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					        LEWISHAM ARTS NET                                      AGE EXCHANGE
                                                 11 Blackheath Village, Blackheath, SE3 9LA
          Theatre & Drama                        Tel: 020 8318 9105 Fax: 020 8318 0060
          INTRODUCTION                           Email:
LAN Factsheets have been produced in           Age Exchange aims to promote the value of
response to the many enquiries received by     older people’s memories by putting the spotlight
Lewisham Arts Service. The Factsheets          on them.         Through theatre, publishing,
                                               exhibitions, in-service professional training
aim to inform people who wish to participate
                                               programmes and through inter-generational
in the arts at whatever level they desire.     projects they record and celebrate older
        It is hoped that the LAN Factsheets    people’s experience and the valuable role they
will be helpful to anyone wishing to contact   play in their communities today.
or network with arts groups or organisations
in the Borough or anyone who may be
planning festivals, exhibitions, concerts,
productions etc.                                                  THE ALBANY
        LAN Factsheets are available                   Douglas Way, Deptford, SE8 4AG
                                                  Tel: 020 8692 0231 Fax: 020 8469 2253
covering dance, disability arts, music,                     Box Office:020 8692 4446
photography, video and film, theatre &                  Email:
drama, the word: written, spoken & printed,         
and visual arts.                               The Albany, in the heart of Deptford, is a multi-
        The Arts Service hopes that the        use performing and digital arts venue, with a
production of LAN Factsheets will              strong focus on working with diverse, local
encourage other Lewisham arts groups not       communities and is home to 18 community and
listed to send in information. This will be    arts organisations.        As part of Deptford’s
                                               massive       regeneration    programme     new
welcome at any time and added to LAN at        partnerships have been brought to the borough.
the next update.                               One of these is the Royal National Theatre’s
        The Arts Service would like to         project, The Art of Regeneration. Working with
acknowledge the co-operation of all            The Albany, The Art of Regeneration has
organisations that have provided information   succeeded in refurbishing the Albany Stage,
for this new edition of the LAN Factsheets.    inspired cabaret space, equipped with state of
        The Arts Service has tried to ensure   the art technical and digital equipment. Also
that the information is accurate at the time   refurbished are the café, foyer, studio space
                                               and the various sized community rooms, which
of publication.
                                               are all available to hire.
        For enquiries about the LAN
Factsheets and information on the Arts
Service, contact:
             Lewisham Arts Service,                       ART OF REGENERATION
     Town Hall Chambers, Rushey Green,                   The Albany, Douglas Way, SE8
                Catford, SE6 4RU                            Tel: 020 8692 0231 x 276
              Tel: 020 8314 7730                  Email:
              Fax: 020 8314 3333                 
                                               The Art of Regeneration, whose lead partner is
                                               the Royal National Theatre, was set up in 2001
                                               and aims to invest in the creativity of the young
                                               people in Lewisham and Greenwich by
                                               transforming the Albany into a powerhouse of
                                               classes, workshops and performances for
                                               young people.         AoR aims to bring live
         Arts Service                          performance back to the venue through an
                                               exciting programme of theatre, film, music,
                                               digital, multi-media and visual arts animation.
April 2005
                   ARTSCAPE                          wide audience. After more than a year of
                        closure, the Brockley Jack re-opened in
The multimedia directory for professional artists.   December 2003 re-equipped and restored as a
Artscape can be used to choose an artist for an      performance venue. It is now run by Southside
educational project, or simply to browse the         Arts, a collective of theatre artists who live in the
latest work by leading practitioners.        The     borough of Lewisham. As well as theatre they
featured individuals and organisations value the     aim to introduce music, comedy and poetry
opportunity to share their working practices with    performances. There will be monthly comedy
others, helping to develop the next generation of    nights and adult drama classes from 2004. For
artists and audiences.                               more information or ideas for a performance
                                                     event contact Karl Swinyard.

        OF MUSIC AND THE ARTS                                 CABOODLE ARTS COMPANY
                Marjorie Ayling                        66 Ravenscroft Road, Beckenham, BR3 4TR
      19-21 Lee Rd, Blackheath SE3 9RQ                   Tel:   020 8659 6327 Fax: 020 8676 7945
 Tel:   020 8852 0234 Fax: 020 8297 0596                      Email:
                   A new arts company providing after school
                                                     clubs, in-school projects and Saturday classes
 Drama for children and young people
                                                     in singing, art, drama, dance music and creative
                                                     writing. They run pre-school clubs for 6mths-4yr
       Creative dance and drama, 4-5 yrs, Sat
                                                     olds – activities include action songs, puppetry,
       Junior Theatre Workshop, 6-8 yrs, Sat
                                                     mime & movement. They also offer music
       Theatre Workshop, 9-13 yrs, Sat
                                                     tuition for children including guitar, recorder,
                                                     singing groups and piano. Caboodle’s aim is to
 Drama and movement for adults.
                                                     give all children the opportunity to explore the
                                                     arts and access a unique experience. Clubs run
                                                     all over London including Lewisham.
            BROADWAY THEATRE &
        Rushey Green, Catford, SE6 4RU                      CAPITAL THEATRE COMPANY
    Tel: 020 8690 0002 Fax 020 8314 3144                        Barrie Smith, Secretary
      Email:                         Tel:   020 8852 3258
The Theatre has recently undergone a                 An amateur adult theatre company, rehearsing
refurbishment that included upgraded access          and presenting three plays each year.
and facilities for disabled people. For the first    Rehearsals every Tuesday and Thursday
time, a lift will allow disabled people to access    evening at Mycenae House for performances at
the Studio Theatre. Currently, the Theatre           the Broadway Studio Theatre. Anyone
presents a wide range of ‘star’ attractions          committed to high standards and a serious
alongside a host of community events, providing      approach is welcome.
entertainment and educational programmes that        The Company is keen to welcome new
touch all ages. Around 150,000 people visit the      members to the group, whether interested in
Broadway Theatre every year to enjoy the             acting, directing or stage management and
widest variety of productions, from multicultural    design.
performances to pantomime; from traditional
music to rock concerts; from children's shows to
Caribbean comedy; from conventions to Sky
Sports presentations.
                                                         CENTRE STAGE THEATRE SCHOOL
                                                                  Principal - Andrea Rose
         BROCKLEY JACK THEATRE                          Haberdashers’ Aske’s Upper School, SE14
        Karl Swinyard – theatre manager                            Tel:    020 7787 8552
            410 Brockley Road, SE4                         Email:
              Tel: 020 8291 6354                     Acting, singing and dancing every Saturday –
The Brockley Jack theatre first opened in 1993.      either 10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm, for 6-16 year
Since then it has been home to different theatre     olds.
companies drawing both a local and London-
           COLLEGE PARK PLAYERS                                    D & B THEATRE SCHOOL
            Secretary - Hilda Osborn                           Central Studios, 470 Bromley Road,
        Burnt Ash Methodist Church Hall,                             Bromley, Kent BR1 4PN
            Burnt Ash Hill, SE12 0QD                       Tel: 020 8698 8880 Fax: 020 8697 8100
             Tel:   020 8857 7075                          Email:
College Park Players are an amateur group for          
all ages. They were established in 1924 and             D & B Theatre School offers tuition in all
are now based in Lee where they rehearse and            aspects of the performing arts – the emphasis is
perform contemporary and classical plays in a           to produce performers. Whether a pupil attends
friendly atmosphere. They aim to put on two             once a week for fun, or a student who wishes to
plays a year, one in autumn and one in early            become a professional, the aim is to nurture and
spring, meeting twice a week on Mondays and             encourage an interesting performance.
Wednesdays for rehearsals.          During the          The school offers its students individual
summer months they meet once a week for play            attention from dedicated, caring and highly
reading. New members are always welcome.                qualified staff.

  COMMUNITY EDUCATION LEWISHAM                                         ENTELECHY ARTS
  Mornington Centre, Stanley Street, SE8 4BL                               David Slater
             Tel: 020 8691 5959                          Room 25, The Albany, Douglas Way, SE8 4AG
             Fax: 020 8694 8446                                       Tel:   020 8694 9007
 Email:                      Email:
Community Education Lewisham offers courses                
in Stage and Film Acting, Acting for Confidence         Entelechy is an arts company with an informal
and Actor’s Workout.         Courses run on             network of over 300 members, including people
Saturdays and weekdays. There are courses               with learning disabilities, young people, older
for beginners, exploring through games and              people, people with different histories and
exercises, a basic actor’s toolkit. The Actor’s         interests. The company works with people
Workout is for more experienced acting                  society has often kept apart: people who carry
students and professionals.                             different descriptions and labels; people who
                                                        lead parallel and unconnected lives.

            Director: Andrew Carmichael
            1 Resolution Way, SE8 4NT                      ELDORADO MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS
                Tel:   020 8691 6729                                     Penny Mullord
 Email:                55 Trundleys Road, Deptford, SE8 5DB                              Tel: 020 7231 7531
Since its inception in December 2001 the                         Membership secretary, Jo Watt
Agency has sought to develop the scale and                             Tel: 07939 321195
level of activity of the creative sector in                    Email:
Lewisham and brings its resources to bear on a        
range of projects that seek to improve the              An amateur musical theatre company based in
liveability of the borough. All this work is aimed      south east London, performing modern musicals
at building on the specific strengths of the            and light operetta at the Broadway Theatre.
borough as outlined in the Creative Lewisham            Established in 1924 they have performed twice
report - making Lewisham the best place to              yearly ever since. They produce two shows a
“live, work and learn" in London, but also the          year with the hard work of aspiring actors,
best place in which to be creative. If the creative     singers and dancers who gain valuable
sector’s full potential is realised in the borough it   experience.     Members (including a large
will not only affect those who work in that sector      percentage of young people) also enjoy a
but will also positively improve the lives of all       number of fund-raising social events. Eldorado
Lewisham residents bringing sustainable                 is proud of its record of encouraging and
regeneration, an enhanced urban environment             developing musical talent in a warm and friendly
and increased opportunities for all.                    atmosphere.
        FUTURES THEATRE COMPANY                                   GOLDSMITHS COLLEGE
      The Albany, Douglas Way, SE8 4AG                               University of London
    Tel: 020 8694 8655 Fax: 020 8694 0289                  Drama Department, Goldsmiths College,
         Email:                     Lewisham Way, New Cross, SE14 6NW
Futures produces new theatre-in-education                 Tel: 020 7919 7414 Fax: 020 7919 7413
plays in collaboration with young people                          Email:
exploring health and social issues such as                 
drugs, sexual health and mental health.               The Drama Department is a vibrant and
Developmental workshops complement the                expanding department, which places a major
productions exploring the issues raised in the        emphasis on the creative interrelationship
plays in more depth and enabling young people         between practice and theory. Staff members are
to explore ideas most relevant to them.               active and committed researchers in all aspects
                                                      of the discipline: they carry out their research as
                                                      much through practice-based projects as
                                                      through theorisations of performance and
   GREENWICH AND LEWISHAM YOUNG                       explorations of textual practice. They aim to
          PEOPLE’S THEATRE (GLYPT)                    make work in a variety of media that reflects on
          Building 18, Royal Arsenal West,            and contributes to innovation in contemporary
                Woolwich, SE18 6ST                    production and performance practice, and have
   Tel:     020 8854 1316 or 020 8855 4911            appropriate facilities to assist in this work.
                Fax: 020 8317 8595                    Their Mission Statement outlines their aims: to
            Email:                 provide one of the finest centres for the study
                              and creation of theatre and drama in the
GLYPT provides a comprehensive programme              country. They offer a range of undergraduate
of educational arts activities for young people in    and postgraduate degree programmes.
south east London. The Company has a
regional, national and international reputation for              GOLDSMITHS COLLEGE
promoting learning through drama and theatre                        University of London
arts. Alongside the core Theatre-in-Education          Professional & Community Education (PACE)
and youth arts work, they have a strong history            Lewisham Way, New Cross, SE14 6NW
of innovative work with people with learning             Tel: 020 7919 7200 Fax: 020 7919 7223
disabilities and from refugee communities.                        Email:
GLYPT’s youth arts programme, offering drama          PACE offers a range of programmes and
workshops and youth theatre for young people          courses designed to encourage adults returning
aged 8-21, aims to provide enjoyable and              to study, and to provide routes into degree
challenging experiences giving young people           programmes; these include Access, Foundation,
the chance to express themselves both                 Certificate and Diploma programmes. These
creatively and socially.                              courses and programmes are designed to be as
                                                      flexible as possible; most can be studied part-
                                                      time, at your own pace, with classes available in
                                                      both daytime and evening. In many cases no
          GEORGE WOOD THEATRE                         formal qualifications are required. They also
        Goldsmiths College Drama Dept.                offer vocational and professional training
    Lewisham Way, New Cross, SE14 6NW                 including undergraduate and postgraduate
  Tel:    020 7919 7420 Fax: 020 7919 7413            programmes.
           Email:                    Programme areas include: Creative Writing,             Design & Technology, Literary Studies,
The principal performing space of the Drama           Performing Arts (including Drama & Theatre and
Department at Goldsmiths College, who also            Music), Art Psychotherapy/Dance Movement
use it for practical classes, rehearsals,             Therapy.
workshops, lectures, demonstrations etc. Seats
about 200 and has a proscenium arch, thrust
stage, two dressing rooms (accommodating
about 10 people each) and a fixed lighting grid
with 80 dimmable circuits.
                HEART ‘N SOUL                                  LEWISHAM ARTS SERVICE
             The Albany, Douglas Way,                      Town Hall Chambers, Rushey Green,
                     SE8 4AG                                         Catford, SE6 4RU
  Tel:     020 8694 1632 Fax: 020 8694 1532                        Tel:   020 8314 7730
       Email:                            Fax: 020 8314 3333
Musical Theatre organisation producing and           The Arts Service is part of Arts and
touring shows devised by the permanent               Entertainment, in the Directorate for Education
company of performance artists with learning         and Culture. The Service provides advice and
difficulties. Heart ‘n Soul includes the Heart ‘n    information on all aspects of the arts, to anyone
Soul Experience; the Beautiful Octopus and           with any interest in the arts. This may be
Squidz Clubs; Positive Hearts and Heart ‘n Soul      professional or non-professional artists; people
youth.                                               wanting to organise community arts projects or
                                                     arts festivals; those who need advice on
                                                     fundraising; or individuals enquiring about
               IN TOTO THEATRE                       opportunities for involvement in their chosen art
           Sarah Carter, Artistic Director           form. The Service also operates a Small Grants
      Unit 5, 53 Beacon Road, SE13 6ED               Scheme for arts activities taking place within the
               Tel:    020 8355 4343                 Borough of Lewisham. Please contact the Arts
            Email:              Service with an outline of your project. There is
                     also a publicity distribution service for arts and
In Toto Theatre aim to produce exciting,             community events, which is free to groups
stimulating visual theatre whilst remaining          based in the Borough. The Arts Service is the
accessible to a broad based audience. Touring        contact for information about the Borough’s
schools, theatres and arts spaces. Carrying out      festivals and events and also produces the Arts
specialist workshops in puppetry, mime,              Calendar, a monthly listing of local arts events
physical theatre, video production, as well as       and activities.
general drama, after school clubs and
community groups across a spectrum of ages           LEWISHAM EDUCATION ARTS NETWORK
and abilities.                                                        Jane Hendrie
                                                             The Albany, Douglas Way, SE8
             JUMPED UP THEATRE                                    Tel: 020 8694 6622
          Vic Bryson, Company Manager                         Email:
  42 Frankham House, Frankham St, SE8 4RL                 
        Email:              LEAN was set up to service the arts in
                    education needs in Lewisham. Its aims are:
Jumped Up Theatre creates performance
events under the artistic directorship of Kate        To act as a co-ordinating body for
Hall. These events take place in non-theatrical        arts/education activity;
spaces, places you wouldn’t usually expect to         To give arts education a higher profile within
find a piece of theatre. Jumped Up believe             Lewisham;
theatre is an exchange of energy and                  To advocate for high quality arts education
inspiration, of insight and knowledge between          in the borough and beyond;
artists and their community. So the creative          To develop and broker arts partnerships in
input of a variety of communities is sought on         Lewisham between professional artists,
every project. Their work is high resonance and        teachers, pupils and the wider community
topical. A lot of the work is new writing. They        within all art forms;
also collaborate with artists from all disciplines    To provide opportunities for Network
to make their projects multi-media.                    members to share ideas, experiences and
             LADY FLORENCE HALL                       To celebrate the cultural diversity of the
                  Adrian Spalding                      borough through the arts.
         21 Deptford Broadway, SE8 4PA
  Tel:    020 8694 5797 Fax: 020 8694 9581
The Lady Florence Hall is available to
performance groups in addition to dance and
music projects that the 999 Club offers as part
of its charitable objectives.
      LEWISHAM OPERATIC SOCIETY                    A bi-monthly magazine produced by Lewisham
           Mr A M C Evans, Secretary               Council and distributed throughout the Borough.
     82 Broadfield Road, Catford, SE6 1NG
             Tel:   020 8698 5294                                  ARTS CALENDAR
The Society mainly put on stage shows, ie          A monthly arts listings calendar giving details of
Music Hall, Panto, Musicals etc. The age           arts and entertainment activities throughout the
groups ranges from 7 years to ?, but they are      borough. Entries should be submitted via the
looking for more men and boys to join. They        above web site. Simply click on ‘What’s On’ and
meet every Friday between 7.30pm and               follow the instructions to enter your details.
10.00pm at Goldsmiths Community Centre,
Castillon Road, SE6. Newcomers are invited to                    THE MAGIC BOOK
go along on any Friday to see what the Society
                                                          THEATRE & PUPPET COMPANY
                                                                  Michele Petit-Jean
                                                        38 Holden House, Creekside, SE8 4SQ
      LEWISHAM SHOPPING CENTRE                               Tel/Fax:      020 8691 5552
            Sabine Bohnacker-Bruce                      Email:
   The Management Suite, 33a The Lewisham          Four actors, a ukulele and a bunch of puppets
          Shopping Centre, SE13 7HB                tour London Primary Schools with inventive and
             Tel:   020 8852 0094                  informative stage and puppet plays including:
             Fax: 020 8318 4064                    The Dustbin of Destiny – puppet play about re-
     Email:           cycling and re-incarnating and Plaque Busters
                 – dental health puppet show.
The Shopping Centre can make available poster
sites and display cases.     Opportunities for                  MAKEBELIEVE ARTS
performers are available in the context of
                                                                       Trish Lee
special promotions.
                                                       4 Millmark Grove, New Cross, SE14 6RQ
                                                                  Tel: 020 8692 8886
         LEWISHAM YOUTH THEATRE                            Email:
                 Elizabeth Downie                   
              The Broadway Theatre                 A theatre and education company, set both in
            Catford Broadway, SE6 4RU              and out of schools, developing projects that are
     Tel: 020 8690 3428 Fax: 020 8690 3428         both challenging and innovative, with people of
     Email:        all ages for whom theatre would not normally be
Lewisham Youth Theatre has been based in           accessible. The Company has a particular
Lewisham for fifteen years and in January 2002     focus on developing the work of Vivian Gussin
moved into their new home at the Broadway          in story telling, story acting (helicopter
Theatre, Catford. They produce high quality        technique) within the Early Years and Primary
full-scale theatre productions in different        currriculum. MakeBelieve Arts are always keen
locations across the borough. LYT is free to its   to hear from anyone looking for input into
members and they ask for commitment and            theatre and educational projects for all ages,
hard work in return. Currently they work with      from foundation stage through to adulthood
14-21 year olds but will be expanding to include
projects for all age groups and providing a
programme of children’s theatre on Saturdays in         MAN MELA THEATRE COMPANY
the Broadway Studio Theatre. LYT is very
                                                             P O Box 24987, SE23 3XS
interested in working with other community
                                                                Tel:    07966 215090
groups and organisations. They can design
specific projects for the needs of individual
                                                   Professional British Asian theatre company with
                                                   growing national profile, founded in Lewisham in
                                                   1993. Celebrates the British Asian experience
                 LISTINGS                          by producing exciting and challenging theatre
             LEWISHAM LIFE                         and encouraging new writing for performance.
                 The Editor,                       Aims to raise the profile of South Asian culture
   Room 413, Town Hall, Catford, SE6 4RU           in South East London and make it accessible to
    Email:            the wider community through workshops and
  Tel: 020 8314 7027, Fax: 020 8314 3120           shows.
              MONTAGE THEATRE                       workshops relating to their productions and can
                    Judy Gordon                     arrange workshops on drama, poetry and
      The Albany, 8 Douglas Way, SE8 4AG            musical instrument making.
             Tel/Fax: 020 8692 7007
        Email:                     PANDEMONIUM VIZIONS
                                     Maria Nwobani
Montage Theatre was created as a new                        441 New Cross Road, SE14 6TA
performance       company      researching    and                 Tel:   07900 263651
experimenting with relationships between               Email:
traditional theatre disciplines and technology by   Pandemonium Visions is a community arts
integrating dance, digital art, live and recorded   theatre group. They run summer schools,
music, physical theatre, sound, song and text.      weekend workshops and short courses, tailor
The company is also strongly committed to           made to suit the particular needs of a group and
working with non-performers, adults and             if necessary focus on a particular issue. They
children, creating new devised works as well a      work with adults ranging from 16 – 30 years.
running up to 20 weekly courses in drama,           Their work builds confidence, encourages
dance and singing for all ages. Venue: St           motivation and promotes fun. Much of their
Cyprian’s Hall, 1 Braxfield Road, Brockley, SE4     work uses the exploration of colour to tell and
                                                    create stories.
                    Zoe Mayne                                       POETRYUPFRONT
          The Albany, Douglas Way, SE8                               Rowland Macaulay
  Tel:     020 8694 0557 Fax: 020 8694 0618          35 Elizabeth House, Enterprize Way, SE8 3PY
            Email:                    Tel: 020 8691 8182 M: 07949 223194
Mu-Lan is an award-winning British-Oriental            
Theatre Company with an emphasis on new             Poetryupfront aims to set up a poetry workshop
writing.                                            to facilitate individuals and groups wishing to
                                                    perform their written work (poems, prose,
         OLIVERS ENTERTAINMENTS                     essays etc.).       They encourage the use of
          Marcia Oliver (Artistic Director)         drama, music and dance. With the right space
        David Graham (General Manager)              and funding this project will run periodically. All
   7 St. George’s Parade, Perry Hill, SE6 4DT`      age groups are targeted regardless of sexuality,
          Tel/Fax:       020 8699 5012              race or gender.
Based in south east London since 1981, a             A book, 'Poetry Inspired', has recently been
theatre school, agency and production company       published and a CD has also been released.
(on a part time basis) for all ages from 6-106      Director Rowland Macaulay is a poet of African
years. Main classes are for drama and singing       (Nigerian) descent who writes and performs
but they do include dance with a top                poetic drama/dance with a blend of backing
professional choreographer. Very performance        tracks/sounds (including African rhythms). He is
based, some members attend once a week as a         available to be involved in events such as
club/hobby and many go on to make                   carnivals, conventions, conferences, festivals,
entertainment their full time career. Beginners     workshops, Black History Month projects and
welcome. All classes £5 per hour.                   celebrations.

9 Deloraine House, Tanners Hill, Deptford, SE8                         Mark Norfolk
               Tel: 020 8691 7992                                1a Upper Brockley Road
       Email;                             London, SE4 1SY
                               Tel:   020 8692 6618
Openwide is a small independent touring theatre
group specialising in quality children’s theatre.   From scripting, casting, directing and production
Based in Lewisham and with a repertoire of          management through to a consulting service
entirely original productions, they use local       covers the sphere of their work. The company’s
artists in all aspects of the creative process.     broad spectrum of work includes theatrical
They regularly perform in theatres, art centres,    performances, pop videos, corporate videos,
National Trust houses and at arts festivals and     short film fiction and most recently feature film
school throughout the UK – though mainly in the     production.
south east.      They also provide children’s
                                                      seniors, aged 11-16 years old. To learn more,
              REHEARSAL SPACES                        you'll have to go along and find out!

The Albany (see above)

The Brockley Jack (see above)                                       SOUTHSIDE ARTS
                                                                        Karl Swinyard
Lady Florence Hall (see above)                        Brockley Jack Theatre, 410 Brockley Road, SE4
The Royal George, 85 Tanners Hill, SE8                               Tel: 020 8291 6354
Contact Mr or Mrs Smith, Tel: 020 8692 2594           Southside Arts are a collective of theatre artists
                                                      who live in the borough of Lewisham. They run
The Broadway Theatre (see above)                      the re-opened Brockley Jack theatre, which they
                                                      hope to bring back to life with a variety of
                                                      events. For more information, or ideas for a
                SECOND WAVE:                          performance event, contact Karl Swinyard.
                   Beverley Rose
 The Deptford Mission, 1 Creek Road, SE8 3BT                    THEATRE PRODUCTIONS
   Tel:    020 8694 2444 or 020 8691 0666                Tel:    020 8857 4959 or 020 8658 1080
               Fax: 020 8694 8918
                                                      Performance company for experienced singers
                                                      and dancers, presenting all types of musical
Second Wave run a wide range of youth
                                                      theatre, from old time music hall to American
programmes offering young people the
                                                      musicals, revues to operetta.      The group
opportunity to create and perform their own
                                                      performs two shows per year. The age range is
sketches, songs, dance, rap, poetry and new
                                                      18 to 80.
plays.     Workshops and courses in drama,
vocals, song writing, play writing, production and
related areas of stage and music technology.
Second Wave also offer accredited courses;                   UTOPIAN OPERATIC SOCIETY
Introduction to performing arts, accredited by                     Diane Ash, Secretary
London Open College Network (LOCN) for                      45 Fernheath Way, Wilmington, Kent
young people aged 16-24 years; Professional                          Tel: 01322 524723
Development Programmes for volunteers in                         Email:
youth and community arts; and other arts based        Utopian are a Lewisham based society and
flexible learning programmes.                         perform modern musicals, variety and music hall
                                                      productions.     Performance venue is the
                                                      Broadway Theatre.         They also provide
     SCOTT-WISE SCHOOL OF DANCE                       entertainment for older people’s clubs and
                    Ms E Scott                        organisations.
           Ackroyd Community Centre,
      Ackroyd Road, Forest Hill, SE23 1DL
            Tel/Fax: 020 473 4851
A popular theatre art school, which offers
classes in ballet, jazzy tap, modern jazz, street
jazz, drama and singing. They spend a lot of
time preparing the children for competitions,
auditions, exams and an annual show, which is
staged at the Broadway Theatre.
The drama workshops take place each Tuesday
evening at their other location - St. Hilda's Hall,
Forest Hill. They provide a relaxed and happy
environment for all the children to be able to
show what they are made of. The first session
begins at 6.15pm-7.15pm, for boys and girls
aged between 7-10 years old. The second
session begins at 7.15pm through to 8.15pm for