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									Wen Bing 2

        Wen Bing Treatment
• Principles
  – Etiology
  – Pathology
  – Pathogen vs. Vital qi

         Treatment methods
• 1. Release Wei syndrome and disperse
  – Binning of Wen Bing
  – Pathogen in Wei Stage
  – Diaphoresis, release exterior, vent rashes

• 1-1 expel wind and disperse heat
  – Beginning of Wind warmth, wind heat in LU
    and Wei stage
  – Fever, slightly aversion to wind cold, no
    sweating or little sweating, slightly thirst, or
    with cough, sore throat, thin white coating, red
    tongue tip and edge, floating rapid pulse.
  – Sang Ju Yin, Yin Qiao San

• 1-2 Disperse exterior cold, eliminate
  interior Summer dampness
  – Summer dampness
  – Aversion to cold, fever, headache, soreness
    in body, no sweating, thirst, restlessness
  – Xin Jia Xiang Ru Yin

• 1-3 Disperse exterior damp
  – Damp Warmth in Wei stage
  – Aversion to cold, slightly fever, heaviness in
    head and body, little sweating, oppressed
    chest and epigastria, white greasy coating,
    slow soft pulse
  – Huo Pu Xia Ling Tang

• 1-4 Disperse exterior and moisten dryness
  – Beginning of Autumn dryness
  – Fever, cough with little phlegm, dry throat,
    sore throat, dry nose, headache, thin white
    lack of moisten coating, red tongue tip and
  – Sang Xing Tang

• 2. Clear heat in Qi stage
  – Unshaped pathogenic heat

• 2-1 slight clear and disperse Qi syndrome
  – Qi stage, slight heat obstructed in diaphragm
  – Fever, slightly thirst, restlessness, thin yellow
    coating, rapid pulse
  – Zhi Zi Chi Tang

• 2-2 Acrid cold to Clear Qi stage
  – Yangming qi stage
  – Strong fever, sweating, restlessness, thirst
    desire for cold water, dry yellow coating,
    flooding rapid pulse
  – Bai Hu Tang

• 2-3 Clear heat and purge fire
  – Pathogenic heat accumulation and transform
    into fire
  – Fever, bitter taste, thirst, restlessness,
    concentrated urine, red tongue with yellow
    coating, rapid pulse
  – Huang Qin Tang

• 3. Harmonize exterior and interior
  – Harmonize, sooth, eliminate pathogen in half
    exterior and interior
  – Shaoyang, San Jiao, Mu Yuan

• 3-1 Clear Shaoyang
  – Pathogen in Shaoyang, ST dysfunction
  – Chills and fever alternative, bitter taste, rib
    pain, thirst, concentrated urine, distention in
    epigastria, nausea, red tongue with yellow
    greasy coating, wiry rapid pulse
  – Hao Qin Qing Dan Tang

• 3-2 Separately elimination through 3 Jiao
  – San Jiao heat, Phlegm damp
  – Alternate chills and fever, epigastria and
    abdominal bloating, concentrated urine,
    greasy coating
  – Wen Dan Tang

• 3-3 Open Mu Yuan
  – Pathogen stays in Mu Yuan
  – Early stage of damp warmth or damp heat
  – More chills than fever, bloating, severe
    heaviness in body, white greasy coating like
    chalk powder. Deep red or purple red tongue
  – Da Yuan Yin

• 4. Eliminate Damp and Clear Heat
    • Focus on eliminate damp
    • Damp heat
    • Aromatic to resolve, bitter to dry, bland to drain

• 4-1 Disperse qi and resolve damp
  – Beginning of damp warmth
  – Hiding fever, severer in afternoon, can’t be
    solved after sweating, slightly aversion to cold,
    epigastria distention, concentrated urine,
    white greasy coating, slow soft pulse
  – San Ren Tang

• 4-2 Dry damp and clear heat
  – Damp=heat in Middle Jiao
  – Fever, can’t be solved after fever, thirst but
    not drink much, bloating, restlessness,
    nausea, loose stools, concentrated urine,
    yellow greasy coating
  – Wang’s Lian Po Yin

• 4-3 Drain damp
  – Damp heat in Lower Jiao
  – Vomiting, dizzy, little urine or without urine, thirst but
    not drink much, white greasy coating
  – Fu Ling Pi Tang
     •   Fu Ling Pi
     •   Yi Yi Ren
     •   Zhu Ling
     •   Da Fu Pi
     •   Tong Cao
     •   Dan Zhu Ye

• 4-4 Warm to resolve damp
    • Dampness obstructed in Middle Jiao
    • Add earth, Dig ditch, Air through, aromatic to

• 5. Purge down to eliminate pathogen
  – Shaped pathogen
  – Heat, damp, blood stasis

• 5-1 Purge Fu Organ to drain heat
  – Heat and turbid combination in Yangming
  – Tidal fever, delirium, abdominal fullness,
    hardness, impalpable, constipation, dark
    yellow coating, deep excess pulse
  – Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang, Da Cheng Qi Tang

• 5-2 Eliminate damp and purge
  – Damp heat with turbidity
  – Fever, bloating, nausea, loose stools, yellowish red
    color stools, yellow turbid coating, slippery rapid pulse
  – Zhi Shi Dao Zhi Tang
     •   Zhi Shi
     •   Da Huang
     •   Shan Zha
     •   Bing Lang
     •   Hou Po
     •   Huang Lian
     •   Shen Qu
     •   Zi Cao
     •   Mu Tong
     •   Lian Qiao
     •   Gan Cao

• 5-3 Promote fluid to purge
  – Intestinal dryness
  – Fever, constipation, dry lips, dry red tongue
    with little coating
  – Zeng Ye Cheng Qi Tang

• 5-4 Purge and break blood stagnation
  – Heat and blood stasis combination
  – Fever, lower abdominal pain with hardness,
    normal urine, constipation, mania, purplish
    tongue, deep excess pulse
  – Tao He Cheng Qi Tang

• 6. Clear Ying Stage and Cool Blood
  – Pathogen in Ying Stage and Blood Stage

• 6-1 Clear Ying Stage Heat
  – Pathogenic heat start to enter Ying stage
  – Fever severer in night, restlessness, delirium,
    scattered macula, deep red tongue
  – Qing Ying Tang

• 6-2 Cool blood and release stasis
  – Heat in blood, with stasis
  – Fever, restlessness, mania, delirium, macula,
    bleeding urine, stools, vomit blood, bleeding
    nose, dark purple tongue, crimson tongue
  – Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang

• 6-3 Clear heat from Qi and Ying (Blood) Stages
  – Heat in Qi and Ying/ Blood stages
  – Strong fever, thirst, restlessness, coma, delirium, pain
    in bones like been beat, macula, bleeding urine,
    stools, vomiting blood, nasal bleeding, dry yellow or
    dark black coating, crimson tongue
  – Yu Nu Jian
  – Bai Hu Tang+ Xi Jiao, Xuan Shen
  – Qing Wen Bai Du Yin

• 7. Open orifice and extinguish Wind
  – Shen disorder

• 7-1 Clear Heart and Open Orifice
  – Heart heat with Shen disorder
  – Fever, dizzy, delirium, deep red tongue, thin
    rapid pulse
  – An Gong NIu Huang Wan
  – Zhi Bao Dan
  – Zi Xue Dan

• 7-2 Eliminate Phlegm to open orifice
   – Damp covers orifice
   – Fever, dizzy, unconsciousness, delirium, red tongue with white
     greasy or yellow greasy coating, soft rapid pulse
   – Chang Pu Yu Jin Tang
       •   Shi Chang Pu
       •   Yu Jin
       •   Zhi ZI
       •   Lian Qiao
       •   Ju Hua
       •   Hua Shi
       •   Zhu Ye
       •   Mu Dan Pi
       •   Niu Bang Zi
       •   Zhu Li
       •   Jiang Zhi

• 7-3 Cool Liver to extinguish Wind
  – Liver Heat Wind
  – Fever, cold limbs, convulsion, opisthotonos,
    coma, red tongue yellow coating, wiry rapid
  – Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang

• 7-4 Nourish Yin to extinguish Wind
  – Late stage of Wen Bing, yin damage Wind
  – Low degree fever, fever in five centers, red
    cheeks, finger spasm, fatigue, dry deep red
    tongue, weak thin pulse
  – Da Ding Feng Zhu

• 8. Nourish Yin and promote fluid
  – Later stage of Wen Bing, yin damage

• 8-1 Nourish LU and ST
  – LU ST yin fluid damage
  – Dry throat, non productive cough, nausea,
    poor appetite, red tongue without coating
  – Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang

• 8-2 Promote fluid to moisten Intestines
  – Later stage of Wen Bing, yin damage,
    dryness in Intestines
  – Constipation, dry throat and mouth, dry red
  – Zeng Ye Tang

• 8-3 Tonify True Yin essence
  – Later stage of Wen Bing, Liv and K yin damage
  – Low degree fever, red complexion, more hot in palms
    than the back of hand, dry mouth throat, fatigue,
    sleepy, dry deep red tongue, lack of coating, weak
    thin pulse
  – Jia Jian Fu Mai Tang
     •   Zhi Gan Cao
     •   Sheng Di
     •   Bai Shao
     •   Mai Dong
     •   E Jiao
     •   Hu Ma Ren,

• 9. Rescue Prolapsed
  – Prolapsed Yin or Yang

• 9-1 Tonify qi and consolidate Yin
  – Qi and yin severe damage, prolapsed
  – Fever sudden decreased, heavy sweating,
    wheezing, fatigue, scattered large pulse, lack
    of tongue coating
  – Sheng Mai San

• 9-2 Rescue Prolapsed Yang
  – Yang qi sudden prolapsed
  – Cold limbs, heavy sweating, fatigue, pale face,
    pale watery tongue, feeble pulse
  – Shen Fu Long Mu Tang
    • Shen Fu Tang
    • Mu Li
    • Long Gu

• 10. External Methods
  – Bath
  – Emema
  – Liniment
  – Nasal Method


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