High Speed Rail (HS2) by pptfiles


									Example Community Dissemination Programme (Amersham), for EHS responses

Monday                     Tuesday             Wednesday           Thursday            Friday            Saturday          Sunday

12 April                   13 April            14 April            15 April            16 April          17 April          18 April
                                                                   EHS Meeting                                             Quainton

19 April                   20 April            21 April            22 April            23 April          24 April          25 April
Feed news story                                Email shot via      EHS Meeting         Poster campaign   Poster campaign   Stall at
to local press                                 societies/residen   Mail shot to        via businesses    via residents     Amersham Clean
deadline Tues                                  ts association      residents           (OABA)            Flyers on cars    Up Day (Hill and
                                               and town council                                                            Old Town)
26 April                   27 April            28 April            29 April            30 April          1 May             2 May
Follow up door to          Follow up door to                       Presentation to                       Public
door on resident           door on resident                        FSB                                   information day
mail shot                  mail shot                                                                     (maps and
Feed news story                                                                                          council reps)
3 May                      4 May               5 May               6 May               7 May             8 May             9 May
                                                                   Reminder mail
                                                                   shot to residents
Feed news story                                                    and businesses
10 May                     11 May              12 May              13 May              14 May            15 May            16 May
Countdown to                                                                                             Stall in market
deadline campaign                                                                                        hall/flyers on
(10 days to go)            TESCO               TESCO               TESCO               TESCO             cars              TESCO
Feed news story            BANNERS             BANNERS             BANNERS             BANNERS                             BANNERS
17 May                18 May                 19 May              20 May
Follow up door to Deadline for
door                  responses to                               EHS DEADLINE
TESCO                 local contact
BANNERS               TESCO
Other activity: Presentation to local schools date TBC (St Mary’s confirmed)

HS2 Action Alliance                                                           1                                                               April 2010
‘Working for fair and just compensation’

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