
clerkship, do not despair. After all, not every
successful dancer wins ‘So you think you
can dance?’ As such, throughout the whole
process I urge you all to be yourself and leave
the stress behind. Face the next few months       Emma Buxton
as ones that yield fantastic opportunities        Editor, MULS
                                                                                                    MULS        CLERKSHIP GUIDE             2008 5
                    THE APPLICATION PROCESS
               AN OVERVIEW
                                                                    ns of the various areas of
               1 Read the various firm profiles and the descriptio
                 law in this guide
                                                                     in one of three ways:
               2 Depending on the firm, you applcontained inship guide)
                                                y for a clerk
                      • Via cvmail (see the artic
                                                            Employment Application Form
                      • By sending a hard copy of the Law
                        (contained at the end of the guide)
                                                           e at the firms website
                      • By submitting an application onlin

                                                        prefers, see the firm contact list
                   To find out which method the firm                                        h
                                                       idual websites of the firms at whic
                   (Part 4 of this Guide) or the indiv
                   you wish to apply.
                                                                       invite you to attend
                3 If a firm is impressed with our applthe advithey will view technique and
                                                               ce on inter
                   an interview. Make sure you read
                                                          ding the interview.
                   preparation in this Guide before atten
                                                                                 may offer you
                4 On the basis of the interview and your application, the firm
                   a summer clerkship.
                                                                             multiple offers you
                5 You can either accept or reject an offer. If you receive
                   may accept only one.

  Summer Clerkship Program - Important Dates
   Applications Open                                                                        2 July 2008
   Applications Close                                                                    1 August 2008
   Interviews Commence                                                               1 September 2008
   Offers can be made                                                                  10 October 2008
   Offers to be accepted or declined                                                   15 October 2008

Conditions of Participation
1. GENERAL ELIGIBILITY                              4.2 Any purported acceptance by a student           6.4 Applications must be on the pre-
                                                 of an offer of summer clerkship or graduate        scribed form, or in the same format, and
    (i) Students may apply for a summer          employment by a Member, prior to the date          Members may reject any applications not
clerkship under the terms of this Scheme if      specified for such acceptance in paragraphs        in this form.
they are enrolled in a law degree orequiva-      2 and 3 above, shall be disregarded by the
lent at 30 June which will qualify them for      Member and the student alike.                         6.5 If a Member is concerned that a
admission as a legal practitioner and still                                                         student may have falsified any informa-
have at least two but not more than four             4.3 Any student who considers that he or       tion in relation to a student’s application,
whole semesters to complete in order to a        she has been harshly treated by a Member           the participating Member must notify the
law degree leading to admission as a legal       with respect to acceptance of an offer may         coordinating Law School. The co-ordi-
practitioner, and if they have not already       raise the matter with his or her Law School,       nating Law School should then notify the
held a summer clerkship under the terms of       which will intercede with the Member on his        Law School concerned, if necessary.
this Scheme.                                     or her behalf.
                                                                                                       6.6 Participating Members reserve the
    (ii) Students may apply for graduate            4.4 Each Member undertakes not to               right to deal with international applicants
employment under the terms of this scheme        pressure students to breach any agreement          and applicants from non-participating
if at 30 June they have at least one but not     entered into with any other Member.                Law Schools on a case-by-case basis.
more than two semesters to complete in
order to be eligible for admission as a legal
practitioner.                                    5. FACILITIES                                      9. ANTI-DISCRIMINATION
    (iii) Where the Practical Legal Training        5.1 Participating Law Schools will offer           The participants in the Schemes
(PLT ) component of study is not included        facilities for Members                             strongly support the concept of equal
in the student's law degree, the post-graduate                                                      opportunity in employment and access
PLT program (e.g. College of Law) will be           (i) for addresses to students                   to employment in the legal profession.
counted as one full semester of study.                                                              For the purposes of this guideline “the
                                                    (ii) for interviews to be conducted on          concept of equal opportunity” means
   (iv) Students may not apply for both sum-     campus during interview periods if neces-          that a person would not be treated less
mer clerkship and graduate employment any        sary.                                              favourably than any other person, in cir-
one year.                                                                                           cumstances that are not materially differ-
                                                                                                    ent, by reason of the first person’s race,
                                                 6. APPLICATIONS                                    national or ethnic origin, religious belief,
3.3 RELATIONSHIP TO GRADU-                                                                          sex, marital status, pregnancy, sexual
ATE EMPLOYMENT                                       6.1 A Participating Member is to indi-         preference, age or physical disability. Dif-
                                                 cate to each participating law school that         ferential treatment is not inconsistent with
   (i) An offer of a summer clerkship shall      it wishes to receive electronic and/or paper       the principle of equal opportunity where
not be made conditional upon acceptance of       applications.                                      the purpose of that treatment is to permit
an offer of graduate employment.                                                                    participants to have equal opportunities
                                                    6.2 Standard paper forms of applications        with other persons in employment.
   (ii) A student who has undertaken a sum-      for graduate employment are to be issued
mer clerkship with a Participating Member        by the participating Law Schools from the 8
may be offered graduat e employment by the       March 2006 and the completed applications
same Member and may accept that offer fol-       are to be returned by students to cvMail or
lowing the completion of the summer clerk        directly to the firms for summer clerkship         (Taken from the University of New South
programme provided that any such offer is        and graduate employment with Participating         Wales law website:
made no later than 10 March in that year.        Members are to be issued by the participating
                                                 Law Schools by 10 March in each year and           Clerkship/docs/2006/ConditionsOfPar-
4. NATURE OF UNDERTAKING                         the completed applications are to be returned      ticipation.pdf)
                                                 by students to cvMail or directly to the firms
   4.1 Each Member undertakes not to take        by 12 May 2006 in the case of graduate             For full terms and conditions, go to: http://
acceptances except as permitted by these         applications and 4 August 2006 in the case
guidelines, agrees to be bound strictly by       of summer clerkship applications.                  tions.
the spirit of this arrangement, will conscien-
tiously avoid pressuring students into prema-       6.3 All paper applications shall include
ture (if informal) acceptance. Members who       an original or a photocopy of an official
contravene this section will be suspended        transcript or academic record. In the case of
from the Scheme for the period of one year       electronic applications the transcript shall be
and all members will be notified of this.        electronically provided.
                                                                                                   MULS     CLERKSHIP GUIDE           2008 7
What do employers look for?
New university graduates are considered vital to the                                                   critically and make sound judgments?
                                                                                                     • Time Management - are you highly
future success of an organisation, and so the graduate                                                 focused, organised and methodical, yet
                                                                                                       still flexible enough to respond to a
recruitment process is taken very seriously. Recruiters                                                dynamic work environment?
                                                                                                     • Ambition - are you self-motivated and
look for what you have to offer their company or                                                       determined to develop a career? How
                                                                                                       important is work and attaining profes-
organisation. Different organisations will have different                                              sional satisfaction? Do you have initiative
                                                                                                       and drive? Are you independent and self-
needs, but there are three distinct areas which you                                                    motivated, able to work under pressure
                                                                                                       and take responsibility for your actions?
should consider.                                                                                     • Creativity - how creative are you? Can
                                                 with the highest grades. The personal attributes      you present creative solutions to problems?
Specialist skills:                               of graduates are also extremely important,          • Perseverance - are you determined to
   All organisations have a need for specialty   and graduates who will fit into the organisa-         continue with a course of action until it
graduates with specific knowledge and skills     tion’s culture and contribute in a variety of         has reached its conclusion despite prob-
gained from their tertiary studies which can     ways to the attainment of business goals are          lems along the way?
be applied in the workplace. The specialist      highly valued and in demand. Ask yourself           • Patience - are you willing to listen and
knowledge gained through your LLB, as well       the following questions and think about how           learn on the job?
as specialisations in any second degree you      you demonstrated these skills and qualities         • Balance - are you involved in activities
might have, may be very much in demand in        in your academic work and social activities:          and interests outside the work
a wide variety of fields of employment.          • Communications - are you able to com-               environment where you can deal with
                                                    municate your ideas clearly? Can you mix           stress and the problems of modern life?
General Skills:                                     comfortably with a broad range of people,
   As well as the need for clearly identi-          both colleagues and business clients? Do             Recruiters are genuinely interested in
fiable specialist skills, organisations also        you have powers of persuasion? Can you           what you have made of your opportunities
need people with the potential to apply their       gain the agreement of others?                    in life and what you have gained from your
analytical and problem solving skills in a       • Teamwork - do you have the ability not            experiences. Do not forget the skills you
range of areas. These are building blocks of        only to work autonomously but with a             have gained through your work experience,
effectiveness in any workplace.                     team, meeting team objectives?                   part-time work, volunteer and vacation work.
                                                 • Leadership - what is your leadership              You may also have skills gained through
Personal characteristics                            potential? Can you make maximum use              sporting groups, community organisations,
and qualities:                                      of the people and resources within a group       committees and associations. These should
  Employers value academic achievement,             to help it achieve its objectives?               be included in your applications and when
but they are not only looking for the people     • Analytical thought - are you able to think        appropriate mentioned in interviews.

                                                                                                    MULS     CLERKSHIP GUIDE           2008 9
The Written Application:
                               I n a highly competitive employment market,
                                 a convincing application will go a long way
                               towards capturing the employer’s attention.
                                                                                   • Analyse why you want to work for a par-
                                                                                     ticular firm in light of some of the above
                                                                                     findings. This is particularly important, as
                               You application therefore has to interest the         employers often want to know what has at-
                               employer long enough to secure an interview.          tracted you to the position offered and if they
                               Employers will have predetermined criteria for        should offer you a place.
                               their summer clerkship intake. To stand a fight-
                               ing chance, your application has to measure up      1) The application letter:
                               to these criteria and the information has to be          A letter of application (or covering letter as
                               presented succinctly for ease of reading.           it is also known) is your means of self-introduc-
                                                                                   tion. It complements your resume by highlight-
                               So what can you do to raise the                     ing those aspects of your experience, which
                               stakes in your favour?                              are relevant to the position. It is your chance to
                               • Some firms in this guide have described            briefly demonstrate why your credentials justify
                                 their criteria for clerkship recruitment. You     an interview. Each letter should be unique.
                                 are encouraged to read these descriptions         Some recommendations;
                                 thoroughly.                                       • Use one A4 page;
                               • Extend your knowledge further by examin-          • Business letter format.
                                 ing the firms’ web sites and consulting mate-      • Address it to the person in the firm who is to
                                 rial about them. Quite a lot can be found in           review your application;
                                 the university’s careers office.                   • Make it neat, orderly, concise and clear;
                               • Talk to other law students who have been          • Convey accomplishments by using action
                                 involved in the summer clerkships and other            words such as ‘organise’, ‘negotiated’,
                                 application processes. Check out their                 ‘completed’.
                                 impressions and experiences with the vari-        • Conclude with ‘yours sincerely” if you
                                 ous law firms and other organisations.                  have identified the name of the recruiter. If
                               • Assess yourself and draw up an inventory of            not, use “yours faithfully”.
                                 your skills and aptitudes, and match these up     • Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
                                 against the criteria that each organisation has   • Have someone you trust review it for you.
                               • Think of skills in terms of data (organising,     Content of the letter
                                 research, evaluation); ideas (conceptualis-          Before writing a draft, list what the firm is
                                 ing, discovering, creating); people (assist-      asking for and identify how you can satisfy
                                 ing, informing, teaching, entertaining, mo-       each criterion. Add to this list instances where
                                 tivating) and practical things (constructing,     you can demonstrate your activities/abilities.

Now incorporate this information into your let-       their interviewers. While you can never know
ter, dealing with each criterion in a new para-       exactly what you will be asked at an interview,
graph.                                                you can certainly anticipate the types of ques-
    In the second last paragraph indicate why you     tions that will arise. In preparation, ask your-
wish to work for this particular firm. This will       self: “What will they need to know about me
reflect your real interest in the position. In the     (the experience I have, my personal qualities)
final paragraph end positively and indicate your       in order to give me the job”.
interest in meeting the recruiter at an interview.       Refresh your memory by thinking through
                                                      any relevant legal experience you have, and any
2) The Resume:                                        other work experience and activities. Taking a
   Your resume is your marketing tool. Lack of        copy of your resume with you to the interview
essential information will disadvantage your          will also be very useful and you should have
application. Include the following areas:             original academic results and any written refer-
• Career Objectives;                                  ences or diplomas/degrees with you also.
• Education/Qualifications- Focus on terirary
• Work experience including voluntary work,           Presentation
  summarising key functions and what you                 It is worth remembering that first impres-
  achieved in these;                                  sions are important. While it is your experience
• Activities and interests including special          and ability which are most important, presenta-
  achievements and awards;                            tion counts! If you are applying to work in a
• Referees contact details.                           professional environment, you will generally be
   Please note that applications for summer           required to be neatly and professionally attired.
Clerkships have a prescribed format. You may          For men this means wearing a suit and tie, for
NOT be required to submit your resume as well.        women it means wearing something conserva-
You need to check what each firm requires. If          tive and well-presented.
they do not require a resume then sending them
one will simply serve to annoy them. Some             Arriving:
employers also require other documents, for               Be punctual- always arrive on time. It is vi-
instance a copy of your academic transcript.          tal that you are never late. You should therefore
Make sure that you have included everything           know where you are going, how to get there and
they require in your application to give yourself     allow a generous estimate of the travel time. If
the best possible chance of securing an inter-        you are unavoidable detained, always telephone
view.                                                 (if at all possible) to advise your interviewers
                                                      what has occurred and your estimate arrival
3) Interview techniques:                              time. Being punctual does not mean arriving
Introduction                                          early. This can be as inconvenient and unprofes-
   To secure an interview is a major achieve-         sional as a late arrival. If you are running early,
ment. The interview is now your opportunity to        do not announce your arrival. Have a coffee or
convince them of the two things which will ac-        walk around the block until the allotted time.
tually secure you the position: that you do have
the skills and experience they are seeking, and       Meeting your interviewers:
most importantly, that you are the person for            When approached by the interviewers or in-
the job. Attending an interview can be a nerve-       troduced to them, step forward and offer your
wracking experience. The secret to keeping            hand. Your handshake should be firm and think
nerve under control is preparation. Here then         about making your right hand available (and
are some hints to help you through the process.       perspiration free) as your interviews approach.
                                                      A smile also goes a long way. Try to remember
Preparation                                           the names of the people you are introduced to so
What you know about them:                             you can use them during the interview.
   As a starting point, a firm or company will
want to see you demonstrate an interest in their      Body language:
organization and in being part of it. It is impor-        You make an impression not just with your
tant to do some research on the firm before the        words but also with your body language. Ap-
interview. How big is it? Principal business ar-      pearing relaxed but professional and maintain-
eas? Recent business developments?                    ing eye-contact throughout the interview are
   Some firms will have a firm brochure and             the key points. Eye contact is fundamentally
corporations may have an annual report. For the       important and will help to convey your interest,
technologically proficient applicant, the firm or       confidence and credibility. In situations where
company may also have a website which you             there is more than one interviewer, you should
may like to visit.                                    try to make eye-contact with all of the inter-
                                                      viewers, even if one person seems to be doing
What you know about you:                              all the talking. Occasional eye contact with the
   A common reason for lack of success at             other interviewers will allow you to establish a
interview comes from failure by candidates to         connection with them and will involve them in
convey their relevant experience effectively to       the interview.

                                                     MULS    CLERKSHIP GUIDE             2 0 0 8 11
Gilbert + Tobin
knows what it’s
like to be twenty
Gilbert + Tobin was founded in Sydney
in 1988 and has risen to become one of
the country’s pre-eminent corporate law
firms. We value energy, ambition, talent
and creativity – like you, we’re young and
looking forward to even greater things.

                              MAKE IT HAPPEN

                                                 To learn more about our people and what we do,
                                                 please visit our website

                                             Listening and talking
                                                 An ability to listen is important in any job       express yourself in a complete yet succinct
                                             and you will demonstrate your listening skills         way. Being verbose may mean your written
                                             in how you handle the interview. Listen to the         communications will be wordy, so how you
                                             question being asked and answer the question           communicate orally will be important in
                                             fully. One word answers can make for a very         • many ways.
                                             short interview and should be avoided, even if         People skills -. It is important to be person-
                                             the question can strictly be answered with a yes       able, communicative and to establish a rap-
                                             or no. Detailed answers in which you explain        • port with your interviewers.
                                             yourself demonstrate that you fully articulate         Confidence - While it is hard to be confident
                                             your ideas. This should not translate into say-        when you are nervous, it is important to be
                                             ing everything at once or repeating yourself.          as relaxed as possible so that you impress
                                             There is a fine line between detail and talking         as being reasonably self-assured, employers
                                             too much. Use your judgment.                           are looking for people who will be able to
                                                                                                    deal with their clients and represent the or-
                                             What are you trying to achieve?                     • ganisation, so confidence is important.
                                                 Remember than an interview is an employ-           Common Questions - One of the keys to be-
                                             er’s opportunity to assess your suitability for a      ing successful at interview is to anticipate the
                                             role, both professionally and personally. It is        questions your interviewers may ask. They
                                             also your opportunity to judge whether the po-         will often ask about your previous work ex-
                                             sition on offer is what you are looking for and        perience. The most obvious question is natu-
                                             whether you will be happy in the firm or com-           rally: ‘Tell me about your work experience
                                             pany and its culture.                                  to date” or ‘What kind of matters did you
                                                 There are a number of things that an em-           handle when you were a paralegal with ABC
                                             ployer will be looking for:                            Firm?”. This is your opportunity to discuss
                                             • Experience - The firm will be looking for             openly and fully the areas of law in which
                                                 relevant work experience or other life expe-       you have had experience and your level or
                                                 rience which may be useful, such as experi-        responsibility set out in a logical sequence.
                                                 ence in research or dealing with people. Try       In some interviews, you may be faced with
                                                 to convey what you have done in your life       specific legal questions. For example, “What
                                                 that will make you suitable for the role.       are the principles in Donoghue v. Stephenson?”
                                             • Listening skills - The ability to listen to the   but generally most firms do not try to catch you
                                                 question and get to the point.                  out – just be prepared.
                                             • Communication skills - The ability to

         12 M U L S   CLERKSHIP GUIDE        2008
An office
with a vision.
We offer more than just a great view. Visit

                                                                                                  MAKING CAREER

                             Interviewers will always ask questions about       “Do you have any questions about us?”
                          you personally.Questions may include:                     This is a common question and one many
                                                                                people find difficult. As a general rule, ask
                          “Why are you interested in this firm?”                 questions to which you genuinely want to
                             Research on each individual firm is vital to        know the answer rather than ones which you
                          properly answer questions along these lines.          think will impress. This is your opportunity to
                          “What are your long-term career goals?” This          learn things about the firm or company which
                          is not a trick question, but giving an answer         are not necessarily evident from brochures or
                          consistent with what you can expect from that         home pages. Questions whether further study
                          employer is probably best. As a graduate, you         is encouraged or even funded, what career path
                          are not expected to know what you want to do          is offered, what the team environment is like,
                          forever.                                              what will happen after the interview and when
                                                                                you are likely to have an answer are some com-
                           “What fields of law interest you?”                    mon ones. It is very useful to have at least some
                             Be honest and explain your answer, ensur-          questions prepared but others may occur to you
                          ing, of course, that your interests are consistent    during the course of the interview.
                          with the position you have applied for and the
                          areas in which the firm practices.                     Success or failure:
                                                                                   Hopefully, armed with the above informa-
                           “Why did you leave your last job or why              tion and a positive attitude, you will have inter-
                          are you looking for a new position?”                  view success.
                             If there have been difficulties, such as a per-
                          sonality clash, you may wish to explain this.            Unfortunately, not every interview will re-
                          However, under no circumstances should you            sult in an offer. You do need to be a little resil-
                          desire your previous employer. It makes a very        ient when it comes to rejection. Try not to take
                          bad impression and is very unprofessional.            them to heart. But see each interview as an ex-
                                                                                perience from which you have learnt something,
                          “Why did you do poorly at university in               even if it is only interview technique. Each new
                          your last year?”                                      interview is a fresh opportunity. Go into each
                            You may have had good reasons for aca-              with the belief that the job will be yours. The
                          demic failures; for example illness or full time      right job for you is out there, you just need to
                          work, so feel free to explain these issues.           find it.

                                                                               MULS    CLERKSHIP GUIDE             2 0 0 8 13
                                                                                                   covering letter and resume and samples
                                                                                                   are provided.
                                                                                                • Go to
                                                                                                • Register as a First Time User

                                                                                                Step 1: Creating your Personal Profile
                                                                                                    Complete your Personal Profile by click-
                                                                                                ing on the ‘Personal Profile’ button on the
                                                                                                left hand side. This includes:
                                                                                                • personal details (name, email address,
                                                                                                    home address, phone numbers), and
                                                                                                • languages (if applicable).

                                                                                                Step 2: Your Academic Profile
                                                                                                    Complete your Academic Profile by click-
                                                                                                ing on the ‘Academic Profile’ button on the
                                                                                                left hand side. This includes:
                                                                                                • education data (degrees, university, start/
                                                                                                    finishing dates), and
                                                                                                • academic results by manually entering
                                                                                                    your results from your university system
                                                                                                    by following the online instructions.

                                                                                                Step 3: Apply
                                                                                                   You can now apply to each law firm by
                                                                                                clicking on ‘Apply Here’ next to the firm
                                                                                                you wish to apply to on the Application
                                                                                                • Choose the State/Territory/Country you
                                                                                                   wish to apply to from the buttons,
                                                                                                   and choose the type of application your
                                                                                                   wish to submit (vacation or graduate)
                                                                                                   from the tabs,
                                                                                                • Follow the steps of the application form
                                                                                                   by completing/checking each section:
                                                                                                • view your personal profile and academic
                                                                                                   profile information to check details,
                                                                                                • copy and paste your cover letter,

What is cvMail?                                                                                 • attach your word document CV, and
                                                                                                • preview and send.

   cvMail is a law student portal which pro-     • you will receive instantaneous email con-       After sending your application, you will
vides information about law firms, the legal       firmation from law firms that your           see a confirmation screen that confirms your
industry and enables law students to apply         application has been received,               application has been successfully sent to the
and schedule interviews online all in the one    • the Application Manager keeps track of       firm, and provides you with a unique receipt
place. A significant number of major firms         the closing dates of each firm and who       number (viewable from the Applications
in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland,          you have applied to,                         Manager).
Western Australia and the Australian Capital     • the MycvMail Interview Scheduler allows
Territory (as well as some overseas firms)         you to arrange the most suitable dates       A word of warning:
now prefer you to apply online via:                and times for interviews, and provides          Not all firms use cvMail. Make sure you
                                                   interview detail sheets,                     check a firm’s website, or if in doubt tele-                        • the MycvMail Messenger records all           phone their Human Resources department, to
                                                   email correspondence from firms to you       determine how they would like you to apply.
   The application is then sent via the Inter-     to ensure you never miss important emails       Similarly, if a firm would prefer you
net to the prospective employer.                   from firms,                                  to submit your application via cvMail (or
                                                 • you can browse comprehensive infor-          their own Internet website) they may not be
Some of the benefits of using cvMail are:          mation about firms and the application       impressed if you send a paper copy of your
• there are no printing or posting costs –         process,                                     application through the post.
  your application is sent directly via the      • you can read what new graduates say
  secure online cvMail uplink,                     about firms and interviews, and                 (Taken from the ‘Australian Law Firms
• you only have to enter your personal and       • there are tips on how to put together your   Application Handbook’ published by the Aus-
  academic details once,                           application, including what to write in a    tralian Law Students Association. See: http://

14 M U L S    CLERKSHIP GUIDE            2008
                GET ahead
                A supportive environment makes you a better lawyer

“How will you ever know you’re a flying squirrel if you don’t give it a shot?”

                Blake Dawson has billion dollar deals, great                    Get on board and get ahead.
                clients and the rest you expect from a top tier law             Ask us how.
                firm. Yet we choose to operate a little differently.
                                                                                Liz Henry
                Respect goes both ways. Fresh ideas are worth                   People Development Consultant
                listening to. New graduates should occasionally                 Graduate Programs
                enjoy daylight. Wisdom can be taught.                           t 61 2 9258 5728
                We choose to champion our people’s career
                development because we believe that providing
                a supportive environment makes you a better                     Applications open 2 July 2008
                lawyer. And it’s good for our business.                         Applications close 1 August 2008

                Level 35, 225 George Street, Sydney nsw 2000 Australia
                t 61 2 9258 6000        f 61 2 9258 6999                        WWW.BLAKEDAWSON.COM
Clerks' Contributions
David Harris                                     5. Any presentation tips?                              Cassie Horn
Allens Arthur Robinson                              Look like you could fit in and work in a            Freehills
Summer Clerk 2007-2008                           commercial law firm. This includes the obvi-           Summer Clerk 2007-2008.
                                                 ous stuff like wearing shiny shoes and trim-
1. What sort of general questions can            ming the mullet. You want to convince the              1. What sort of general questions can
be expected in the interview?                    firm, both in the interviews and the cocktail          be expected in the interview?
    These will vary from interview to inter-     events, that you are somebody they can feel            Expect questions about anything in your CV
view, but will mostly focus on talking about     comfortable working with and who can be                or application. These questions were gen-
your experiences and interests. You will         trusted to maturely represent the firm to other        erally used to initiate a conversation. The
probably get asked to elaborate about details    lawyers and clients. Ultimately, however, be           interviewers are trying to find out what you
in your CV. For example, "what did you like      yourself and try not to get too nervous or             have in common with them to see whether
about the mooting competition you did?" "I       freaked out by the process.                            you'd be easy to work with. They are trying
see you got a great mark in Constitutional                                                              to determine your interest in law and specifi-
Law. What did you like about that subject?"                                                             cally whether you are interested in the areas
These are questions which allow you to have                                                             that the law firm practices in.
a (reasonably) relaxed conversation with the
interviewers and to put forward all that is
good about you.

2. What was the most bizarre question
you had (if any)?
    There really weren't too many bizarre
questions. Since the firms are competing with
each other to get the best applicants, they're
not likely to throw any bizarre questions at
you since that would only make them look
bizarre. Nonetheless, one firm did ask me
"what is the most bizarre question you think
you could be asked in an interview?" which
initiated the strangest 30 minute brainstorm-
ing session I have ever had. (I left thinking
the firm was completely bizarre.)

3. What is the best or most effective
way to research your prospective
                                                                     inspiring talent
    Read through their information in publi-                         Imagine this. The legal qualifications you’ve worked so hard to complete have
cations such as this Clerkship Guide or on                           been put to good use on an extensive range of complex matters and challenging
                                                                     business issues. Your clients include some of the largest and most recognisable
cvMail which will give a good overview of                            Australian and international organisations. You’ve benefited from exposure to
what they do and what particular qualities                           many different areas of law and you’ve worked alongside some of the sharpest
they focus on. For more detailed informa-                            legal minds in the country. Now imagine the breadth of career opportunities
tion look at the firms' websites which have                          such experience gives you.
a massive amount of information about the
                                                                     We’re proud that our vacation clerks and graduates often talk about Freehills’
deals which the firms have worked on, their                          friendly yet professional culture, challenging work, regular client contact and
structure, culture, goals, etc.                                      partner support as features that distinguish Freehills from other firms.

4. Any general tips on preparation?                                  If you’re looking for the right place to kick-start your legal career,
    Know why you want to work in commer-                             talk to Freehills.
cial law, and know the things which make a
particular firm the one that you most want                           Inspiring people, inspiring outcomes. It all starts with your talent.
to work in. You might also want to have
prepared a few questions to ask about the                  
firm since there will be many occasions when
you are asked "what would you like to know
about the firm?" Also, a small but sometimes
vital tip: remember the names of your inter-
viewers and those of a few people you have
talked to at information evenings.

                                                                                                   MULS         CLERKSHIP GUIDE               2 0 0 8 17
2. What was the most bizarre question               generic questions like "Give me an example       Natasha Blake
you had (if any)?                                  of an experience where you: failed to achieve     Clayton Utz
   "What did you gain from your work at            a desired result/worked in a group which          Summer Clerk
McDonalds?"                                        experienced problems/showed initiative."
    This was odd because it was a job I            In your answer, show how you reflect on           1. What sort of general questions can
held six years ago and I had more recent,          problems you encounter. Make bad experi-          be expected in the interview?
more relevant work experience.                     ences into a positives, for example, where            Questions will likely focus upon the con-
                                                   you failed, be able to tell them what you have    tent of your application. Be ready to answer
3. What is the best or most effective              learned. These are useful even if you don't       any questions about your experiences and
way to research your prospective                   get asked the questions specifically because      what you have learned from them. You are
firm?                                              you can talk about them when they ask you         also likely to be asked about why you want
   The best way to research a firm is talking      about your experiences.                           to work for the firm you are applying to, so
to people who work there. This is the only                                                           it is important to think about what it is that
way of getting an idea of the culture of the           Prepare questions for your interviewer.       appeals to you about that particular firm.
firm. Although be warned, large firms have         If you are told who is inter–viewing you,         Other general questions may include:
different practice areas and each practice         make sure you find out which area they are
area is likely to have a different culture. The    in. Prepare some questions for them about         • What areas do you have a particular
firm websites list the practice areas of the       that area or the practice area of the firm that     interest in and why?
firm and usually there will be a careers page      you are interested in. Prepare questions          • Where do you see yourself in ten years?
which lists the criteria of the people that they   about the firm in general. This will show         • What experiences have you had working
want to employ.                                    that you are interested in the firm and areas       in a team environment?
                                                   of law that they practice in.                     • Have you ever had a problem in a group
4. Any general tips on preparation?                                                                    situation? If so, how did you go about
   Know yourself and your application/             5. Any presentation tips?                           resolving it?
CV. support your application. Use examples            Come to the interview in a suit. Always        • What is an achievement that you are par-
show your attributes and how they fit the          be on time. Be polite, relaxed and friendly.        ticularly proud of and why?

                                                                                             Summer Clerkships 2008

One office, one                                                                               If you are looking to move quickly in your
                                                                                             career and gain up-front hands on experience,
                                                                                             then Henry Davis York is the place to start.

sense of purpose,
                                                                                             We are a progressive firm with a distinguished
                                                                                             track record, an impressive client list,
                                                                                             and a passion and pride in who we are

a wealth of
                                                                                             and what we do that defines our culture.
                                                                                             You’ll experience a range of practice
                                                                                             areas during your clerkship and benefit

                                                                                             from one-to-one training.
                                                                                             You’ll be treated like an individual,
                                                                                             you’ll get interesting and challenging work
                                                                                             to do and you’ll have a great time doing it.
                                                                                             If we sound like the kind of firm you’d like to
                                                                                             start your career with, visit us at
                                                                                             For more information, contact
                                                                                             our Human Resources Manager,
                                                                                             Debbie Avery on +61 2 9947 6432
        2. What was the most bizarre question                      4. Any general tips on preparation?                  Being too informal may be considered
        you had (if any)?                                          Knowing as much as you can about the              inappropriate on the one hand, while attempt-
           N/a                                                  firm will help demonstrate that you are genu-        ing to portray what you think is a profes-
                                                                inely interested in working there. If you are        sional demeanour may appear contrived.
        3. What is the best or most effective                   told who your interviewers are going to be,          While it’s important to be professional and
        way to research your prospective                        knowing a little about what cases they have          appropriate, being yourself at the same time
        firm?                                                   been involved in will also help provide some         will help you appear more credible to your
           A great deal of information can be found             common ground in the interview and give              interviewers. This was particularly my expe-
        on the firm’s website, and this is often a              you an opportunity to demonstrate that you           rience of Clayton Utz, where the people I
        useful place to start. Once you have an idea            have researched and are interested in that           encountered struck me as both genuine and
        of what areas it is involved in, searching              firm. For those with limited experience in           professional.
        through Google or another major search                  interviews, simulating them with friends or
        engine will likely produce media reports on             family may help you feel more comfortable
        the firm and include major matters that they            about the process. Keep in mind, though,
        have recently been involved in. If you want             no matter how researched and prepared you
        to find out about particular cases, a simple            think you are, it is important to be prepared
        Austlii search of the firm or the case name             for the unexpected.
        should give you the information. Asking
        anyone you know who has worked there,                   5. Any presentation tips?
        whether in a secretarial capacity or as a                   It is important, of course, to be neat and
        solicitor, can also give you valuable insight           professional in your physical presentation. If
        into the firm. If you don’t personally know             the firm would be embarrassed to introduce
        anyone, reading guides such as this one can             you to a client, it is unlikely that they would
        also give you a feel for the experiences of             hire you. In terms of personal presentation
        people who work there.                                  style, I’d say that a balance between being
                                                                professional and being yourself is what works.

Take your career to the top
Mallesons Stephen Jaques is synonymous with legal excellence.           Our comprehensive mentoring, training and career development      Mergers & acquisitions
So if you join our team, you’re on track for a great legal career.      programs are also among the best in the marketplace.              Banking & financial services
From an early stage our lawyers have responsibility, autonomy           And with international offices, there are opportunities to work   Property, construction & environment
and client contact.                                                     for Mallesons overseas.                                           Competition
You will have the opportunity to be involved in cutting-edge legal      So when you’re thinking about a challenging and rewarding         Dispute resolution
work, learn from experts who are at the top of their game and           role, think about us.                                             Taxation
work in a fast-moving environment with top-end technology.
                                                                                                                                          Intellectual property & technology

To find out about vacation and graduate positions, visit:

Sydney Melbourne Perth Brisbane Canberra Hong Kong Beijing Shanghai London                                                         
Ursula Adamiec
Blake Dawson
Summer Clerk 2007-2008

1. What sort of general questions can
be expected in the interview?
    Questions about your CV are common, so
ensure that you know your CV and applica-
tion well. "What practice areas are you inter-
ested in?" (This question comes up, without
fail, in every interview. Your areas of interest
should also be stated in you cover letter.)
• Even if you have no idea (which is not
    uncommon!!) make sure that you have
    prepared 2-3 areas of interest.
• These must be areas that the firm specia-
    lises in – no point in saying that you are
    interested in criminal or family law when
    you are interviewing for a commercial firm.
• Be a bit careful about saying “IP”. Every-
    one, it seems, is interested in IP!! State it
    if it truly is an area of interest, but just be
    aware that it is very, very popular.
• Consider naming an area (or areas) that you
    have done well in at uni in order to draw
    attention to your marks in these subjects.
• At the same time, it doesn’t matter if you
    haven’t studied a subject yet; if you are
    truly interested in a certain area, mention it.
• Finally, make sure that you have thought
    about why you are interested in the areas
    you identify, as the interviewers will
    almost certainly ask for reasons.
    "Why this firm/What drew you to this                Baker & McKenzie
firm? What sort of culture are you looking    
for in a law firm?"
• Make sure that you’ve read the firm’s
description of their culture so that you can
describe a culture that is eerily similar to             especially if you’re interested in finding      needed for each interview you attend.
theirs – by happy coincidence of course!                 out about a firm’s strengths and position    • This will
    Second round interview stage:                        in the market. (Just do a Google search         cut down stress on the day.
    "If you get more than one offer, how will            for Chambers Global.)                           Write out a list of interview questions
you choose?"                                                                                          • and have someone (parent, friend etc)
                                                      4. Any general tips on preparation?                interview you.
2. What was the most bizarre question                 • Application stage:                               Interview yourself in the mirror. This
you had (if any)?                                        Start applications early- 2 months before-      might sound strange, but it’s a great way
   It was more rude than bizarre really. I had           hand at the latest. That may seem exces-        to see how you actually look when you’re
just sat down to the interview and before I’d            sive, but applications take a long, long        answering questions.
so much as taken a breath, the interviewer               time to complete well.                       •
asked me to list the names of every other             • Interview stage:                              5. Any presentation tips?
firm I was interviewing with so that he could         • Know your CV.                                 • Look neat and professional. (This goes
write them down.                                      • Know yourself (not as easy as it                 without saying.)
                                                      • sounds).                                         Wearing a suit is a must – and your suit
   3. What is the best or most effec-                    Know the firm.                               • jacket must stay on throughout the inter-
tive way to research your prospective                    Have a list of where you are interview-         view.
firm?                                                    ing, when the interview will take place,        Carry your folder/bag in you left hand so
• Firm websites.                                         the address of the firm (including recep-       that you are free to shake the interviewer’s
• CVmail.                                                tion level), the interviewer’s name(s) (if      hand with your right hand.
• Chambers Global can also be useful,                    known), and any other information               Best of luck!!!

   20 M U L S      CLERKSHIP GUIDE              2008
                                                                AREAS OF PRACTICE

Image provided courtesy of Iain Brew

                                              CLERKSHIP GUIDE   2 0 0 8 21
     One of the distinct differences between
Criminal law and other areas of Commercial
and Civil law, is its focus on individual rights
vis-a-vis the role and function of the State.
     There are two distinct phases in the
criminal justice process. Firstly, there is the
investigatory phase which may result in the
interrogation and eventual laying of charges
against your client. The second stage involves
the trial of your client before a Judge and
Jury, and may also encompass other proceed-
ings such as a committal hearing.
     The role of the defence criminal lawyer
during the initial phase is significant, and
the advice given to his or her client prior to
being charged with an offence may have a
direct bearing on the conduct and outcome of
the trial process. When a client is a suspect,
the lawyer must be vigilant in ensuring that       to the extent to which interrogators are rely-      The defence lawyer’s role, amongst other
the advice provided to the client will not         ing upon material for the purpose of the inter-     things, is to ensure that there is procedural
impact to the client’s prejudice at some later     view. The surroundings in which your client         as well as substantive fairness afforded to
stage during the trial process. Consequently,      finds himself or herself are often harsh and        his or her client. Studying criminal law gives
the criminal lawyer must keep uppermost in         your client will have little or no time to digest   students the opportunity to appreciate the
his or her mind the long term impact of any        and ponder the advice that you provide. It is       significance of individual rights and liberties
advice acted upon by the client.                   therefore essential that the criminal lawyer        and the need to exercise those rights through
     In many instances, the defence criminal       has excellent communication skills.                 the legal process as an essential element of
lawyer is called upon to give advice with              A defence criminal lawyer is an essential       democracy.
little opportunity to satisfy himself or herself   component to the criminal justice system.

    If one were to use a single word to describe
corporate law, that word could probably be
‘big’; or perhaps a more appropriate word
would be ‘huge.’ When you’re working in
corporate law you can expect to be deal-
ing with large companies, expecting a high
quality of work. You’ll be dealing with both
complex and interesting issues, so you can
expect that a job in corporate law will be
challenging but also very rewarding. To whet
your appetite, some of the work you encoun-
ter might be:

   •Dealing with contractual arrangements
   for the company;
   •Advising clients about internal adminis-
   tration and governance of the company;
   •Providing advice on mergers and acqui-

   However, all manner of issues will inevi-
tably arise in the course of your employment
as a corporate lawyer. You may find that the
workplace is hectic, and the expectations are
high: but the challenging nature of the work
ensures that your job will be not only dynamic
and varied, but also very satisfying.

22 M U L S     CLERKSHIP GUIDE             2008
    Workplace law is a rapidly growing area         ambit of employment law. Furthermore, the
of practice, particularly since the overhaul of     OHS regulations, governed by statute, also
legislation in the past few years. A people-        have impacted on the work of an employ-
oriented area of law, it covers all relationships   ment lawyer.
within the context of employment. In terms
of industrial relations, issues frequently arise        This area of law is typified by growth
as to the signing and negotiation of enterprise     and change, and particularly in light of recent
agreements and other areas covered include          legislative change, it is a dynamic and impor-
advising employers and industrial organiza-         tant area of law to work in.
tions in the face of strike actions.

   On a smaller scale, the work involved can
cover the writing of contracts, advice pertain-
ing to employment related issues including
superannuation, remuneration and annual
leave, and claims for unlawful and unfair

    In terms of litigation, the Australian Indus-
trial Relations Commission and the Industrial
Relations Commission of New South Wales,
as well as other courts and tribunals, are fre-
quented in relation to employment law.

    The development of human rights and
equal opportunity (as well as the establish-
ment of HREOC) has resulted in many inter-
esting and personal cases falling within the

    In the space of the last ten years Immi-        to changes and also to be creative in dealing
gration law in Australia has emerged from a         with the continuing attempts by the Govern-
virtually nonexistent starting point to being       ment to limit clients’ fights of review. A
a substantial sub branch of administrative          good example of this is the recent trend for
law.                                                migration lawyers to issue applications in
                                                    the High Court because the powers of the
    The role of a migration lawyer covers a         Federal Court to review migration decisions
broad range of activities. These may include        are so limited. This development has in turn
providing advice on family reunion, inde-           forced the Government to propose the intro-
pendent and skilled migration, refugee rights       duction of private clauses which are designed
and citizenship issues. It involves advising        to block any appeals to any courts. If the
clients, making submissions to decision mak-        Government were to proceed with this legis-
ers and preparing applications for review by        lation its power to do this would certainly be
courts to tribunals. In the case of business        challenged on constitutional grounds.
migration applications, overseas travel is also
quite often involved.

   In many cases the outcome of an applica-
tion will play a significant part in determin-
ing the future of the client and his or her
family for generations to come so that the
responsibility of the immigration lawyer and
the level of knowledge required to properly
discharge one’s duties is significant.

   The Migration Act and Regulations are
constantly under amendment and lawyers
practising in this area are forced to be alert

                                                                                                  MULS   CLERKSHIP GUIDE   2 0 0 8 23
 What is Insolvency Law?                            depend on who his or her clients are. There        to whether certain assets form part of the
    As long as there is credit, there will be       are broad categories of clients. These are         estate which is used to pay the claims of
people and companies who get into difficul-         either companies or individuals in financial       the creditors.
ties and require protection from their credi-       difficulty, creditors of these companies or            An insolvency lawyer acting for creditors
tors. Accordingly, as long as there is credit,      individuals and official controllers such as       is usually required to act to protect a creditor’s
there will always be a need for an insolvency       bankruptcy trustees, administrators, liquida-      position. This will include enforcing securities,
lawyer. Insolvency is the area of law which         tors or receivers.                                 instituting bankruptcy proceedings or proceed-
deals with the relationship between debtors             Corporations or individuals in financial       ings to appoint a liquidator. Where bankruptcy
and creditors in situations where the debtor is     difficulty usually seek advice on how to           or liquidation has occurred, an insolvency
not able to pay his/her or its debts when they      avoid bankruptcy or liquidation. An insol-         lawyer may be called on to defend prefer-
become due. The insolvency lawyer plays an          vency practitioner may be required to take         ence claims brought by a liquidator or trustee.
important part in the relationship between a        both short-term steps to prevent bankruptcy        Additionally the lawyer may also be required to
debtor and a creditor. It is important to ensure    or liquidation as well as advise on long-          take steps to ensure that the debtor is not hiding
that the correct balance between protecting         term strategies to resolve all of the creditors’   assets from the trustee or liquidator.
rights and enforcing obligations is found.          claims. Short-term steps are usually of a              Where the debtor becomes bankrupt or,
Given the consequences of bankruptcy or             litigious nature such as opposing applications     in the case of a corporation, is being wound
liquidation, the insolvency lawyer’s role is        to appoint liquidators or making applications      up, a trustee or liquidator is appointed to the
important to all parties.                           to set aside a bankruptcy notice. In the long-     debtor’s estate or is appointed to manage the
                                                    term, an insolvency practitioner is involved       debtor company. The insolvency practitio-
The work of an insolvency lawyer                    in negotiations with creditors with a view to      ners will realise the assets available in the
    Advice, negotiations and litigation, these      reconstruction of the debtor’s affairs, often      estate so as to pay the creditors. Acting for a
are the tools of an insolvency lawyer. Unlike       by use of procedures such as Part X of the         trustee or liquidator, an insolvency lawyer is
many other legal fields, the insolvency lawyer      Bankruptcy Act in the case of individuals or       required to advise and assist in this process.
must be familiar with concepts which overlap        a Deed of Company Arrangement in the case          This may involve notifying the debtor of the
the traditional lines of legal demarcation. The     of corporations.                                   appointment and ensuring that the assets of
lawyers must have the drafting and nego-                Where bankruptcy or a liquidation does         the company or the person are protected.
tiation skills of a commercial lawyer, must         occur, the insolvency practitioner may also
understand concepts usually more familiar to        be involved in negotiations with the con-             As long as there is credit, these fights will
an equity lawyer and must have the knowl-           troller appointed to the company or the            need to be both protected and enforced.
edge and tenacity required of a litigator.          trustee appointed to manage the individual’s
    The work of an insolvency lawyer will           estate. In such cases, disputes often arise as

    Clayton Utz’ Litigation and Dispute             many of our clients. If litigation is unavoid-        ing for one of the soldiers who was in
Resolution team is recognised as Austra-            able however, our clients can feel assured            the barracks at the time of Private Jacob
lia’s leading litigation practice and dispute       that the full resources of a truly national team      Kovco's death)
resolution practice because we combine deep         are behind them. Our team is renowned for
experience in Australia’s most complex and          its responsiveness, and our clients know that      • the equine flu Special Commission (rep-
significant disputes with outstanding cli-          they can rely on us in a crisis. It’s not just       resenting the Australian Thoroughbred
ent service. Our friendly and approachable          our clients either. In the Australian market,        Racing Board and related peak industry
lawyers work hard to understand our clients         we are unique in that we regularly represent         bodies)
business, so that they receive strategic, prac-     clients of other firms in relation to the most
tical advice.                                       complex and significant litigation challenges      • the defence of a major international air-
    Comprising in excess of 60 partners and         that they face.                                      line in a federal court economic loss class
consultants, and more than 300 professionals                                                             action (regarding fuel surcharges)
nationally, our team is also one of the larg-          The team’s capabilities are reflected in
est, offering a top-tier, full service capability   our involvement in some of the largest and         • representing Senator Coonan and since the
throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific,          most complex litigation in Australia. Within         change of Government, Senator Stephen
advising on the full range of general and           the last year we have been involved in a             Conroy (as Minister for Broadband, Com-
specialised commercial disputes. Lawyers            range of high profile matters including:             munications and the Digital Economy),
at Clayton Utz possess specialist expertise                                                              and the Commonwealth in relation to
in all aspects of litigation, including general     • the ongoing class action litigation against        the application for preliminary discovery
commercial litigation, product liability, class       our client Merck Sharpe and Dohme                  brought by Telstra in the Federal Court.
actions, insolvency, defamation, insurance,           (Australia) Pty Ltd involving its phar-            Telstra has sought preliminary discovery
intellectual property and information tech-           maceutical product VIOXX, a matter of              of a range of documents relating to the
nology, tax, environmental, construction,             international significance                         Australian Government’s grant of $958
workplace relations, competition/trade prac-                                                             million in funding to OPEL Networks
tices and international arbitration.                • ASIC's civil penalty proceedings in rela-          Pty Limited (a consortium of Optus and
    Our commitment to the use of alternative          tion to James Hardie                               Elders) announced in June this year.
conflict resolution techniques ensures that
we successfully avoid the courtroom for             • the Kovco coronial proceedings (act-             CLAYTON UTZ

24 M U L S     CLERKSHIP GUIDE             2008
   Personal Injuries law covers a multitude       for either plaintiffs or defendants. Legal        death by suicide of the worker on the basis
of situations with the common factor being        advice is not sought every time a claim for       that his or her employment was a significant
an injured person who is entitled to claim        compensation is lodged. Legal advice is only      contributing factor, and whether there is
compensation for loss or damage arising           sought where the claim is disputed (or has        in fact an injury where investigators and
from the injury. The injury may be suffered       been rejected by the employer or insurer),        surveillance material contradict the workers
at work, in a public place or during a motor      on the basis that the statutory requirements      allegations, suggesting a fraudulent claim.
vehicle collision. While rights and obliga-       have not been satisfied or the claim is exces-    WorkCover matters may also involve issues
tions exist at common law, most areas are         sive or fraudulent for example. This means        in other fields of law, including Occupa-
extensively governed by specific legislative      that the legal work is both challenging and       tional Health and Safety, dangerous goods
frameworks, which create independent rights       diverse. It involves the preparation of a case    legislation, wrongful death claims under the
and obligations.                                  for hearing, including investigating the claim    Wrongs Act, unlawful or unfair dismissal,
                                                  (which may or may not involve surveillance        disability discrimination and contractual
    In many cases, personal injuries matters      of the worker by a private investigator),         disputes.
are WorkCover related, however, many of           obtaining expert opinions from doctors, sur-
the following comments are also relevant          geons and engineers, assessing the work-              Personal Injuries law may appeal to peo-
to other types of personal injuries matters.      place and work systems, consulting with the       ple who enjoy a varied practice which is not
WorkCover is a system of no-fault, statutory      employer, insurer and representatives of the      spent entirely in the office, who enjoy court
compensation for workers who are injured          worker, drafting pleadings, briefing barris-      appearances and litigation matters, have an
in the course of employment, provided the         ters, appearing in court and in many cases,       interest in medical conditions and systems of
employment is a significant contributing          negotiating a suitable settlement.                work, and in particular, to ambitious lawyers
factor to the injury. A worker may be entitled                                                      who seek an extensive amount of responsibil-
to benefits in the form of reimbursement              Advocacy skills can be developed at an        ity at a junior level.
for medical and like services incurred as a       early with numerous court appearances at
result of the injury, weekly payments whilst      Directions Hearings and Mentions either in
incapacitated for work, lump sum payments         theMagistrates Court or County Court. Inter-
for permanent impairment and pain and             esting questions and issues often arise, such
suffering, and/or, in limited circumstances,      as whether the injured person is a “worker”
common law damages where injury occurs            for the purposes of the Accident Compen-
as a result of the employer’s negligence. In      sation Act, whether the injury arose in the
general, due to the potential for conflicts of    course employment, whether the dependents
interest, law firms usually work primarily        of a worker can claim compensation for the

PROPERTY LAW                                      TAXATION LAW
    Property law is a dynamic, interesting
and very important area of legal practice.           The work handled by the tax practice of a         In tax, perhaps more than in other areas of
Property lawyers deal in a range of legisla-      large commercial firm is often of a complex       practice, a need exists to constantly maintain
tion, and have skills that are in high demand,    legal nature, testing your analytical and legal   and update your knowledge of the law. Tax
from relatives, friends and clients. Property     skills, and your ability to think laterally and   work requires constant reference to both
lawyers deal in everything from large scale       creatively. Despite perceptions that may          statute and case law, and tax is the subject of
actions to small scale matters – and every-       exist, tax problems rarely require detailed       a continuous stream of legislation and much
thing in between. A solid understanding of        analysis of financial accounts or the perfor-     litigation. Tax lawyers must also maintain
Property law and Equity also enriches other       mance of mathematical calculations. Whilst        their knowledge of other areas of commercial
areas of legal practice. So, if you have paid     some tax lawyers do have a background in          litigation such as property, contract, trust and
attention in 3rd year studies of Property         accounting or finance, it is not necessary        company law as tax issues are usually linked
Law and Equity, perhaps this area is for you.     to have studied or worked in these areas to       to other commercial issues.
Although the area is quite different in prac-     become a tax lawyer. The focus in the tax
tice to the way it is taught at University, it    practice of a law firm is on legal analysis and
soon becomes clear that the cases and legisla-    the practical application of legal principles.
tion taught are extremely useful. Property is a
great area of law in which to practice.              Practice tends to involve either acting
                                                  directly for a client, or, when larger transac-
                                                  tions are being negotiated, working with
                                                  other sections of the firm. Direct client work
                                                  usually involves working with the client’s
                                                  internal tax personnel who already have a
                                                  good understanding of the law. Accordingly,
                                                  we are generally asked to advise on very
                                                  specific questions. Direct client work ranges
                                                  from straight taxation advice to handling
                                                  disputes (including conducting litigation)
                                                  and conducting tax audits.

                                                                                                MULS       CLERKSHIP GUIDE            2 0 0 8 25
    Other important areas of law include:
•   Finance

•   Mergers and Acquisitions

•   Resources Law

•   Media

•   Healthcare Law

•   IP

•   Patents and Trademarks

•   Environmental Law

•   Building and Construction

   Before determining which area you are
interested in for the purpose of your Clerk-
ship application, it is recommended you
investigate the specialized practice areas of
the firm you are applying for. Further infor-
mation on practice areas can be found online,
on the firms websites, or found out simply by
asking other students and lawyers who have
had experience in such areas.

26 M U L S     CLERKSHIP GUIDE          2008
                                                                THE FIRMS

Image provided courtesy of Iain Brew

                                              CLERKSHIP GUIDE   2 0 0 8 27
Clayton Utz                                   International Relationships Offer          responsibility of every lawyer.
   Clayton Utz is one of Australia’s          Global Solutions
largest and most successful law firms.                                                      All lawyers at Clayton Utz,
With teams of highly skilled and dedi-               Clayton Utz maintains strong        regardless of their seniority or area
cated lawyers working across six offices      relationships with leading firms           of law, are expected to conduct Pro
nationally and a track record for provid-     around the globe. Rather than              Bono files as an everyday part of legal
ing consistent and commercial legal           compete with offshore firms, we            practice.
advice, Clayton Utz has a large base of       develop relationships with them.
loyal clients who have chosen the firm        Through these strong relationships,           This philosophy has made Clayton
as their trusted legal advisers. The firm’s   international clients investing in         Utz a leader in pro bono, and our Pro
history is one of working closely with        Australia can be assured that Clayton      Bono Scheme is probably the largest
its clients to achieve commercial out-        Utz will perform as a streamlined          pro bono program ever undertaken
comes across many of the most signifi-        member of their international legal        in Australia. In the ten years from
cant transactions and issues in Australia     team, providing the highest level of       July 1997 to June 2007, Clayton Utz
and globally.                                 legal services in the most efficient and   provided more than 200,000 hours
                                              effective manner.                          of free legal assistance, to a value of
                                                                                         more than $62 million, to more than
   Our team of internationally experi-                                                   2,700 clients.
enced partners, our strong relationships      Clayton UtzTakes Its
with leading firms around the globe and       Commitment To The Community                   Clayton Utz recently became the
our membership of high-profile inter-         Seriously                                  first Foundation Signatory to the
national legal bodies mean our clients                                                   National Pro Bono Resource Centre's
receive the best possible advice and sup-        Our Community Connect program           Aspirational Pro Bono Target, which
port, wherever they do business.              has three elements: Community              challenges all Australian lawyers to
                                              participation, our Pro Bono program        conduct at least 35 hours of pro bono
                                              and the Clayton Utz Foundation.            work each year.
   Clayton Utz is a full service firm that
represents some of Australia’s biggest           Pro Bono is an integral part of            The Clayton Utz Foundation is also
companies and intermediaries as well          being a Clayton Utz lawyer, and            an important part of our community
as significant public sector organisations    represents more than 2.5 per cent          involvement. In 2007, the Foundation
and multi nationals with business inter-      of our total legal practice. Clayton       made grants to over 38 charities and
ests locally and overseas. Clayton Utz        Utz recognises that providing pro          organisations and our people were
is dedicated to providing quality legal       bono help for people and community         involved in a range of volunteer
services and building long-termclient         organisations who cannot afford legal      community activities.
relationships.                                assistance, is the inherent professional

28 M U L S   CLERKSHIP GUIDE          2008
                                            • capital markets (debt and equity)
Foreign Language Capability                                                         • life sciences
                                            • class actions
                                                                                    • litigation and dispute resolution
   Clayton Utz has a depth of language
                                            • climate change
capability reflecting our commitment
                                                                                    • mergers and acquisitions
to providing outstanding client service.
                                            • commercial arbitration
A number of our lawyers are bilingual
                                                                                    • pharmaceutical and medical
or multilingual, so appropriately skilled
                                            • competition (anti-trust) law          devices regulatory
lawyers can be called upon to assist with
matters and translations at very short
                                            • construction                          • private equity
                                            • corporate law                         • privatisation and corporatisation
   Our foreign language skills include:
MandarinCantonese, Bahasa Indonesian,                                               product
                                            • debt finance
Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Tamil,
                                                                                    • liability
Vietnamese, Afrikaans, Croatian, Dan-
                                            • enterprise growth
ish, Dutch, French, German, Swedish,
                                                                                    • real estate
Ukrainian, Greek, and Italian.
                                            • environment and planning
                                                                                    • restructuring and insolvency
                                            • financial services
Providing the Full Spectrum of
                                                                                    • retail banking
Commercial Legal Services
                                            • funds management
                                                                                    • securitisation
   Clayton Utz is organised into key
                                            • government services
departments - Corporate, Litigation/
                                                                                    • structured property finance
Dispute Resolution, Banking &
                                            • information technology
Financial Services and Property,
                                                                                    • superannuation
Environment and Construction.
                                            • infrastructure and project finance
                                                                                    • taxation
Within these departments, we have
                                            • insurance and risk
specific practice groups which focus
                                                                                    • water
on the needs of individual sectors of
                                            • intellectual property
commerce and industry and areas of
                                                                                    • workplace relations, employment
legal practice, including:
                                            • international arbitration             and safety

                                                                                       We also have specific industry
                                                                                    groups such as our Major Projects,
  Key Information                                                                   Transport and Logistics, Energy and
                                                                                    Resources, Real Estate Markets,
                                                                                    Telecommunications and Media,
   Number of Partners: 223                                                          and Government Services, which
                                                                                    focus on providing lawyers with a
   Additional legal and support employees: 1875                                     deeper understanding of the distinct
                                                                                    challenges of our clients in these
   Offices: Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney.                   sectors.
   Established: 1833

   International grouping: International Bar Association, Pacific
   Rim Advisory Council, Lex Mundi, Inter-Pacific Bar Association,
   American Bar Association

                                                                                   MULS   CLERKSHIP GUIDE        2 0 0 8 29
Allens Arthur Robinson
Allens Arthur Robinson -                       You’ll also find we’re as committed
Imagination Interests Intelligence          to the community as we are to corpora-
                                            tions. We support a diverse range of
   At AAR we pride ourselves on a           charities and undertake a broad variety
stimulating environment based on our        of pro bono work for individuals and
intellectual excellence and individual      not for profit organisations. We take
interests We value excellence, honesty,     this professional obligation very seri-
integrity and a willingness to work as      ously and encourage our lawyers to be
part of a team where everyone is valued     involved.
and committed to a common purpose.
We also value the importance of training
and encourage a culture that supports       Summer Clerkship Recruitment
the ongoing learning and development        for 2008/2009
of our people.
                                               Applications open on 2 July 2008
   AAR has a strong national and            and close on 1 August 2008. We expect
regional presence with 14 offices           to recruit approximately 45-50 summer
throughout the Asia Pacific region. We      clerks for 2008/2009. Please submit
have four national offices in Sydney,       applications online at
Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, and          careers. Visit our website for further
another ten overseas offices Bangkok,       information about our program.
Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong,
Jakarta, Phnom Penh, Port Moresby,
Shanghai and Singapore. This means          Law Graduate Recruitment for
that our lawyers have a number of           2008/2009
opportunities to travel. All of our Asian
offices are staffed by lawyers and part-        Our graduate positions are usually
ners on secondment from our Australian      filled by previous summer clerks, how-
offices as well as local legal and sup-     ever, from time to time, we have the
port staff. AAR also has a 'best friends'   capacity to take on additional graduates.
relationship with leading UK law firm       Visit our website for further information
Slaughter & May enabling lawyers from       about 2008/2009 graduate programs.
both firms to work on transactions as an
integrated team.
                                            Paralegal recruitment
   As a full service commercial law
firm, AAR provides a broad range of             Paralegal positions in our Sydney
corporate and commercial advice. We         office are open to any students enrolled
have fourteen practice groups in total      in law degrees from third through to
spread across four departments:             fifth year.

                                  Intellectual Property           Financial Services
  Corporate                       and Litigation                  and Projects               Asia

  • Competition Law                • Commercial Litigation           • Banking & Financial   • Greater China
                                     & Dispute Resolution              Services
  • Energy & Resources                                                                       • South East Asia
                                  • Insolvency                       • Tax
  • Funds Management,
    Real Estate &                 • Insurance                        • Projects
                                  • Intellectual Property
  • Communications,                 & Patent & Trade Mark
    Media & Technology              Attorneys

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    and Capital Markets

30 M U L S   CLERKSHIP GUIDE        2008
                                                                                                   • The interview not only provides the firm
   To register an expression of interest          Tips for preparing for interview                   with the opportunity to get to know you,
for a paralegal position, please submit                                                              but it is also an opportunity for you to
your covering letter, CV and academic                The interview is not only an opportunity        learn more about the firm. Think about
transcript using our online application           for us to get to know you, but also for you        the questions you would like to ask.
system at                                         to get to know us. The key to relaxing in an
                                                  interview is to be well prepared – know your     Who to Contact                    CV and be prepared to talk about your attri-
                                                  butes and interests. Other tips include:         For more information, please contact Char-
                                                                                                   lotte Nuttall, Sydney Graduate Resourcing
Tips for your application                         • Talk to people you know at the firm or         Consultant, on 02 9230 4826 or by email at
                                                    friends who have done clerkships or  
   Your application is an important docu-           worked at the firm.
ment. It forms our first impression of who
you are and plays a key role in the deci-         • Read the newspapers and note current
sion to interview you. Below are a few              projects and deals in which the firm is
tips when completing your application:              involved and the firm's main clients.

• The purpose of the cover letter is to tell us   • It's important to know your strong points
  a bit about you and why you want to work          and to have a good sense of who you
  at AAR. We look for cover letters which           are. Know your strengths, achievements,
  are well written and concise.                     interests and values. Work out your career
                                                    and personal objectives.
• Your CV should be set out clearly and
  concisely. Keep the format simple and           • Think about the questions you might be
  use headings and bullet points. Your CV           asked. The interviewers will want to get
  should typically include personal details,        to know you, so their questions will be
  secondary and tertiary education, work            based around your application.
  experience (legal, non-legal, voluntary),
  details of employment including position        • Identify any points of interest or potential
  details, skills obtained and approximate          weaknesses in your CV. Think about how
  number of hours worked per week, lead-            you might respond to a question about
  ership roles, extra-curricular activities         them, such as failing a subject, swapping
  and any language abilities.                       courses mid-semester or leaving a part-
                                                    time job.
• Check your letter meticulously before
  submitting it. Spelling and grammatical         • The interviewers will probably ask why
  errors create a poor first impression.            you want to work at the firm. Think about
                                                    your reasons and how you might respond
                                                    to this question.

                                                                                               MULS      CLERKSHIP GUIDE         2 0 0 8 31
   Freehills is a leading commercial law
firm acting for more than 75 per cent of        Freehills 2008 Summer Clerkships - How to apply:
Australia’s top 100 companies. We’re
also one of the biggest, with offices in
Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and
Singapore, and correspondent offices in            Applications should be submitted online via cvmail at
Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Jakarta.     
Nationally Freehills employs approxi-
mately 2000 staff, including more than             Summer Clerkship applications open: Wednesday 2 July
200 partners and 900 solicitors.
                                                   Summer Clerkship applications close: Friday 1 August
   Our size, combined with the strength
of our client list, means you’ll have every        Interviews commence: Monday 1 September
opportunity to realise your potential.
                                                   Offers made: Friday 10 October 2007.
   We’re proud that our summer clerks
and graduates often talk about Freehills’       Your application should include:
friendly yet professional culture, chal-
lenging work, regular client contact and           •     a complete curriculum vitae, including details of your work experience,
partner support as features that distin-                 sporting activities, club memberships and other interests
guish Freehills from other firms.                  •     a covering letter
                                                   •     a copy of your most recent transcript of academic results
   If you’re looking for the right place
to kick-start your legal career, talk to

Practice Areas:

    As a solicitor at Freehills, you can
specialise in areas such as banking and
finance, communications, media and               The objective of the summer clerk-         Recruitment Contact
technology, competition law, corporate        ship program is to provide students with
and mergers and acquisitions, equity cap-     a taste of life in a large commercial law
ital markets, employee relations, energy      firm. As a summer clerk, you will be
and resources, infrastructure, intellectual   given extensive training on all aspects      Samantha Fallon
property, international dispute resolution,   of the firm, drafting and research skills.      Graduate Recuritment Consultant
litigation, property and environment,         Current lawyers and partners will speak         Freehills
project finance and regulatory and gov-       to you about what they do and the nature
ernment affairs. And within any of these      of work in each of the legal sections in
areas of practice we’ll help you develop      the firm. You will have the opportunity      email.
the important leadership, business            to work with our lawyers as a member
development, negotiation and presenta-        of our legal team, attend professional       fax.
tion skills to equip you for whichever        development seminars and briefing ses-       (02) 9322 4887
career path you later choose to pursue.       sions on business development strategies
                                              and information technology. There is
                                              also a variety of social events organised
Summer Clerkship Program:                     for our summer clerks.

   We invite approximately 35–45 penul-
timate year law students to participate in
our annual summer clerk program. We run
a 10-week program with two rotations.

   You will be supervised by both a part-
ner and solicitor. Wherever possible you
will have client contact by attendance
at meetings or court appearances, for
example. We aim to place you in practice
areas that you are interested in.

32 M U L S   CLERKSHIP GUIDE          2008
Blake Dawson
   Our focus is getting to the heart of
our clients' legal needs and delivering       opportunity to gain an understanding and   at least one day during the clerkship.
commercially astute and practical solu-       insight into Blake Dawson and ‘hands-on’   Our summer clerks are generally offered
tions. We have a proud history, long          experience in the practicalities of real   graduate employment with the firm after
standing client relationships, a passion      legal work in a supportive environment.    the conclusion of the clerkship, and may
for challenging conventions and thrive                                                   also be offered paralegal work while
on cutting edge work. A provider of           What does a summer clerkship               they finish their law degree. Because
legal services to ASX-listed companies,       at the firm involve?                       we know the importance of maintaining
global corporations and government,              Our summer clerkship programs           balance in your life, we provide you with
we're privileged to work with many            include the opportunity to work in our     paid leave over the Christmas and New
of the organisations who are shaping          practice teams on "real" work, alongside   Year period. There are also opportunities
tomorrow's industries.Discover your           a comprehensive learning program. Dur-     to get involved in social and sporting
niche amongst our 40 service areas.           ing the 12 week program you will under-    activities during the clerkship program.
These cover every aspect of commer-           take 2 rotations in different practice
cial law and include traditional areas        teams. Because we focus on what you        What sort of work will be undertaken?
such as M&A, Banking & Finance, and           want to do and how you see your career         We'll involve you in client meetings,
Commercial Litigation & Arbitration;          developing, you will have the opportu-     research, court visits and whatever legal
emerging ones such as Infrastructure,         nity to nominate your preferred practice   work is happening in your team. You may
Environment and OHS; and some that            areas in advance of the program.           also get the opportunity to go on a short
you may not expect, such as China Client         An induction to the firm. Our com-      client secondment and work with our pro
Services. Visit           prehensive induction program provides      bono team.
for the full list. A firm with our track      an overview of the firm and an introduc-
record could not deliver results without a    tion to our knowledge, resources and         What does the firm look for in
diverse, committed and collegiate team.       expertise.                                 a summer clerk?
Technical excellence aside, our culture          Opportunities for continuing learn-         We acknowledge and appreciate
and focus on treating others as we wish       ing for summer clerks. We provide a        the diversity of skills and experiences
to be treated, creates a sustainable work-    range of formal and on-the-job learning    brought to the firm by all of our people.
place where lawyers can be nurtured and       opportunities. These include practice      We also recognise that bringing people
inspired to be their best.                    team inductions, performance feedback,     with complementary strengths together
                                              mentoring, coaching and buddy pro-         is more effective in achieving the best
What distinguishes the firm from              gram, Continuing Legal Education, and      team-based outcome for our clients and
others?                                       the Blake Dawson Learning and Devel-       our people. We look for the following abil-
   We choose to champion our peoples'         opment program.                            ities and strengths in our summer clerks:
career development because we believe            Performance appraisal and formal        ability to build rapport with a range of
that providing a supportive environment       feedback. Our competency-based per-        people, ability to work in a team-based
makes you a better lawyer. Approachable       formance appraisal and development         environment, academic ability, demon-
partners, an open door policy and one-        system includes an appraisal process       strated interest or expertise in a com-
on-one honest discussions all help you        for summer clerks at the end of each       mercial legal environment, resilience &
to develop quickly. As does our focus         rotation or clerkship. To help our sum-    motivation, commitment to excellence in
on mentoring, coaching and interper-          mer clerks learn as much as possible       client service.
sonal skills. Driven to deliver excellent     and grow from their experience, we
outcomes, we bring a positive attitude        deliver a session on how to get the          What extra-curricular benefits
and creative thinking to our clients' busi-   most from your appraisal discussion, to    and activities does the firm offer?
ness issues. Our lawyers' ability to offer    assist you in giving and receiving con-       Our Reward & Recognition program
strategic counselling is strengthened by      structive feedback in our environment.     sits alongside our Graduate Develop-
their direct industry experience. You'll        Summer Clerk Client & Pro-Bono           ment Program and is designed to give
have the opportunity to go on second-         Secondments. Our Summer Clerk pro-         you flexibility in all areas.Some of these
ment with leading clients and to give         gram also includes the opportunity to      benefits are outlined below.
something back to the community by            undertake a short client secondment. We       Flexible Work Options and Family
carrying out pro bono work.                   believe that working closely with us and      Health & Well Being
                                              our clients enhances your experience          Professional Development
What does the firm offer a sum-               and understanding of working in a com-        Financial and Technological
mer clerk?                                    mercial law firm. All of our clerks also      Sporting/Social Activities
   A summer clerkship offers you the          assist our pro-bono secondees for
                                                                                           How. cvMail (
                                                                                           Contact. Liz Henry
                                                                                           Position. People Development Consultant

                                                                                     MULS      CLERKSHIP GUIDE          2 0 0 8 33
Baker & McKenzie
    Baker & McKenzie is an instinctively          Melbourne                                   Sydney
global law firm. Our Australian practice
is the fourth largest in our network of 70
offices in 38 countries around the world.        Contact. Katie Culpitt- HR Co-ordinator     Contact. Hayley Pickering
With 85 partners, over 220 legal staff           Email.           Email.
and more than 600 staff in total, Baker          Phone. 03 9617 4206                         Phone. 02 8922 5429
& McKenzie Australia is large enough to          Fax. 03 9614 2103                           Fax. 02 9225 1595
offer you access to complex and market-          Website.                   Website.
leading work, outstanding professional
development opportunities and all the
benefits you would expect from a lead-         Clerkship programs                          our Asia Pacific offices during their first
ing commercial law firm. What dif-                                                         two years of practice. This is a unique
ferentiates us is our ability, because of         Our summer and seasonal clerks are       opportunity to experience the culture
our size, to give you direct access to         given access to real work, exposure to      and legal work of another office, and
clients, real responsibility and an oppor-     Australian and global clients (including    develop contacts within the Baker &
tunity to shine early in your career. This,    client secondments) and a chance to par-    McKenzie network.
combined with our unrivalled ability to        ticipate in our outstanding professional
provide international work, training and       development programs. We will involve
secondment opportunities with our 70           you in research, client meetings and        What do we look for in our gradu-
international offices, means that what         whatever work is happening in each of       ates and clerks?
we offer is unique.                            your practice group rotations. Many of
                                               our summer and seasonal clerks go on to        We believe it takes more than good
                                               join us as articled clerks and graduates.   academic results to succeed at Baker &
Areas of Practice                                                                          McKenzie. We look for people with a
                                                  In Sydney, the Summer Clerk Pro-         'can do' attitude who are willing to take
   Baker & McKenzie Australia is a             gram runs from November to February         responsibility and seize opportunities,
full-service commercial law firm that          each year with clerks rotating between      who want to make a difference and who
delivers future focused, innovative legal      two practice groups over a 12 week          are excited by what our global connec-
solutions for our clients. We offer our        period.                                     tivity can offer. People who succeed here
people outstanding work in traditional                                                     have interests that are global, not just
areas of commercial law as well as in             In Melbourne, the Seasonal Clerkship     local. They understand and are interested
ground-breaking areas such as our mar-         Programs, each of four weeks duration,      in issues that affect the corporate world
ket leading Climate Change practice.           take place in July and December. Sea-       like politics, the environment and eco-
                                               sonal clerks are allocated to a specific    nomics. While our focus is definitely on
Our practice groups are:                       practice group, but our clerks receive a    professional excellence, the culture here
                                               range of work in different areas.           is social, relaxed and inclusive. People
• Corporate (including specialist teams                                                    who like working in teams, contributing
  in Financial Services, Environmental            We offer International Clerkships        to the social glue of their peers and who
  Markets (Climate Change), Major              to selected clerks each year from Syd-      are confident in expressing their views
  Projects, Hotels, Resorts and Tour-          ney and Melbourne. They will have the       yet open to new ideas succeed best at
  ism, Mergers and Acquisitions, Capi-         opportunity to spend two to four weeks      Baker & McKenzie.
  tal Markets, Natural Resources and           in any Baker & McKenzie office, any-
  Private Equity)                              where in the world, in the year following
• Banking and Finance                          their clerkship.                            How do you apply?
• Commercial Real Estate
• Construction                                                                             Summer and seasonal clerkships
• Employment                                   Graduate programs
• Information, Technology and Com-                                                           Your application should be submitted
  munications                                     Most of our graduates in Sydney and      online via cvMail and include:
• Intellectual Property                        articled clerks in Melbourne have com-
• Dispute Resolution                           pleted a Seasonal or Summer Clerkship       • a brief covering letter
• Tax                                          with the Firm. We also recruit applicants
                                               who have not done a Clerkship.              • a curriculum vitae complete with
    For more insights, see our Partners and       Graduates in Sydney will complete          work experience and extra curricular
Senior Associates on video:                    three rotations and articled clerks in        activities or interests and academic   Melbourne complete four rotations             results.
making.htm                                     before they become members of a par-
                                               ticular practice. In addition, the firm
                                               offers junior associates the opportunity       Applications open for Summer Clerk-
                                               for a three month secondment to one of      ships in Sydney: Wednesday 2 July, 2008
34 M U L S    CLERKSHIP GUIDE          2008
Henry Davis York
   We're one of Sydney's most estab-           top 10 in 2005                             each of the rotations. You will receive
lished firms located in the heart of the     • Best Work/Life Balance Strategy,           structured feedback at the end of each of
CBD, with market leading expertise,            2004 HR Awards                             your rotations.
a proven history and a second-to-none        • One of 35 national finalists in the
commercial and government client list.         2006 BRW Client Choice Awards              What Does The Firm Look For In
                                             • Recognised as Australia's leading          Potential Employees?
   We provide advice throughout Aus-           Restructuring and Insolvency firm in
tralia to both national and overseas           both Chambers Global (2007/08)                We look for summer clerks who are
clients as well as advising on numer-          and Asia Pacific 500 (2007/08) legal       team players and who are prepared to
ous cross border transactions through          directories                                commit to providing the highest quality
longstanding relationships with firms        • Best Insolvency Firm, 2006 and 2004        service to our clients.
worldwide and international networks           Australian Law Awards
like Globalaw.                                                                               You'll need a sound academic record
                                                Our pro bono work and community           and some work experience, either in
   Client relationships are at the heart     support endeavours are something the         a legal or non-legal environment. We
of our business. Our clients value our       firm has a strong tradition in. We have a    also look for applicants with a positive
consistent, high quality service and our     dedicated pro bono committee and pro-        disposition and those who have dem-
focus on practical outcomes. They like       vide a wide range of assistance to dis-      onstrated leadership skills. Essentially
the way we work - the fact that we're        advantaged individuals and non-profit        we're looking for well rounded, genuine
professional and we enjoy what we do.        organisations including the Homeless         people whose values match ours.
                                             Persons Legal Service (HPLS), the
                                             Public Interest Law Clearing House
"HDY has a very                              (PILCH) and the Homicide Victims Sup-
                                             port Group (HVSG) for which we were
different feel and                           recently awarded the Pro Bono Partner-
                                             ship Award at the NSW Law and Justice
that's deliberate."                          Foundation Awards 2007.

   We have gone against the tide and         Summer Clerkship Program
decided to have one big office in Syd-
ney. Our single office approach is part         A summer clerkship with Henry Davis
of a focused strategy that contributes to    York is a great first step in your legal
our success. It is crucial to the ongoing    career. It's also a great experience.
harmony of the firm, allowing for the
seamless integration of services and a          We're big enough and have the
concentration of talent that can be easily   expertise to attract top quality work
accessed by clients. It also helps to sus-   and clients, yet small enough to value
tain our strong culture and values and in    the individual. As a result, our sum-
opening up opportunities to work deeper      mer clerks enjoy the benefit of working
across all areas of specialisation.          closely with our Partners to experience
                                             real, meaningful work and a fantastic
   It's all part of HDY's distinct cul-      insight into how the firm works.
ture. We believe that if people are happy
doing their work, they'll do their best         The program runs for 11 weeks and
work. We have built a warm and friendly      includes a comprehensive three day ori-
culture based on genuine caring and a        entation program to introduce you to the        For more information about employ-
demonstrable difference in values and        firm and to train you in various aspects     ment at HDY or our summer clerk pro-
priorities. We evaluate success through      of legal work. During the program you        gram please contact:
teamwork as well as individual achieve-      will also take part in training and devel-
ment. It's a positive work environment       opment activities, practice group meet-
we've fostered over many years and one       ings and social activities.                  Debbie Avery
that's well-recognised among our peers
and in the community.                           Our rotation program allows you           Human Resources Manager
   Our awards speak for themselves -         to work in three practice areas of your      44 Martin Place
see below for just a few:                    choice during your clerkship. We spend       SYDNEY NSW 2000
                                             a significant amount of time with you        Telephone: +61 2 9947 6432
• Work/life initiatives: The Way Ahead       in one-to-one activities and as part of a    Email:
  Benchmarking Study - ranked 4th            larger group to develop your skills. Each    Web:
  overall (number 1 ranked law firm)         summer clerk has a mentor, a supervis-       Applications to be lodged via:
  in 2007, ranked 1st in 2006 and in the     ing Senior Associate and Partner during
                                                                                      MULS      CLERKSHIP GUIDE        2 0 0 8 35
                                                                                    MAKE IT HAPPEN

World of opportunity at Gilbert + Tobin

Gilbert + Tobin is a leading Australian specialist corporate law    ■   Litigation and Dispute Resolution
firm with approximately 400 people, including more than 200          ■   Competition and Regulation
legal professionals.
                                                                    ■   Pro Bono.
   We are renowned for our innovation, quality clients, open
culture, determination to succeed and commitment to pro bono        OUR SUMMER CLERKSHIP PROGRAM
services. If you believe these things are important and you are
                                                                    The Gilbert + Tobin summer clerkship program is structured to
ambitious and enthusiastic, you should consider a career with
                                                                    introduce you to all areas of firm life. We help kick-start your
Gilbert + Tobin.
                                                                    career, offering you experience working with some of Australia’s
   From our base in Sydney we work on transactions and projects     leading lawyers and companies.
throughout Australia and around the world. We recently formed
                                                                       During the clerkship you will have an opportunity to
a strategic alliance with King & Wood, one of China’s largest law
                                                                    complete two rotations of approximately five to six weeks in any
firms, further expanding opportunities for our people and clients.
                                                                    of our practice areas (including pro bono).
                                                                       All summer clerks undertake real work and have
                                                                    responsibility from day one. Our non-hierarchical structure
Gilbert + Tobin is renowned for its in-depth market and industry    means you will have direct contact with clients, partners and
knowledge across:                                                   senior lawyers. You will work in close teams on challenging
■   Communications and Technology                                   deals and matters.
■   Corporate Transactions (Corporate Advisory, M&A,                   Your buddy (usually a graduate) and your mentor (a senior
    Real Estate and Projects, Corporate Finance and Tax)            lawyer) will give you direction and support during the clerkship.
■   Intellectual Property                                              Post-clerkship, we offer paralegal employment to summer
                                                                    clerks seeking work while completing university studies.

            To learn more about summer clerkships at Gilbert + Tobin, see
Corrs Chambers
   Most prominent areas of practice        Seasonal Clerkship Program                   Contact
Corrs provides legal advice for clients                                                   Belinda Grubisich
through a broad range of practice areas       Applications for Seasonal Clerk-            Recruitment
covering the full spectrum of corpo-       ships open on 2 July 2008 and close  
rate law. Each practice area comprises     on 1 August 2008. If you are in your           (02) 9210 6164
a number of specific legal services. Our   penultimate year, please apply via –
practice groups are Corporate Advisory,    w w w . c v m a i l . c o m .
Litigation, Taxation, Banking & Finance,                                                Office Location
Intellectual Property, Information Tech-   Number of Seasonal Clerks in the Syd-          Level 32
nology & Competition, Workplace Rela-      ney Office: 2006/07: 17, 2007/08: 28           Governor Phillip Tower
tions, Planning Environment & Local                                                       1 Farrer Place
Government, Property & Infrastructure                                                     Sydney NSW 2000
and Construction.                          Details of the Seasonal Clerkship
  To learn more about the areas in which                                                Web
we practice, please visit our website –       The Corrs Seasonal Clerkship Pro- 
                                           gram is a great opportunity for you to
w w w . c o r r s . c o m . a u            experience the people, clients, work and
                                           culture that differentiates Corrs from
Offices                                    other law firms.

  Sydney                                      The program involves a unique rota-
                                           tion system, whereby you will partici-
  Brisbane                                 pate in four two week rotations which
                                           gives you the opportunity to work across
  Melbourne                                the whole firm.

  Perth                                       You will perform tasks such as
                                           drafting advices, conducting research,
  Gold Coast                               reviewing documents, preparing sem-
                                           inars, writing articles, and attending
                                           court, client meetings, mediations and

                                           Graduate Development Program
  "Once you've
                                             Number of graduates recruited to
                                           commence in 2008: 15
worked at Corrs,
                                           Details of the Graduate Program:
                                              Our principal source for recruiting
you'll know what it                        graduates is through our Seasonal Clerk
                                           Program. Corrs is one of the first firms
                                           to provide a truly national graduate pro-
means to perform at                        gram.

                                              From the day you join Corrs, your
your best."                                feet will hardly touch the ground. Your
                                           journey begins with the Corrs Gradu-
                                           ate Academy where you will have the
                                           opportunity to network with graduates
                                           from around Australia, followed by a
   Corrs is one of the country's most      local office orientation. Over the follow-
dynamic and innovative firms and for       ing 18 months, you will undertake three
young lawyers that means one thing:        six-monthly rotations as well as struc-
opportunity. You'll be given the oppor-    tured learning and development compo-
tunity to acquire the skills demanded of   nents taking you from orientation right
a great lawyer.                            through to admission to practice law.

                                                                                    MULS      CLERKSHIP GUIDE      2 0 0 8 37
Mallesons Stephen
  Firm Details                                  Applications - How To Apply?
  Name of firm: Mallesons Stephen Jaques

  Website:                      How To Apply?
                                                  Via our online application system:
  Offices: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth,
           Brisbane, Canberra, Hong Kong,
           Beijing, Shanghai, London.             Applications Open:
                                                  2 July - 1 August 2008

Firm composition:
   The firm has over 900 lawyers backed           Selene Wang
by a dedicated team of shared services
& support staff. Mallesons is a single            Position:
partnership which is fully integrated             Graduate Resourcing Coordinator
nationally and internationally.

Areas of practice:                                02 9296 3360

   Our lawyers work at the cutting edge
of legal developments, operate as a               Email:
cohesive team and are recognised for    
their ability to provide definitive advice
across a range of commercial legal dis-
ciplines.                                         Interview process:
                                                  The interviews are conducted by a partner and a solicitor from our
                                                  Recruitment Committee.
Internally our legal teams are
organised into the following

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Banking & Finance

• Dispute Resolution

• Competition

• Intellectual Property & Technology          By the end of the clerkship, you will
• Property, Construction & Environment        have:
• Tax
                                              • received training & development in a
                                                supportive environment
Our Summer Clerkship Program:
                                              • gained experience in diverse and
   Working with two practice groups             challenging work
and supervising partners, clerks will
participate in an extensive 11 week pro-      • been exposed to high profile transac-
gram from November through to Feb-              tions
ruary. For many, the clerkship is the
first stage of a longer relationship with     • developed a strong network with
Mallesons.                                      peers and colleagues

38 M U L S   CLERKSHIP GUIDE           2008
Minter Ellison
Ms Felicity Marando                              - Technology                                and all the people you work with. You
   Human Resources Consultant                  • Construction, Engineering                   will realise that there is no particular
   Aurora Place, 88 Phillip Street, Sydney       & Infrastructure                            Minter Ellison type. We look for people
   Direct: 02 9921 4275                        • Dispute Resolution                          with ideas, energy and the potential to
   Email:   • Property                                    become great lawyers. The diversity and
   Website:              • Finance                                     breadth of our practice means we can
                                               • Human Resources                             quickly assemble teams with the right
    Minter Ellison is an international law       & Industrial Relations                      skills to handle virtually any matter.
firm with a strong Asia Pacific focus.         • Environment & Planning                          We are very proud of the fact that the
Established in 1827, we are one of the         • Tax                                         overwhelming majority of people who
largest full service law firms in Asia.                                                      complete our summer clerk program love
With more than 270 partners, 700 law-             Aside from our geographical reach,         it. Also, they usually return as paralegals
yers and 1,000 support staff, we are also      there are other advantages that come          and after some kind of overseas adventure
amongst the largest firms in the world.        with working for one of the largest law       or other life enriching experience, return
    We have a strong global presence           firms in the world – the size, complexity     to us and continue to design their career.
through an integrated network of offices       and profile of the matters, the fantastic         For a Summer Clerkship in our Syd-
and our strengths are cross-border seam-       support and resources and, most impor-        ney office, applications are to be sub-
less service, technical excellence and         tantly, the people. At Minter Ellison our     mitted through our website. Find out
commercial, practical, results-oriented        people are what makes the difference.         moreand start your application by visit-
advice. Our commitment to our clients             Minter Ellison takes summer clerk-         ing
is to add value.                               ships seriously - and so should you. For
                                               us, it is our largest recruitment drive       Now, where do you want to go?
Practice areas:                                and biggest single intake of new people
• Corporate                                    in the year. For you, our summer clerk            We encourage people to take control
  - Financial Services                         program is the start of the process of        of this process and take responsibility for
  - Mergers & Acquisitions                     designing your career and there is no         their own development. We will provide
  - Private Equity & Capital Markets           better opportunity to find out what life in   you with the tools and the opportunities
• Commercial & Regulatory                      a top tier law firm is about. As a summer     to make the most of your potential –
  - Competition Law                            clerk you will form strong relationships      what your design looks like and where
  - Intellectual Property                      with the other clerks, our current grads      it leads, is up to you.

   Where do you want to go?

   At Minter Ellison we will help you design your career                                     design
   the way you want it. Enjoy the genuine career
   development opportunities available in our high
   performing and open learning culture.                                                      your
   We look for potential – the rest is up to you.

   Now, where do you want to go?





   Sparke Helmore
   Sparke Helmore at a glance                           Corporate Social Responsibility

       In 2007 Sparke Helmore Lawyers cele-                 We put our money where our mouth is               There's also plenty of time to socialise
   brated 125 years of continuous service. The          when it comes to making a positive contri-         with other Sparkies during your placement.
   law firm that opened in 1882 in the Hunter           bution to the community. SHARE – Sparke            There are informal drinks on a weekly basis,
   region of New South Wales now operates as            Helmore’s Assistance, Responsibility and           Christmas functions and events organised
   a truly integrated eight-office firm chosen by       Encouragement Scheme – allows our staff            by the Graduate Recruitment team.
   corporate and government leaders for good            to make a difference in our communities
   reason - the insight, energy and collaboration       through probono work, mentoring, and fund-            Throughout your time with us you will
   we bring to legal services. The real legacy of       raising. Our work was recognised with the          hear more detail about the Firm, our clients
   the past is a bright future for our clients, staff   Community SupportAward at the 2006 Aus-            and work, and meet a number of partners,
   and our communities.                                 tralian Law Awards.                                associates and trainees who will give you an
                                                                                                           honest view of life at Sparkes.
   The Sparkes Difference                               Summer clerkship program
                                                                                                              Clerkships are for students at the end
       Our people offer a genuinely different           A taste of graduate life                           of their penultimate year of study of their
   experience of a law firm. As well as being                                                              undergraduate degree and a placement may
   thoroughly professional, they are human                  Choosing the right career is a big deci-       lead to an offer on the graduate development
   beings who are approachable, engaging,               sion. There are lots of questions you need         program.
   friendly and fun to work with.                       to ask yourself. What type of law do I want
                                                        to practice? What type of firm would suit me
      At Sparke Helmore:                                best? What will the work really be like?

   • We reward teamwork not politics;                       The best way to answer these questions             “Responsibility is given to lawyers at
   • Our people enjoy working together and              is to get first-hand experience of life in a law   Sparkes early in their career. I like the fact
     go out of their way to support their col-          firm and that's exactly what our summer            that you’re expected to propose answers,
     leagues;                                           clerkship offers.                                  draft advice, and get involved with clients
   • Our practice groups work as national                                                                  – and you’re assisted by experienced
     teams, sharing knowledge and opportuni-                During your placement you will assist a        practitioners. I never expected to be at
     ties;                                              partner or senior lawyer on real matters. You      the one firm for my legal careers, but it’s
   • Supervisors and colleagues give credit             will have two rotations and we will ask you in     now hard to imagine otherwise”
     where it belongs                                   advance what area most interests you.              – Roland Hassall
   • Teams enjoy working and playing                                                                         (Partner)
     together                                               We'll also pair you up with a lawyer who
   • We take practicing the law seriously, but          will be your "buddy". They will answer your
     not ourselves                                      questions, offer you advice and generally             For more information, including inter-
                                                        help you feel at home during your time with        view tips, visit

                                                           Alongside your legal work, you'll take
                                                        part in a formal induction and attend pre-
                                                        sentations and talks aimed at informing you
                                                        about our work and helping you to develop
                                                        the knowledge you need to be a successful
      ]                                                 lawyer.

40 M U L S   CLERKSHIP GUIDE              2008
                                                                GENERAL INFO

Image provided courtesy of Iain Brew

                                              CLERKSHIP GUIDE   2 0 0 8 41

                        Image provided courtesy of Iain Brew
ALLENS ARTHUR ROBINSON             DX: 105 Sydney
Level 28 Deutsche Bank Place       FAX: 9230 5333
Cnr Hunter and Phillip Street      Phone: 9230 4826
Sydney NSW 2000                    Email: Charlotte
                                   CONTACT: Ms. Charlotte Nuttall (Graduate Resourcing Consultant)
                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                   Hard copy of Law Employment Application Form to be sent
                                   directly to the firm

BAKER & McKENZIE                   DX: 218 Sydney
Level 27, AMP Centre               FAX: 8922 5241
50 Bridge Street                   Phone: 8922 5629
Sydney NSW 2000                    Email:
                                   CONTACT: Hayley Pickering
                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                   Apply on site:

BLAKE DAWSON                       DX: 355 Sydney
Locked Bag N6                      FAX: 9258 6999
Grosvenor Place                    Phone: 9258 5728
SYDNEY NSW 2000                    E-mail:
                                   CONTACT: Ms. Liz Henry (People Development Consultant)
                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                   Apply on site:

CLAYTON UTZ                        DX: 370 Sydney
P.O. Box H3                        FAX: 8220 6700
Australia Square                   Phone: 9353 5475
Sydney NSW 2000                    Email:
                                   CONTACT: Ms. Rachel Knight
                                   (HR Adviser – Graduates, Summer Clerks and Paralegals)
                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                   Apply on site:

Level 32, Governor Phillip Tower   FAX: 9210 6280
1 Farrer Place                     Phone: 9210 6164
Sydney NSW 2000                    Email:
                                   CONTACT: Ms. Belinda Gubisich
                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                   Apply on site:

DEACONS                            DX: 368 Sydney
Level 2, 1 Alfred Street           FAX: 9330 8111
Circular Quay                      Phone: 9330 8256
Sydney NSW 2000                    Email:
CONTACT:                           Ms. Emily Chong (Graduate Recruitment Coordinator)
                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                   Apply on site:

DIBBS ABBOTT STILLMAN              DX: 101 Sydney
Level 8, Angel Place               FAX: 8233 9725
123 Pitt Street                    PH: 8233 9500
Sydney NSW 2000                    Email: careers
                                   CONTACT: Ms. Kylie Young (Recruitment Consultant)
                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                   Apply on site:

DLA Phillips Fox (Sydney)          DX: 107 Sydney
210 Elizabeth Street               FAX: 9283 4144
Sydney NSW 2000                    PH: 9286 8106
                                   CONTACT: Nicola Brown (HR Advisor)
                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                   Submit applications online via:

FREEHILLS                          DX: 361 Sydney
Level 38 MLC Centre                FAX: 9322 4000
19-29 Martin Place                 Phone: 9322 4887
Sydney NSW 2000                    9322 4018 (Anna Fredericks)
                                   CONTACT: Ms. Samatha Fallon
                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                   Apply on site:

GILBERT + TOBIN LAWYERS            DX: 10348 SSE
Level 37                           FAX: 9263 4111
2 Park Street                      Phone: 9263 4149
Sydney NSW 2000                    E-mail:
                                   CONTACT: Melissa Leshie (Human Resources Co-ordinator)
                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                   Apply on site:

                                            MULS       CLERKSHIP GUIDE              2 0 0 8 43
                           HENRY DAVIS YORK                        DX:173 Sydney
                           Henry Davis York Building               Fax: 9947 6999
                           44 Martin Place                         Phone: (02) 9947 6432
                           SYDNEY NSW 2000                         email:
                                                                   CONTACT: Ms. Debbie Avery (Human Resources Manager)
                                                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                                                   Apply on site:

                           HICKSONS LAWYERS                        DX: 309 Sydney
                           Level 32, 2 Park Street                 FAX: 9293 5333
                           Sydney NSW 2000                         Phone: 9293 5488
                                                                   CONTACT: Ms. Tatiana Gratchava
                                                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                                                   Apply via firm's website:

                           HOLDING REDLICH                         DX: 529 Sydney
                           Level 14, 60 Castlereagh Street         FAX: 8083 0399
                           Sydney NSW 2000                         Phone: 8083 0388
                                                                   CONTACT: Ms. Penny Brenchley (Human Resources Manager)
                                                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                                                   Apply via firm's website:

                           JOHNSON WINTER & SLATTERY               FAX: 8274 9500
                           Level 30                                Phone: 8274 9555
                           264 George Street                       Email:
                           Sydney NSW 2000                         CONTACT: Ms. Sallie Emmett (Professional Development Manager)
                                                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                                                   Apply via the firm’s website

                           MADDOCKS                                DX:10284 Sydney
                           Angel Place                             FAX: 9221 0872
                           123 Pitt Street                         Phone: 9225 6200
                           Sydney NSW 2000                         CONTACT: Mr Jason Travis (Human Resources Manager)
                                                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                                                   Apply on site:

                           MALLESONS STEPHEN JAQUES                DX 113 Sydney
                           Level 61 Governor Phillip Tower         FAX: 9296 2000
                           1 Farrer Place                          Phone: 9296 3360
                           Sydney NSW 2000                         CONTACT: Ms. Celine Wang (Graduate Resourcing Coordinator)
                                                                   Submit applications online via

                           MIDDLETONS                              DX 170 Sydney
                           GPO Box 521                             FAX: 9513 2399
                           Sydney NSW 2001                         Phone: 9513 2375
                                                                   CONTACT: Sarah Kiernan (Human Resources Manager)
                                                                   Apply on site:

                           MINTER ELLISON                          FAX: 9921 8123
                           Aurora Place                            Phone: 9921 3275
                           83 Phillip Street                       CONTACT: Felicity Marando (Human Resources Consultant)
                           Sydney NSW 2000                         SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME and GRADUATE PROGRAM ONLY
                                                                   Submit applications online via

                           PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS LEGAL            DX: 254 Sydney
                           201 Sussex Street                       Phone: 8266 0882
                           Sydney NSW 1041                         Email:
                             GPO Box 427                           CONTACT: Maya Zelazo
                             Sydney NSW 2000                       SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                                                   Submit applications online via

                           SPARKE HELMORE                          DX: 282 Sydney
                           SYDNEY and CANBERRA                     FAX: 9373 1486
                           Level 16, 321 Kent Street               Phone: 9373 1420
                           Sydney NSW 2000                         CONTACT: MS Tracey Weissel
                                                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                                                   Apply on site:

                           Level 20, 135 King Street               DX: 123 Sydney
                           Sydney NSW 2000                         FAX: 9228 9299
                                                                   Phone: 9228 9200
                                                                   CONTACT: Ms Lisa Filetti (Human Resources Manager)
                                                                   SUMMER CLERKSHIP SCHEME ONLY
                                                                   Apply on site:

                           APPLICATIONS NOTE: This list is not exhaustive and other firms offer seasonal/summer
                           clerkship programmes. This list is intended only as a guide.

                                                    APPLICATION FORM

Image provided courtesy of Iain Brew

                                              CLERKSHIP GUIDE   2 0 0 8 45