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					When you are mulling over your various luggage size options, you have to think
about the amount of stuff you are going to bring and the additional stuff you are going
to pack when leaving the place.

You wouldn't want to buy a huge travel bag for your short trip and vice versa. To
avoid luggage disasters, you should get the right bag size. Here are some of the things
you should consider:

1. Get to know the standard sizes today. Basically, most luggage companies measure
their bags from the top of the bag up to the wheels. It does not include the
measurement of the retractable handle. Moreover, they also offer information about
the size of the bag if it can be expanded.

A large bag has the dimensions 30x19x11 inches. A medium-sized bag has the
dimensions 26x18x10 inches. A compact bag has the dimensions 25x14x8 inches and
a typical cabin bag has the dimensions 19x13x7 inches. That being said, cabin bag is
your smallest option.

2. You should know the capacity inside the suitcase. While a bag can look huge based
on how it looks on the outside, it can still provide limited space inside. They are the
ones with a lot of stuffing or inner lining. When you are buying, you have to check the
main compartments. Flatten your hands on the bag to find out how thick the stuffing
or the lining is.

Large luggage sets can usually hold up to 100 litres stuff while the cabin bags can
only hold up to 20 litres of stuff. For international trips, the large to medium sets of
bags are advisable. For local or short trips, a cabin or a compact bag should be a good

3. Aside from the whole size of the bag, you should also check out the material and
the construction. This will also determine the size of the bag you are buying. If you
are eyeing bags made from leather materials, you might opt for the smaller ones as
leather can get a little heavy. Using a big bag can be quite heavy if you have a small

Also consider if you are buying soft cases or hard cases. You can basically store more
in soft-cased luggage sets as they are equipped with extra compartments. Moreover,
they are generally expandable than the hard-cased ones. The large soft-cased ones
weigh about 5 kilograms. The hard-cased ones might weight a kilogram more. There
are also super lightweight models that let you carry more without giving the bag an
"overstuffed" appearance.

You should find the right luggage size for your travel needs right now. Determining
the right luggage for your needs is the first step in having a smooth-sailing vacation.

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