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Environmental Studies at York University
Environmental Studies, simply put, is the study of your environment. But what exactly do we mean when we refer to the
environment? To answer this question, all you have to do is look at yourself and around you — at your body, to the left, to
the right, ahead of you, behind you, up and down. Our environment is made up of our bodies and everything that
surrounds us — whether right in front of us or thousands of kilometers away.

We offer you the opportunity to study a subject relevant to your life while providing you with the skills needed to make a
difference in the world. We teach you how to look beyond the surface of issues and to draw conclusions based on sound
research. You will analyze the natural, political, urban, social and cultural environments that make up our modern and
complex societies and learn how issues interact and interrelate — the ultimate social science!

Welcome to the first Faculty of Environmental Studies in Canada. For over 40 years, we have been internationally
recognized for providing our students with valuable knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an evolving world and

     Get to know your professors and classmates with
     only 200 first year students taking common
     Graduate with a specialized degree — a Bachelor
     in Environmental Studies (BES).                             “When I first heard of York’s Environmental Studies program
     Take advantage of our exclusive and dedicated                                at the university fair, I was immediately
     career services centre to help with job searches,                               interested by the excitement the upper
     volunteer placements, internships and                                             year students were showing for their
     employment after graduation.                                                       program. I used to think that the
     Expand your learning with media and writing                                        environment was only forests and
     centres, international projects and exchange                                      recycling — now I know it's so much
     opportunities.                                                                   more! I chose this program to open my
     Make the most of structure and flexibility —                                   mind about environmental issues and to
     besides your core environmental courses, choose                            ultimately make a difference once I graduate.”
     from double majors, minors, certificates, joint             Daniella Shurgold, Environmental Studies Student
     programs, electives and more!
     We are experts at environmental education — we
     were the first Faculty of Environmental Studies in
     Canada and are internationally recognized for our
     comprehensive curriculum.

                                                                               1    Environmental Studies at York
                                                                               3    Our Program
                                                                               5    Areas of Concentration
                                                                               7    Enhance Your Degree
                                                                               9    Personalized Services
                                                                               10   Admissions
                                                                               10   Financial Assistance
This mural representing different environments hangs in the
Environmental Studies building and was created through a
collaboration of our students and other members of the
York community. Which environment will you study?
Interdisciplinary Studies                                       The Right Skills for the Right
Interdisciplinary is much more than just a long word. It's      Career
a unique approach to learning that empowers you with            With well over half a million jobs in Canada related to the
exceptional skills. Up until now, you've probably been          environment, there is no better time to put your future
taught disciplines (or subject areas) such as history and       on the right track with Environmental Studies. We take
geography. When you studied an issue, you generally             pride in our ability to instill both specific knowledge of
looked at it from the perspective of only one of those          the environment and a broad set of transferable skills in
disciplines. Environmental Studies looks at issues from a       all of our students.
variety of disciplines at the same time (hence
interdisciplinary) so you are able to truly understand the      Your specific knowledge of the environment will come
big picture.                                                    from our comprehensive curriculum, culminating in your
                                                                degree. Throughout your studies you will also be building
By transcending the traditional academic boundaries of          and enhancing your transferable skills — these skills are
disciplines you will improve your analytical and problem        often underestimated by new university students but are
solving skills. You will train yourself to examine issues       of key importance to employers. As you work through
and problems from a variety of angles — an extremely            your courses you will complete readings, deliver
important skill to possess since almost every job you           presentations, ask and answer tough questions, write
undertake will involve problem solving.                         essays and reports, work in groups and compile
                                                                important research. Upon graduation, these academic
                                                                skills easily translate into relevant job skills, ultimately
                                                                allowing you to be successful in any job or career.

                                                                Endless Career Opportunities
                                                                You have the chance to join the thousands of alumni
                                                                with Environmental Studies degrees who consistently
                                                                find success in the private, public and not-for-profit
                                                                employment sectors. With an ever-evolving and
                                                                expanding job market, our degree will prepare you to
                                                                land your dream job — here in Canada or anywhere in
                                                                the world.

                                                                We have a dedicated career services centre that
                                                                provides exclusive support to our students and alumni.
                                                                Our advisers can help you put together your resume and
                                                                seek part-time work, summer internships, volunteer
                                                                placements and more.

    To learn more, visit us at or come to campus and experience how Environmental
    Studies provides the foundation for your future success.

    look into your future
    Customize your York experience by logging into York’s My Future Portal. Tell us a little about you and you’ll find
    out the possibilities York holds for your future.

    Our Bachelor in
    Environmental Studies Program
    Our unique program allows you to explore the wide-ranging scope of the environment. We provide you with a
    comprehensive curriculum that begins right from the first day of classes and encourages you to take action and to get
    involved. Starting with our innovative first year courses, you will be engaged in projects that actually make a difference.
    By utilizing practical, hands-on skills in our program, you will put theory into practice.

    First Year
                                                                       SNAPSHOT OF FIRST YEAR COURSE:
    You will benefit from our rare style of program delivery.
    Beginning with the first day of classes in September, you          TAKING ACTION: ENGAGING PEOPLE AND
    will take multiple courses directly related to the                 THE ENVIRONMENT
    environment. We offer a common first year, so all of our           This course is largely presented like a workshop as it
    new students take the same core courses together. This             requires your active participation in discussing
    means that you will recognize almost everyone in your              readings and conducting research and action
    Environmental Studies courses — making it even easier              projects. Your professor and teaching assistants will
    to make friends, work on group projects and have fun               emphasize the dynamic interrelationship between
    while completing your degree!                                      theory and practice.

    In your first year, you will take at least two courses in          You will learn to identify, research and act on local
    Environmental Studies:                                             and global issues of environmental and social
       Perspectives in the Environment: Earth in our Hands             significance. By working in small groups, you will
       Taking Action: Engaging People and the Environment              develop basic skills in collaborative research, social
                                                                       analysis, action planning and creative
    These courses pave the way for your future studies by              communications.
    immediately exposing you to important theories and
    methods of dealing with environmental problems.                    THE TRADING POST
                                                                       A group of eight students in the Taking Action course
    Your first year will be rounded out with three additional          decided that their final project would attempt to help
    courses:                                                           conquer the issue of excessive consumption and
      Introduction to Environmental Science: The Web of Life           waste generation. They examined their own spending
      Environmental Writing / Writing the Environment                  habits and concluded that whenever they wanted
      A free choice elective                                           something, they would go out and buy it new.
                                                                       Similarly, when they were through using that product,
    Many students are initially nervous about having to take           they would throw it out.
    a science course in their first year, however there is no
    need to be! Our Environmental Science course is                    Their idea was to create a modern trading post — a
    specifically designed for Environmental Studies students           place where people can reuse what's already out
    with little or no background in science. You'll gain an            there instead of buying new stuff. This project was
    understanding and appreciation for basic scientific                welcomed by the entire York community and was
    concepts related to the environment. If you have taken             extremely successful in demonstrating how easy it is
    prerequisite courses in high school and want to take first         reduce waste and also save money.
    year biology, chemistry or physics instead of
    environmental science, you are more than welcome.                  What will your project be and how will it change the
    About half of our first year students will take our
    Environmental Writing course and the other half will
    take a humanities course (English, French, other
    languages, History, Philosophy, Humanities or Classical
    Studies). Of course, you'll work with your academic
    adviser to find the perfect course for you!

Upper Years                                                   Combining with Other Programs
Now that you have grasped the basics in environmental         Double Major or Minor in Liberal Arts &
studies and made many life-long friends, you are ready        Professional Studies
to choose a specialization. Prior to the start of your        Select from the huge range of programs in the Faculty of
second year, and with the help of your undergraduate          Liberal Arts & Professional Studies to customize your
adviser, you will identify your Area of Concentration (see    degree with a double major or a minor. Popular choices
pages 5 and 6). There are four Areas of Concentration to      include political science, sociology, history,
choose from and all are established fields within             communication studies, geography and business.
environmental studies.
                                                              Double Major or Minor in Health
Flexibility and Choice                                        Investigate health related areas by taking a double major
                                                              or minor in Kinesiology or Psychology. Or you can
While completing your degree, you will work with your         choose to minor in health policy, health management or
undergraduate adviser to ensure that the courses you          health informatics.
are taking are in line with your evolving goals and
passions. In your second year of study, you will complete     Minor in Fine Arts
foundation courses in two of the four Areas of                Explore the interrelation between the arts and the
Concentration. As you continue to pursue your Area of         environment. Pursue a minor in dance, film, music, visual
Concentration, you will have the choice of selecting          arts or theatre within the Faculty of Fine Arts.
courses from dozens of options — ultimately
personalizing your degree. Also, don't forget that you        Minor in Science
will have the opportunity to take a variety of elective       Pursue a minor in biology, environmental biology,
courses to round out your education. These elective           chemistry, physics, astronomy, earth & atmospheric
courses can be taken from almost any department at the        science or math in the Faculty of Science
university. Many of our students take elective courses        & Engineering.
from popular areas such as languages, science and
computers. With over 5,000 courses to choose from, we         Co-Register with Education
are sure you'll be able to find the perfect ones for you.     Work towards your Environmental Studies and teaching
                                                              degree at the same time (concurrent education). Apply
Classes                                                       to the Faculty of Education during your first or second
                                                              year at York and start your education courses in year
All of your classes — from first year all the way through     two or three respectively.
to fourth year — will be taught by professors who are
leading experts in their fields. Your professors will be
available to answer your questions and guide you
                                                               “I was amazed and excited with all of the flexibility that my
through the program.
                                                                                degree has. Not only do I get to take my
                                                                                   environmental studies courses, I also
You will have a combination of class formats, including
                                                                                     get to explore other areas. I decided
lectures (where your professor presents course
                                                                                      to add a minor in French which will
information to the entire class), tutorials (smaller groups
                                                                                       really make me stand out when I
where you will discuss the lecture material and work to
                                                                                       start applying for jobs. There were
complete projects and assignments) and labs (similar to
                                                                                      also opportunities each year for me
tutorials, but with more hands-on work). No matter the
                                                                                     to take free electives, allowing me to
format, you will have supportive and caring instructors
                                                                                   take courses in a variety of stimulating
that will help you to succeed.
                                                                               areas that I was passionate about.”
                                                               Alan Lavery, Environmental Studies Student

    Areas of Concentration
    After spending your first year developing a broad understanding of various environments, in your second year you will
    begin to identify your Area of Concentration. The four Areas of Concentration we offer are established fields in
    environmental studies. In your upper years you will choose courses from your selected Area of Concentration as well as
    from other areas.

    Environmental Politics:                                       Urban and Regional
    Development, Globalization                                    Environments: Analysis,
    and Justice                                                   Planning and Design
    Ever wondered how decisions are made relating to the          When was the last time you were stuck in gridlock trying
    environment? Questioned the impacts of globalization          not to be late? Mesmerized by the lights and action in
    on our environment? Thought about the effects of              the downtown core? Captivated by the beauty of
    international development?                                    neighbourhood parks?

    Politics is the process by which groups of people make        Urban environments are cities and towns where there is
    decisions. In environmental politics you will study           a high concentration of people living. In this Area of
    political forces and political responses at the local,        Concentration you will establish a comprehensive
    regional, national and international levels. This Area of     grounding in the theory, history and current issues
    Concentration will allow you to learn how our                 related to the development of urban areas and their
    communities are being transformed by globalization.           effects on the environment.

    This involves exploring competing approaches to               Your studies will focus on the interrelationships between
    development, politics and justice that are being              people, buildings, cultures, organizations and everything
    formulated and put into practice by a variety of social       else that encompasses our environment. This will be
    groups, communities, non-governmental organizations           accomplished by studying such topics as landscape
    (NGOs), governments, corporations and international           design, urban and regional planning, ecological
    organizations. You will cover topics that include             restoration, urban governance and global cities. You will
    economic globalization, international development,            have the fantastic opportunity of taking the theoretical
    sustainability, human rights, climate change, green           knowledge you learn in the classroom and conducting
    business and media.                                           practical research using Toronto and the surrounding
                                                                  area as your field laboratory.
         Sample Courses
         Global Environmental Politics                                Sample Courses
         Environment and Health: Social and Political                 Planning Environmentally
          Dimensions                                                  Regional Governance
         Globalization and Indigenous Peoples                         Urbanization in Developing Countries
         Social Movements, Activism and Social Change                 Global Cities

         Future Career Opportunities                                  Future Career Opportunities
         Policy Analyst                                               Urban and Regional Consultant
         International Development Practitioner                       Environmental Designer
         Women's Rights Advocate                                      Urban Developer
         Policy Researcher                                            Environmental Planner
         Report Writer                                                Transportation Planning Analyst
         Social Justice Commissioner                                  Urban and Regional Researcher

Environment and Culture:                                      Environmental Management:
Philosophy, Arts, Technology                                  Policy, Resources and
and Education                                                 Conservation
Can you remember a time when you viewed a                     Are you concerned with how people use and misuse
commercial that tried to educate you about the                natural resources? Interested in different methods of
environment? Were upset with someone that littered?           conservation? Attracted to leading others in order to
Wondered about the relationship between the                   make a difference in the world?
environment, technology and spirituality?
                                                              Management is the act of leading people to accomplish a
Culture refers to various patterns of human activity.         desired goal collectively, while environmental
Environment and culture explores the values, attitudes        management is the act of managing the interaction of
and beliefs of people in order to provide answers to          human activities with and upon the environment in a
pressing environmental concerns.                              positive way. This Area of Concentration will allow you to
                                                              explore the economic, scientific, political and social
This is achieved by examining cultural perspectives on        dimensions of the environmental challenges facing us
various topics including ethics, philosophy, sustainability   and our communities.
education, media, social justice and technology. You will
develop strong analytical and creative skills within this     You will explore ways of addressing these challenges
Area of Concentration that will prepare you for               through environmental and natural resource management,
successful careers in environmental and sustainability        conservation and policy approaches. Topics covered in
education, the arts and the media.                            this Area of Concentration include biodiversity, ecology
                                                              and conservation, law, urban sustainability and
     Sample Courses                                           economics. By studying these topics, you will be able to
     Human/Non-Human Animal Relations                         master the concepts, knowledge and skills needed to be
     Popular Education for Environmental and Social           effective in environmental management positions in
      Justice                                                 government, business and not-for-profit sectors.
     Food, Land and Culture
     Environmental Literatures                                    Sample Courses
                                                                  Climate Change: Science and Policy
     Future Career Opportunities                                  Policies for Transition: Alternative Vehicles and
     Environmental Educator                                       Fuels in Canada
     Community Arts Practitioner                                  Ecological Economics
     Animal Rights Spokesperson                                   Protected Area Management
     Food Security Advocate
     Communication Officer                                        Future Career Opportunities
     Contemporary Technology Critic                               Environmental Resource Manager
                                                                  Environmental Policy Developer
                                                                  Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
                                                                  Environmental Consultant
                                                                  Conservation Development Analyst
                                                                  Sustainability Coordinator

                                                                                         Look outside our building and you’ll be
                                                                                           sure to see one of the many groundhogs
                                                                                            living on our campus.

     Enhance Your Degree
     Earn a customized certificate while completing your Environmental Studies degree. Enhance your education and career
     possibilities without lengthening the time needed to complete your degree.

     CERTIFICATE IN GEOGRAPHIC                                           CERTIFICATE IN URBAN ECOLOGIES
     REMOTE SENSING                                                      This certificate is designed to help you learn how conflicts
                                                                         between the natural and urban environments emerge, are
     This certificate encompasses the art, science and                   represented, and can be addressed. Through this
     technology involved in collecting and managing                      certificate, you will explore the many connections between
     geographically-referenced information. Learn applied skills         the two kinds of environments and learn how thoughtful
     including computer cartography, statistical techniques,             planning can help address contemporary problems. The
     satellite image processing and remote sensing to                    theoretical and practical knowledge gained will allow you
     strengthen your degree.                                             to put your degree to work helping urban environments
     Possible Outcomes: Prepare for employment in the private            and the natural environment exist together in closer
     and/or public sectors with this certificate and our                 harmony.
     Environmental Studies degree.                                       Possible Outcomes: Prepare for a career in landscape
                                                                         architecture, urban planning and much more with this
                                                                         certificate and our Environmental Studies degree.
     PRACTICE (CAP)                                                      CERTIFICATE IN REFUGEE AND
                                                                         MIGRATION STUDIES
     Develop artistic skills, deepen your social analysis and
     learn to work collaboratively with community arts groups.
                                                                         Explore refugee and migration issues in an
     Gain real world experience in placements with local
                                                                         interdisciplinary, environmental studies context. Work with
     cultural agencies and community organizations.
                                                                         internationally recognized professors whose focuses
     Participate in international internships in Los Angeles,
                                                                         represent a multiplicity of academic disciplines. Enhance
     Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama.
                                                                         your studies by working with leading refugee
     Possible Outcomes: Prepare to work in community
                                                                         organizations such as Amnesty International.
     organizations, art agencies, environmental groups, artist-
                                                                         Possible Outcomes: Develop your ability to work with non-
     run spaces or international community development
                                                                         governmental organizations, government and business, as
     agencies with this certificate and our Environmental
                                                                         well as other positions with international contexts with
     Studies degree.
                                                                         this certificate and our Environmental Studies degree.

    Please note that the Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Remote Sensing, the Certificate in Community Arts Practice
    (CAP) and the Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies can also be completed as stand alone programs that generally take one or two
    years to complete. For further details, please visit

                                                                                                   The Maloca Community Garden is
                                                                                                    located on York’s Keele campus
                                                                                                      and features both individual and
                                                                                                       commercial plots for growing
                                                                                                        organic foods. What will you
                                                                                                        plant and share?


  Joint Programs with Ontario Colleges
  Combine your university education with specialized, college-based training through these joint programs. Receive
  both university and college credentials in a shorter period of time than completing the programs separately.

  URBAN SUSTAINABILITY                                         INTERNATIONAL                                                 ECOSYSTEM
  WITH SENECA COLLEGE                                          DEVELOPMENT                                                   MANAGEMENT WITH
                                                               MANAGEMENT STUDIES                                            FLEMING COLLEGE
  Water resource planning and                                  WITH HUMBER COLLEGE
  management, transportation planning                                                                                        Conservation, ecological restoration,
  and soils and material testing are all                       Understand issues of cross-cultural                           park management and wetland
  addressed in this program. Prepare                           communications and resource                                   rehabilitation are a few of the issues
  for work in the planning, design and                         management in an international                                examined through this program.
  construction of major services and                           context. Project design/planning and                          Possible Outcomes: Work as a natural
  infrastructure including roads,                              international project proposal writing                        resource manager, park warden, forest
  tunnels, bridges, water supplies,                            will be invaluable in your learning to                        resource officer or in other meaningful
  buildings and new communities.                               negotiate today's international                               and interesting careers.
  Possible Outcomes: Prepare for                               environments.
  employment as a renewable energy                             Possible Outcomes: Develop a career
  technician, water/sanitation officer,                        as a development specialist, program
  junior planner/planning assistant or in                      coordinator, project manager or in
  a number of other careers.                                   other internationally recognized                                                                           This photo of a
                                                               occupations and fields.                                                                                     White-headed
                                                                                                                                                                            monkey was
                                                                                                                                                                            taken at Las
     LAS NUBES                                                                                                                                                              Nubes, the
     Las Nubes — which means “the clouds” — is a                                                                                                                            Costa Rican
     rainforest in Costa Rica donated to the Faculty of                                                                                                                    rainforest
     Environmental Studies in 1998 by Dr. Woody                                                                                                                           donated to our
     Fisher. To help protect the rainforest, we worked                                                                                                                   Faculty in 1998.
     with Costa Rica’s Tropical Science Centre to create
     the Dr. Woody Fisher Fund for Neotropical
     Conservation. The fund supports research at Las
     Nubes and the surrounding region in areas such as
     tropical deforestation, sustainable development
     and biodiversity.                                                                                                 “In my final year at York, I decided to get involved with
                                                                                                                           the Las Nubes Program. Environmental Studies is
     Our researchers have also worked with the                                                                                   truly fortunate to boast such a highly
     Tropical Science Centre and CoopeAgri, a farmers                                                                               rewarding and unique international field
     cooperative, to promote ecologically sound coffee                                                                                course. After travelling to Costa Rica, the
     production and processing. The result: Las Nubes                                                                                  concepts of community, sustainability
     Coffee. The coffee, which is certified sustainable                                                                                and ecology have taken on new meaning
     and fair trade, is sold by various organizations at                                                                               and relevancy in my own day-to-day
     York and is available across Canada through                                                                                     livelihood. This course runs the gamut in
     Timothy's World Coffee. As an added bonus, for                                                                                experiential learning and new ecological
     every pound of Las Nubes Coffee sold Timothy’s                                                                             insights. It has been the most thrilling,
     contributes $1 to the Fisher Fund.                                                                                overwhelming, enlightening and exhausting fourteen
                                                                                                                       days of my entire university career. A real inspiration.
                                                                                                                       Thanks Las Nubes!”
                                                                                                                       Sarah Sullivan, Environmental Studies Student

We strive to ensure the completeness and accuracy of information contained in this publication. However, the University reserves the right to change any information at any time without notice.

    Personalized Services
    To make the most of your university experience, it is vital that you get involved and complement your studies in the
    classroom with extra-curricular opportunities. We go to great lengths to provide you with a wide range of services that will
    enhance your university experience in a positive way — it’s up to you to take advantage of them! You will not only benefit
    from the multitude of services we offer but also from the people that provide them. We are dedicated to ensuring that you
    become a well-rounded individual — one who will ultimately make the world a better place for everyone.

    ACADEMIC ADVISING                           MEDIA CENTRE                             STUDENT CLUBS

    As an Environmental Studies student,        Interested in designing your own         Environmental Studies students are
    you will work with your professors and      multi-media creations to express your    actively involved on campus and in
    your undergraduate adviser to develop       ideas and complete some of your          their communities. The Bachelor in
    a customized plan for your degree,          course assignments? Our Wild Garden      Environmental Studies Students'
    designed to help you achieve your           Media Centre will help. The Centre       Association (BESSA), the
    personal, academic and career goals.        offers workshops on photography,         Environmental Outreach Team and the
                                                film-making and darkroom use. You'll     UnderCurrents Journal are just a few
                                                have exclusive access to photo, film     of the student-run groups you can join.
    CAREER SERVICES                             and digital editing equipment. You’ll
                                                also have the opportunity to
    You’ll be able to take advantage of our     collaborate with professors and
                                                                                         MALOCA COMMUNITY
    Environmental Studies career                graduate students to design and run      GARDEN
    services, which can assist with job         our annual Eco-Art and Media Festival.
    searches, volunteer placements,                                                      We are what we eat! Created by
    internships and employment after                                                     Environmental Studies students,
    graduation. You can also participate in
                                                FIELD OPPORTUNITIES                      Maloca provides environmental,
    resume writing workshops, interview                                                  educational and social benefits to the
    skills seminars and networking events       For Environmental Studies students,      York community, while creating a rare
    to prepare for the job market.              learning occurs both in the classroom    meditative space for the cooperative
                                                and beyond. We have a number of          growing of nutritious foods. Along with
                                                opportunities for students to gain       its community-building goals, Maloca
    EXCHANGES                                   hands-on experience by being involved    also strives to foster sustainable living
                                                in research projects. You can choose     practices (e.g. organic farming,
    Are you interested in taking part in        to stay close to home and work with a    composting, etc.) and to create an
    projects happening internationally?         local NGO or get involved                environment for multicultural and
    Apply to complete a semester or a full      internationally with ongoing research    intergenerational learning and sharing.
    year abroad to experience the world         activities in places such as India or
    while receiving credit towards your         Las Nubes, our own Costa Rican
    York degree.                                rainforest.

                              “It seems like only yesterday that my parents
                                   and I had the 'what-are-you-going-to-do-
                                      with-your-future’ talk. Moving to
                                       Toronto to pursue Environmental
                                        Studies at York was not without
                                         challenges but I've had nothing but
                                         support from everyone around me. I
                                         felt right at home the minute I got
                                       here! My classes are interesting and
                                      engaging and I've been having a great
                                    time expanding my horizons by getting
                                involved in extracurricular activities.”
                         Afeefa Karim, Environmental Studies Student

We welcome applications to our Environmental Studies program from students with a variety of academic backgrounds
and personal experiences. Our role is to teach you about the environment, so no previous experience with environmental
studies is required to gain admission — although it is always welcomed!

To learn more about our admissions requirements and to apply, please visit

PREREQUISITES                                                 TRANSFER CREDIT

Whether applying directly from high school, transferring      If you are transferring from an accredited college or
from a college or university or applying as a mature          university you may be eligible for transfer credit.
student, we do not have any specific course requirements      Depending on your previous studies, you may either
needed to gain admission to our program.                      receive block credits or specific course exemptions.

Our Bachelor in Environmental Studies program does            If you have completed or are completing the International
involve some study in natural science topics such as          Baccalaureate (IB), Baccalauréat français, Caribbean
biology. If you already possess a background in biology or    Advanced Placement Examinations (CAPE), taking A-Levels
other natural science subjects (chemistry, physics, etc.),    within the GCE curriculum or Advanced Placement courses
that's great — you will be able to benefit from this          you may also be eligible for transfer credit.
knowledge. If you have never studied these subjects, that's
okay — we will teach you what you need to know as you         To learn more about York's transfer credit policies, please
progress through your courses. You will not be at a           visit
disadvantage if you do not have a background in natural

Financial Assistance
We know that attending university can often seem expensive, however, we assure you that it will be one of the best
investments you ever make in yourself. To help you out, we offer lots of opportunities to get assistance funding your
education. In addition to York University entrance scholarships ( you can take
advantage of the many awards that we provide exclusively to our incoming students. For further details and to apply, visit

BURSARY                                                       ENTRANCE AWARD IN ENVIRONMENTAL
This bursary is intended to provide financial aid to
incoming students to the Environmental Studies program.       This prestigious award supports an incoming Environmental
                                                              Studies student who has achieved a minimum 80% GPA,
                                                              demonstrates financial need and has written an excellent
GEORGE AND HELEN VARI FOUNDATION                              essay on sustainability. The recipient must be a Canadian
ENTRANCE AWARD                                                citizen or permanent resident and an Ontario resident.

Awarded to students in the first year in Environmental
Studies with academic merit and financial need. Recipients
                                                              UPPER YEARS
must live in Ontario and be Canadian citizens or permanent
residents.                                                    Through important donations from community members,
                                                              we are able to provide a variety of scholarships and awards
                                                              to our students as they continue their studies in our
                                                              program. To view the current list of awards, visit

 Visit Us                                        We’re Visiting You                           Contact Us
 Choosing your university is one of the          Our staff and students are always            Undergraduate Liaison Officer
 most important decisions of your life.          enthusiastic about discussing our            Faculty of Environmental Studies
 We encourage you to visit us to see if          Environmental Studies program,               York University
 Environmental Studies at York is the right      environmental careers and specific           Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3 Canada
 fit for you.                                    research projects with class groups or       E-mail:
                                                 school assemblies. We also participate in    Tel: 416-736-2100 ext.22644
                                                 environmental and social justice events      Fax: 416-736-5679
                                                 and career fairs at selected high schools.   Web:
                                                 Ask your teacher to contact us about
 Class groups are invited to join us
                                                 visiting your school.
 throughout the year to learn about our
 Environmental Studies program and
 attend a university-style lecture given by
 one of our professors. Each visit includes
 a York tour to highlight how the campus is
 an extension of the classroom. Ask your
 teacher to contact us to find out about
 arranging a field trip.

 Come visit us as part of the York
 Environmental Studies (YES) for a Day
 program. Contact us so that you can be
 part of Environmental Studies classes,
 meet students, tour our building and get a
 taste of life as an Environmental Studies

 Our fall and spring open houses are two of
 your best opportunities to connect with
 us to determine if Environmental Studies
 will be part of your future. Of course, we'll
 have students, staff and professors on
 hand to answer all of your questions
 about our program, admissions, financial
 support, careers and more! Sign up at and we'll send
 you reminders of these terrific events.

   Fall Campus Day Open House
   Saturday, November 13, 2010
   Spring Gala Open House
   Saturday, April 2, 2011