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					                           Custom Energy Solutions Ltd.

A Member of the MCW Group of Companies
"Creating the       Since 1964 the MCW Group has built a solid                       Energy and water uses are investigated with respect to
                                                                                     efficiency of consumption, their effectiveness in the delivery
                    reputation for the delivery of Professional Consulting
 environment        Engineering Services, Energy Management Services,
                                                                                     of lighting, heating and cooling, and the optimization of
                                                                                     control, to match occupant needs.
 our Clients        and Engineering Development Services.
                                                                                     Utility Analysis
 require to live,   The systems designed by the MCW Group of                         MCW uses industry recognized energy tracking software to
 educate, work,     Companies are built to deliver energy in the form of             analyze utility consumption. The expert use of various utility
                                                                                     software coupled with, experienced understanding of building
                    lighting, heating and cooling, as well as information
 play and heal"     in the form of voice and data. By the very nature of
                                                                                     operations, allows for valuable insight into the impact of
                                                                                     weather dependency, occupancy use factors, and production
                    the solutions provided, the MCW Group of Companies               use factors on utility consumption.
                    help to create the environments required for Clients
                    to live, educate, work, play and heal.                           Investment Grade Energy Management Business
                                                                                     Facility Audits with Utility Analyses are packaged by MCW
                    Our diverse array of Clients have always brought to              into a concise Investment Grade Energy Management
                    us their toughest challenges and most exciting                   Business Plan. With this plan our Clients are able to secure
                    dreams, knowing that we will customize our designs               internal commitments that will attract the necessary
                                                                                     investment to realize their Energy Management and
                    and services to address their needs in a manner
                                                                                     Infrastructure renewal goals. If desired, MCW will arrange
                    which will allow them to succeed and prosper. This               for the financing of the Energy Management Business Plan
                    success and prosperity is enhanced through the                   complete with a tailored Performance Guarantee to suit the
                    delivery of our services in a manner consistent with             unique, corporate, or institutional governance requirements
                    MCW's philosophy of sustainability, and our Client's             and risk profiles of each Client.
                    desire to reduce the collective "Environmental
                                                                                     Project Implementation & Training
"Reducing           Footprint."                                                      The MCW Group of Companies provide the seamless delivery
                                                                                     of a complete turnkey energy management program.
 our Clients'       MCW Custom Energy Solutions Ltd.                                 Engineering Design, Tendering, Contract Administration,
                    MCW Custom Energy Solutions Ltd., is a leading Canadian          Construction Management, Commissioning, and Systems
 Environmental      Energy Service Company (ESCO). We deliver Engineered             Training are all provided in a collaborative inclusive "Open
                    Single Source energy management services and Performance         Book" basis to suit each Clients needs.
 Footprint"         Guaranteed programs to institutional, educational, industrial,
                    commercial and residential Clients. MCW offers the complete      Savings Monitoring
                    range of energy management services from facility audits         From the time the first energy savings measures are
                    through implementation and training to on going monitoring       implemented in a Clients facility, all utility costs are
                    of savings results from our offices in Toronto, Winnipeg,        monitored to track savings in the form of energy units,
                    Vancouver, and Ottawa.                                           dollars saved and environmental credits including green
                                                                                     house gases. MCW has an enviable track record of success
                    Facility Audits                                                  in the accurate and timely verification of both financial
                    Auditing of an existing building's mechanical and electrical     scorecards to repay financing charges within guarantee
                    system involves the application of engineering expertise         periods, and of Green scorecards to secure incentives, or
                    developed through years of design experience using an            meet sustainability targets.
                    optimized set of reliability and performance targets.
"We specialize in
 providing Engineered
 Single Source, Energy
                         A list of services we can provide includes:
                         Auditing of Energy Related Infrastructure                        Energy Engineering Related to
                           •   Heating / Ventilating / Air Conditioning Systems             •   Lighting Retrofit / Redesign
                           •   Central Plants                                               •   Lighting Control Systems
                           •   Process Steam Systems                                        •   Heating / Ventilating / Air Conditioning Systems
                           •   District Energy Distribution And Energy Transfer Systems     •   Central Plants
                           •   Plumbing & Drainage Systems                                  •   Process Steam
                           •   Storm Water Management Systems                               •   District Energy Distribution And Energy Transfer Systems
                           •   Life Safety Systems                                          •   Water Conservation
                           •   Fuel Handling Systems                                        •   Compressed Air Systems
                           •   Compressed Air Systems                                       •   Building Energy Management And Control Systems
                           •   Building Energy Management And Control Systems               •   High Voltage Power Distribution
                           •   High Voltage Power Distribution                              •   Secondary Power Distribution
                           •   Secondary Power Distribution                                 •   Emergency Generator Systems
                           •   Emergency Generator Systems                                  •   Metering Systems
                           •   Lighting Control Systems                                     •   Energy Analysis & Energy Use Simulations
                           •   Metering Systems                                             •   Building Envelope
                           •   UPS Systems
                           •   Transient Voltage Surge Suppression                        Specialty Engineering Services
                           •   Public Address Systems                                       •   Green Building (LEED Certifications)
                           •   Security Systems                                             •   Cogeneration Design
                           •   Lightning Protection Systems                                 •   Tri-Generation Design
                           •   Interior Building Lighting Systems                           •   Renewable Energy Systems Design
                           •   Exterior Lighting Systems                                    •   Demand Side Management Initiatives
                           •   Security Lighting                                            •   Demand Reduction Design/Strategies
                           •   Building Envelope                                            •   Distributed Generation
                                                                                            •   Energy Recovery
                         Utility Analysis                                                   •   Thermal Storage
                           •   Bill Monitoring & Verification
                           •   Energy Analysis & Energy Use Simulations
                           •   Meter Reconciliation                                       Other Energy Management Related Services
                           •   Base Line Determination & Analysis                           • Long Term Building Operations Planning
                           •   Meter Tuning Contracts                                       • Environmental Code Compliance Planning
                           •   Utility Account Forecasting                                  • Impact Assessment Of Utility Deregulation & Emissions
                                                                                              Reductions Impact
                         Investment Grade Energy Management Business                        • Greenhouse Gas Auditing
                         Plans                                                              • Disciplined Project Management
                           •   Construction Cost Guarantees                                 • Training Needs Assessment, Training Delivery And
                           •   Performance Guarantees                                         Energy Awareness Workshops
                           •   Flexible Innovative Financing Programs                       • Construction Management
                           •   Incentive Application Management & Payment Expediting        • Scheduling - Operations And Maintenance Planning
                                                                                            • Operations And Maintenance Manual Preparation
                                                                                            • Systems Commissioning
                           Custom Energy Solutions Ltd.

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