What is lingerie-

					Lingerie is a term for fashionable and alluring women's undergarments. It comes from
the word linge which means washables.

In the early days lingerie was made from a washable linen before the introduction of
cotton from Egypt and India. Later on there was the invention of lycra and nylon
which was used in the manufacture of lingerie.

Although in Europe the word lingerie is normally describing male or female
undergarments when the word lingerie is commonly used it normally refers to
women's under garments and is normally designed for the visually appealing. The
most common material used for the manufacture of lingerie now days is satin,
polyester, lace or silk.

The concept of lingerie as a very fashionable item started in the early 19th Century
with corsets, girdles and bras. The lingerie industry has really expanded it's
manufacture and marketing in the 21st Century. Manufactures and Fashion Houses are
now really pushing the limits with their sexy and fashionable designs with colours and
fitting being more appealing to the female and also being much more comfortable for
them to wear.

Women today are finding that the lingerie now available on the market have much
more sex appeal than there used to be in the old days. Some fashionable lingerie can
even double up as outerwear. lingerie is now available as wedding lingerie, designer
lingerie, outsize lingerie. The Victorian lingerie is now also available.

Lingerie boutiques are very popular in our shopping centres and in our major cities
like London, Paris, Rome, New York and even cities such as Beijing in China and
Dubai In the Middle East.

More and more partners are going into boutiques and choosing a item of lingerie for
their partners as a special gift for a special occasion.

Lingerie parties at home are also a way of women purchasing this type of item. These
parties allow women to try on some articles before buying and the evenings can also
be fun as guests normally bring a bottle of something for refreshments.

Lingerie is also available in gift packs. One of the most busiest period for the lingerie
business is the period running up to valentines Day.

With the introduction of the world wide web, internet web sites are becoming a very
good means of buying and selling lingerie. The internet is full of web sites selling the
latest fashion in lingerie. As these web sites have lower overheads than the local
boutique shop the prices are generally cheaper. Millions are spent each year on
lingerie and the.The web site market is growing rapidly each day.

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