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					 Infinite Research                                     Research Report

Worldwide Tablet Computer Market Forecast

  Infinite Research’s global analysis of the Tablet computer market
  details the critical trends, forces, industry developments, business
  models, and success factors driving Tablet sales and adoption.
 Worldwide Tablet Market Forecast
 Overview & Executive Summary

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 Report & Market Overview
 The global market for Tablet computers officially entered a period of rapid growth and
 expansion in 2010. Apple’s launch of the iPad marked the start of the Tablet revolution.
 Across the globe, Tablet sales and adoption are being driven by the demands of today’s
 mobile society. Consumers and enterprises alike need real-time, on-demand access to
 content, the internet, computing and communication tools, and high-quality services.
 Additionally, end-users are seeking limitless access to these features, and the ability to
 remove the constraints of physical location from daily life. Tablets, equipped with the
 power of mobile computing, have emerged as the perfect solution.

 Sleek user interfaces, quality components, extended battery lives, portability, competitive price
 points, excellent functionality, and access to content & apps have allowed Tablets to become
 a core computing device, seen in the same vein as smartphones and PCs, and sought by users
 globally. It is therefore not surprising that Tablet adoption is occurring at an even faster pace
 than the historic rates set by peer devices such as cell-phones / smartphones, computers, mp3
 players, game consoles, and DVD players. Adoption is also underway across a wide variety
 of sectors, including in the consumer, retail, industrial, healthcare, education, business, and
 military markets. Further market expansion will occur as other sectors become familiar with
 the solutions, power, and functionality offered by Tablet computers.

 In a short period of time, the Tablet market has spawned a robust industry and ecosystem
 with an aggressive growth outlook. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), component
 suppliers, software developers, service providers, and IP & content owners are profiting from
 the growth of the Tablet space. The market is only in its infancy, and new opportunities and

         Infinite Research
  Worldwide Tablet Market Forecast
  Overview & Executive Summary

Section Spread Title continues to develop. This report Infinite
 competitive advantages will abound as the space
 such opportunities and provide market forecasts, sizes, and growth rates. Overall,
                                                                                    will detail

  Research expects that 147.2 million Tablet computers will ship in 2015, up from 16.1 million
  units in 2010.

  Scope of Study
  This report examines the global market for Tablet computers. After several relatively dor-
  mant years in the last decade, the Tablet PC market entered a state of rapid growth in 2010.
  Tablets are being adopted across nearly all geographic markets globally, as well as in a wide
  variety of industries and sectors.

  The first chapter of this report introduces Tablet computers, provides a market definition and
  history, and briefly discusses key market developments. In chapter 2, the critical trends and
  forces impacting the Tablet market are discussed. Specific commentary is provided for end-
  user, OEM, technology, vertical market, and component supplier trends & forces. The third
  chapter discusses the Tablet computer’s impact on the information technology (IT), Telecom,
  and video-gaming industries. Critical market developments driving Tablet adoption in the
  consumer, healthcare, education, military, retail, and industrial sectors are analyzed in Chap-
  ter 4.

  Chapter 5 presents our Tablet market forecasts and analysis for the time period of 2010 –
  2015. In this chapter, forecasts are available at the geographic, vendor, and operating sys-
  tem level. In-depth quantitative statistics covering market shares, revenue opportunities, and
  shipment data are provided. The conclusion and market summary is presented in Chapter 6.

  This report will answer the following questions:

  •   What is the size, growth rate, and revenue opportunity associated with the Tablet mar-
      ket? Answers to this question are provided at the geographic, vendor, operating system,
      and connectivity (technology) level.

  •   Who are the key companies offering products and services throughout the Tablet market
      ecosystem and value-chain?

  •   What are the keys to success for companies targeting and operating in the Tablet space?
      What business models are currently manifesting?

  •   What are the key trends, forces, and developments impacting the global Tablet market?

  •   What will be the impact on the IT and Telecom sectors, as well as the effect on other
      computing and communication device categories?

          Infinite Research
 Worldwide Tablet Market Forecast
 Overview & Executive Summary

SectionofSpread Titleadopting Tablets? How will these markets evolve
 • Which vertical markets / sectors will be
   as a result Tablet adoption?

 •   What challenges exist in the marketplace today?

 •   What is the outlook for the overall market going forward?

 Executive Summary
 The global Tablet market will enjoy a multiyear wave of growth resulting from end-customer
 market demand and the increased need for high-quality and efficient mobile computing de-
 vices. As a result, growth in the Tablet market is expected to be significantly higher than in
 other traditional computing segments over the 2010 – 2015 forecast periods.

 The following list summarizes the major findings of our study.

 1. Although still in its relative infancy, the Tablet market and associated ecosystem are de-
    veloping quickly as OEMs are utilizing knowledge and relationships from previous mo-
    bile computing efforts, such as smartphone development and deployment.

 2. Tablet PCs and the mobile computing phenomena are threatening to cause a shift in
    industry leadership and dynamics in both the technology and telecom sectors.

 3. Early movers are building competitive advantages and reaping the benefits in the form of
    profits. Despite this fact, the market is young and numerous large-revenue opportunities
    exist for those companies offering differentiated products and/or services.

 4. The netbook market is most threatened by the introduction of Tablet PCs. From a
    manufacturing standpoint, cellular handset makers and PC manufacturers are battling
    for Tablet market share.
 5. Demand for Tablets is high in both the consumer and enterprise markets. Mobility, in
    combination with real-time access to content and services, are the major factors driving

 6. In response to strong customer demand, total Tablet computer shipments will increase
    from 16.1 million units in 2010 to 147.2 million units in 2015. This represents a com-
    pound annual growth rate of 56%. Tablets are expected to see faster adoption than
    any previous mobile internet device, including smartphones, e-readers, mp3 players, and
    game consoles.

        Infinite Research
 Worldwide Tablet Market Forecast
 Overview & Executive Summary

 Table of Spread
Section Contents Title
 Report Overview                                           I

 Scope of Study                                            I

 Executive Summary                                         III

 Chapter 1: Introduction & Market Overview                 1

 1.1 Market Definition                                     2
 1.2 Brief Market History                                  2
 1.3 Today’s Tablet Market                                 3

 Chapter 2: Tablet Market Trends & Forces                  5

 2.1 Technology Trends                                     5
        Broadband Penetration & Mobile Internet Use        5
        Mobile Network Traffic Overload                    5
        Wi-Fi Lacks Borderless Mobility                    5
        The Need For Load Balancing                        6
        Demand For Cloud Services                          6

 2.2 Component Supplier Trends                             6
        Display Panels                                     6
        Solid State Drives                                 7
        Batteries                                          8
        Connectivity Components                            8

 2.3 OEM Trends                                            8
       Tech Industry Leaders Are Under Pressure            9
       Ecosystems                                          9
       Death Of The Netbook, Notebook, and Desktop?        10
       Death Of The E-Reader?                              10
       Product Differentiation & The Race To Catch Apple   11

 2.4 End-User Trends                                       12
        Content On The Go                                  12
        Social Networking & Tablet Adoption                13
        Increasing Use Of Paid Internet Services           13
        The End-User Experience Matters                    13

        Infinite Research
 Worldwide Tablet Market Forecast
 Overview & Executive Summary

 2.5 Vertical Market Trends                                      13
         Can Tablets Save The Healthcare Industry?               13
Section Spread Title
         The Education Sector Looks To Reduce Expenses           13
         Mobile Advertising Gets A Boost                         14
         Impact on Traditional Web Advertising                   14
         Gaming Expands                                          14

 Chapter 3: Industry Impact Analysis                             15

 3.1 Impact On The Technology Industry                           15
 3.2 Impact On The Telecommunications Industry                   18
 3.3 Impact On The Video-Gaming Industry                         19

 Chapter 4: Key Markets For Tablet Computers                     21

 4.1 Tablets In Education                                        21
 4.2 Tablets In Healthcare                                       22
 4.3 Tablets In The Military                                     24
 4.4 Tablets For Consumers                                       25
 4.5 Tablets In The Retail Sector                                27
 4.6 Tablets In The Industrial / Asset Management Space          28
 4.7 Tablets For Business & Professional Services                29

 Chapter 5: Worldwide Tablet Market Forecast                     31

 5.1 Worldwide Tablet Shipments By Region                        31
 5.2 Worldwide Tablet Market Share By Region                     32
 5.3 Vendor Market Share (Apple vs. Others)                      33
 5.4 Worldwide Tablet Shipments By Vendor (Apple vs. Others)     34
 5.5 Tablet Operating System Market Share                        35
 5.6 Worldwide Tablet Shipments By Operating System              36
 5.7 Market Share By Connectivity Technology                     37
 5.8 Worldwide Tablet Shipments by Connectivity Technology       38
 5.9 Global Average Selling Price For Tablet Computers           39
 5.10 Worldwide Tablet Revenue By Vendor (Apple vs. Others)      40
 5.11 Worldwide Tablet Revenue by Region                         41

 Chapter 6: Conclusion                                           42

 6.1 Market Review                                               42
 6.2 Market Challenges                                           43
 6.3 Market Outlook                                              43

 Appendix: Overview Of Key Tablet Models                       45-47

        Infinite Research
 Worldwide Tablet Market Forecast
 Overview & Executive Summary

 List Of Market Forecast Charts & Tables
Section SpreadByTitle
 Worldwide Tablet Shipments Region

 Worldwide Tablet Market Share By Region

 Vendor Market Share (Apple vs. Others)

 Worldwide Tablet Shipments By Vendor (Apple vs. Others)

 Tablet Operating System Market Share

 Worldwide Tablet Shipments By Operating System

 Market Share By Connectivity Technology

 Worldwide Tablet Shipments by Connectivity Technology

 Global Average Selling Price For Tablet Computers

 Worldwide Tablet Revenue By Vendor (Apple vs. Others)

 Worldwide Tablet Revenue by Region

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Description: A research report detailing the key trends, market developments, business models, and success factors impacting the Tablet computer market. A global market forecast is provided covering the 2010 - 2015 time period.