Walleye Fishing in the Shallows by aihaozhe2


									Walleye and Walleyed Pickerel fishing it's a passion, it's a dream. Shore casting has
great if not the greatest potential for catching those "Trophy Fish". Overall it quite
simple and cheap. That is of course providing that you have a decent spot. Yet aside
from a few pockets of popularity in some northern areas of the U.S. it can be said that
few Walleye anglers take advantage of this dynamite technique of the most avid of

Following is a shallow water technique and it is almost always necessary to practice
this procedure ahead of time. Yes it is cold and lonely, so dress warm. A fishing buddy
as well is always a good idea and even brings good luck if not companionship.
Essential is a good set of insulated waders as well as a hooded, waterproof coat to
wear over your clothing and waders. If possible plan your shore fishing expedition
with the wind at your back.

Gloves, a snowmobile suit, a stocking hat and so on are all necessary as it gets cold
and colder come fall time. A long handled net with a hoop diameter of 25 inches or so
should be available to land those big time fish. This can also serve well a double
purpose as a wading "staff". Attach the net with a cord and a big snap swivel tied on
the end. Include in this menagerie a small lure box, a flashlight and a rope stringer.

Use the big size 13 Rapala or 5 inch Bang-L-Lure variety as these plugs are generally
easier for the fish to "see" resulting in more fish strikes especially at night and in the
evening fishing time periods. Another lure type variety that is useful is the "Powerr"
head jig, usually a 3/8 ounce jig complete with a 4 inch "Sassy Shad". The barbed
¼ ounce jugs can be said to couple nicely with the 4 incher Shad. If you decide
or have access to a boat and gas or better trolling motor you can alternatively troll the
shallows for those evasive fish. Do troll silently, quietly and great stealth. Walleye and
Pickerel fish seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to sound in the water and are
easily "spooked".

All in all in it can be said that when it comes to shore casting for Walleye and Pickeral
fish it is much like the location of a fine restaurant or eatery. The most important
factor overall is location , location and location on shore casting to the shallows.

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