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					          Architectural room
            design factors
   Kitchen                         Workshop
   Dining                          Porch / Deck
   Family room                     Lanais
   Bedroom                         Utility
   Bathroom                        Storage
   Dens / office                   Traffic Area
   Garage

                    Western Christian Tech
   Function
      Preparation of food

   Location
        near service entrance.
      Children’s play area should be visible from the kitchen.

      Adjacent to dining area and outdoor eating areas.

   Size and shape
      U-shaped, Peninsula, L-shaped, Corridor, One-wall, Island, Family.

      Average size family kitchen is 15’ X 15’.(dining not included)

   Considerations.
      hard surfaced floor, good ventilation, oven and range should be
        separated by at least one cabinet, working heights for a table is 30”,
        work triangle between 12’ and 21’, adequate storage facilities,
        electrical outlets for each work center, good lighting.

                               Western Christian Tech
                     Dining Room
   Function
      To provide a place for the family to gather for breakfast, lunch, or
        dinner in both casual and formal situation
   Location
      Placed adjacent to the kitchen. Should require few steps from kitchen

      Placed between kitchen and living area

   Size and Shape
      Determined by the size of the family

      Should be planned to accommodate the largest group that will dine in
      Usually a rectangular shape. No short walls

   Considerations
      Large furniture. Tables, walk space, china cabinets.

      Local lighting directly over the dining room table

      A dining room table that expands

                              Western Christian Tech
                    Family Room
   Function
      Room to provide the facilities for a family-center activities
       such as movie room, children’s playroom, hobby room, or
       music room.
   Location
      If living room is present, usually located downstairs.

      Away from quiet area.

      Accessible but not visible from the rest of the living area.
       Adjacent to the kitchen.
   Size and Shape
       Minimum 200 square feet. It is usually square or rectangular
   Considerations
       It needs resilient floors. Use paneling or tile on walls because
       it has less damage. It has to have a lot of storage.

                            Western Christian Tech
   Function
      Provide facilities for sleeping, writing, reading, sewing,
       listening to music, and relaxing.
   Location
      Quiet part of the house,

      Close to the bathroom.

   Size & Shape
      A minimum bedroom is 100 square feet. (closets not included)

      A normal bedroom is 100 to 200 square feet. Shape is usually
       rectangular or square.
   Considerations
      Should have noise reducers, such as carpet and curtains.
       Should have good ventilation.
      Should have closet suiting your own personal needs.

                          Western Christian Tech
   Function
      Other than the obvious, it’s a place to bathe, dress, exercise,
       and possible laundering.
   Location
      Should be quickly accessible from all bedrooms.

   Size & Shape
      Master bath should be separate.

      Main floor needs at least ½ bath if only master bedroom

   Considerations
      Should have good ventilation, heater, medicine cabinet, and a

                            Western Christian Tech
                    Dens and Office
   Function
        Reading room, writing room, hobby room, or professional office
   Location
       Considered part of the sleeping area because it may require quietness
       Considered part of the living area and should be accessible from the main
   Size And Shape
       Varies with what the den/study will be used for
       Used privately or meeting place
       Small enough for just a desk and chair, or big enough for all the furnishings you
   Considerations
       Décor should reflect the main activity
       Glare-proof lighting
       Windows above eye level should bring in the maximum light available without
        the eye level distractions
       Placed adjacent to the kitchen. Should require few steps from kitchen
       If not in the family room, should be located next to it
       Placed between kitchen and living area

                                  Western Christian Tech
   Function
       It is an enclosed structure to protect an automobile.
   Location
      It can be attached or unattached to the house or building.

       If attached it is usually located near the kitchen
   Size And Shape
      Varies with what the den/study will be used for

      Used privately or meeting place

      Small enough for just a desk and chair, or big enough for all
       the furnishings you need
   Considerations
      They should have a sloped floor for drainage. They also need a
       driveway with enough space for guest’s cars to park on.

                           Western Christian Tech
   Function
       Used for activities like hobbies or home maintenance or care
   Location
      They are generally located in the basement, garage, separate
       room, or another building nearby Size And Shape
   Size And Shape
      Size depends on size and number of tools and supplies inside.
       It also depends on the amount of workspace and benches
       needed. It should be planned for expansion.
   Considerations
      Floors should be smooth for easy cleanup. Exhaust fans and
       glossy tiled walls eliminate dust buildup. There should also be
       enough insulation to create a sound barrier.

                            Western Christian Tech
                             Porch / Deck
   Function
       Performs outdoors all the functions that the kitchen, living room, dining room, rec room, and
        family room perform indoors.
       Others are used as an entrance to a house.
       May be divided into three different parts: living patios, play patios, and quiet patios
   Location
       Front and rear of homes around entrances for shelter.

   Size And Shape
        Vary from very large sizes, to a small shelter over a door.
        Depends upon how the porch can be integrated into the home.
        A porch that is 6'x8' is considered small, and a porch that is 12'x18' is considered rather large.
   Considerations
        The lines of the porch should be consistent with the lines of the house.
        It should be designed as a integral and functional part of the total structure.
        Various materials can be used for the railings, depending on the degree of privacy or sun and
         wind protection.
        The sides of the porch should provide adequate ventilation and offer semi-privacy and

                                         Western Christian Tech
   Function
         provide shelter for the traffic access on the exterior of the building.
        Exterior hallways. Lanais that are located parallel to exterior walls are usually
         created by extending the roof overhang to cover a traffic area.

   Location
        In residence a lanai can be used most effectively to connect opposite
        areas of a home. Lanais are commonly located between the garage and the kitchen,
         the patio and the kitchen of the living area, and the living area and the service area.
         U-shaped buildings are especially suitable for lanais because it is natural to connect
         the extremes of the U.

   Size And Shape
        Lanais may extend the full length of a building and may be designed maximum
         traffic loads. They may be as small as the area under a 2' or 3' roof overhang.
         However, a lanai at least 4' wide is desirable.

   Considerations
        Consistent, integral part of the design of the structure.
        Columns supporting the overhang also provide a visual boundary without blocking
         the view.

                                     Western Christian Tech
                        Utility room
   Function
       Includes facilities for washing, drying, ironing, sewing, and storing
       household cleaning equipment.

   Location
      Keep water sources consistant between levels.
      Can be located in a separate laundry area, a kitchen, or in a closet,
       basement, porch, or garage

   Size And Shape
      Average size needed is about 100 square feet. Washer and dryer
        should be located next to each other

   Considerations
      The appliances and working spaces should be arranged in the order in
       which they are used. Can have humidifiers and air purifiers o

                               Western Christian Tech
   Design considerations
       Storage should be provided for any general things kept there.
       There should be storage in every room in the form of closets or cupboards.
       They should be adequate for the amount of things that will be stored while being a size and
        shape that is not an inconvenience to the rest of the room.
       They should have enough shelves and drawers to accommodate stored item. They also need
        to have good access with enough cabinet doors and cabinet’s that are not too deep.

                                      Western Christian Tech
                                   Traffic Area
   Function
        The traffic areas of the home provide passage from one room or area to another.
   Location
        It should be centrally located in the house to get to all areas of the house.
   Size and Shape
        A minimum amount of space should be devoted to traffic areas. Extremely long halls are avoided through other
   Considerations
        3’ minimum width

        well lighted.

                                               Western Christian Tech