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					Nowadays, it seems as though there's a ring to symbolize virtually anything.
Engagement rings symbolize a commitment to become married, wedding rings
symbolize the completion of that intent, and anniversary rings celebrate the years of
marriage while at the same time reaffirming that initial love shared. Eternity rings fall
into a very similar category in the sense that they are given as a demonstration of
everlasting love - a love so deep that it transcends the physical realm and becomes
something much, much more significant. If you'd like to show your significant other
that they not only still love them, but pledge to continue loving them forever, we
suggest purchasing a white gold diamond eternity ring.

This style of eternity rings are made with a white gold band and usually have a
continuous circle of diamonds. The diamonds then form a complete, never-ending
circle which symbolizes a love that never tires or ends, but remains with both parties
forever and ever. For those looking to add a bit more romance to the ring, it has been
suggested that the giver come up with events that each stone on the ring symbolized.
For example, one stone might symbolize the first day you met, another might
symbolize the wedding, and so forth. If you make each stone represent significant
memories and events as a couple, the ring will help you remember the good times,
even when the going might get a little tough.

While there's certainly no law against getting a yellow gold ring or a ring with a
different gemstone in it, we tend to find that a white gold diamond eternity ring tends
to look the best while, at the same time, not being too pricey. The white gold band is
made up of pure elemental gold mixed with some silver and/or palladium. Adding
these metals gives the band it's "white" nature. Most rings are coated with a plate of
rhodium for an extra layer of protection. Because of this, many of the white gold rings
must be re-plated with rhodium every year or so. Furthermore, as Marilyn Monroe
said, "diamond's are a girl's best friend", and in the case of a white gold diamond
eternity ring, it's particularly true. The white gold backdrop helps to greatly accentuate
the diamonds brilliance and really show off the symbolic aspect of the ring.

Most people looking for an eternity ring will be satisfied with a white gold diamond
eternity ring. Not only do they look fantastic but their sentimental value can be
incredibly high. In addition, white gold is far more resistant to scratches and other
blemishes than regular yellow gold. Naturally, for a ring that symbolizes eternity, it's
important that it last as long as possible. Although eternity rings might seem like a
superficial, extravagant purchase, these items can go a long way toward creating the
deep, shared experience that is so necessary to a marriage's survival. For this reason,
we recommend purchasing an eternity ring with diamonds and white gold.