Wheat Germ Oil For Good Health by aihaozhe2


									Wheat germ oil is rich in nutrients and minerals, therefore every dose of wheat germ
oil is a great way to nourish the human body with high levels of powerful nutrients
and minerals.

Popularly known as one of nature's best sources for vitamin E, wheat germ oil helps
protect the human body against the fatal effects of free radicals and it plays a vital role
in fighting off premature aging, heart diseases and cancer.

Wheat germ is actually a nutrient filled embryo found in wheat kernel and is removed
during the flour making process. Although wheat germ isn't technically considered as
food, it is accepted as one of the world's healthiest foods because of its rich vitamin
and mineral content.

The vitamin E contained in wheat germ works well with zinc and selenium for
powerful antioxidant effects. Its vitamin E content is also proven to be an effective
topical agent, that is it is effective on the skin.

Its high antioxidant content helps facilitate cell regeneration and promote healing in
the skin. It can also protect the integument system from damage in the future.

A lot of patients have noticed significant improvements by the application of wheat
germ oil in the treatment of scars, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, wrinkles, sun
spots and even dry skin.

Although vitamin E is perhaps the most outstanding content present in wheat germ oil,
it also contains other valuable nutrients such as lecithin, octacosanol, essential fatty
acids, calcium, thiamin, niacin, foliate, potassium, zinc, selenium, manganese, iron,
and so many others.

The essential fatty acids found in wheat germ oil help combat inflammation while
protecting the immune and cardiovascular systems.

Wheat germ also contains stearic acid and oleic acid that is good for the heart. Wheat
germ is affordable and can be conveniently mixed into a diet. Toasted wheat germ
boasts a slightly sweet and nutty flavor that can be used in various recipes. Toasted
wheat germ can also be added to waffle mixes, cottage cheese, casseroles, yogurt,
oatmeal, cereals and so much more.

There are cereals and pre-packed products readily available that have wheat germ
components. Toasted and raw wheat germ is also widely available in regular
supermarkets and food stores.

Several research studies have shown that getting nutrients from natural healthy diets is
more effective than getting vitamins and minerals from health supplements.
The intake of wheat germ should be balanced with other vitamin and mineral
supplements as it is sometimes contained in multivitamin preparations, always check
for the ingredients.

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