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									                       Chemical Engineering

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chemical engineering

                       Contact Information
                       College of Engineering
                       W2030 Lafferre Hall

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                       About Chemical Engineering
                       Established in 1906, MU Chemical Engineering has a long standing
                       commitment to provide quality undergraduate and graduate education.
                       Our department serves the discipline well by providing state of the
                       art research facilities in many cutting edge fields including plasma
                       processing, polymers, reaction engineering, environmental issues,
                       biochemical engineering, and many others.

                       career Opportunities
                       The Chemical Engineering program develops versatile professionals
                       who can excel in a variety of career environments. Our curriculum is
                       focused on the basic sciences, engineering topics, and problem
                       solving and design. Our flexible program allows our graduates to move

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                       into traditional as well as non-traditional chemical engineering careers.
                       Additionally, we build research and development skills by integrating
                       research, scientific inquiry, and critical thinking into our curriculum.

                       Some of our graduates work in the traditional areas of chemical
                       engineering such as the petroleum and chemical industries. Many
                       graduates practice their profession in the areas of microelectronics,
                       pharmaceuticals, materials, polymers, environmental protection,
                       consumer products, or as managers in business, government careers,
                       and engineering consultants. Still others enter into careers in

                       Degrees: mS and PhD in chemical engineering
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                       The Department of Chemical Engineering offers graduate work
                       leading to the degrees of master of science and doctor of philosophy.
                       Information on engineering licensure is detailed under Professional
                       Engineering Registration.

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                       Faculty research

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chemical engineering
                       Currently active research areas include polymer processing, plasma
                       technology, supercritical fluid technology, alternative fuels, environmental
                       catalysis, ceramic materials, process control and dynamics,
                       biotechnology, clean process technology, bioremediation, blends and
                       composites, catalysis and C1-chemistry, mathematical modeling and
                       simulation, and biochemical engineering.

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                       Facilities and resources
                       There are excellent facilities for research students, including an equation
                       of state and transport properties laboratory, a heterogeneous catalysis and
                       reaction kinetics laboratory, a heat and mass transport laboratory, an air
                       pollution monitoring and control laboratory, a biochemical engineering
                       laboratory, a computational laboratory, a transport properties phenomena
                       laboratory, and a Surface Science and Plasma Technology Center. Excellent
                       library facilities provide the latest domestic and international journals
                       specific to chemical engineering and physical sciences research.

                       internal Funding
                       Research and teaching assistantships are available to qualified students
                       for the entire year. The yearly stipend for graduate students ranges from
                       $17,500 to $20,000 depending on the student’s terminal degree.

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                       Assistantships also include a tuition waiver and health insurance.

                       Academically qualified students may receive additional scholarship
                       awards. Grant research assistantships and some industrial and
                       Graduate School fellowships may also be available.

                       RA and TA appointments allow for 12 credit hours of advanced study
                       each semester. The applicant’s academic record and research potential
                       determine the financial assistance offered. Student’s who receive
                       financial assistance are expected to continue their appointment
                       during the summer session as well, as these appointments are year
                       long positions.                                                                       Apply Online

                       Chemical Engineering Faculty
                       Baolin Deng
                       C. W. LaPierre Professor and Chair, PhD, Johns Hopkins University.
                       Environmental nanotechnology, membrane separation, and
                       contaminant transformation.
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                       Pinar akcora

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chemical engineering
                       assistant professor, PhD, University of Maryland-College Park. Polymer
                       composites, nanoparticles, biomaterials.

                       matthew Bernards
                       assistant professor, PhD, University of Washington. Biomaterials,
                       proteins & cells at interfaces, and tissue engineering.

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                       Paul c. h. chan
                       director of undergraduate studies, associate professor, PhD, California
                       Institute of Technology. Chemical reactor and process dynamics.

                       Thomas r. marrero
                       professor, associate director of the Capsule Pipeline Research Center,
                       PhD, University of Maryland. Coal log transport, mass transport.

                       Patrick Pinhero
                       director of graduate studies, associate professor, PhD, University of
                       Notre Dame. Chemical interactions at surfaces of applied materials,
                       corrosion & environmental aging, heterogeneous catalysis, film growth
                       and tribology.

                       David g. retzloff

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                       associate chair, associate professor, PhD, University of Pittsburgh.
                       Mathematical analysis and modeling of chemical processes.

                       galen J. Suppes
                       professor, PhD, Johns Hopkins University. Fuels, fuels processing,
                       alternative fuel sources.

                       John gahl
                       adjunct professor, PhD, Texas Tech University. Materials, plasma and
                       nuclear science.

                       William a. Jacoby
                       adjunct associate professor, PhD, University of Colorado. Environmental
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                       processing, bioremediation.

                       Stephen J. lombardo
                       adjunct associate professor, PhD, University of California-Berkeley,
                       Ceramic materials, ceramic processing.
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                       Application and Admission Information

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chemical engineering
                       admission contact information
                       Department of Chemical Engineering
                       W2030 Lafferre Hall
                       Columbia, MO 65211

                                                                                                             Graduate Catalog (Web Version)
                       Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
                       admission criteria
                       •	 Minimum GPA: 3.0

                       Consideration is given to grade trends, performance in the area of
                       chemical engineering and mathematics and other criteria bearing on a
                       student’s probable success in graduate study. Selected students with
                       less than a 3.0 overall GPA may be considered on a probationary basis.

                       Financial support is competitive and requires a minimum 3.0 GPA.
                       Graduates holding degrees in physics, chemistry, applied mathematics
                       and related fields also may be considered for candidacy, but are
                       required to take additional course work.

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                       required application materials
                       To the Graduate School:
                       •	 All required Graduate School documents

                       To the Chemical Engineering Program:
                       •	 Résumé
                       •	 Statement of Purpose
                       •	 3 letters of reference
                       •	 GRE scores

                       Financial aid from the Program
                       All applicants are considered for internal assistantships, fellowships,
                       and other funding packages. Support is awarded based on availability
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                       and qualifications of applicant.

                       mS Plan of Study
                       An individual program of a minimum of 30 semester hours is required

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                       and includes seminars, advanced courses in chemical engineering,

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chemical engineering
                       physical and chemical sciences, mathematics and no more than nine
                       hours of research or other unscheduled work. No foreign language
                       or collateral field is required. A thesis is required and a candidate will
                       complete the master’s program by passing an examination in defense of
                       the thesis.

                       Doctorate in Chemical Engineering

                                                                                                    Graduate Catalog (Web Version)
                       required application materials
                       To the Graduate School:
                       •	 All required Graduate School documents

                       To the Chemical Engineering Program:
                       •	 Résumé
                       •	 Statement of Purpose
                       •	 3 letters of reference
                       •	 GRE scores

                       PhD Plan of Study
                       An applicant for the PhD program must take a qualifying examination
                       and a comprehensive examination. Twenty-one semester hours of

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                       course work beyond the MS degree is required. Before being admitted
                       to candidacy and proceeding to prepare a dissertation, the student must
                       pass a comprehensive examination. The exam involves a project to be
                       completed within a 30-day period, requiring original and creative work
                       in delineating a research problem of some substance. A dissertation is
                       required of all candidates. A final oral examination will be held where
                       the candidate defends their dissertation.

                       See Chemical Engineering (CH ENG) graduate courses in the myZou
                       online system.                                                               Apply Online

                       END OF PROGRAM DESCRIPTION

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