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Curtain Wall Brochure Download - Windspec Inc

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					1310 Creditstone Road, Concord Ontario L4K 5T7
     Tel: 905-738-8311 Fax: 905-738-6188
            Toll Free: 1-800-656-6616

                                                                         Introduction .............................................................................   1-2

                                     About Us                            General Specifications ............................................................. 3-4

                                                                         Specifications ...........................................................................   5-6
    • Windspec Inc. is a privately held Canadian company
      engaged in the Architectural Aluminum Industry providing
      solutions to Architects, Specifiers and End Users/Authorized       Series 5400 Curtain Wall (2" Wide) ........................................ 7-8

    •    A growing company, Windspec Inc. is led by experienced
                                                                         Series 5500 Curtain Wall (2 1/2" Wide) ................................                      9-10
        “hands on” owners and managers whose goal is to provide
        service, quality products in a “just in time” environment
        for the company’s institutional and dealer clients.
                                                                         Series 5500 TG Curtain Wall (2 1/2" Wide) ......................... 11-12
    • Windspec Inc. trades actively across Canada, and in many
      of the United States, the Caribbean and Europe. The company
      is able to react quickly to local technical performance
      standards and holds approval certificates from several             Series 5500 SSG Curtain Wall (2 Sided) ...............................                       13-14
      U.S. Jurisdictions.

    • As Today’s building envelope design becomes more                                                                                                                15-18
                                                                         Series 5600 SSG Curtain Wall (4 Sided) ...............................
      challenging “in house” engineering staff has become a
      prerequisite for a successful company in this industry.
      Windspec Inc. maintains state of the art computer
      technology and, as well, experienced curtainwall engineers         Series 5700 Sloped Glazing .................................................... 19-20
      on staff.

    • The Windspec Inc. design staff are always looking forward
      in the development of new products and, as well,                   Series 5500 SSG Anchor Assembly ........................................ 21
      improving existing products for both the new construction
      and retrofit segment of the construction industry.
                                                                         Series 5600 SSG Anchor Assembly ........................................ 22
    • Included in the company’s range of products are:

        1) Engineered sloped glazing systems.
        2) Entrance doors and storefront products, including
           thermally broken frames and insulated doors.
        3) Curtainwall systems including two and four sided
           silicone glazed curtainwall.
        4) High performance fixed and operable windows.
        5) Fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) entrance doors
           and frames.
        6) New products will be added as they are developed.

1                                                                                                                                                                             2
             WINDSPEC INC.

                                                                                                                                      Construction                                                   Series 5700 Sloped Glazing System
    Specifications                                                   Series 5400 and Series 5500                                      Mullion sections shall be tubular extruded sections when       Series 5700 to be used for lean-to or ridge type sloped glazing.
                                                                     For Series 5400 interior glazing seals shall be extruded         system is designed for spigot joinery or split mullion
                                                                     butyl with an integral E.P.D.M.shim, exterior glazing seals      extruded sections where screw spline joinery is to be used.    Description
    All sections shall be aluminum extrusions of 6063 alloy
    with T6 heat treatment. All screws, fastening devices and        shall be extruded E.P.D.M. bulk gasket.                                                                                         System to have internal drainage channels placed into the
                                                                                                                                      The overall curtain wall profile dimension when                exterior pressure zone. Purlins to be designed to drain
    additional components shall be of corrosion-resistant
                                                                     For Series 5500, exterior glazing seals shall be extruded        assembled shall be 64 mm (2 1/2") wide for Series 5500         water into the rafter channels, (overlapped). All joints to
    material and be sufficiently strong to perform as intended.
                                                                     E.P.D.M. keyed into pressure plates and held under               and 51mm (2") wide for Series 5400 ( to be selected and        be sealed, mechanically fixed and able to move under
                                                                     constant pressure. Interior glazing seals shall be continuous    specified by architect and / or as dictated by structural      temperature changes. No exposed screws at this joint are
                                                                     polyisobutylene shim tape placed on the inner face of the        requirements).                                                 permitted.
    All exposed surfaces shall be anodized according to the
    Aluminum Association as follows:                                 glass or extruded E.P.D.M. keyed into the mullion for "dry
                                                                     & dry " glazing technique. Insulated back-up panels in the       All horizontal sections shall form pressure equalized and      System to be pressure equalized with continuous air seal.
                                                                     column or spandrel areas shall be galvanized steel of 20         sealed gutter members.                                         Exterior and interior seal to be extruded E.P.D.M. keyed
    (a) Clear Anodized (AA-M10C22A31) or
    (b) Anodic colour coating-Light Bronze, #40 Bronze, or           gauge thickness (or as specified to suit application ) and                                                                      into the aluminum sections. Interior seal to be cemented
    Black.AAM10C22A44                                                have sealed corners.                                                                                                            at intersections. Exterior seal to be held under constant
                                                                                                                                                                                                     compression of 10 P.S.I.
    An alternate finish is a baked acrylic finish in a variety of    Insulation shall be AF530 (48 kg/m3 (3lb.) density).             Series 5500 SSG (2 Sided)
    colours (Duracron, Duranar or Duranar XL).                       Fibreglass 51 mm (2") thick (or as specified to suit             Series 5500 SSG ( Structural silicone glazed ) curtain wall    System shall be designed to prevent water blow back.
                                                                     application). If reflective units are used in combination        will be as all traditional two sided silicone systems having
    Construction:                                                    with insulated back-up panels in the spandrel area, the          vertical members and captured (cap & press plates) at the      Material
    Aluminum Framing system shall provide for fully                  insulation shall have a black coating on the outer surface.      horizontal.                                                    All sections shall be aluminum extrusions of 6063-T6 alloy.
    resilient settings for glass and panels by use of glazing        All connections between the back-up panels and framing                                                                          All fasteners connecting aluminum frame shall be stain-
    tapes and splines appropriate to the framing system              shall be caulked with high grade butyl sealant.                  The sealant to be silicone as recommended by "General          less steel. Assembly screws are in mild steel, cadmium
    selected.                                                                                                                         Electric (GE), TREMCO or "Dow Corning " only. Any other        plated. Thermal break shall be soft P.V.C. compressed to
                                                                     Design                                                           sealant types must be equal adhere to metal, gaskets,          seal between main sections and pressure plate. Glazing
    Erection:                                                        The entire curtain wall system shall be designed on the          thermal breakes and joint plug materials.                      seats shall be extruded rigid P.V.C. channel.
    The contractor shall set all framing members in their correct    "Open Rain Screen " principle and shall provide:
    locations, as shown, and they shall be level, square,                                                                             Structral seal - sealant to be a structural type silicone as   Design
    plumb, and at proper elevations and in alignment to other            (a) Gaskets, sleeved spigotted joints, and seals necessary   recommended by GE, TREMCO or "Dow Corning".                    Sloped Glazing must withstand a specified combined
    work. Joints shall be sealed between interior metal and              to ensure no rain water entry into the cavities of the       Production samples of metal mullion, gaskets, spacers and      (dead, snow and wind ) design load in (Kpa or Psf ) in
    masonry, and between interior glass framing and mullions             system.                                                      setting blocks should be submitted to the silicone             accordance with the National Building Code and with
    to produce a completely watertight installation. All materials                                                                    manufacturer for adhesion testing to determine if a            maximum stress of 103.4 MPA (15,000 P.S.I.) and maximum
    shall be secured in place using anchors, anchor bolts and            (b) Required "air seals" to effectively limit the passage    primer is required. Materials in contact with the structural   deflection of L/175 of the span.
    fasteners as appropriate.                                            of air from the system cavities into the building and        silicone will be tested for compatibility in order to ensure
                                                                         vice versa, to ensure an adequate equalization of pressure   long term performance.                                         Glass and Glazing
    Protection:                                                          of the cavities of the system with the exterior.                                                                            The glass and glazing shall be a part of this section and
    After erection, it shall be the responsibility of the General                                                                     Contact the manufacturer of silicone sealant to review         shall be (as per architect's specification ). Provision to be
    Contractor to adequately protect the framing from damage             (c) The "air and vapour seals" necessary to limit air        shop drawings to ensure proper sealant application. The        made for adequate expansion/contraction of the glass
    caused by other trades or their materials.                           borne vapour exfiltration from the building interior         structural silicone sealant shall not be applied until all     within the system. Sealed units-inner lite to be laminated
                                                                         into the cavities of the system.                             required compatibility and adhesion testing is completed       safety glass. (.030 vinyl interlayer ).
    Cleaning:                                                                                                                         and proper results are achieved.
    The General Contractor shall be responsible for removal of           (d) Openings between the system cavities and the                                                                            Construction
    protective materials and cleaning.                                   exterior shall be of sufficient cross-section to provide                                                                    All members shall be factory prepared for on-site
                                                                         equalization of pressure. All openings shall be situated     Series 5600 SSG (4 Sided)                                      assembly, and shall be installed to allow for sufficient
    Guarantee:                                                           so as to limit direct water entry.                           Series 5600 SSG (structural silicone glazed) curtain wall      adjustment to accommodate site conditions. After
    The manufacturer shall guarantee the framing against                                                                              shall be assembled and erected as per manufactures             adjustment, anchoring devices shall be positively fixed to
    defective material and workmanship which shall appear            Structural requirements                                          recommendations.                                               prevent movement other than thermal movement.
    within a period of one year from the date of the Architect's     The Aluminum structure members shall be subject to a
    certificate of substantial completion.                           maximum stress of 103.4 MPa (15000 psi) based on                 The system shall be "united " and accept 25.4 mm(1") thick     Cleaning
                                                                     Aluminum alloy 6063-T6 and have a maximum deflection             sealed units.                                                  The General Contractor shall be responsible for removal of
                                                                     of L/175 where L is the span.                                                                                                   protective material and cleaning.
                                                                                                                                      Panels shall be fabricated at a specialized facility where
                                                                                                                                      the systems' intergity is not compromised - specification      Guarantee
                                                                                                                                      for sealants as per series 5500 SSG apply.                     The Sloped Glazing Contractor shall guarantee the sloped
                                                                                                                                                                                                     glazing system against defective material and workmanship,
                                                                                                                                                                                                     which shall appear within a period of one year following
                                                                                                                                                                                                     the acceptance work by the architect.

3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       4
             WINDSPEC INC.

    Finishes:                                                    Technical Assistance :
    All our products are finished by the use of the              Windspec provides expert technical assistance in the
    anodizing process or by application of a baked               solution of design problems and making appropriate
    acrylic finish. The two basic anodizing processes are        product selections. Our technical representatives
    clear anodizing and anodic colour coating. Both              and engineering department are available for
    anodizing procedures conform to the Aluminum                 consultation.
    Association Standards for finishing architectural

    1. Coating Thickness --                                      Fabrication, Delivery and
       Aluminum Association Methods for Measuring                Installation :
       Thickness of Anodic Coatings on Aluminum or
       ASTM B 244                                                Framing systems can be fabricated in plant or in our
                                                                 dealers' shops, shipped prefabricated to the job site,
    2. Staining (Seal Test) --                                   or be fully fabricated on site. Selection of the proper
       Aluminum Association Stain Test for Anodic                method of assembly could vary with site location
       Coatings on Aluminum. ASTM B 136.                         and condition, close-in urgency, or with the requirement
                                                                 to interface with other building products.
    3. Coating Weight --                                         Fabrication and assembly in plant results in a high
       Method of Test for Weight of Coatings                     quality finished product because of the expertise
       Aluminum. ASTM B 137.                                     and ideal manufacturing equipment available.
                                                                 Many dealers can approximate our manufacturing
    4. Corrosion Test --                                         techniques and offer shorter delivery times or less
       Method of Salt Spray (Fog) Testing. ASTM B 117.           expensive fabrication.

    5. Mortar Test --                                            We recommend fabrication in our plant as the best
       Aluminum Association Lacquers on Anodized                 method where our framing systems are used in custom
       Aluminum.                                                 applications. Products can be prefabricated ( cut and
                                                                 prepared for assembly ) in plant or dealers' shops
    6. Durability --                                             and shipped K. D. to the site. This can reduce on-site
       Dew-Point cycle weatherometer----no change in             labour and transportation costs, but provide
       appearance after 1000 hours.                              “factory fabricated” quality.

    All exposed surfaces shall be anodized according to          Note:
    the Aluminum Association as follows:                         Curves in wind load charts represent limiting
    (a) Clear Anodized (AA-M10C22A31) or                         parameters based on an allowable deflection of
    (b) Anodic colour coating-Light Bronze, #40 Bronze,          L/175 and on a rectangular wind load distribution
    or Black. AAM10C22A44                                        which translates to uniform load on a simple supported
                                                                 beam. All mullions are extruded in 6063-T6
    An alternate finish is a baked acrylic finish in a variety   aluminum alloy.
    of colours (Duracron, Duranar or Duranar XL).

5                                                                                                                           6
                WINDSPEC INC.

    Series 5400
    Curtain Wall Framing
    (Thermally broken)
    50.8 mm ( 2" wide)

    This series of curtain wall, series 5400, is
    available in four mullion depths. 69.9 mm
    (2 3/4”), 76.2 mm (3”), 101.6 mm (4”) and
    127 mm (5”). The choice of mullion depth
    which would be specified depends upon the
    module, height and span as designed by the
    architect or engineer (check load chart).

    For series 5400, exterior glazing seals shall
    be extruded E.P.D.M. for pressure plates,
    interior would be polyisobutylene shim tape
    placed in the keyed area on the mullion
    shoulder. E.P.D.M. gasket could also be
    applyed for "dry and wet" glazing technique
    (76.2 mm (3”) mullion only).

    Design Features :

    The entire curtain wall system shall be
    designed on the "Open Rain Screen" principle
    and shall provide:

    • Gaskets, spigotted joints and seals that are
      necessary to eliminate rain water from
      entering into the system's cavities.

    • Required "air seals" to effectively limit the
      passage of air from the system cavities
      into the building and vice versa, to ensure
      the adequate equalization of pressure in
      the system's cavities with the exterior.

    • The "air and vapour seals" are necessary to
      limit vapour migration from the building
      interior into the system's cavities.

    • Openings between the system's cavities
     and the exterior will have sufficient
     cross-section to provide pressure
     equalization and will be situated to limit
     direct water entry.

7                                                     Series 5400 Curtain Wall Framing   8
                WINDSPEC INC.

    Series 5500
    Curtain Wall Framing
    (Thermally broken)
    63.5 mm ( 2 1/2" wide)

    Series 5500 curtain wall is manufactured
    using the same principles as does the series
    5400. "Open rain screen" including "air and
    vapour seals."

    For series 5500, exterior glazing seals shall
    be extruded E.P.D.M. for pressure plates,
    interior would be polyisobutylene shim
    tape placed in the keyed area on the mullion
    shoulder. E.P.D.M. gasket could also be
    applyed for "dry and wet " glazing technique.

    This series 5500 curtain wall is available in
    four mullion depths. 28.6 mm (1 1/8" ), 92 mm
    (3 5/8" ), 133.4 mm (5 1/4" ) and 168.3 mm
    (6 5/8").

    The choice of mullion depth which would
    be specified depends upon the module,
    height and span as designed by the architect
    or engineer(check load chart ).

9                                                   Series 5500 Curtain Wall Framing   10
                 WINDSPEC INC.

     Series 5500 T.G.
     Curtain Wall Framing
     (Thermally broken)
     63.5 mm (2 1/2” wide)

     Windspec Series 5500 T.G. curtain wall is a
     thermally improved stick system designed
     to accept a third vision lite. It is designed
     using the rain screen principle with the
     outer glazing chamber vented to the exterior.

     The system is comprised of a structural
     tube combined with a structural pocket
     separator specifically designed as the
     primary pressure plate and to receive the
     secondary pressure plate for the outer
     vision lite.

     The thermal barrier is extruded P.V.C. and
     is used as both the primary and secondary
     thermal break. The overall structural frame
     is 2 1/2" x 7 3/4" (63.5 x 196.85).

     The system is designed for wet/dry glazing
     using a custom gasket and polyshim tape.

     The curtain wall system will conform to
     the following standards:
     ASTM E283 Air Infiltration
     ASTM E331 Water Penetration
     ASTM E330 Structural Performance

     This versatile system will give the designer
     much more freedom to use high performance
     glass in areas such as schools, hospitals,
     etc. with the security of a protective out-
     board vision lite of tempered glass or other
     laminated glass, or polycarbonate sheet. It
     can also accommodate insulated
     glass units to the exterior as the third
     vision lite.

     With this high performance system the
     designer can be confident of superior thermal

11                                                   Series 5500 T.G.Curtain Wall Framing   12
                 WINDSPEC INC.

     Series 5500 SSG
     Curtain Wall (2 Sided)
     (Thermally broken)
     63.5 mm ( 2 1/2”" wide)

     Series 5500 SSG curtain wall is a two sided
     silicone glazed system; where the vertical
     structural member is siliconed and the
     horizontals are captured. ( Glazed with
     pressure plate and covered by snap-on-

     The system allows for 1" sealed unit glazing.

13                                                   Series 5500 S.S.G. Curtain Wall Framing   14
                 WINDSPEC INC.

     Series 5600 SSG
     Curtain Wall (4 Sided)
     (Thermally broken)
     50.8 mm ( 2" wide)

     Series 5600 SSG curtain wall, is a 4-sided
     structrual silicone glazing system where the
     vertical structural mullion is of split design
     as well as having screw port horizontal

     A silicone space gasket, keyed into the male
     half of the mullion, secures against air leakage
     while acting as a continuous vapour barrier.

     The system accepts 25.4 mm (1") thick
     sealed unit, at the vision area, with a full
     12.7 mm (1/2") silicone bead at the mullion
     center. The result: a "unitized flushglazed",
     envelope encompassing the building.

     To ensure continuity of the system, we
     recommend that the curtain wall panels are
     fabricated at a specialized facility utilizing
     experience trained personel to ensure that
     the integrity of the finished product is not
     compromised. This will result in a high
     performance finished product for all
     environmental conditions.

     Avoiding contamination while applying
     the structrual silicone to the pre-glazed
     panels is criticial. This would be to both the
     function and appearance of the project.

     Anchoring of the panels to the slab is perfomed
     by means of a 2 way positive alignment
     anchor. This allows minor adjustments to be
     concluded at the head and sill; after the
     panel is hooked on to its adjoining vertical
     half. Final movement to "plumb and level"
     can then be achieved. An "anti-lift" tie screw
     is then applied to this connection which
     completes the installation procedure to a
     positive position.

     Advantages: faster, no fuss installation=
     cost factor savings
     Effect: superior product by controlled

15                                                      Series 5600 S.S.G. Curtain Wall Framing   16

17                   Series 5600 S.S.G. Curtain Wall Framing   18
                  WINDSPEC INC.

     Series 5700
     Sloped Glazing
     (Thermally Broken)
     50.8 mm (2" Wide)

     Series 5700 is specified for applications where
     lean-to or ridge type sloped glazing is required.

     The rafters which are available in depths of
     78 mm (2 3/4") and 101.6 mm (4") have been
     designed with internal drainage channels
     placed into the exterior pressure zones.

     The purlin 78 mm (2 3/4") is designed to drain
     water into the rafter channels and uses joinery
     by an overlap notch to the rafter for assembly
     E.P.D.M. gaskets, seals, are keyed into the
     extrusions externally with polyisobutylene
     shim tape to the interior, this ensures
     pressure equalization.

19                                                       Series 5700 Sloped Glazing   20
                 WINDSPEC INC.

     Series 5500/5500 SSG                               Series 5600 SSG
     Anchor Assembly                                    "I" Beam Expansion
                                                        Connector with Foot
     Windspec's anchor plate assembly has been
     designed to accommodate all of the various         Anchor Bracket
     mullion sizes within the series 5500 family.

     This anchor, used at the head and foot of the
     vertical mullions, allows for ease of erection
     of the curtain wall grid.

     Once the frame has been positioned, the
     anchors can be fastened to the structure. The
     adjoining frame is then slid over to be
     connected to the first frame by means of a
     screw ported shear block. This shear block is
     attached to the vertical mullion.

     This procedure is repeated until the
     openings are filled.

     The anchor plate will also allow for the curtain
     wall to have limited vertical movement.

21                                                                            Series 5500 T.G.Curtain Wall Framing   22

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