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									                        Detainable Deficiencies noted in
           PSC inspection reports of NK-SMC ships in December 2010

1.Other ( Machinery )
( Fuel oil, Cooling water, Hydraulic oil leak, Excessive oil was present in the Generator space)
                                                                            (4 cases)
( Safety belts was torn out easily, Wooden bracket and base plate were rotted, Motor could not started)
                                                                       (4 cases)
3.Lifeboat inventory
( A sufficient quantity of rations and water were not provided )
                                                                         (2 cases)
4.Emergency lighting, batteries and switches
( Emergency lights not readily available, Emergency Generator cannot maintain power supply )
                                                                     (2 cases)
5.Satellite EPIRB 406 MHz/1.6 GHz
( EPIRB-Operational test unable to be demonstrated, EPIRB fails self test and switch seized )
                                                                     (2 cases)
6.Oil filtering equipment
( Crew could not demonstrate the operation of OWS, OWS malfunction )
                                                                  (2 cases)
7.Operation of machinery
( Main Engine failed to maneuver, Emergency Generator unable to be started automatically )
                                                                    (2 cases)
8.Development of plans for shipboard operations
( SMS fails to ensure watchkeeping rest hours are recorded correctly )
9.Certification, verification
( Wiper on E/R duty but without watchkeeping certificate )

Case-1 ( Port in Australia )
 Def.                                                                                              Act.   ISM
 Code     Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency                        Code   Code
 1220 Freeboard marks              1.Draft marks are not painted properly.                          17     -
  945 Emergency lighting,          2.Emergency lighting system has some bulbs that did not          17     -
      batteries and switches       work.
 2120 Garbage                      3.Excessive amount of garbage onboard.                           17     -
  740 Fire pumps                   4.Main fire , ballast and G.S. pump do nit work.                 17     -
 1570 Nautical publications        5.SOLAS, IAMSAR Vol. III and weekly Notice to Mariners           17     -
                                   are old editions.
 2820 Continuous synopsis          6.The Continuous synopsis record onboard are a                   17     -
      record                       photocopy.
 1499 Other (machinery)            7.Reverse power test of No 1 Main Generator do not               17     -
 1400 Propulsion and auxiliary     8.Some purifier's valves has steam leakages.                     17     -
 1400 Propulsion and auxiliary     9.Some thermometers for exhaust gases of No1 & No2               17     -
      machinery                    Auxiliary Engines does not work.
 1400 Propulsion and auxiliary     10.Manometer of sludge pump do not work.                         17     -
 1400 Propulsion and auxiliary     11.Service pump for purifiers has F.O leakages.                  17     -
 1599 Other (navigation)           12.Bridge window's wiper do not work.                            17     -
  984 Hull - cracking              13.Shell plating with cracks on forward Port and                 30     -
                                   Starboard sides, between frames 236 and 237 of 60 and
                                   100 mm length.

                                                       Page 1
 2550 Maintenance of the ship 14.There are objective evidences that the maintenance            18     10
      and equipment           of the ship and the equipment are not adequate.

Case-2 ( Port in Australia )
 Def.                                                                                         Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                       Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                         Code   Code
 1671 Satellite EPIRB 406        1.EPIRB - Operational test unable to be demonstrated.         30      -
       MHz/1.6 GHz
 1635 Maintenance/duplication    2.EPIRB - No evidence of annual test able to be               18     -
       of equipment              presented on board.
  730 Fire fighting equipment    3.E/R Fire main isolating valve unable to be closed.          30     -
       and appliances
  743 Fire-dampers            4.E/R Vent fan dampers #2 - damper seized. #1&3 -                30     -
                              Securing dogs seized and preventing dampers closing.
 1594 Voyage or passage plan 5.Passage plan not berth to berth.                                17     -
 1541 Magnetic compass        6.magnetic compass not free to swivel.                           17     -
  755 Fire control plan - all 7.Fire control plan outside accommodation P&S - very             17     -
      ships                   damp and in poor condition.
  610 Lifeboats               8.Lifeboat(S) bilge pump hose in poor condition.                 16     -
  610 Lifeboats               9.'Lifeboat(S) seat belts secured and not readily available.     17     -
  610 Lifeboats               10.Lifeboat(S) - aft on-load release cable resting on            17     -
                              drive shaft
  610 Lifeboats               11.Lifeboat door securing/locking arrangement to remove          99     -
                              before sailing. (99: To comply from now on )
  799 Other (fire safety)     12.A number of self-closing cocks - LO Sump & FO                 17     -
                              Sludge Tk, no return spring fitted.
  715 Fire detection          13.Fire detection system - no record of testing fire             16     -
                              detector heads could be presented. - method of testing
                              observed is unsatisfactory and poses a fire risk.
 2550 Maintenance of the ship 14.Maintenance of the ship and equipment is inadequate           18     10
      and equipment           as evidenced by deficiency numbers 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10,12,13.

Case-3   ( Port in Australia )
 Def.                                                                                         Act.   ISM
            Type of deficiency                      Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                         Code   Code
 1570 Nautical publications      1.Australian Sailing Directions missing corrections.          17      -
 1699 Other (radio)              2.ITU List IV old edition.                                    16      -
  715 Fire detection             3.Main Fire Detection loops showing disconnected.             17      -
 1566 Voyage data recorder       4.Hydrostatic Release Unit on SVDR painted (Clearly           17      -
      (VDR)                      indicates do not paint).
  692 Operational readiness of   5.Rescue Boat not ready for immediate use (Engine not         17     -
      lifesaving appliances      connected).
  695 On board training and      6.Lifeboat lowering instruction showing incorrect             17     -
      instructions               instructions (use of Bowsing Tackles not applicable).
  741 Means of control           7.Access to Stbd Engine Room Fan Fire Damper blocked          17     -
      (opening, closure of       by storage.
      skylights, pumps, etc.
      machinery spaces)
  745 Ventilation                8.Twin Deck Ventilation Flap unable to be closed.             17     -
  710 Fire prevention            9.Flamables stored in Emergency Escape in Engine Room.        17     -
  750 International shore        10.No securing bolts or gasket available for International    17     -
      connection                 Shore Connection.
 1240 Cargo and other            11.Rubber for Hatch Covers defective in many areas.           17     -
  253 Schedules for            12.Watch Keeping Schedule contains no qualified                 17     -
      watchkeeping personnel   personnel in Engine Room from hours 2000-0000 and
                               0000-0400 as per STCW.
 2535 Development of plans for 13.SMS fails to ensure compliance with attendance in            18     7
      shipboard operations     Engine Room during unmanned hours as evidenced by
                               Watch-keeping Schedule and vessels log entries and
                               vessels SMS Policy for Engine Room Procedures.

                                                     Page 2
 222  Certificate for ratings for 14.Engine Room ratings in charge of Engine Room watch         30     -
      watchkeeping                during hours of 2000-0000 and 0000-0400 as evident by
                                  watch keeping schedule, Log Books records and Alarm
                                  printouts. Not as per STCW Reg III/4.
 2530 Resources and               15.SMS with regards to resources inadequate as evident        30     6
      personnel                   by Def 13 and 14.
 2050 Operation of machinery 16.Emergency Generator unable to be started                        30     -

Case-4 ( Port in Australia )
 Def.                                                                                          Act.   ISM
          Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                          Code   Code
  261 Records of rest              1.Records of rest for watchkeeping personnel do not          17      -
                                   reflect actual hours of rest and hours worked.
 2535 Development of plans for 2.SMS fails to ensure watchkeeping rest hours are                30     7
      shipboard operations         recorded correctly. Master unable to ensure
                                   watchkeepers are rested as per STCW.
  260 Rest period                  3.Watchkeeping staff hours of rest not complied with.        17     -
  610 Lifeboats                    4.Port & Stb'd lifeboats not lowered and maneuvered in       15     -
                                   the water in the previous three months.
 1541 Magnetic compass             5.Magnetic compass error not being determined in             17     -
                                   accordance with STCW (as evidenced by compass error
 1275 Ventilators, air pipes,      6.Aft Peak (P+S) self closing cocks to sounding pipes in     17     -
      casings                      steering gear room seized.
  720 Readily availability of fire 7.Emergency fire pump not readily available (space locked    17     -
      fighting equipment           and key with 3rd Engineer).
 1399 Other (mooring)              8.Fwd & Aft mooring stations with mooring lines turned       17     -
                                   up on warping drums.
  743 Fire-dampers                 9.Ship's personnel unable to shut engine room fire           17     -
                                   dampers Nos.1,2&3 - Incorrectly rigged. (rectified during
                                   PSC inspection).
 2550 Maintenance of the ship 10.ISM system fails to ensure maintenance of the ship             18     10
      and equipment                and equipment to regulations as evidenced by
                                   deficiencies Nos.4,5,6,7&9.

Case-5 ( Port in Australia )
 Def.                                                                                    Act.         ISM
           Type of deficiency                     Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                    Code         Code
  692 Operational readiness of 1.Starboard Lifeboat on-load release hook, release handle  30            -
       lifesaving appliances   & stop lever incorrectly set in stowed position.

Case-6 ( Port in Australia )
 Def.                                                                                          Act.   ISM
          Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                          Code   Code
 1671 Satellite EPIRB 406         1.EPIRB fails self test and switch seized (EPIRB can not      30      -
       MHz/1.6 GHz                be switched on manually).
 1566 Voyage data recorder        2.Crew unfamiliar with the procedure for saving VDR data      17     -
       (VDR)                      after an incident.
 2699 Other (bulk carriers)       3.The vessels gas monitoring system is unable to take         15     -
                                  CO gas samples.

Case-7 ( Port in Australia )
 Def.                                                                                          Act.   ISM
          Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                          Code   Code
 1560 Charts                      1.The vessel is using cancelled charts for previous           30      -
                                  voyage. Following charts for next voyage not onboard
                                  (AUS 349,509,510,512,383,515 & 516).
 945  Emergency lighting,         2.Emergency Generator cannot maintain power supply to         30     -
      batteries and switches      emergency switchboard when on load.
 1594 Voyage or passage plan      3.Voyage plan not complete - does not specify nautical        17     -
                                  publications for the voyage.

                                                      Page 3
 2041 Operation of GMDSS          4.Crew unfamiliar with the operation of the GMDSS            17     -
      equipment                   equipment on battery power.
 1570 Nautical publications       5.Following sailing directions are old editions - NP 60 &    17     -
                                  NP 42A.
 1671 Satellite EPIRB 406         6.EPIRB - Mode switch partially seized.                      17     -
      MHz/1.6 GHz
 1541 Magnetic compass            7.Magnetic Compass - large air bubble in compass bowl.       17      -
  799 Other (fire safety)         8.Battery room ventilation closed.                           17      -
 2550 Maintenance of the ship     9.The deficiencies above are evidence that the vessel's      18     10
      and equipment               SMS is not operating effectively.

Case-8 ( Port in Germany )
 Def.                                                                                         Act.   ISM
          Type of deficiency                         Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                         Code   Code
 1570 Nautical publications       1.NP 55 North Sea Pilot expired.                             17      -
  371 Medical equipment           2.40 liter oxygen cylinder has to be ready for use           17      -
                                  according to IMDG Code.
 610    Lifeboats                 3.From both lifeboats motor starting batteries nearly        17     -
                                  discharged due to outside temperatures.
 1410 Propulsion main engine      4.Main engine control panel in ECR to be checked by          17     -
                                  functional test required by RO (NKK).
 1730 Oil filtering equipment     5.3-way valve not closing properly due to defective          17     -
                                  solenoid valve; clear water pipe found repaired by means
                                  of plastic steel/glue.
 510  Ventilation                 6.Exhaust air fan in purifier room inoperative.              17     -
 150  Prevention of Pollution     7.Oil content meter mentioned in IOPP certificate            17     -
      by Oil (IOPP)               according to MEPC.60(33) entered in wrong line.
 1430 Auxiliary engine            8.Fuel oil viscosity controller found inoperative. To be     17     -
                                  repaired within 1 month.
 413    Cleanliness               9.Lobby of provision stores found with water on the          16     -
 936    Steering gear             10.Difference between display and true rudder angle app.     3      16
                                  15 degree.
 543    Steam pipes and           11.One of two safety valves from steam boiler found          3      17
        pressure pipes            inoperative and wires of remote control of water level
                                  gauges found partly broken.
 730    Fire fighting equipment   12.Found in E/R several fire hoses worn out.                 3      16
        and appliances
 530    Safe means of access      13.Walking ways on deck between personal elevator and        3      17
                                  accommodation slippery from ice.
 515    Heating                   14.Heating in emergency generator room found                 3      17
                                  inoperative (danger of frozen cooling water).
 2515 Company responsibility      15.The number and nature of deficiencies indicates a         3      18
      and authority               failure of implementation of ISM.
                                  Additional internal audit required.

Case-9 ( Port in Egypt )
 Def.                                                                                         Act.   ISM
         Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                         Code   Code
 1270 Doors                       1.Entrance self closing door is not as required.             17      -
 1499 Other (machinery)           2.Both boiler safety valves to be maintained.                17      -
 1420 Cleanliness of engine       3.E/R cleanliness, E/R bilge cleanliness.                    17      -
 1410 Propulsion main engine      4.M/E fuel & oil leakage & some of crank case safety         17     -
                                  doors to be maintained.
 1430 Auxiliary engine            5.Generator set o.1 fuel & oil leakage, the performance      17     -
                                  not as required.
  915 Signs and indicators (WT 6.E/R valves labels to be completed.                            16     -
      doors, fire detectors, fire
      dampers, ventilation)
 1499 Other (machinery)           7.Oil purifier of M/E under repair.                          17     -

                                                      Page 4
 1299 Other (load lines)      8.Both discharge valves of sewage to overboard (over           17     -
                              board valves) not as required, water leakage.
 1510 Type approval equipment 9.Gyro compass out of order.                                   30     -
  640 Distress flares         10.tb'd man over board is not as required.                     17     -
  630 Launching arrangements 11.Stb'd lifeboat davit is not required.                        30     -
      for survival craft

Case-10 ( Port in India )
 Def.                                                                                       Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                      Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                       Code   Code
 1730 Oil filtering equipment    1.Crew could not demonstrate the operation of oily water    30      -
  610 Lifeboats                  2.5 yearly load test certificate was not on-board.          17     -
 1580 Speed and distance         3.Speed and distance measuring device required by           17     -
      indicator                  SOLAS Chapt V 2.3.4 not provided.
 1599 Other (navigation)         4.AIS annual servicing/ testing record not available.       17     -
 1270 Doors                      5.Main deck port side W/T door can not be closed fully.     17     -
 1270 Doors                      6.Steering flat fire door lock is broken, door cannot be    17     -

Case-11 ( Port in Iran )
 Def.                                                                                       Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                      Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                       Code   Code
  199 Other (certificates)       1.LRIT performance test report not found on board.          17      -
 1594 Voyage or passage plan     2.No any voyage plan from last port (KFK, UAE) to           30      -
                                 destination port (Kharg Island) was not made on board.
 2555 Documentation              3.Officers responsible for documentation on board should    18     -
                                 be more familiar with documents & certificates on board
                                 (LRIT report, etc.).

Case-12 ( Port in Korea )
 Def.                                                                                       Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                   Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                       Code   Code
 2050 Operation of machinery 1.Main Engine Failed to maneuver.                               30      -
 2550 Maintenance of the ship 2.Record of Maintenance of Maine Engine absent.                30     10
       and equipment

Case-13 ( Port in Korea )
 Def.                                                                                       Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                       Code   Code
  113 Cargo Ship Safety Radio 1.Cargo ship safety radio certificate not provided / The       30      -
       (including Exemption)    cargo ship radio certificate was reissued due to loss of
                                the original certificate and provided on board the ship.
  165 International Air         2.Ozone depleting substances(CFCS) on IAPP                   17     -
       Pollution Prevention     supplement 2.1.2 different with actual / The IAPP
       Certificate (IAPP)       certificate corresponding to MARPOL Annex VI
                                Regulation 12 was rewritten and         provided on board
                                the ship.
 1710 Oil record book           3.Oil record book entries not kept on properly / The oil     17     -
                                record book was corrected/recorded properly.
  910 Hydraulic and other       4.Hatch cover cleat rubber packing deteriorated on 2         17     -
       closing                  points of No.3 hold / The deteriorated rubbers were
       devices/watertight doors replaced with new spares.
  541 Electrical                5.Electric cable insulation not in good in deck store / The  17     -
                                electric cable was properly rearranged and insulated.
  899 Other (accident           6.Stuffs on way of manhole for cargo hold / The stuffs in    17     -
       prevention)              way of manhole for cargo hold were removed.
  520 Lighting                  7.Numeral electric lights naked in deck store and Eng.       17     -
                                Room / The damaged lights were renewed/repaired

                                                    Page 5
 1130 Stowage/packaging of        8.Paint cans not stored in designated area(paint store) /        17     -
      dangerous goods             The paint cans were rearranged/stored in paint store.
 1320 Anchoring devices           9.Chain locker not secured during sailing / The chain            17     -
                                  locker was secured properly.
 660    Lifejackets               10.Life-jackets not marked of registry port / The life-          17     -
                                  jacket were marked with “port of registry”.
 3045   Incinerator               11.No-approved incinerator equipment on after deck /             17     -
                                  The no-approved incinerator equipment on aft deck was
 2120   Garbage                   12.Much plastic on board and mixed garbage / The                 17     -
                                  plastic garbage & mixed garbage were discharged to
                                  shore facilities.
 830    Pipes, wires (insulation) 13.Hole not insulated passing pipe in captain deck / The         17     -
                                  hole was properly insulated/blanked.
 1570   Nautical publications     14.Sailing direction(Korea) different with others                17     -
                                  –not able to correct // The suitable sailing
                                  direction(booklet) was provided on board the ship.
 650    Lifebuoys                 15.Lifebuoy weight not satisfied(attached to mob on wing         17     -
                                  bridge)-2pcs. / The suitable lifebuoys (4.5kg) with self-
                                  igniting light and self-activating smoke signal were
                                  provided on board the ship.
 699    Other (life-saving)       16.Instruction attached to liferaft(STBD) not provided /         17     -
                                  The suitable instruction(I.D. Card) for liferaft(STBD) was
 510    Ventilation               17.Air vent duct lever stuck in air condition room / The         17     -
                                  stuck air vent duct lever was properly repaired.
 710    Fire prevention           18.Fire integrated material torn out in air condition room       16     -
                                  / The fire integrated material was properly repaired.
 730    Fire fighting equipment 19.Fire hose leaking on poop deck / The damaged fire               17     -
        and appliances            hose was replaced with new one.
 1420   Cleanliness of engine     20.Dusts(Flammable) much lay on upper of cyl. oil serv.          17     -
        room                      tank / The dusts on cyl. oil serv. tank were cleared up.
 1795   Suspected discharge       21.Much oily sludge exist inside outlet pipe of oily water       20     -
        violation                 separator // The inside of the outlet pipe of oily water
                                  separator was cleared up(It was confirmed that the inside
                                  of the oily water separator was cleared up on 28 Nov.
 750    International shore       22.International shore connection not in position(stored         17     -
        connection                in Eng. Room fire hose box) / The international shore
                                  connection corresponding with fire control plan was
                                  stored in “SALOON”.

 1499   Other (machinery)         23.Suction air duct ragged with rubber of No.1 Generator         16     -
                                  Engine // The damaged rubber hose for scav. air
                                  manifold of No.1 Generator Engine was replaced with new
 2540   Emergency preparedness one.
                                  24.Master not prepared and wear safety equipments                17     8
                                  during abandon ship drill & Abandon ship drill not satisfied-
                                  Not in position on designated liferaft, -Not ready for
                                  launching davit / # 25, 26 Deficiencies should be required
                                  of special audit(ISM) by RO.
 541    Electrical                25.Emergency light bed broken for liferaft launching area        17     -
                                  / The broken emergency light bed was renewed/repaired
 1435   Gauges, thermometers, 26.Lower valve of C.F.O Serv. Tank leaked / The leaky                17     -
        etc                       valve of C.F.O Serv. Tank was repaired properly.

Case-14 ( Port in Korea )
 Def.                                                                                             Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                             Code   Code
  610 Lifeboats                   1.Safety belts on life boat (P/S) be torn out easily.            30      -

                                                       Page 6
 945  Emergency lighting,           2.Emergency lights for life boat / life raft not readily       17     -
      batteries and switches        available.
  730 Fire fighting equipment       3.Valve for fire hydrant on main deck stuck.                   17     -
      and appliances
 2199 Other                         4.Engine officers not familiar with operation of oily water    17     -
      (MARPOL/operational)          separator.
 1710 Oil record book               5.Quantities of oil residues not be recorded on oil record     17     -
                                    book weekly.
 714  Doors within main             6.Self-closing devices for accommodation corridor not          17     -
      vertical zone                 working properly.
  730 Fire fighting equipment       7.Fire hoses on main deck leaking.                             17     -
      and appliances
 2045 Cargo operation               8.Officers not familiar with arrangement of DG cargo           17     -
 739    Emergency Fire Pump         9.Minimum pressure not be maintained at hydrants form          17     -
                                    Emergency fire pump.
 945  Emergency lighting,           10.Emergency lights (P / S) for embarkation of life boat       30     -
      batteries and switches        not installed.
 2020 Fire drills                   11.Crew not familiar with drills of fire-fighting, abandon     17     -
 2515 Company responsibility        12.The period of captain’s hand over not enough.               18     3
      and authority

Case-15 ( Port in Taiwan, Rep. of   China )
 Def.                                                                                             Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                           Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                             Code   Code
  520 Lighting                      1.Anti-explosive light should repaired in paint store.         17      -
 1795 Suspected discharge           2.Discharge oily water (use portable pump) to the sea.         30      -
 1730 Oil filtering equipment       3.Oiler water separator malfunction.                           30     -
 1999 Other (MARPOL/Annex           4.SOPEP oiler removal quantity not enough 150L.                17     -
                            5.Due to uncleanness E/R & oiler water separator
 2565 Certification, verification                                                                  30     13
       and control          malfunction & use portable pump discharge oily water
                            directly. Request the R.O.(class) do the additional audit &
                            mentioned the corrective action measure.
  200 Certification and     6.One oiler without hold panama competency certificate                 30     -
      watchkeeping for      and nine crew members panama competency certificate
      seafarers             expired.
 1999 Other (MARPOL/Annex 7.SOPEP Annex 2 not up date.                                             17     -
 1541 Magnetic compass      8.Compass deck standard compass with a big bubble and                  17     -
                            without iron ball.
  985 Bulkheads - corrosion cargo control room bulkhead hole and corrosion.               17     -

 2099 Other                         10.2nd officer not familiar with emergency steering            30     -
      (SOLAS/operational)           operation.
 1080 Boiler-alarm                  11.Boiler without visible and audible alarm of low water       17     -
 699    Other (life-saving)         12.3 EEBDs without air pressure in E/R control room.           17     -

Case-16 ( Port in Taiwan, Rep. of   China )
 Def.                                                                                             Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                           Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                             Code   Code
 2565 Certification, verification   1.Wiper Damasco on Engine Room duty but without                30     13
       and control                  watch- keeping certificate.
 1740 Oil discharge monitoring      2.OWS - solenoid valve damaged.                                30     -
       and control system
  600 Lifesaving appliances         3.Engine room crew member not understand the EEBD              30     -
                                    and lifejacket light, portable foam applicator usage.
 736    Emergency Escape            4.One EEBD air released due to mis-operation by C/E.           17     -
        Breathing Device

                                                         Page 7
 730    Fire fighting equipment   5.Some fire boxes empty when inspection.                       17     -
        and appliances
 615    Rescue boats              6.Rescue boat engine can not start from steering               17     -
 2045 Cargo operation             7.Hydraulic motor for cargo cranes - oil leaked heavily.       17     -
  361 Electrical devices          8.Power cable to foremast - leaked from deck to bosun          17     -
 730    Fire fighting equipment   9.One fire hose leaking water.                                 17     -
        and appliances

Case-17 ( Port in U.S.A. )
 Def.                                                                                           Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                           Code   Code
 1499 Other (machinery)           1.The vessel's #1, #2 and #3 Ship service                      30      -
                                  generators(SSG'S) had fuel oil leaks at each Cylinder
                                  creating a fire hazard.
 1499 Other (machinery)           2.Excessive oil was present in the Generator space bilges      30     -
                                  posing a substantial fire hazard.
 1499 Other (machinery)           3.The vessel's #1 and #2 SSG'S were found with cooling         30     -
                                  water leaks from a soft patch on piping and at the water
                                  pump gasket.
 710    Fire prevention           4.Self closing fire doors on the Captain's deck and the #2     17     -
                                  deck did not automatically close.
 610    Lifeboats                 5.The wooden bracket within the port Lifeboat which            30     -
                                  attached the mast to the deck was rotted, making the
                                  sail unserviceable.
 611    Lifeboat inventory        6.A sufficient quantity of rations were not provided to the    30     -
                                  starboard Lifeboat.
 611    Lifeboat inventory        7.A sufficient quantity of water was not provided to both      30     -
 725  Fixed fire extinguishing    8.Fire main was wasted (2 inch hole) in the vicinity of the    17     -
      installation                Paint locker.
 1499 Other (machinery)           9.The vessel's #1 Steering pump leaked hydraulic oil           30     -
 610    Lifeboats                 10.The wooden base plate for port Lifeboat's releasing         30     -
                                  gear was rotted.
 740    Fire pumps                11.The main fire pump was leaking excessively at the           17     -
 696    Maintenance and           12.Crew were not completing all safety management              30     -
        inspection                system requirements by failing to check and log Lifeboat
                                  fuel quantities for each week in September 2010.
 611    Lifeboat inventory        13.All Lifeboat equipment was found stored in a wooden         17     -
                                  locker inside the Boat gear room.

Case-18 ( Port in U.S.A. )
 Def.                                                                                           Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                       Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                           Code   Code
 2500 ISM related deficiencies 1.The company and ship shall comply with the                      30      -
                               requirements of the International Safety Management
                               Code. Objective evidence discovered during on expanded
                               examination of the SMS onboard indicated a serious lack
                               of effective implementation is the areas of security
                               procedures life saving equipment readiness, and fire
                               fighting equipment readiness. Recommended an external
                               audit of the vessels SMS be conducted.
  610 Lifeboats                2.All life saving appliances shall be in working order and        30     -
                               ready for immediate use. Vessel Port Side lifeboat motor
                               could not be started ordering the lifeboat not in working
                               order or available for immediate use.

                                                      Page 8
720  Readily availability of fire 3.Fire-fighting outfits shall be kept ready for use. During   30   -
     fighting equipment           fire drill PSCO's observed that one firemans SCBA was
                                  not operating as designed. The fireman was unable to
                                  breath without opening the bypass valve to supply
                                  constant air flow. Also it was identified that the other
                                  fireman's SCBA bottle was empty as be entered the
                                  space to fight the fire.
 715 Fire detection               4.Fire detection systems shall be periodically tested to      17   -
                                  the satisfaction of the administration by mean of
                                  equipment producing had not or smoke. PSCO's identified
                                  that the vessel does not have appropriate equipment &
                                  produce hot air or smoke and were using open flumes to
                                  test the fire detection equipment.
1570 Nautical publications        5.All publications necessary for the intended voyage shall    10   -
                                  be adequate and up to date. During PSC exam PSCO's
                                  observed that the vessel had no Coast Pilots, Light
                                  bulbs, or sailing directions onboard for her current routs.

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