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									                                  FALSE FLAGS

Excerpts from II Timothy 3:1-9, 12-13: ―But know this, that in the last days
perilous (Greek: “dangerous, furious, fierce, raging insanity”) shall come. For
men shall be lovers of self, lovers of money, boasters, blasphemers,
disobedient to parents, thankless, unclean, without natural affection,
trucebreakers, slanderers (false accusers), slaves to lust, fierce, haters of
good, betrayers, reckless, proud and arrogant (puffed up with pride and
haughtiness--bullies, sadists), lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of
Elohim…these also oppose the truth—men of corrupt minds…And indeed all
those that will live a Shabbat-keeping, set-apart lifestyle in Messiah Yahushua
shall be persecuted. But, evil men and imposters shall grow worse and worse,
leading astray and being led astray‖. (Italics mine)

Today, rulers of this world are so evil, that their one intent is to rid the world
of the Word of Yahuweh, and His image--mankind.

What is a false flag? You should know about them for they have been and are
bombarding your life. Beware: If you believe the propaganda that goes with
them, they can lead you down the ―broad road to destruction‖.
Be aware, also, that those who work for Satan/Lucifer have a mind like him.
They have no conscious of right or wrong. They extend no mercy or
compassion. They have in their hearts only an insane lust for cruelty and
violence, for sadistic torture and the spilling of the blood of the creation of the
Yahuweh. Their greatest delight is doing the hideous atrocities that the normal
mind cannot conceive of. They, and their creations—violent DNA-altered
humans and animals and mixtures of the two—are being released on us.
As you read this now declassified, once top secret information, realize that
these people, whom most people have trusted to take care of them, are evil
beyond the imagination. Their determined goal is to rid the planet of all that
reminds their god, Lucifer/Satan, of Yahuweh and Yahushua. (Genesis 1:26)

Definitions of a false flag, from Alex Jones’ DVD Terrorstorm‖: ―A false flag is
a covert operation conducted by a government, or by a corporation, or
other organization, which is designated to appear as though it were carried
out by other entities”.
From Steve Quayle’s short wave radio program, February 2008: “A false flag is
a deceptive move to get your eyes off the real truth an onto the false flag’s
propaganda goal. The American people are given one decoy move after
another, so they can’t see the real truth behind it.”

From the Encyclopedia Britannica: “A false flag is a covert operation
conducted by a government, corporations or other organizations, which are
designed to happen as though they were carried out by other entities.”

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George Orwell in his book 1984 said: “In a world of universal deceit, telling
the truth is revolutionary.”

An example of a false flag: A government-sponsored terrorist attack takes
place. The public is shown videos on T.V. of the disaster with all the
propaganda hype against the bad guys. Then year after year, the same scene
of the attack is shown to the public on a regular basis, dwarfing other news by
the constant mind-programming propaganda. Thus the public is scared into
going along with whatever the government wants in order to secure their
protection. They are willing to relinquish their rights for tyranny under the
guise of security and peace. News is controlled so that the public stays focused
on what the enemy has done to us, and might still do to our nation.
In December of 2004, over 6,000 Americans died in the horrible tsunami in
Southern Asia, but their deaths were not reported on American news. During
the whole of the tsunami event, we were shown the same one picture of the
twin towers falling--over and over. We are shown the same one picture of Bin
Lauden firing his gun, and told he’s made videos threatening us. Yet he’s been
dead for a few years, buried in his family vault in Afghanistan.
Another example: A horrible attack on your own people occurs. An enemy is
blamed, and an excuse is given to go after that enemy (real or not), in order to
obtain the pre-planned goals—like obtaining oil, or mineral wealth, or gold, or
power and control over a country, or all of these and more. The real reason is
In the case of 9/11/01, this false flag was to create a ―ground zero‖ for the
New World Order. That’s what ―ground zero‖ means—the launch pad for the
Illuminati world takeover. It was the kickoff of the Illuminati/Jesuit world
ruler’s plans to takeover of the entire world, and put their god on the Temple
Mount as the world ruler. It was also an excuse to get into Afghanistan and the
Middle East for an expansion of the drug trade, to take over their oil, to create
the needed chaos for the Luciferic plans to eliminate mankind, as well as to
justify a non-existent war on terror--designed to unite fearful people to do as
they are told. It was an excuse to have a code word, Al Qaeda, by which to
terrorize Americans and the world in general into complying with the demands
of a world government, willingly giving up their freedom for promises of peace
and security. Al Qaeda is basically a database of the CIA, in which willing Arabs
will do their dirty work for money. Muslims are easy fall guys for propaganda
purposes. It’s always the Muslims that are pictured as terrorists, not the
sweet-faced government leader smiling at you on your T.V. II Corinthians
11:12-15: The ―angel of light‖ routine deceives the already mind-controlled
public every time.
Not long ago, 82% of the American people polled said they believed 9/11 was
an ―inside job‖. Too much proof for too long. This information has not been
declassified by our government, as you can tell by the on-going propaganda.
But, the has gotten out in so many ways so that it is not hidden knowledge.

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This false flag was also designed to get the American people behind the
planned attack on Afghanistan and then Iraq, and perhaps an attack on Iran to
secure the Middle East for the purposes of the ultra rich—the Illuminati
trillionaires. The Taliban was created by America’s CIA under President Jimmy
Carter. We control it. Another reason for getting into that region was to
create chaos so that Israel will be attacked (Ezekiel 38-39), and brought under
U.N. control, so that the world ruler can be brought to the Temple Mount (Luke
21:20). But, there are far more reasons. Iraq has become one giant atrocity
laboratory—for experimentation and practice for what they will do to us all, if
they can.
Researcher Alex Jones interviewed Dr. Steven Jones (no relation), U.S.
physicist from Brigham Young University, about how the twin tower building 7
came down in less than 9 seconds. He said ―thermite‖ was used on the
supporting pillars to melt and collapse the tower in seconds. ―Thermite‖
causes iron to melt and collapse. It has properties of sulfur and phosphorus.
These work together to slice through the iron and steel like a hot knife goes
through butter. He said that from the tower, as it fell, could be seen yellowish
hot molten metal, with white ash, which is a ―signature‖ of thermite use.
From Steve Quayle’s ―Q-Files‖ short wave program, February 11, 2008: The
events of 9/11/01 were accomplished in part by remote control planes,
holograms, and bombs planted by the CIA going off within the building. It
whole thing was accomplished by the work of the CIA (international hit men for
the Illuminati). Dov Hutane’s factory makes remote control planes. He was #2
man in the Pentagon in charge of the budget, when between twenty and
twenty-four billion dollars ―disappeared‖. Hutane owned the company that
made the remote control planes the CIA used in the 9/11 hoax on the American
people. It appears that Hutane was either paid off for his help, or that he gave
the CIA what they wanted to cover his theft. [I recommend you get Alex Jones’
DVD/video: ―9/11 Road to Tyranny‖—it was one of the first of a multitude of
videos and DVD documentaries showing that it was indeed an inside
government job.]
Russia blew up some buildings in Moscow in 1999, and used it as an excuse to
take over and destroy the whole country of Chechnya. In fact, the blowing up
of one’s own buildings, or doing some terrorist act by a government of a nation
to use as an excuse for their own pre-planned dirty work, is becoming so
common that it is fascinating.
The Oklahoma City bombing was an inside CIA job also. Research/author Gary
Kah exposed that scenario, along with others. Each event is designed to scare
citizens into giving up their liberties for more control by their government—
exchanging their freedom for tyranny and slavery, with the promise of security
and safety and protection by the government who is programming their brain
daily by hidden propaganda. America, in its history, has gone from a Republic
under a wonderful Constitution, to a fake Democratic Union that is controlled
by the central government, to a Socialistic State, and is fast moving towards a

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Fascist and Feudal state--where there are lords and there are surfs—rulers and
Besides the Patriot Act I, which takes away our liberties, there is now a Patriot
Act II, being held in the wings, that is designed to make us a police state of the
worst kind.
One thing I noticed some time back, but it has been confirmed recently, is that
America’s role-model nation, whose policies we are following more and more,
is China. We are following many of their political policies, their military
policies, torture policies, some of their organ harvesting policies, and will soon
follow their one child law (population control policies) and their no-freedom of
religion laws that include religious registration. I had a powerful dream about
four years ago that each citizen of America will have to register by religion and
fill out forms about religious beliefs. In one question on the form, we will have
to admit to the name we call our ―God‖. Under penalty of arrest, we will have
to answer each question fully. Our very belief in the coming of Messiah
Yahushua is illegal on a world level, and will be punishable. I know this for a
fact, from personal knowledge.
The ―Waco incident‖, late 1990s: ―David Koresh and his people were lied about
and set up for that horrible ending, where over 70 people were burned alive at
the order of Janet Reno. I sat there in my easy-chair, like multi-millions of
other Americans, and watched 70 people being burned alive at the order of one
of our leading American officials. It was a numbing experience. The
government is planning to do that to all those who believe in the second
During the time I was living in Aqaba, Jordan, our government sent members of
the National Security Administration to locate all the ex-pats in all countries of
the world, pretending to be Christians who believed in the second coming of
Jesus, in order to register American citizens overseas who believe in His return.
I found out from a Christian National Security Administration leader that indeed
it was true. The NSA had made a fine grid, to make sure they talked to all ex-
pats everywhere on earth to find Americans citizens who believe in the second
coming of Jesus/Yeshua/Yahushua and register them. How much more are
they conscientiously registering American citizens within America that believe
in His second coming—like you? Jews believe in the Messiah’s first coming.
They have not escaped being registered by the American government, and the
Israeli government under American control.
David Koresh was not the wicked man he was purported to be, but was
teaching Hebrew roots to his people—who were called ―The Branch Davidians‖.
He was well known in Waco, and was doing nothing wrong. It was a false flag—
used by our government to make belief in the second coming of Messiah a
potential terrorist belief. The day after the horrible murder of these people—
men, women and children—Janet Reno made a national public speech, which I
heard, in which she said openly that all those who believe in the second coming
of Jesus are potential terrorists, and potentially harmful to the government.

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Because of this false flag, and the ensuing lies to back it, F.E.M.A. (The Federal
Emergency Management Authority) put together a 700-page plus book, saying
who was a potential terrorist and who was a potential danger to the
government. F.E.M.A. is not just that bungling do-gooder organization that
helps people in disasters—F.E.M.A. is the shadow/secret government of the
U.S., which will take over, along with the ―Quartet‖ when the martial law is
Top on the list of all world governments are those that believe in the second
coming of Messiah--again, following China’s pattern, which forbids the teaching
of the books of Daniel and Revelation under penalty of arrest and death.
F.E.M.A.’s rules also include those who use the name ―Yahuweh‖ as being
potentially harmful. This was added because a group of Americans went to
Israel calling themselves ―Yahwehists‖, and threatened to blow up a few places
in the Arab world. We had an Arab friend, a waiter at a restaurant we
frequented in Aqaba, ask us if we were going to blow them up—if we were part
of the Yahwehists. Sad! F.E.M.A.’s 700-page book describes all those who
sincerely love Yahuweh and His Word as being potential terrorists, including
those that know the Truth of their activities, those that home school their
children, and those who meet in homes to study the Bible.
We are already under martial law with a martial law flag (the American flag
with the gold fringe)—it’s just not openly been manifested yet. Do you realize
that it will take one false flag to give the excuse to declare martial law? It
could be the release of the U.S. laboratory-created bird flu being released
airborne. It could be the breaking of the fault line in California, causing untold
damage. It could be a planned attack from an outside source, or inside source,
orchestrated by the government, of course. It could be the panic from the
economic collapse that is close, causing civil war to break out in the U.S.
Things are being done in our 200+ underground cities that would horrify any
normal person. Russia and China both have about 200 or more underground
cities and complexes in which they do their dirty work. Under the earth, there
are underground ―tubes‖ that can transport people 1,100 – 1,200 miles in 12
minutes. These are connected to U.S. military headquarters/bases. Now we
have planes that go straight up into the outer atmosphere on one side of the
world and come straight down on the other side, wherever the passengers want
to go. By 2009, they want to make this technology for public travel.
In the Scriptures it talks about ―the four winds‖, as in Revelation 7:1. These
are the four forces of man under Lucifer that control the world system—
political, economic, military and religious. The total take-over of the world
system by Lucifer and his agents was held back by Yahuweh until His end-time
Bridal remnant was sealed. But, now, they those who will not die have been
sealed as we have entered the final cycle of seven years before Messiah comes,
and we fast moving into the trumpet judgments of Revelation 8 (between 2009
and 2012). Even NASA is afraid of these, for they are cosmic and cataclysmic.

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By Revelation 9, we see in verse 4 that unless they are sealed, they will die like
anyone else. But, the preparations of the world community’s top leadership of
a few men is being finalized. (See my article: ―What The World’s Elite Are
Doing To Prepare Their Ark…‖)
In reality, the real terrorists are the Luciferic world rulers who are bent on
getting the earth’s population down to under 150 million people—as they have
openly stated. [For in-depth information, read my article: ―Eugenics: The
Planned End of Mankind‖, for details.}
More on false flags: ABC News, New York, May 1, 2002 by David Rupert: ―In the
early 1960s America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill
innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in US cities, to create public
support for a war against Cuba. The code name was `Operation Northwoods’.
The plans reportedly included the possibility of the assassination of Cuban
government leaders, the sinking of boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas,
hijacking airplanes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent
terrorism in U.S. cities. The plans were developed as ways to trick the
American public, and the international community into supporting a war with
Did Saddam Hussein have nuclear weapons? -- Not when we attacked Iraq.
They had been moved into either Syria or Pakistan. Under George Bush, Sr.,
America gave Saddam Hussein nuclear capabilities. Gulf War II was planned a
long time before it went public. Some of us in Aqaba saw U.S. troops going up
to the Iraqi border via the King’s Highway from the port of Aqaba, in the
autumn of 2002.
Supposed weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were used to justify the
slaughter of upwards of 60,000 civilians, and the number keeps rising, by
American troops primarily, and all the other horrors done to our own troops, to
the Iraqi people, and to their country. The reasons for attacking Iraq are kept
secret from the public--and all are for personal reasons of the ultra rich elite,
behind the scenes world rulers. In fact, when it gets down to the core of who’s
running everything for the Vatican Jesuits (Illuminati heads), we find the
―Council of Five‖…who issue the decisions for the world’s visible puppet
leadership to carry out. Our boys are being chipped, used in experiments for
all sorts of deadly things, and being mind-programmed for future use in the
martial law of America. Pray for our good men and women in the military!
Hitler came to power on February 27, 1933, using a false flag. He used it to
start the war, to blame it all on the Jews, and take over other countries.
Herman Goring—a leading member of the Nazi Party orchestrated the burning
of the German Parliament Building. A young man who was mentally retarded
was found naked behind the Parliament, and accused of starting the fire and
was beheaded. (And we thought the Muslims were the only ones that beheaded
people. Yes, Muslims behead their victims, but the guillotine was a French
contraption and they are in the U.S. now by the thousands. It was also the

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―civilized‖ western Europeans that used it as a means of execution. Now, it
has returned in vogue to America as well.
Hitler used the Reichstagg fire to pass laws enabling him to seize total control
of German and then began his ―expansion‖. This type of false flag is spelled
out in Patriot Act I in the U.S. Now there is a more severe Patriot Act II, by
which we lose all freedoms and the President becomes a total dictator, like
Hitler, whom our government funded, sponsored and helped.
In August of 1939, Hitler needed a reason to invade Poland. Himmler came up
with one. They took a Jewish prisoner and dressed him up in a Polish military
uniform. They put him on the German/Poland border. Then they shot him,
claiming that Poland was about to attack. It worked—they invaded Poland,
with the help of military vehicles and money sent to Hitler by the President of
General Motors, Ford, and other U.S. companies.
In 1953, there was ―Operation Ajax‖. Now all this is declassified material, so
your reading it is OK and legal. The Iranian, democratically elected, western-
taught, President Mohammed Mossadeq--a friend of the U.S.--was maliciously
taken out of power by the CIA. He was a good man who wanted to run Iran
well and democratically. The CIA reason: Mossadeq had internationalized his
oil fields, rather than selling just to Britain as was done before…to Britain’s BP
oil company.
From the London Guardian news of August 20, 2003: ―Britain and the U.S.
crushed Iran’s First Democratic Government‖. It goes on to tell the story that
the Field Commander for the CIA (U.S.’s Central Intelligence Agency, which is
really the international murder squad for the Illuminati) invasion of Iran and
Operation Ajax was grandson of Theodore Roosevelt—Kermit Roosevelt. At this
death in 2000, he went public with this. The plan comprised propaganda,
provocation and bribery, a ―false flag‖ operation with paid protestors against
Mossadeq. The CIA bombed mosques, killed religious leaders, machined
gunned civilians, and blamed it all on Mossadeq. They handed out thousands of
handbills saying that Mossedeq had done all those horrible things.
From 1947 until the present, ―Operation Gladio‖ has been an umbrella name
for hundreds of bombings carried out by western intelligence, and NATO, in
Italy and the rest of Western Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia.
The bombings were blamed on who ever they wanted taken out. August 20,
1980, 80 people were killed in Italy, and because their government knew it was
CIA, they went public with it.
Hundreds of declassified documents have been released. Newspapers have
gone public and reports written giving the truth. The documents listed train
bombings, bus bombings, school bus bombings, airline bombings, car bombings,
school bombings, and school shootings—all CIA directed. The public is being
infuriated against Muslims to the degree that they will relinquish their liberties
so that the government can ―get the bad Arabs‖. When all the time, the
militant Muslims in America are being directed, led and supervised by the
government itself.

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The Viet Nam War was set in motion by President Johnson using the August
1964 ―Gulf of Tonkin‖ incident as his excuse. Supposedly the North Vietnamese
attacked a U.S. ship off North Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin. In 2005, the truth
was declassified and the truth came out that President Johnson and his
Secretary of Defense Robert Mc Namara had planned the incident in the Gulf of
Tonkin as an excuse to go to war with Viet Nam. 58,000 of our soldiers died,
thousands wounded severely, 1.5 million Vietnamese citizens were slaughtered.
By propaganda, we have been made loyal to America as ―the greatest nation on
earth‖. Yet at the same time, the globalists say that anyone who is patriotic
and nationalistic is ―mentally ill‖ and needs to be re-programmed. One tool of
mind programming is to constantly change the rules.
It has also come out publicly that the U.S. President and his cabinet knew that
the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor, and did nothing. Why? It was
our excuse to enter World War II. Unfortunately, war is a big boom to our
economy, and many wars are entered for that excuse alone. But, there were
many other factors involved in our entrance into World War II.
On June 8, 1967, during the six-day war in Israel, President Johnson ordered
the USS Liberty to take position off the Israeli coast. It positioned itself in
international waters and held position until further notice. All of a sudden
Israeli planes attacked it, and also their torpedo ships. The Captain of the USS
Liberty called for help. There were other US military ships in the area. They
heard the plea for help and called Secretary of Defense Robert Mc Namara and
President Johnson to OK the rescue. In the meantime, an Israeli torpedo went
into the side of the ship, causing extensive damage.
The Captain of the rescue ship was Admiral Geiss. Here is President Johnson’s
message to Admiral Geiss concerning rescue of the USS Liberty: ―I want that
god damned ship going to the bottom‖. (I’m only quoting the President.) That
is caught on tape, and has been declassified. How did Admiral Geiss feel at
that point? He was a good man, like most of our military men and women.
A Russian spy ship saw Israel’s attack, and went to investigate. When Israel
saw they had witnesses to the attack, they pulled back. Alex Jones talked to
some of the men on both ships, as to what happened. It came out that
President Johnson ordered Israel to attack and kill all, so that it could be
blamed on Egypt. An Israeli airplane pilot has gone public with this
information. By blaming Egypt, the U.S. wanted an excuse to go to war and
take over the Middle East, taking advantage of the six-day war going on
already. The USS Liberty Captain and crew were told to remain quiet with the
threat of life imprisonment or death. How could America get away with telling
Israel what to do? Since 1947, America has been telling Israel what to do--in
their wars—even controlling general’s positions on the battle field—controlling
their infrastructure policies, and policies with the PLO and Hamas—in short,
America runs Israel.
From the Lekarev Report February 7, 2005 from Israel: ―One of Israel’s major
concerns is that it will lose its right of self-defense to the CIA‖. Indeed, as in

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the 2006 war with Hezbollah, America and the United Nations helped
Hezbollah, and kept Israel from winning.
I have a heart for our enlisted men and women, as I do for the Israeli IDF and
IAF and Navy personnel. It hurts me deeply when I learn about the
experiments that were done and are being done on our troops. As of early
January 2008, the ―Veteran’s Bill‖ has passed the Senate and awaits the
President’s signature. This should make any decent American react. The
Veterans will have their guns taken away from them because of PTSS (Post
Traumatic Stress Syndrome) that they are all supposed to have, following
combat. The veterans have to admit having this syndrome, or they can’t get
their medical benefits. Talk about a trap! From ―agent orange‖ to ―depleted
uranium‖ our troops are being exposed to the most horrible of chemical
warfare. But, then again, so are we civilians without knowing it.
Let’s look at the March 11, 2004 Madrid bombings and the July 7, 2005 London
bombings. It was said Al Qaeda was responsible for the Madrid bombings, but
they were not. It was finally traced to the Spanish Security Service’s bomb
squad. The London bombings were traced to western intelligence operatives.
Tony Blair was losing the election in progress. Now, how is Tony going to stay
in power when President Bush’s and his war is less than four month’s old?
Of course, Muslims were blamed. But, it was really the work of the MI 6 -- the
British Secret Service. Bus #30, going from Harkney Wick to Marble Arch, its
usual route, was told by the police to divert its route to another place, and
park by a bus stop that was not assigned to bus 30. The bus driver obeyed, and
after parking, within 15 minutes, the bus blew up. This was at the same time
that bombs went off on three trains in the train subway, killing many people.
Police waited for 1 ½ hour before doing anything, saying it was nothing—only a
power outage. Three men, supposedly had bombs in their backpacks, and
boarded the trains. But, under investigation, these three men, rather than
being suicide bombers, had families, good jobs, and good reputations. It was
later assumed that by their lifestyle, they probably didn’t even know the
bombs were in their backpacks. In fact, it is strange, that all the nails from
the bombs, were sticking straight up into the carriages from the floorboards,
indicating the bombs were under the train also. Fifty-six people were killed.
At the exact time of the train bombings, there was a military drill in the area.
The good military was kept diverted to keep them from response to the
incident. In fact, it is strange that when most of these bombings take place,
the military is doing drills nearby—and people think the real thing is just a part
of the drill. In fact, the odds of the drills happening all over the western world
at the same time the real event is happening, is a number with 41 zeros behind
it. The earth has 18 zeros behind the number of estimated grains of sand on
earth, but the odds on the drills are with 41 zeros.
The G-8 was in London on July 7, 2005 at the time of the bombings. So often
these things happen when a diplomat is in town…like when one of the U.S.
diplomats comes to the Middle East, Israel or Jordan, or otherwise.

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At this time, Tony’s departmental heads were reluctant to send English troops
to Iraq. Tony used this to create takeover laws that are similar to the U.S.
Patriot Act I. Thus he was re-elected, and did what he wanted to do. Notice
that Putin was not elected to another term a few weeks ago, yet he ended up
with his dear friend elected, who made him the next in command. When
someone wants to stay in office, they can do all sorts of things. Think about
that! Dictatorship is the in-thing. The President of Kenya, to stay in office
recently, induced a civil tribal war, between his tribe who backed him, and the
Christianized Luo tribe.
It is all coming out, and unwinding. Light is indeed being shown on the things
of darkness. But, those of the darkness don’t care anymore if they are
exposed, like President George W. Bush publicly saying that it didn’t matter if
there was a law covering his actions or not, he could do what he wanted to do.
This came out in The Boston Globe, April 30, 2006—in the article entitled:
―Bush Challenges Hundreds of Laws‖.
It is all coming out about the CIA torture camps—even on NBC Nightly News.
Their laws even OK the torture of children, and threatening prisoners with the
death of their families. In that news broadcast in February on NBC, they even
talked about CIA torture procedures used. If you have an ear to hear, the
Father will let you hear.
The Pentagon, the White House, and the CIA all have open war tactics planned
for the American citizen, under the ―Homegrown Terrorist Act‖. Both Britain
and Canada have similar policies.
What you need to know is that when our Elohim, Yahuweh, tells us over and
over in the Word to get out of end-time Babylon, He’s not kidding. There is no
doubt for anyone who reads the chapters carefully, that end-time Babylon is
America. That is also historical fact in the progression of Nimrod’s plans.
More than ever before, we must get before Him in silence, with the Word, and
let His Spirit teach us and talk to us and tell us what He wants us to do. We
can’t do it in 15 minutes. We have to make seeking Him the priority—―with all
our heart, with all our soul and with all our might‖. He says that those who
seek Him with all that is in them will find Him.
We are close to the bird flu being released, purposely, airborne, and when that
happens, military police will be given instructions to quarantine the American
people. You will have to stay in your house under penalty of being shot, but
also for the sense of not so easily getting the flu. The flu can be prevented and
overcome, though we are told that millions will die from it.
People like myself, have been pleading for a long time, telling people to get
out of debt, get food in your house for several months at least, and water, and
provisions as you need them, because unless you do famine is in your face.
Famine will cause horrible reactions in your neighbors. We must be prepared
to survive. We must also be wise and obey the Father. You can grow a garden
for a little longer in Central or South America, or some island or rain forest on
the planet. Thing is, we need to prepare for what is coming, period.

                                    Page 10
I am not a movie-goer, nor a T.V. watche. Up until recently, I had not seen a
movie for about ten years. But, recently Father has directed me to a few
movies to see for my research on end times. I have been telling people that
movies have been disclosing what is really going on, so that the public will say:
―It was only a movie‖, and not take it seriously.
In the movie, 2008 release, ―I Am Legend‖, it gives words, expressions, and
events that are about to happen. In the conversation, as the main character is
driving his wife and child to the heliport to escape, the U.S. President comes
on the car radio and says he is using ―Executive Orders to order a military
quarantine of New York City‖ because of a deadly virus has been released
―airborne‖. This is planned for us—its reality. The movie shows violent
mutates, violent rats, dogs, etc.—but my friends, these things are being
developed in underground laboratories in the U.S. to be released on the
American public.
Some false flag will be used as an excuse to declare martial law—and releasing
bird flu could be it. It could be public rioting regarding the economy, or the
big earthquake that is being set up right now to happen in California. The
earthquake faults in California are being bombarded by scalar technology to
loosen them.
The Pentagon has many in charge who are Satanists. They also have many
projects for creating mutant ―super soldiers‖ and super animals for warfare--on
the American people. Their project, D.A.R.P.A. (The Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency, has a program called EPWFP--Extended Performance
War Fighters Program. It is EPWFP that is creating these killer monsters. They
also have created a ―bee‖ that can sting anywhere, even in a snowstorm, if
released. This stinging tormenting bee could be part of the stingers in
Revelation 9. At the end of ―I Am Legend‖ is a scene that could be
representative of Yahuweh’s remnant--those, like Noah and his family who
escape because of purity of blood. Noah’s blood was not contaminated,
neither was the blood of his family. Therefore, they were allowed to survive. I
don’t recommend you watch movies because your flesh wants to. Be led by the
Spirit in all things. But, I am telling you they are revealing reality to a totally
ignorant public. Father controls my research, and I only go as far as He leads
beyond the Word, which is my main source of research.
We have been set up by propaganda. We have been mind controlled and set up
for total destruction. We will be kept totally dumb until the day that it all
comes down. In my article ―Quiet Wars and Silent Weapons‖ I give you exact
quotes from the Illuminati handbook as to how they have programmed us into
stupidity, mindlessness, ignorance, and depravity.
The great deception, spoken of in II Thessalonians 2:9-12, that will fool the
elect if possible. Matthew 24:24: ―For false messiahs and false prophets shall
arise, and they shall show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, I
possible, even the elect.‖
―False prophets‖ can be secular government leaders. ―False messiah’s can be

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secular government leaders also, who want you to look to them as your
messiah—your helper, your security provider, and your protector. The worship
of man’s abilities, and the giving of ourselves to man’s leadership in America—
doctors, lawyers, psychologists, counselors, pastors or priests, college
professors, PhDs, and on and on—is a form of giving ourselves to false prophets
and false messiahs. We must trust in, and lean on, Yahuweh only!
The anti-messiah (the one who comes in the place of, appearing to be, the
messiah, will come with illusions, demonstrations of power that will awe the
world, and all being ―false flags‖, in order to bring the world into submission to
II Thessalonians 2:8-12: ―And the lawless one shall be revealed, whom the
Master shall consume with the Spirit of His mouth, and bring to naught with the
manifestation of His coming. The coming of the lawless (Torahless) one is
according to the working of Satan, with all power and signs and wonders of
falsehood and with all deceit of unrighteousness (acts against the Torah of
Yahuweh—the teachings and instructions of Yahuweh) in those perishing,
because they did not receive the love of the truth in order for them to be
saved. And for this reason, Elohim sends them a working of delusion, for them
to believe the falsehood, in order that ll should be judged who did not believe
the truth but have delighted in unrighteousness‖. (Italics mine)
Those so-called believers who reject His Torah, who despise His covenant, who
believe they have a free ticket to heaven because they prayed a prayer, but
went on to live like the world, those who do not know Him because they are
too lazy to study His Word and hear from the Spirit of Yahuweh for themselves,
will be sent a deception so that they will buy into it, along with the unsaved
people of the world who have never known His salvation.
Read Revelation 19:19 and 17:14. These are strange verses unless you realize
that the world’s top leadership, under Lucifer, knows that He is coming. They
have had meeting after meeting as how to stop Him. I know from personal
information. They know He is the Son of Yahuweh, and He is coming in the
wrath of Yahuweh. Therefore, the world’s leading governments have made
plans to stop Him by all sorts of outer space and weaponry technology, given to
them by Lucifer’s fallen angels—technology that is so high that few people on
earth even know about it. Our government knows about it—and so does Russia’s
government—and are using it now. It has the power to awe and hypnotize and
mentally paralyze, and to draw the world’s people into accepting and
worshipping the anti-messiah world ruler—Satan/Lucifer in the flesh.
That’s why I keep emphasizing that we must learn to live out of our eternal
spirit that contacts the realm of Yahuweh if we are Scripturally born from
above (John 3:3, 5, 7-8). The mind (the soul—will, reasoning, emotions—seat
of the sin nature) is too easily controlled by other, and by our own fleshly
desires. Example, Romans 8:14: ―Those that are led by the Spirit—they are
the sons of Elohim‖.
Galatians 5:22-25: ―But, the fruit of the Spirit (the manifestations of the

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Spirit of Yahuweh through our re-born spirit) is love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, trustworthiness, gentleness, self-control. Against such
there is no Torah (teachings or instructions). And those who are of Messiah
have impaled (put on the execution stake) the flesh, with its passions and the
desires. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit‖. (Italics mine)
As has been planned carefully, and now is more and more feasible because of
space technology, the anti-messiah will appear with fallen angels in spacecrafts
(formerly UFOs), with the illusion of Jesus’ return, and all other lying signs and
wonder. They will also come with a message to the earth’s worshippers of
other religions. They will tell the earth’s people that they are our ancestors,
and that they are good and here to help us solve our problems. In fact, the
Catholic Church is already telling their people to accept these ―visitors‖ from
other planets as friends of the Pope and as fellow Christians. (See the article
―The Vatican and Extraterrestrials‖) Our government Congressional leaders,
and the U.N., have been having meetings about disturbing things, including the
increase of UFOs, which are not unidentified anymore. And an increase in UFO
sightings—oh yes—all over the world this phenomenon is happening.
I want you to know about false flags, so that you don’t fall for the propaganda
and go along with the wicked plans of those who seek your death. We must
always be ―wise as serpents and harmless as doves‖.
But, wisdom is learned often too late. We must investigate. I have written an
article entitled ―Laws of Takeover‖, in which I give a few that have been
passed that involve those who love Messiah Yahushua, and His Word. These can
be viewed from government sites via Internet. In many articles I am exposing
things that are open, yet hidden to those who do no research or don’t know
where to do the research.
Always, let your research be honest research. Be truthful with yourself.
Dishonest research is done by someone who seeks someone else’s opinion that
agrees with their opinion--someone who will back their preconceived opinions
gained outside of interaction with the Father’s Spirit. The Father’s Spirit
teaches everyone the same thing—everything who loves truth and isn’t afraid of
truth. (John 16:13) Let your research be guided by the Spirit of the Father.
Let it be always Word-based, going from Genesis to Revelation on any subject,
in context, letting the Spirit of Yahuweh teach us.
II Peter 2:20-21: ―…knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture came to
be by one’s own interpretation, for prophecy never came by the desire of man,
but men of Elohim spoke, being moved by the Set-Apart Spirit‖. If then, the
Spirit of Yahuweh was the one who gave the Word through His servants in the
first place, don’t you think He is the One to teach you! I John 2:27 tells us that
no man needs to teach us—but the ―anointing‖—the presence of the Spirit—is
the one to teach us all truth. Man can confirm—if he has also heard from the
Set-Apart Spirit.
Unless a person throws out the mind-programming devices of public media and
the mind-programming of man-made organized religion, and only sees and

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hears what Yahuweh’s Spirit allows by getting alone with Him to hear His
thoughts on the subject, they will be deceived, and probably end up destroyed.
I’m not an information peddler. My goal is not to send you sensational
information to gain something for myself. My eternal goal is Revelation 22:3-5.
I only want to encourage fear of Yahuweh, not fear of His/our enemies.
I know this reads like a spy novel, but it is all true. And you must be aware
that we have been set up for total takeover. Only you can prevent your
takeover. The martyrs are victorious, because they never submit to being
controlled by evil. We must live a martyr’s lifestyle—for the word ―martyr‖ in
the Greek language means ―witness‖.
 I only say and do as He requires of me. My goal is to get people into His Word
with the Spirit as their Teacher, so that they all learn the same things from
Him directly, and so prepare for the time of testing to come.
We are in “Final Exam Week”, and the test papers are on our desk—how we
have prepared for the tests will tell on us, all too soon.
Yet, there is peace for those who really fear Him, know Him, and obey Him!
(Malachi 3:16-4:4)

April 4, 2008
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