Wedding Photography- Story Not Shots by aihaozhe2


									Taking photos of that one day of your life sounds like such a simple task. However
there are more things to think about when considering how to go about your wedding
photography than you may realise. You will only get one chance with it so make sure
that you think carefully about who you entrust with the task.

One of the worst mistakes you could make would be to get a family member or close
friend to be the wedding photographer. Even with the correct equipment it can be a
difficult task to capture the day. There are stories around of Father in Laws not
pressing buttons properly and happy couples having to rely on other relatives hastily
grabbed shots. Not ideal I'm sure you will agree.

So now we should have decided that we would be far better off employing a
professional wedding photographer to record the day for us. Again we need to be
careful and bear some important points in mind. The first is who we will employ and
what he or she will look like. Ideally you will want someone who will be very smart
and professional who will be able to blend in with the guests on the day. First
impressions count so when meeting prospective photographers expect them to be
smart and well presented, they should be as they are trying to win your business. You
also want someone who you can relate to and feel comfortable with as they will be
able to draw the best out of you and your guests. When looking at samples of a
photographers work it is always better to see an entire album from one wedding not a
selection from different weddings. Seeing a whole album will give you a far better
feel for quality and consistency of work that the best shots pulled out of several
different ones.

Some photographers will approach the day as just another wedding with the usual
shots outside the church etc. Others may be more artistic and will see the day as
whole, trying to develop a narrative showing the day as it unfolds. When looking back
at photographs it is may be the little things like getting ready that really bring the
memories flooding back so it's not just the photos outside the church that may be
important. Think story and not photos for something more contemporary.

Wedding photography shouldn't be left to chance, find a professional who will give
you a record of your special day that will delight you for many years to come.

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