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There are rules to follow when playing on the green. You do no just go there, hit some golf balls into some holes, and then just move to the next hole. Golf has rules. Some golf books contain long and descriptive details about golf rules. This article will provide not a long and descriptive detail about the golf rules but just five basic etiquette rules and guidelines. These are guidelines that experienced players need to reacquaint themselves with as much as the beginners need to know.

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									                               Etiquette on Playing Golf

There are rules to follow when playing on the green. You do no just go there, hit some
golf balls into some holes, and then just move to the next hole. Golf has rules. Some golf
books contain long and descriptive details about golf rules. This article will provide not a
long and descriptive detail about the golf rules but just five basic etiquette rules and
guidelines. These are guidelines that experienced players need to reacquaint themselves
with as much as the beginners need to know.

Tee Time

Most often than not, you would reserve a tee time to arrive at the golf course. Whenever a
tee time is being scheduled, please show up on time for the tee. It is quite rude to make an
appointment and just miss it. You and your group would miss your spot if you miss your
tee time. You would have to wait for another opening. It is always a good idea to arrive
early to avoid this. You can even do warm ups by just hitting a few balls while waiting.


Be sure to bring your equipment with you. You can borrow clubs from your companions
but it would be advisable not to bother them by constantly borrowing their golf clubs. Be
sure to have all the golf clubs you would need when arriving at the golf course. You
should also have enough golf tees and golf balls with you.

Dress code

Be sure to check first with the dress code of the golf course where you will be playing. A
lot of golf courses require a certain outfit. Most golf courses are okay with khaki shorts
and button up shirt. But again, please check before you don one. It is sometimes up to the
player which golf gloves and golf shoes to use. And do not forget to bring some extra
loose bills for tipping purposes.

Golf Course

Please take care of the beautiful golf courses. There are rules regarding the golf cart that
needs to be strictly followed. You are not supposed to drive just anywhere you want on
the greens and hazards. Do not forget to repair any ball marks or divots on the green. A
divot should not be used on a practice swing. Kindly rake the sand traps to erase your
footprints and any damage to the area where the ball was.

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Pace your game appropriately

People get easily annoyed especially if they have to wait in line. This is rude. You should
be ready when it is your turn. You can wave the faster groups if you play or move a little
slowly. You should keep pace with the group that came before you. You do not need to
waste precious time looking for your lost ball.

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Do You Really Need Golf Lessons?

Do you want to improve your game? Are you thinking about starting to play golf? You
have probably heard of golf lessons. So the question is, do you really need golf lessons?

Golf lessons do not only teach how the game is played but how to be good at it. These
lessons give you the chance to learn the game without have to go through the necessary
skills to be a good golfer.

There are different selections available when you consider on taking golf lessons. There
are private golf lessons, golf clubs offering group lessons, or go to a golf school.

If you prefer to have that one-on-one coaching, the private golf lessons are for you. These
lessons are tailored to your individual preferences. You need not worry about other
golfers being able to see your mistake. The lessons are just between you and your golf
instructor. Your golf instructor will be able to concentrate solely on you and your needs.
He or she will be able to help you perfect your game. Golf instructor believes that success
is based on how well you have learned and mastered the game. The only hitch when
taking private golf lessons is the expensive price tag.

If you want to get golf lessons at a reasonable price, the group lesson is right for you. The
group lessons will help you master your game as you compete with others in the groups.
This is based on the principle that we always want to surpass the other. The only
drawback is that the golf instructor will have little or no time to focus on the needs of
each individual. The golf instructor’s success is solely based on how much of the group
has made any progress and not on the individual’s progress.

It is always up to you if you want to decide to take golf lessons. But these will always be
a great help if you want to master the game. There is the opportunity of meeting and
interacting with other golfers. You will be able to exchange golfing tips and advice on
improving your game.

You would have to find the reason why you want to play golf. It is to have a new hobby?
Do you want to impress your clients? Do you want to be a professional golf player?

Whether you decide that you need golf lessons or not is your choice. The decision should
be based on the reasons why you want to play the game and the benefits of getting golf
lessons. You can still have a lot of fun playing golf on your own in your own way
without lessons, but if you plan to play with others, it is always a good idea to learn the
game properly.
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How to Play Better Golf

Regardless of whether you play golf for recreational, business, or professional purposes,
it is best to be knowledgeable about the basics of the game. The following tips may just
help you improve or play better the next time you lay your hands on your clubs:

The Preparation

Prepare yourself not only physically but mentally as well. Physical preparation is easier
than mental preparation. But getting yourself ready mentally basically just means giving
your full attention on the game. Focus. And your body will just be one to carry out what
your mind has started.

The Swing

Golf is as physical as other games like basketball and football, as opposed to the
misconception that it is not. Your hands will be the most used part of your body in the
game. You should have it well exercised. Swinging will be a good one to warm your
muscles up for a game. After all, your games will be very dependent on your swinging.

The Right Swing

The real essence of golf is getting your swing right. The six parts to a certain swing in
golf are alignment of the club, posture and position, the back swing, the take-away, the
impact and follow through. Doing all these correctly will ensure you of a great golf game.

The Club

Another important factor in the game is the club. Knowing your club well may give you a
good advantage in any golf game.

The Course

Players in golf should take extra effort of knowing their course. This will give them the
advantage of knowing the areas to avoid and where exactly to lead their drives.

The Other Players

There is definitely no reason for you to be intimidated by the other players in the game.
Getting intimidated will only get you to lose your focus. Instead put your attention to the
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game and to how you should play it. No matter how good the other players are, don’t let
their track records scare you. Make sure that you have your focus on the game. Play your
best and do not at mind your opponents and what they have done in the past. It will help
to tell yourself that what’s important is the here and now. You will be surprised at how
great you can play and how beatable these players are.

To play better and enjoy fun-filled golf games, one only needs to prepare himself, master
his swings, know well his club and course, and refuse to get intimidated by the other
players. With frequent practice, the techniques will come more naturally and before long,
you will see an improvement in your game. The best golfing tip would have to be just to
relax and enjoy the game, both in the playing and the learning of it.

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Getting Yourself a Golf Cart

What’s the purpose of a golf cart? A golf cart is used to transport an avid golfer around
the golf course, which can be sometimes quite long and walking may not be such a good
idea. You can even use it as your own ride around the city, provided that state laws allow

The golf cart’s popularity is long standing, especially in a community dominated with
retirement homes, which are also near a golf course. In such places, golf carts are driven
down to the club house, through the community side streets, and onto the golf course by
the residents. Thus, they are able to save effort and time. Subsequently, to experience a
non-bumpy ride and for ultimate maximum performance, there are now many add-ons
and accessories that are sold in order to outfit these golf carts. These items are in the form
of safety belts, brake lights, and tail lights, among others.

Recently, a few country clubs are now permitting their members to customize or purchase
their own golf carts for playing golf. And there are a lot of stores who sell them; so you
don’t have to worry about finding one. What you must focus on is whether it is highly
important for you or whether it will be worth your hard earned money. Some factors that
can help you decide about one are the price, the passion you have for the game, how
many times you play the game, the bulkiness of the golf cart, or how convenient you find
the golf carts.

If after careful evaluation you have determined that it can actually save you time as well
as energy, then you’re ready to purchase one. Today, there are a variety of golf cart brand
names to choose from; each specially designed to cater to the demands of its consumers.
The function too may slightly differ from one another; therefore, it is practical to do some
comparisons first, including the price and all the features. Next, determine those options
that you think will best serve your needs as well as the ones you find affordable. You
must also be able to familiarize yourself with its controls, brakes, and all other pertinent
parts to ensure that what you get the best one in the market. Hence, a test drive will be
necessary before actually making a purchase.

There are also many golf cart dealers around, just find one in your general area and check
them out to see if they have what you want. There are also many sources for scouting golf
cart dealers. You may personally visit their stories found in nearby areas so you can also
see first hand their golf carts. Or you can elect to simply browse the web, which is a quite
fast and easy method for comparing the features and prices of various brands of golf

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Golf Clubs: Getting the Best Ones for You

Golf clubs are essential in every golf game. Even in the eyes of both the untrained and the
pros, one would know that these golf clubs, though almost similar in appearances,
function differently from one another. Moreover, each of these clubs are specially
engineered in order to serve its purpose properly. For every beginning golf player, it is
also essential that you get to know the appropriate golf clubs to use in order to really
enjoy the game.

Use of Rental Clubs

If you think that a golf club set is expensive, then maybe it’s good for you to consider
using some rental clubs, which are usually found at golf driving ranges. They have their
own collection of various clubs, which you can try out and borrow for a fee.

Practice Your Golf Clubs with Your Friends

What better way to play the game than with your friends. If you’re testing your golf
clubs, it is ideal to do it with a group of people who can give their opinion as well as
suggestion regarding your golf clubs.

Learn from the Experts

If you are just learning the ropes in golf and you are trying to find the right golf clubs,
then feel free to ask for expert opinions about clubs.

Especially when you’re starting out, it’s practical to have a mentor. He can be a friend, a
professional golf player, or a coach. The most important thing is he can show you the
basics of the game, fundamental golf movements and techniques, as well as guide you
with your golf ball hitting technique.

This mentor can provide you with all the necessary theories you may need about golf. But
then again, the bottom line is, it’s you who must use which of these strategies will work
well for you.

Use the Internet

The Internet is a vast portal of valuable resources, particularly about the things you need
to know about golf. So perhaps you can scout for reviews, opinions from experts, or
recommendations regarding golf clubs on different web sites. Some shopping sites do
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have golf club specifications and functions, and you can research more about them.
However, it is not advisable to purchase golf clubs on the Internet since you cannot
actually do first-hand testing. Instead, look for those stores which carry the products you
saw online.

Utilizing the Half Set

Most golf beginners are advised to use the half set of golf clubs. They consist of five
clubs; including 6, 8, and 4 sand irons and pitching wedges, as well as woods number 3
and 5. Drivers are not used in half sets since they are harder to control.

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Professional Golf: A Guide To What Awaits You

Some people play golf for money, teach golf, or even run golf clubs. If you are one of
these people, you are known as a pro golfer or golf professional. You will not be able to
play in an amateur tournament. You can only join in professional golfer’s tournaments if
you are, of course, a professional golfer. There are a lot of professional golf tournaments
for you to join in so that is never a problem.

If you are not so confident about playing professional golf tournaments even though
you’ve won one, you can utilize your skills in some other ways. You can teach golf to
beginners, sell golf equipment, or run a golf course.

You might want to join golf clubs or associations as a pro golfer. This opportunity will
provide you with more options if joining in a golf tournament does not suit you.

Amateur golfers have always wanted to become pro golfers. Most of the professional
golfers are part of the elite and rich society who play golf only for the fun of it. It’ll be
impossible to be an amateur golfer again once you’re a pro golfer. Why would you want
to downgrade anyway? The amateur golfer has to learn all that he or she can and enter
tournaments whenever possible to improve and excel.

As a professional golfer, your options will be limited. You can either play in a
professional golfer’s tournament or be a golf instructor to the new players.

Sometimes pro golfers get bored by just playing golf. Your skill and knowledge can be
put to good use.

You can own a golf course and run a golf club. You can still have fun playing and
teaching the new and aspiring golfers.

Your knowledge, advice, and experience are priceless for the beginners. You will enjoy
the fact that you are important to them as you help them achieve their dreams to be a pro
golfer like yourself.

You would need to teach the beginners how to properly choose a golf club, the rules and
regulations of playing golf, etiquettes in golf, techniques on delivering the perfect swing,
and, most importantly, patience. These are merely just a few teachings you can pass on to
your students.

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In this age of the internet, you can set up your own website. This medium can help other
golfer from different parts of the world who has access to the internet. You can form a
forum where you can discuss with other golfers or golf enthusiasts

Making the grade of a pro golfer is the goal for many golfers today and if it is a goal of
yours, you are not alone. Once you achieve that celebrated status, you will have many
doors opening up to you in the world of golf.

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Golf for Seniors: A Guide To Preventing Injury

If you are over fifty years old and perhaps gave up playing golf just because you are
afraid of injuring yourself, you still have plenty of reasons for playing golf. All you need
to do is to adjust your grip with your golf club. You need to adjust so that you won’t
develop the dreaded golfer’s wrist which is a painful condition.

You might ask what a golfer’s wrist is. A golfer’s wrist is damage to the wrist when
playing golf the wrong way. You might want to check if you feel some sort of tenderness
and pain on the wrist area. This injury requires surgery and heals for quite a long time. To
assist a senior golfer, a specialist has revised how he teaches to match that with the bone
condition of his senior golfer. His simple and easy-to-follow steps would help senior
golfers enjoy the game and avoid injury.

Swing for Seniors

The concept behind the golf swing for senior golfers is similar to the golf swing for
young golfers. You begin with the backswing, hit the ball on the downswing, and then do
the follow-through. One minor modification is to cock the hands while on the backswing
and to keep the right elbow as close to the hip as possible.

During the backswing, younger players fully stretch their arms to make a wide arc as they
bring down the golf club towards the downswing. They cock the golf club later. The
senior golfer would have to cock the club a bit earlier.

The swing may need power but it will not be the same several decades ago. The senior
golfer has to be strategic than brute force. If they exert more power on the swing, this will
put them at risk.

Necessary stretching

If you are a little more than fifty years old and still want to have fun playing golf,
preparation for the physical activities is needed.

On a regular basis, it is wise to have some stretching exercises. This is perfect if you still
want to enjoy golf or other physical activity.

You may need an instructor who knows a thing or two about golf. It is much better if the
he is also more than fifty. This is because the guide must understand the risk and would
then be able to teach skills or techniques that won’t lead to problems. Just because you
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have entered the senior years, it in no way means that you need to slow down playing
golf. In fact, the opposite is true. You will have more time to play once you are retired,
and the exercise is good for your health. The best choice is to adapt your swing and warm
up your muscles beforehand so as to avoid injury.

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