Wealth Funnel System Exposed by aihaozhe2


									Please take a moment to learn everything you can about what the "wealth funnel
system" really is. The Wealth Funnel System is simply EDC Gold and EDC Diamond.
The person who copied a real funnel system that actually promotes a real business and
created a unique disguise for EDC Gold is Derrick Harper. Let's look into this Wealth

Derrick simply developed a new capture page for EDC Gold and EDC Diamond that
promises multiple income streams only after successfully selling stream #1, which is
simply Easy Daily Cash (EDC Gold). The claim of the websites I have seen is that
once you sell with this stream #1, you will be given the keys to the additional streams
(2-7). This looks like the old bait & switch technique. In my honest opinion, there are
no other income streams in this "system" because most people will fail miserably and
never make any sales in stream #1..... therefore streams 2 through 7 will not be needed
(if they even exist).

Why would you fail with stream #1, EDC Gold or EDC Diamond? EDC is a program
that promotes ebooks, the majority of which are free. The program is no different
from Passport to Wealth, Roadmap To Riches, The Little Guy Network, Big Ticket To
Wealth, and the countless other ebook programs available online. Bottom line, there is
no real business behind these programs... just ebooks that are given to you for your
$997 fee so these programs are not labeled as ponzi or pyramid schemes.

In the Wealth Funnel System, or in EDC Gold as the system should be sold, you can
only make money if you recruit. You do not make any real residual income.... that is,
you make money on 1 or 2 of your recruits' sales depending on which program you
are in. That is completely and 100% lame to me! In a real online business, you should
make money when you sell and you should make money when your recruits sell.
More importantly, you earn on all of their sales, not just the first 1 or 2. This gives you
true incentive to teach others how to market and how to sell. When you earn from all
of their sales you will do everything you can to lead people to success, will you not?

In a real online business, you should be promoting an actual business or you should be
charging for a real product. That is how real money is being made. Learn how to
make it today by avoiding the traps so many others fall into. There is plenty of
information on real business opportunities online. Do your research! The only wealth
being created in the Wealth Funnel System is for Derrick Harper.

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