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Bridge for Februar and March 2011

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The Lechlade news magazine for Feb and Mr 2011

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									February - March 2011                                             Issue 175

Happy New Year!

New Year, new beginnings. New Year is a time when we can look at life in
perspective and resolve what type of people we want to be. 2011 however
is no different to 2010. The world has not changed and nor have we. The
recession, ill-health, relationship breakdown, and world events continue to
make us sad, and the resolutions we made to lose weight, stop smoking or
to go to bed earlier have been broken.
          If we want genuine change in 2011, we need to look to God. It is
about letting go, of giving up, of surrendering ourselves to Christ, of admitting
that the game is up and acknowledging that God has claimed us for his own.
It is through faith in Christ that the Holy Spirit transforms and renews our
          Now might be the time to recognise it. Now might be the time to
commit your life to Christ. In the Baptist Church, we follow Jesus' teaching
and New Testament instructions and practice on believers' baptism. Baptism
is a dying to the old way of living and a rising to Christ's new way of living.
(Romans 6:3-4). The apostle Paul describes this baptism as 'the washing of
rebirth', and Peter points out that 'baptism now saves you – not as the
removal of dirt from the body but as the pledge of a good conscience towards
God.'(1 Peter 1:3-5). In the book of Acts, Ananias said to Paul: 'And now
what are you waiting for? Get up, be baptised and wash your sins away,
calling on his name.' (Acts 22:16)
          What are you waiting for? We will never have new life if we do not
commit ourselves to Him. We all stand in need of Christ's cleansing power.
Now might well be the time to resolve to have a happy new year with God.

                                Love in Christ,
                                Sam Edwards

The annual house-to-house collection by the League of Friends of Fairford
Hospital will this year take place between March 20 and April 4. During that
period, envelopes will be going out asking local people to contribute towards
the League’s growing work among the community in Kempsford, Lechlade
and Fairford and the surrounding villages.
     The organisation is appealing for anyone prepared to help with the
distribution and collection of the envelopes to get in touch by calling 01367

Despite St Lawrence being “vicarless” at present, it continues to be a vibrant,
active and lively church, as the Christmas services and activities bear tribute
to. Following our Advent Carol Service, which has gained popularity over
the last few years, Christmas kicked off with a memorable Concert
performance by the choir brought together and ably masterminded by Rachel
Bath. The Messiah was always going to be a big draw, but the full church
and superb atmosphere made it a night to remember. The Carol Service at
The Trout gave many an opportunity to sing a carol while draining their pint!,
the Christingle Service raised £245 for the Children’s Society, before the
weather closed in to force attendants of the Nine Lessons and Carols to
skate to church! However, they were undaunted and all enjoyed the “White
Christmas” effect for the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day
services. Numbers attending rose even from last year.
          During the vacancy, the church owes much to the extra work and
effort which is put in by the Churchwardens, all the Staff Team and everyone
in the church community who so willingly step up to the mark to keep
everything running smoothly. Regular prayer sessions are held twice a week
to keep the vacancy on God’s agenda! One of the blessings of a vacancy
is the rich variety of preachers and visitors who grace our building, including
the Revd Catherine Williams, formerly Diocesan Vocations Officer and now
National Vocations Adviser, The Ven Robert Springett, our new Archdeacon,
and The Rt Revd John Went, Bishop of Tewkesbury.
          The process of finding another vicar is progressing well. The Parish
Profile has been written by many contributors, the advertisement has been
published in January and the interviews are scheduled for 8th March.
          A wonderful achievement was reached before Christmas when the
scaffolding was finally taken down from the last window to be refurbished
under the Restoration Appeal. Many thanks are due to the many people
over the twenty plus years of this project for their dedication and hard work.
The restoration of the Coxeter memorial in the Blaise Chapel was also
          The whole church was saddened by the passing of John Cooper, a
well-loved and well-respected member of the community. He served St
Lawrence in very many ways, being an inspiration on the Foundation Course,
the Lent courses, the Julian Group, as a reader and as a dignified,
Christ-centred person of great standing. He will be greatly missed. His
memorial service will be held on 21st February at 12 noon, and his formal
obituary will be published after that time.
          For the future, we look forward to the now well-established and
acclaimed Ladies Breakfast on 5th February, a talk on “The Big Society” by
Carole Topple, Vice Chair of CDC on 15th February, the World Church
weekend on 12th and 13th March, with Chris Neal from the Church Mission
Society speaking on world and local mission, the Women’s World Day of
Prayer on 4th March, and the ecumenical Lent courses exploring God’s
mercy beginning in week commencing 13th March. We hope that there is
something for everyone and look forward to welcoming you to these events.
                              Jean Brown

Sunday Worship – 10.30 am
Every Monday (during term time) – Fruitshoots Kids Club 3.30 - 4.30 pm
Every Wednesday – 10.30 am Women's Bible Study (we meet at Burford
House, opposite the Baptist Church)
First Wednesday of month – 2 pm Card making Club
Saturday – Beans Coffee Shop 10 am - 12 noon

A small group of talented musicians from Swindon will be giving a charity
concert in the Baptist Church on Saturday 12th March at 7.30pm. They will
perform music from the theatre and some classical material. This group
perform in aid of the people of Zaslowya in Belarus, particularly young
people. The country was badly affected by the radioactive fallout from the
Chernobyl nuclear disaster and this charity seeks to raise money to help
support children and families in raising their self-esteem and to give them
some hope. Further details can be obtained from Don Gillard 01367 253738.
          Sam Edwards (Minister in Training) tel: 01367 252197

My name is Kelly Boyd (née Mitchell) and I am searching for any of my late
father’s paintings. His name was John Mitchell and he (along with my mum
– Grace Mitchell) was the owner of the Spar shop in the 1980s (approx). In
his spare time he loved to paint, mostly owls and snowscapes. He wasn’t a
master painter but I remember thinking that they were brilliant. Since his
death my mum has moved a number of times (including to the Shetland
Islands) and remarried and, unfortunately, we seem to have lost any
paintings we may have had. So, basically, I’m on the hunt for anyone who
may have purchased one of his paintings and would be willing for me to buy
it from them. If you do happen to have any of his paintings, please could you
contact me on 07752 893589 or 01484 340697, or email

In November, following a very efficient and speedy AGM, we had a most
interesting and thought-provoking talk by Ms R Langley entitled ‘Prison – a
Personal View’. Ms Langley spoke of the helplessness and hopelessness
of lives spent in prison. She first began her long association with prisons
and prison visiting in 1984. She talked of the physical aspects of visiting
prisons – the locks and keys, the claustrophobia of cells; but she also was
able to listen, to show sympathy, to write letters for prisoners, even to pray
with them and for them. She became a probation volunteer, worked as part
of a chaplain’s team from 1993 to 2005 and became very involved in the
pastoral care of prisoners, of whom there are some 85,000 in this country,
including about 5,000 women. We were very impressed by her patience,
her humanity and her ability to see beyond the obvious.
     On a miserable, cold and depressing December afternoon, a goodly
number of members enjoyed a nostalgic and entertaining talk by Mrs Susan
Marshfield on ‘Christmas, Past and Present’. Her descriptions of making
the Christmas puddings and boiling them for hours in the kitchen wash-boiler,
with its accompanying steam and condensation, mixing the mincemeat (and
making a wish), paper chains and real candles on the Christmas tree struck
a chord with many of us, of a ‘certain age’. We laughed at her reference to
today’s ‘Health and Safety’ rules. It was all a far cry from today’s Christmases
which seem to start in September and somehow don’t seem to have the
magic of Christmases Past – maybe that too is our age! The meeting ended
with a cream tea, prepared by our indefatigable committee.
          Our next meeting will be on 17th February, when Anne Sharman
will talk about ‘Fairtrade’.

Following on from the highly successful ‘Key For Two’ last year, The
Lechlade Players’ next production is ‘The White Sheep Of The Family’ by
L. du Garde Peach and Ian Hay. Described as ‘a felonious comedy’ and set
in the early 1950s, this will be performed on Thursday 24th, Friday 25th and
Saturday 26th February 2011 at 7.30 p.m. in the New Memorial Hall,
Lechlade. Tickets are £7 for adults and £4 for children (16 & under) which
includes a drink during the interval, and will be available from 2nd February
in person at our ‘box office’ at White Horse Estate Agents, Lechlade,
Mon.–Fri. 9-1, 2-5, Sat. 9-11.30. If you have any questions, or are unable to
get to the box office during those hours, please don’t hesitate to call me on
01367 253351. We look forward to entertaining you, your family and friends,
bringing a smile to your faces on a winter’s evening.
                               Catherine Hitchman

After many months of waiting, in December the portable defibrillator that we
bought for the Medical Centre arrived. Some of you may have seen a report
and a photograph in "The Standard". The money (around £1750) was raised
largely by the sponsored walk we held in sweltering heat at the end of June
last year and also by a quiz held in July. Many thanks to everyone who
supported these events. In a thank you letter from Dr Stephens he also asks
that the thanks of the doctors be passed on to our supporters. He says that
the equipment we bought is one of the best defibrillators currently available
and will be of service to patients for many years to come.
     Our next event is on Thursday, 3rd March at Pino's. We are taking over
the whole restaurant for the evening and a selection of Italian food will be
served. Tickets are £15 (not including desserts or wine). The restaurant will
hold a maximum of 64 and we cannot exceed this number so tickets are
limited. If you wish to buy a ticket you need to act quickly by phoning 01367
     On Saturday, 9th July, 5 - 7 pm we are holding a Garden Party at the
McNaughts. And on Saturday, 26th November there will be a concert given
by the Wessex choir in aid of BHF. Tickets for both these events will be on
sale later in the year.
     Details of our AGM, likely to be some time in April, are not available at
the moment. Our BHF area organiser, who provides the speaker, has retired
and her replacement has only just taken up post.
                                  Elaine Long

The choir wish you a very happy New Year and especially thank those of
you who have put up posters in your business premises or who have
attended their concerts over the last year. 2011 is the 10th anniversary of
the choir and an exciting one in many ways. They will be recording a
Christmas CD for distribution later in the year. They have been invited by
the International Eisteddfod Committee at Llangollen to give a concert in
July as well as having been accepted to compete in two sections of the
international competition. The overall aim will be to win the Pavarotti World
Cup so they will be working hard to that aim. In addition their concert diary
for 2011 is full including a concert in Highworth and Lechlade during the year
as well as a major summer concert in the newly refurbished Steam concert
hall in Swindon with White Rosettes Barbershop Choir who are European
Champions in their field.
     Details of the choir and their concert dates are available on their website The choir consist of male choristers from
Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. If you are interested in joining
please visit the Wessex Male Choir website.
                                  Tim Yeoman
On 6 January countries across the world celebrate Epiphany. This year, in
our school, we celebrated as the children do in France and Spain. Each
class had a “galette des rois”, and the child who had the piece of cake with
a cranberry inside was king or queen for the day, making choices on behalf
of their class. The Spanish children have their presents on 6 January, and
so the children of St Lawrence had sweets from “Spanish” Kings and Queens.


During Jesus’ first few years of his life some Magi were following the star
that led to Jesus. On the way the Magi stopped at an elaborate Palace and
asked where the new King was. King Herod was very annoyed about the
news that a new king would come. King Herod asked the Magi “When you
find the new King come back and tell me where he is”. So the Magi set off
again on their journey to find the child. That night the star stopped over
Bethlehem. When the Magi got to the stable where the child lay, they
presented their gifts of gold, frankincense and Myrrh, then bowed to the child
and left. Then suddenly, an angel appeared and told the Magi not to go back
to Herod but to go home a different way. Herod sent out an order to kill every
boy under 2. When Mary and Joseph heard the order straight away they
set off to Egypt.
             By Freddie Merrett, age 8 and Daniel Pearce, age 8

I took my first Nia class over ten years ago and I have never looked back.
Nia is a fusion of movement styles that is freer than other cardiovascular
exercises. Modern and jazz dance movements are mixed with heart-pumping
kicks and blocks as well as subtle therapeutic suggestions and visualization
techniques to help develop awareness and heightened sensation.
     Out goes the credo “no pain, no gain” and in comes the pleasure
principle, “if it feels good, do it!”
     Nia can be done by anyone and is easily adapted to personal needs. It
challenges and fulfils the old and young, fit and not-so-fit, dancer and
non-dancer alike.
     You have to experience it to understand why a Nia devotee such as
myself is so passionate about this fitness technique.
     Come and try for yourselves!
     You will find me dancing in the Methodist Hall on Monday evenings from
    Contact Paula Tracey 01367 252087 to find out about free sessions.

Forthcoming special services and events:
Thursday 3 February 8.00pm     Men Aloud Out – Trout Inn, Lechlade
Saturday 5 February  9.00am    Ladies Breakfast at Lechlade
                               Methodist Hall
Sunday 13 February   10.00am Together At Ten Family Service
Tuesday 15 February 7.30pm     ‘Big Society’ – Baptist Church (talk on
                               how the Government’s proposed Big
                               Society initiative challenges and affects
Sunday 20 February   10.00am Education Sunday – Parish Communion
Sunday 6 March       10.00am Together at Ten Family Service
Wednesday 9 March    7.30pm    Ash Wednesday Service with Ashing
Saturday 12 March    7.15pm    ‘Trends in World Mission’ reception at
                               the Memorial Hall
Sunday 13 March      10.00am Service with guest speaker, Chris Neal
                               from Church Mission Society
Sunday 20 March      8.00am and 10.00am Services with The Rt Rev
                               John Went, Bishop of Tewkesbury

Regular services:

On Sundays:
        8.00am      Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
        10.00am     Parish Communion (Common Worship)
        6.00pm      Choral Evensong
On the second Sunday of the month:
        8.00am      Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
        10.00am     Together at Ten (Family Service for all ages) –
                    unless changed as above
        6.00pm      Sung Eucharist
Every Thursday:
        10.00am     Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
Every Monday:
        8.30am      Morning Prayer

Interactive sessions for children aged 3-14 @the Ark on the above Sunday
                     dates apart from Family Services
          Contact Tessa Cobb on 01367 253100 for more details

Little Lights – a short informal service for pre-school children and babies
Contact Kathy Newton on 01367 252543 for dates and more details

Christian Concern For Families Worldwide
As the New Year arrived, we celebrated the fact that, since our last AGM,
our branch has grown to be over forty strong. We are enrolling new members,
Betty, Cecile, Edna, Joy, Karin, Liz, Margaret, Margery, Urszula, and
welcoming Lydia, Eunice and Sheila from other branches at our service on
February 2nd. We exist as MU because we are all committed to supporting
families as an expression of our Christian beliefs. In our own ways this year,
we have tried to help families directly through helping locally at Little Lights,
Day Centre, Sunday School, baptism and marriage preparation, parenting
groups or indirectly through raising money for needy families here and
         If you watched Panorama on January 10th, you would have heard
MU views on the sexualisation of British children. MU are involved in a ‘Bye
Bye Childhood Campaign’, trying to make a difference to childhood by
disagreeing with the sale of goods of a sexualised nature to young children
or what children see on the TV or internet. As MU we are often working with
the Government on family related issues. We respond quickly and influence.
         Since our last report we have had a time of celebration and
friendship. The Christmas meeting consisted of prayers of thankfulness,
readings, carols and a magnificent tea! At our January meeting (AGM) we
started early for a chip shop meal and apple puds made by the committee.
Kathy will remain as Branch Leader with Sylvia as assistant leader. The
committee will be Elizabeth, Jinny, Elspeth, Sheila M and Sue.

Future Events:
Wednesday February 2nd - Deanery Candlemas service at Southrop Church,
2pm. Meet at Hall at 1.30pm for lift. A winter’s afternoon tea after in village
hall, 2.45-3.45pm. The service will be led by Craig Bishop.
Wednesday February 9th - monthly meeting. Lechlade Memorial Hall, 2pm.
Mary Bainbridge to talk about ‘Marriage Preparation’.
Wednesday March 9th - monthly meeting. Lechlade Memorial Hall, 2pm.
Mary Chick to speak about ‘The Quakers’.
LENT LUNCH - Thursday March 24th, 12.30pm - OPEN TO ALL. Please
support us. £3.50 bread, cheese, salad, pâté, fruit and cuppa lunch.
Our MU theme for the year is ‘Faithful Relationships’.
Visitors or new members always welcome. Lifts can be arranged. Enquiries
to Kathy 252543.

Little Lights - pram service, tea and toys: Mondays February 7th and 28th,
March 14th and 28th, 1.45pm.

'Our revels now are ended', as the great bard himself said (William
Shakespeare, 'Tempest'). Christmas and the New Year seem but a distant
memory and we look forward to Spring and the unfolding of 2011. But looking
          On an inclement November morning, with the ground frozen solid
and flurries of snow filling the sky, the GFWI walkers set off on their walk
from King's Stanley near Stroud. Rosemary Neate told me that they visited
Saxon and Norman churches, long barrows, ancient woodlands, the site of
a Roman villa excavation and searched for flint arrowheads. King's Stanley
WI provided the walkers with a well-deserved, warming lunch which was
very welcome on the coldest day in ten years of Saturday walks. Well done
you hardy souls! It sounds like a most interesting and invigorating walk.
          At the beginning of December many members attended the County
Christmas Concert in Cheltenham Town Hall. The guest – singer, actor and
winner of TV's 'Any Dream Will Do', Lee Mead, gave a brilliant performance,
as did all the other acts including the WI Choir with the help of two of our
ladies, Gaynor Williams and Shirley Bell.
          The church in Poulton was overflowing, candles twinkled in the
windows, and the heady smell of mulled wine and mince pies wafted through
the air. On a snowy December night, local members gathered for a Carol
Concert. The carols, readings and the voices of the Wessex Male Voice
Choir lifted our spirits and reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas.
          The December members’ meeting was a Christmas get-together
and after all the necessary business had been conducted, we all settled
down to the important business of enjoying nibbles, mince pies and mulled
wine – as well as much scintillating conversation and laughter. A very
pleasant evening!
          In January we had an excellent turnout of ladies at Colleys restaurant
for our Christmas lunch – as in previous years we enjoyed a delicious meal
and since many members had not seen each other for several weeks we
exchanged news and pleasantries.
          Our next meeting is on Tuesday 1st February when the guest
speaker Fiona Warrin will be talking about 'Life on the Plot'' – working on an
allotment. If you would like to join us, contact Sheila Bennett 01367 252379
or look on the town website.
          All our members would like to wish you a Happy New Year – keep
up the New Year's resolution!
                               Urszula FitzGerald

Marmalade makers wanted
Every year the Twinning Association organises the making and selling of
marmalade at La Chapelle des Fougeretz's Fête des Confitures (Jam
Festival), held in September – our biggest fund-raiser during the year. We
have a small team of makers in Lechlade but could do with just a few more.
All ingredients, jars and the recipe (Delia Smith's, if you want to use it, but
your own if you prefer) are supplied and we won't ask to have the marmalade
back until the end of March, so you have plenty of time for the making! We
are preparing the marmalade kits for collection or delivery from Monday 31st
January. If you would like to be involved, could you please ring Lynda Tubbs
on 01367 253762 or email letting her know the
number of jars you could make – 6, 12, 18.

Visit to La Chapelle des Fougeretz – Thurs 25th to Mon 29th August
The coach party would be leaving Lechlade about 17.30 on Thursday 25th
August, taking the night crossing Portsmouth–Caen and then spending three
full days in France before catching the boat back from St Malo to Portsmouth
on Bank Holiday Monday and arriving back in Lechlade around 20.00. The
cost is £100 per person (£30 for children 16 and under) but does not include
the cost of cabins which are 2 berth = £55; 4 berth = £75; reclining seats =

The suggested itinerary (subject to change and alterations):
25th August – leave Lechlade around 17.30 and take the night crossing
26th August – arrive Caen 6.45; Breakfast in Caen; travel to La Chapelle
des Fougeretz (approx 2 hrs) during that day and meet up with our host
families. We are looking to organise a visit on our way – some suggestions
have been the Bayeux Tapestry or Mont St Michel
27th August – day in and around La Chapelle des Fougeretz and in the
evening a celebratory meal
28th August – day in and around La Chapelle des Fougeretz
29th August – leave La Chapelle des Fougeretz around 8.00 and take the
crossing St Malo-Portsmouth and arrive back in Lechlade around 20.00

This is a fantastic break – fully organised, very sociable and great fun. If you
would like an application form or any further information please contact either
Jane Sullivan – Chairperson 01367 253477, Shirley White – Secretary 01367
252884 or David White – Treasurer 01367 252884.

Royal Wedding – Friday 29th April
Make a date for your diary and come and watch the Royal Wedding on the
big screen in the Memorial Hall and bring your own picnic. Tickets £10 per
family or £5 per person. We will be looking to run a tea shop serving lots of
delicious cakes including wedding cake! Full details in the next Bridge. Any
queries please ring Jane Sullivan 01367 253477.

Firstly many thanks for the donations received recently - The Lions £200,
RAOB £150, anonymous donations amounting to £135, which have made
such a big difference to our finances. Thanks too to Tony Cutler for once
again donating our Christmas turkey and everyone who made our Christmas
lunch and entertainment so enjoyable.
     After discussion with many Lechlade people it was decided to run a
Lunch Club alongside the Day Centre for senior citizens starting as a trial
for the five Tuesdays in March. Time 12.30 - 2.00p.m. Cost £6. Do come
along and join us but please pre-book by phoning Hazel Watkins on 252265,
the Friday before the Tuesday - knowing numbers is helpful! Transport
cannot be provided.
     We look forward to seeing you.
                          Sylvia Dennish 252477

National Storytelling Week 29th January – 5th February
Join in the fun at Lechlade Library!

Wednesday 2nd February: 11.30a.m. Storytime for pre-school children.
Friday 4th February: 6.00–6.30p.m. Join us in your pyjamas for a Bedtime
Story! All ages welcome.

Thursday 3rd February: 7.00 for 7.30p.m. (special evening opening for
Chloe of The Midnight Storytellers presents ‘Tales of Lust and Chocolate’
– nothing blue, but lightly spiced! Chocolates donated by Dolci di Lechlade.
Free event but booking required. Tel 01367 252631 or call in to the Library
to reserve a place.

Half-term event for children:
Monday 21st February: ‘Stretchy Knights: make a fun stretchy knight’.
Corinium Museum activity. Cost £3. Booking required. Tel 01367 252631 or
call in to the Library to reserve a place.

A large number of members and guests attended the January meeting at
the Memorial Hall. This was a very interesting talk and PowerPoint
presentation by Paul Cobb and Kate Brady, the title being ‘Battlefield
Archaeology: A Great War Mystery Answered’. Paul Cobb, an LHS member
and author of ‘Fromelles 1916’, introduced the talk. He spoke firstly about
soldiers with Lechlade links in the battle at Fromelles, France in 1916, and
secondly about the archaeological dig of the mass graves near the battlefield
and the reburial of remains, in marked graves, in a new war grave cemetery
near the church in Fromelles. Kate Brady of Oxford Archaeology explained
about the dig of the battlefield graves, how modern techniques were used
to help identify remains, by using x-rays, photography, DNA, computer
recording of data, cleaning and preservation.
                                 John Oldroyd

Next Meetings:
Monday 21st February: ‘Preserving the Picture: The History and
Management of Westonbirt Arboretum’ by Simon Toomer, Curator at
Monday 21st March: ‘Tales from the Bawdy Courts’ (Church Courts) by
Hannah Jones from the Oxford Records Office.
Both meetings will be held at the Memorial Hall, 7-15pm for 7-30pm. Guests
For further details, contact Mike Bennett on 252379 or visit our website

 The talk on the Royal Parks to be held at the Lechlade Gardening Club on
Wednesday 9th February 2011 has been cancelled due to an important
meeting at the Lechlade Memorial Hall discussing the future of the Lechlade
Library Service. The committee apologise for any inconvenience caused to
club members or other members of the public who were intending to attend
this talk. We may try re-rostering this talk for another date in the future
calendar of events.
     Jon Mason will be giving a talk on ‘Fruit Growing’ in the Clarke & Pierce
Room, Lechlade Memorial Hall at 1930 hrs on Wednesday 9th March.
     For those using the Internet, remaining talks and activities for the year
up to October 2011 can be found in the Lechlade on Thames website under Events. Details are also given regarding
the Lechlade Gardening Club in the Societies/Clubs section of the same web
                                Tim Yeoman

Badgers may be the best loved as well as the worst hated of our native
mammals. Present throughout Britain, including the Isle of Wight and
Anglesey, they are more common than might be supposed, owing to their
nocturnal habits. Normally we are only made aware of them as a result of
their frequent deaths on the roads. Although we have many badgers around
Lechlade a daylight sighting of a live badger is a rarity but a corpse in the
gutter or on the verge is not. In fact Gloucestershire is one of their
strongholds and they suffer a silent cull whenever crossing a road.
     The Government has completed a consultation process with interested
parties before Christmas and we await the outcome. It seems intent on plans
to permit farmers to kill badgers by trapping or shooting. Far from being the
kindly, avuncular figure portrayed in “The Wind in the Willows”, Mr Brock is
demonized as the enemy of farming as he harbours a disease deadly for the
cattle with whom he shares our fields.
     The cull is being considered as part of the campaign to arrest and
hopefully eradicate bovine tuberculosis which costs us thousands of animals
and millions of pounds every year. Certainly the disease is a scourge and
certainly it is spread by badgers. Equally certainly it is massively costly and
distressing. However, there is a strong body of opinion which maintains that
a wholesale cull of badgers would not halt the spread of bovine TB but could
wipe out the badgers. The debate is fierce but inconclusive. A campaign
by conservationists has already stalled plans for a badger cull in Wales and
campaigners hope for a similar outcome in England.
     The Trust is firmly against a cull on the grounds that our scientific
knowledge does not support the case. Instead a programme of local
vaccination has been embarked upon and funds are sought to finance it.
     Whose side are you on? Do you stand with Joanna Lumley, Alan
Titchmarsh and Sir David Attenborough? Or do you favour the farming
community and our local MP? 2011 will be a year of decision.
                                 Peter Sonley

Do you ever find yourself talking to the plants as you garden? I have just
been having a very petulant conversation (one-sided) with some clematis
as I pruned them (hard). They were a huge tangled brown mass over the
pergola, and looked absolutely awful. As I started to prune it all away I saw
that amongst the dead leaves and tangled growth were a mass of emerging
flower buds, which I had no choice but to cut off if I wanted to be rid of the
unsightly mess. The conversation went something like this:- ‘What a waste.
Well, I don’t know - what is the point of this? Why have you grown like this?
You’ll have to go.... What DO you want? I’m obviously not doing anything
right, just tell me what to do....’ Answer came there none, so I came in to my
gardening books and I think these must be Category 2 clematis, which flower
on growth that they made the previous year and should be tidied up rather
than hard pruned in the spring. Well, mine have been hard pruned and we
will see what happens. Give me Group 3 clematis every time. These are the
little late-flowering viticellas, which have all the advantages of being late
flowerers and only require no nonsense, cut it all down pruning in spring -
then up they grow as fresh as daisies for the coming year.
           Now today, or rather tonight, there will be a full moon and the next
ones to take note of are February 18th and March 19th. In my last column I
promised you some moon advice and the full moon seems a good place to
start....The theory is this:- the moon governs the rise and fall of the tides and
also the rise and fall of the water table that sits beneath our gardens. In the
early days of the New Moon when the gravitational pull of the moon is at its
weakest the water table will be at its lowest. As the pull increases day by
day the water table rises and by the time we come to the Full Moon it is at
its highest. From that point the pull gradually decreases again and the water
table lowers until we are back to the New Moon - it is a regular monthly cycle,
which in this modern day and age we mainly take no notice of at all.
Supposing we garden trying to make use of this natural rise and fall of
gravity? It would at least be an interesting experiment and if we all think it is
nuts at the end at least we will have tried! So for these two months try to
prune after the Full Moon as it is waning and the sap in plants is falling. This
is also a good time to transplant or relocate plants as the soil should be at
its wettest and there is plenty of energy to encourage root activity. Sown
seeds should burst open (I shall be keeping a good eye on the sweet peas
and broad beans I sowed last week!). If you are just a little intrigued by any
of this go to where there is a fantastic
site that gives you a day by day moon diary of gardening tasks (just click on
moon planting and all will be revealed). To be continued....
           Now, on to seeds. What a treat to browse the seed catalogues and
choose far more than you intended and see that summer garden in one’s

mind’s eye. This is the beginning of a great deal of potting shed activity and
I thought that I would pass on some advice that I wrote down from one of
the garden speakers I have heard. He was Very Specific. Plant your tomato
seeds on February 11th (I’m not sure what the moon gardening advice will
be on that score). He said that it should take seven days for the seed to
germinate, and eleven days after to pricking them out. You should only prick
out those seedlings with a good expanded leaf, the others will be weaker,
and they should go into 5 inch pots so that the roots can grow big and strong.
I’m going to try this.
        Finally a quote from the Chiltern Seeds Catalogue, which is a must
for any seedaholics like me. ‘All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the
seeds of today’ (Indian Proverb). Get planting.

Charity no. 1114699
The African Children’s Fund (incorporating the Porridge Club) was founded
in the spring of 2006.
     We are supporting children in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Uganda.
All the projects are different, according to the needs in each country that our
partners in Africa have indentified for the children in their area. All our funds
go directly to the projects.
     The BookCave has been open now for four years and we have built a
reputation for quality and service.
     Now we plan to do the same with a clothes shop, selling good quality
donated clothes and accessories.
     Can you help us in our shops in Lechlade by volunteering?
What is involved?
     In both shops we need to sort, price and put items out for sale. Selling,
operating the till, keeping the shop clean and tidy, and a pleasant place for
people to shop.
     Having the shops open is a valuable source of income and a face for
the charity, so people can question where their money is going and exactly
what they are supporting.
     Please can you donate a few hours to support our projects?
                                   Thank you
                                  Alison Moore
                The BookCave, Burford St. Lechlade GL7 3AP
           Telephone 01367 253003 or e mail

‘The Picture’ at Salisbury (November)
‘The Picture’, Philip Massinger’s tragicomedy from 1629, our choice for
November, was hailed as an important rediscovery by one critic. ‘The Picture’
had not been performed since the 19th century. Philip Wilson, the artistic
director at the Salisbury Playhouse, came across the play in the British
Library, “a piece startlingly modern in its attitude to love and jealousy, with
a beautifully structured plot, immensely complex and fascinating characters,
especially its unconventional women, and an erotic charge of sexual power
         It was difficult to make sense of the first hour: slowly, it becomes
clear that the knight Mathias saying goodbye to his wife Sophia as he goes
off to war fears that she will be unfaithful. His friend Baptista devises a magic
picture of her – a photograph in Wilson’s 19th-century production – colour
coded according to her level of chastity.
         The action takes place at the court of the King of Hungary and
around Mathias and Sophia’s estate. We are conveyed between the locations
by a cleverly constructed set and dramatic lighting effects. Eventually, The
Picture comes into focus. The queen is jealous of Mathias and Sophia’s pure
love and she sets out to seduce him. As we move into a shadowy, sensual
world, we start to see what excited Wilson. The “pure bedrock of crystal
chastity” is in for a scuffing as Teresa Banham’s alluring, amoral queen glides
in the shadows. Massinger’s depiction of “vicious lust” is unusual and
         Olivia Grant underplays neatly as Sophia, outfoxing all the menfolk.
There is good support from Stefan Bednarczyk as the king and Christopher
Good as the ever-irked counsellor. In one memorable scene the king and
his counsellor watch from the top of the set as Mathias, imprisoned and
propositioned by the queen, upends expectations by humbling her. The
comedy, which has overtones of characters from Twelfth Night, is amusing
as the fops sent to prison by the queen emerge from cells under the stage
spinning wool and knitting garments simultaneously and unsuccessfully.
         The production made theatrical history. Does true love triumph?
Were we pleased to be part of it? Of course!

‘Lark Rise to Candleford’ at Malvern (December)
The adaptation to the stage of Flora Thompson’s story about country life in
the late 19th century (first performed at the National Theatre in 1978) could
not have been represented at a more pleasant venue than the Winter
Gardens Theatre, Malvern.
         The initial curtain opening greeted the audience with the dawn
chorus of the larks, followed by typical country style music performed by an

excellent cast of fifteen actors and musicians. We were alerted to the extreme
hard work of farm labourers for the princely sum of ten shillings per week,
and then lulled into the simple pleasures of a day in the life of the village on
the first day of harvest. This theme carried on after the interval and then
concluded with a very sad and impressionable scene where the male
characters were taken from their tranquil lifestyle and plunged into the First
World War and sadly did not return.
          Altogether a moving and heart-warming picture of a forgotten
England as re-introduced on our television screens last year.
                                   John Rose
PS. – I would like to take this opportunity to quell any concerns following our
previous visit to the Malvern Theatre that the acoustics were faulty or that
we had poor seating. We can only presume this was due to the voice
projection of the cast. The sound reproduction for ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’
was excellent.

Local communities generously support Lions fundraising.
Lechlade and District Lions would like to say a huge thank you to the
community of Lechlade for their wonderful support for our Christmas Street
Collection which raised over £3,000. "We are extremely fortunate to live in
a community that is prepared to dig deep to help those less fortunate than
themselves," said Fundraising Chair Richard Bell. "Thanks also to my fellow
Lions who turned out in the very cold weather to bring Santa to visit the
children in the run up to Christmas."
         The Lions were also delighted to receive donations of over £3,000
to the Madina Appeal in December and January. "One couple said they now
give each other a donation to Madina instead of a Christmas present," said
Lions' Treasurer David White who administers all the Madina monies.
         By the time you read this the Senior Citizens Parties will have taken
place in both Lechlade and Fairford. These are funded by the Christmas
Raffle which this year raised a record £2,400. "All of the monies over and
above that needed for the parties goes into our charity account and is used
for good causes such as the running of the Lions' Community Minibus," said
Welfare Chair Brian Hunt. "Thank you to everyone in Lechlade, Fairford and
the surrounding areas who bought tickets."
         The Lions will be running their annual Book Sale at the New Inn on
Saturday 12th February from 11am to 12.30pm. Come along and grab a
bag of books for just £3!
         We are really grateful for the wonderful support we receive from the
community - thank you!
                                 Sue Coakley


Tuesday      1stU3A Palmer Hall, Fairford 2.30pm
                ‘The Ecological Effects of a Severn Barrage’ talk by Dr Paul Smith
                WI Memorial Hall 7.30pm ‘Life on the Plot’ talk by Fiona Warrin
Saturday  5th   SOCIETY OF RECORDER PLAYERS Methodist Hall 2.00pm
                TENNIS CLUB Evening of Comedy Memorial Hall
Wednesday 9th   MOTHERS’ UNION Memorial Hall 2.00pm ‘Marriage Preparation’ talk
                by Mary Bainbridge
Friday    11th RIVERFOLK Singaround at The Trout 8.00pm
Saturday  12th LIONS Book Sale New Inn 11.00am–12.30pm
Tuesday   15th GLOUCESTERSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST 10.00am–3.00pm
                Volunteer day at Richardson & Amey reserve. Details 01452 389962
                ‘THE BIG SOCIETY’ Baptist Church 7.30pm Talk on the government
                initiative by Carole Topple, CDC
Wednesday 16th COTSWOLD CANALS TRUST The Trout 7.30pm
                ART SOCIETY Memorial Hall 2.30pm
Thursday  17th LADIES’ GROUP Clarke & Pierce Room 2.30pm ‘Fairtrade’ talk by
                Anne Sharman
Friday    18th SERENADE AND SANDWICHES St Lawrence Church 12 noon
                ‘Songs of Nature and Love’ with Cressida Jenkins (soprano) and Esther
                Cavett (piano) Donations in aid of Church Restoration Appeal
Sunday    20th COMMUNITY CINEMA Memorial Hall 7.30pm ‘Made in Dagenham’
Monday    21st HISTORY SOCIETY Memorial Hall 7.30pm ‘The History and
                Management of Westonbirt Arboretum’ talk by Simon Toomer
Thursday  24th) LECHLADE PLAYERS Memorial Hall 7.30pm
Friday    25th) ‘The White Sheep of the Family’ by L. du Garde Peach
Saturday  26th) and Ian Hay
Friday    25th RIVERFOLK Gig night and singaround at The Trout 8.00pm
Saturday  26th THEATREGOERS matinee performance of ‘Blithe Spirit’ at Richmond


                                                      Each Tuesday                Day Centre 1
                                                      Each Wednesday              Fitness Leagu
                                                      Each Thursday               Country Mark
                                                                                  Bridge Club
                                                                                  Scottish Danc
                                                      1st Sunday each month       Antiques Fair

                                 Secretaries/organisers: PLEASE enter details of your events in

          MARCH 2011
          Tuesday      1st    U3A Palmer Hall, Fairford 2.30pm talk by Nell Gifford, founder of
                              Giffords Circus
                              WI Memorial Hall 7.30pm ‘The John Lewis Partnership’ talk by Ian Fuel
          Thursday     3rd    BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION fundraising evening at Pino’s
          Friday       4th    WOMEN’S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER
          Saturday     5th    SOCIETY OF RECORDER PLAYERS Methodist Hall 2.00pm
                              MARCH MADNESS St Lawrence Church 7.30pm Concert by
                              Lechlade community music groups
          Wednesday 9th       ASH WEDNESDAY
                              MOTHERS’ UNION Memorial Hall 2.00pm ‘The Quakers’ talk by
                              Mary Chick
                              GARDENING CLUB Clarke & Pierce Room 7.30pm ‘Fruit Growing’
                              talk by Jon Mason
          Saturday     12th   CHARITY CONCERT Baptist Church 7.30pm in aid of those affected
                              by Chernobyl
          Tuesday   15th       ART SOCIETY AGM Memorial Hall 7.00pm
          Wednesday 16th      COTSWOLD CANALS TRUST The Trout 7.30pm
          Thursday  17th      LADIES’ GROUP Clarke & Pierce Room 2.30pm talk on ‘Secret
                              Underground Cities’
          Sunday       20th   COMMUNITY CINEMA Memorial Hall 7.30pm
          Monday       21st   HISTORY SOCIETY Memorial Hall 7.30pm ‘Tales from the Bawdy
                              Courts’ talk by Hannah Jones
          Wednesday 23rd      LECHLADE & DISTRICT SOCIETY Memorial Hall 7.00 for 7.30pm
                              AGM and presentation by Cotswold Water Park Society Ltd.
          Thursday     24th   LENT LUNCH Memorial Hall 12.30pm
          Saturday     26th   THEATREGOERS matinee performance of ‘Relatively Speaking’ at
                              The Watermill
          Wednesday 30th      RIVERFOLK Session playing at The Trout
                              LECHLADE AND DISTRICT SOCIETY AGM Memorial Hall evening

          20th March – 4th April FAIRFORD HOSPITAL LEAGUE OF FRIENDS
                                 House-to-house collection


10.30am – 3.00pm Memorial Hall
ue 9.45am Memorial Hall
ket 8.30 – 11.00am Church Cottage
 7.15pm Clarke & Pierce Room
cing 7.30 – 9.30pm Memorial Hall
   from 10.00am Memorial Hall

n the Town Diary which is kept in Lechlade Library

The funeral of Diana Boustead, aged 85 years, was held on 7th December
2010 in St Lawrence Church. Diana lived with her husband, Mervyn, in
Church House for many years and contributed much to the church and
church life. Diana spent her life caring for others, her father, her husband
and then her aunt. But she also lived an exciting and fruitful life, enjoying
skiing, voyaging up the Amazon with her father, travelling as a cook with a
theatre, and taking up silversmithing. Her love of children took her into the
primary school, where she devoted much time and energy. Many benefited
from Diana’s brand of goodness and she will be sorely missed.

The funeral for Molly Cole, aged 92 years, was held at Ashcroft Methodist
Church on 29th December 2010 and she was laid to rest in Lechlade
Cemetery on 5th January 2011. Molly was a long-standing member of
Lechlade community, being a founder member of the Day Centre and a past
president of Lechlade WI. Several years ago, she moved to Cirencester to
be near her daughter. Molly is warmly remembered by many Lechlade

Though she had lived in Lechlade for the majority of her life, Florence
Chapman was a native of Black Bourton, just over the Oxfordshire border.
She had been in service there from leaving school and only came to Lechlade
after her marriage to Albert, whose family came up from Wales. Florrie had
three children, June, Peter and Martin. Many people will remember June as
having been the landlady of The Royal Oak for many years and will have
seen Florrie taking her turn behind the bar when required. Florrie had a
huge and (dare one say?) wicked sense of humour. She had a smile for
everyone she met on her daily trips from Gassons down to the shops, always
looking a million dollars. Florrie was a staunch member of the congregation
at St Lawrence, occupying the pew just in front of the font for the morning
service. Her passing will mean a little less light will shine in the world.

Yvonne Morris
One of our first encounters with Yvonne and George Morris was at the Art
Society Exhibition. All who knew Yvonne will recall her considerable talent
as an artist. She also had a great sense of adventure and travelled widely.
Peter and I have enjoyed their hospitality, as have many others, always
accompanied by a glass of something, and much laughter. Combined with
her joy in living was a deep spirituality. As our husbands prayed together
she and I explored the riches of contemplative prayer. At her instigation we
suggested to others the formation of a Julian Meeting (Julian of Norwich).
This continues to flourish. Yvonne was an Oblate of the Benedictine Order
at East Malling.
                             Elisabeth Vaughan
   We remember:
   7 December   Diana Boustead
   11 January   John Cooper
                (A service of thanksgiving for John’s life will be held on
                Monday 21 February at 12 noon)

We remember also:        Leslie Archer
                         Molly Cole
                         Yvonne Morris

On Wednesday 23rd March the Society will be holding its 38th AGM and
Open Public Meeting in the Memorial Hall, Lechlade. Light refreshments will
be available from 7.00pm and the formal business will commence at 7.30pm.
An open meeting will immediately follow which will provide an opportunity to
share views on how Lechlade and its surrounding district should evolve.
Finally, the evening will finish with a presentation by Matthew Millett, acting
joint Chief Executive of the newly constituted Cotswold Water Park Society
Ltd, who will update us on how, in general, the restructured society expects
to develop and, in particular, the way ahead for the Riverside Park at
Lechlade. Do come along to what should be an interesting, informative and
lively evening.
                                 Stewart Bruce

Girls, Girls, Girls!
Following the fantastic re-launch of our youth cricket, Lechlade Cricket Club
will be providing girls’ cricket in 2011, commencing on Friday 29th April 6pm
(and every Friday thereafter during the summer) at the Manor Ground,
     All girls between 7 and 15 are very welcome to join us for professional
coaching and lots of fun!
     Parents: For further details or to register your interest, please contact
Paul Rowley, Club Chairman, on 07967 480666 or at paul.rowley@orchard-
                   Lechlade Cricket Club - It’s all happening!

PORT MORTUARY by Patricia Cornwell (Little, Brown)
I hadn’t read a Kay Scarpetta novel for some time, but I was encouraged to
read this one as the critics suggested it was rather different – written in the
first person, detailing Kay Scarpetta’s doubts and worries and giving details
of her past life. The critics were right – it is different, but just as clever and
quite absorbing.

APHRODITE’S HAT by Salley Vickers (Fourth Estate)
A collection of short stories all dealing with aspects of love – love found and
lost, love between friends, between parents and children, love even for a
pet! Set in various parts of the world, some stories are humorous, some
melancholy, some joyful, all of them beautifully written. It’s a very quick read,
partly because once started, it is difficult to put down, and very enjoyable.

I’ve read two “celebrity” memoirs recently. The first THE ELEPHANT TO
HOLLYWOOD by Michael Caine (Hodder & Stoughton) and then AND
FURTHERMORE by Judi Dench (Weidenfeld & Nicolson). Both very
different. Michael Caine’s story is very much rags to riches, full of starry
names and experiences in Hollywood. Judi Dench’s story is gentler, detailing
the highs and (few) lows of her career, with overall a sense of her
effervescing zest for acting, and her love of laughter. She maintains that
she can’t act unless she can laugh at rehearsals! Both still at the top of their
careers and both still with lots to give.

MY FATHER’S FORTUNE – A LIFE by Michael Frayn (Faber & Faber)
This is a loving and touching memoir, and one which I found incredibly
moving. The story of a man, loving and loved, who, coming from a poor and
struggling family, overcame all the disadvantages and made a go of his life,
and found happiness. The author and his father were, in some ways,
ridiculously alike, but in others, very different, but, as Michael Frayn says,
in trying to see life through the eyes of his parents, he begins to realise how
little he ever understood or knew about them. This is an absolute gem of a
book, one which really makes you think.

Joyce Kearsey and family would like to sincerely thank the generous
donations received for Fairford Hospital League of Friends and Cancer
Research in memory of her husband Len. Also to all those who attended the
Service of Thanksgiving at the Baptist Church. The sum of £336.50 was

As I write this at the beginning of January there is a frost on the ground, yet
it is merely cold not arctic as before Christmas, but, if the ground is visible,
tennis continues throughout the year; you just need more layers and more
determination. Surprisingly, only two matches were left unplayed because
of the snow with members, probably in need of their heads being examined,
braving icy conditions; certainly conditions at Wimbledon or the upcoming
Australian Open are very different. Both teams are placed mid table at
present and we are halfway through the winter league.
      Our next fundraising event is on Saturday 5th February. It is an Evening
of Comedy with a two-course meal and tickets are available priced £12 from
committee members or by phoning Maureen on 250321 or John on 252265.
      The new coaching term starts the week beginning 10th January, so
please contact Mark Thomas on 07795 517553 for further details. There is
also ladies’ coaching on Wednesday mornings.
      Social tennis continues on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday mornings from
9-30am and evening sessions under floodlights on Thursday from 6-30pm.
      The AGM is on Monday 28th February in the Pavilion starting at 7-30.
If you are new to tennis or returning after a break, do please come and join
in, you would be most welcome.
      For details about the Club please phone Maureen Cliff (250321) or visit
the web site at
                                   Gay Oliver

Residents, led by Lechlade Council, and supported by local groups and
societies, are fighting Gloucestershire County's plans to close their library.
"GCC have announced their intention to withdraw funding from our library
by July 2011," said Library Working Party Chair Councillor Sue Coakley.
"They have failed to understand the importance of the library to the town.
Our library provides a wide range of essential services including books,
internet access and information for residents and visitors to the town."
     The Town Council hope that the majority of Lechlade residents will fill
in the County's questionnaire asking for feedback on the proposed changes.
The deadline for returning the forms is 11th February 2011. Forms are
available from the Library, the Town Council's offices and the White Horse
Estate Agents. The form can also be completed on line at
                              Cllr Sue Coakley

We hope that you heard us during the Christmas festivities helping to add
to the seasonal feel and also ringing in the New Year. We would accept that
you may not have been that thrilled if you had gone to bed at 10pm but it is
a well established tradition in Lechlade!
     We are delighted to report that we have several new learners, including
three children. They are all making fantastic progress and one is already
ringing for services and weddings. At present we would not be able to take
on any more learners as we like to ensure that everyone gets lots of support
and encouragement.
     However, we are in need of experienced ringers. As you may have
heard, we cannot always ring all six bells on a Sunday and raising an
experienced band for special events like weddings can be difficult. All bell
ringers know that it is much easier to learn something new when you are
ringing with others who can already do what you are struggling with and
someone standing by to give guidance when the memory goes blank is
invaluable! We have ringers who wish to develop their skills further but we
rarely have a sufficiently skilled band and our most experienced ringers
would love to ring something different occasionally. We are a small friendly
band who combine ringing with social events. You probably know, because
bell ringing is not something you can do secretly, that our practice night is
Friday and we ring for Sunday morning service from 9.15am. We know that
there are experienced ringers out there. We would be delighted to welcome
you along to as much, or as little, as you can offer. If you learnt the skill,
why not use it? You know it makes sense!
You can contact Jenny Smith on 01367 250117 for more information.

Forty-three years ago, the late and much-loved Dr David Stevens started
what has become one of the highlights of the musical year in Lechlade – the
Christmas Concert. In recent years, Rachel Bath has taken over as conductor.
     In December the choir and soloists gave a performance of Part One of
Handel’s “Messiah”. It was really wonderful to see and hear how a relatively
small choir could produce such a stunning performance. Hours of practice
under Rachel’s baton made for a really memorable evening in the beautiful
surroundings of St Lawrence Church. Two of the soloists were “home grown”
– Charlotte Colley (soprano) and Ian Taylor (tenor). And Rachel had found
two other excellent soloists for the alto and bass parts. How does she do it?
     And, just to bring things down to earth, the audience were encouraged
to give voice in the carols after the interval. A really memorable evening.

There have been changes in the Brownie units in Lechlade. The Friday
evening unit has closed leaving 1st Lechlade Brownies, which meets on a
Wednesday evening.
     The good news is that 1st Lechlade continues to offer the fun and
activities that have always been associated with Brownie meetings. In
addition to working towards and gaining badges, the girls get out and about,
particularly in the summer months. Last summer they went on nature trails,
enjoyed river boat trips, built dens in the forest, went on climbing walls and
much much more...
     Brownies is for girls aged from 7 to 11 years. Zoey Winckles, the
Lechlade Brownie Guider, is happy to put girls who are not yet 7 on the
waiting list but there are a few spaces for those who are already 7 and would
like to join now. We are also looking for adults to come and help, either on
a weekly basis or whenever they can. Zoey can be contacted on 01793
752227 or email
     Currently, in addition to the Brownies, there is a Guide company in
Lechlade, who meet on a Tuesday evening. The Guide leader, Sophie
Warner, can be contacted on 01285 750368. The Rainbow unit was closed
some time ago due to lack of adult leaders. It would be fantastic to re-open
that unit again and offer an extra fun activity in Lechlade for girls aged 5 to
7. If you have a little time to spare and would like to put something back into
your community whilst extending your own horizons, please contact Helen
Maxwell on 01793 861263. The local adult Guiders are a friendly supportive
bunch who meet together for social as well as Guiding reasons.
                                  Zoey Winckles

2010 was again a very good year. Thank you so much. In December £481.63
was raised by boxholders and £245.18 from the Christingle Service. The
amount for the year including the sale of Christmas cards should be around
£2400. This enables workers to engage with young runaways who find
themselves in a dangerous world of drugs, violence and sexual exploitation,
find them somewhere safe to stay, to talk through their problems and often
mediate with parents and give support as they return home.
     The Children's Society have Children's Centres offering a range of
support services including integrated childcare and education to families with
children, up to the age of five. In Swindon they are at Croft, Eldene and Salt
     The House to House fortnight starts on March 26. If you can help, please
give me a ring. Thank you.
                            Sylvia Dennish 252477
                              Hon. Sec Lechade

6th Flower and Produce Show
The Lechlade Gardening Club want to wish the community a very productive
and happy New Year. The Lechlade 6th Flower and Produce Show will be
held in the Lechlade Memorial Hall on Saturday 3rd September 2011 and
entry forms with schedules will be made available in the next few months
but this early notification allows those of you interested in taking part to put
the date in your diary and to start planning your entries. The Vegetable
section has been extended to include new varieties and the Children's
section has had additional items added to encourage their skills in growing
vegetables. As soon as the schedules are available you will be notified.
                                  Tim Yeoman

Great fun was had by all at the Jollytots Party this Christmas. The children
made Christmas crafts including tree decorations and the mums went out
for a peaceful meal without their little ones.
      Jollytots has been running in Lechlade for about forty years in some form
or other. It caters for children from bump to about 3 years old and their mums,
dads, grandparents and carers. Clare Payne, who runs the group, says that
it is run by parents for parents and their children. In addition to lots of craft
activities, there are masses of toys including slides and a see-saw. While
the grown-ups have a cup of tea, the children are offered juice or water and
biscuits or raisins.
      Jollytots meets twice a week on a Tuesday and Friday from 10 to 11.30
in The Pavilion and costs £1 per session (first session free). The group is
an excellent way for children to begin to play with or alongside other children
with the support and reassurance of a familiar adult in the background and
bridges the transition from 1 to 1 care to the daunting move towards
independence at pre-school. A photographer comes twice a year to
photograph the ‘little cherubs’. The group is very keen to see new members,
who will always receive a warm welcome. You can contact Clare on 01367
      Clare has a successful play dough recipe that she makes with the
children. She recommends it as there is no cooking involved.
      Simply mix:
           2 cups of plain flour
           1 cup of salt
           Drop of baby oil (for a nice smell)
           Some drops of food colouring
           Water to mix
Happy modelling!
Last year was an exciting year for the restoration appeal because, praise
be, we finished our twenty-year programme of work. This was altogether a
superb collective achievement, even solving a late unwanted problem when
the ornate Coxeter monument proved to be hanging on to the wall by the
merest thread. However, this leaves our coffers cleaned out and some loans
to repay so your support in 2011 will be as ever much appreciated.
          Our first highlight will be at noon on Friday February 18th for a
"Serenade and Sandwiches" when the excellent musicians Cressida
Jenkins, soprano, and Esther Cavett, piano, will bring a beautiful programme
of "Songs of Nature and Love". These events have a very loyal and
appreciative following; please come. Admission is free, wine and light
refreshments follow and donations are asked for the fund.
          We are delighted that on Saturday 5th March at 730pm Jay
Mathews and her many friends are again giving us a multi-talented evening
of "March Madness", popping up earlier this time in succession to the two
greatly enjoyed "All in the April" evenings of the last years. See elsewhere
in The Bridge for details; tickets from Lechlade News.
          Looking forward, there are two superb dates to follow: a "Celebration
Serenade and Sandwiches" at noon on Friday 15th April with the much
awaited red-letter day return of Eulalie Charland and Maiko Mori, this time
with even more friends in tow to give us Beethoven's Spring Sonata, a John
Ireland Trio and then Schubert's mighty "Trout" Quintet; then on Saturday
14th May at 730pm the return of those terrific musicians the Roy Kirby
Paragon Jazz Band, a delight to hear and see, for another rumbustious night
of New Orleans Jazz.
          The year 2010 ended in great form. Our Grand Curry Night
attracted 72 people to a delicious buffet at the Jaflong Restaurant and, thanks
again to the great generosity of Mr Junab Ali, raised £950. A wonderful
Lechlade Christmas Concert, directed with superb skill by Rachel Bath,
saw the "Sold Out" sign going up for the first time in many years as a packed
church enjoyed the forty-strong Christmas Choir, fine soloists and John
Wright majestic at the organ give Part One of Handel's "Messiah". All stood
to hail the thunder of the Hallelujah Chorus and then joined lustily in a fine
range of carols. Over £1500 was raised for the appeal. Events such as these
show Lechlade at its very best.
                   For the Appeal Committee - Keith Salway

Requiem for Willows
Anyone who has taken the trip on CCT launch Inglesham from Riverside
Park to the roundhouse will remember battling through the willows curtaining
the entrance to the Thames and Severn Canal and peering through more of
them to get a glimpse of the bridge and lock.
No more!
      In preparation for restoration of the lock, some trees have been removed:
sadly for those who admired the classic view of the roundhouse, but, for
those who have looked forward to the reopening of the canal a welcome sign
of the progress made in the last year towards this renaissance.
      Progress on the restoration in the last year has been spectacular. Stroud
and the western side of the canal has been the focus of the main efforts.
The Heritage Lottery-financed project to reopen the 6 mile stretch between
Stonebridge to the west, through the centre of Stroud and to Brimscombe
in the east, is now well underway. Work at the Wallbridge A46 roundabout
is prominent and a lot of effort has been put into improving the towpath from
Stonebridge towards Stroud in addition to bridge and lock restorations. The
Trust’s new Visitors Centre at Wallbridge is proving very popular.
      The East End of the canal is also showing sign of the restoration effort.
Among other works, the canal between the Spine Road Bridge and Cerney
Wick has been dredged and the towpath is being improved, and the
restoration of Eysey Lock is nearing completion.
      Lechlade is now the focus of a major effort. Before selling the Inglesham
roundhouse last year, British Waterways gifted the lock, and some land next
to it, to the Canals Trust. The trust has since bought an adjacent stretch of
the canal. The Inland Waterways Association has initiated an appeal to raise
£125,000 to restore the lock and open nearly a quarter mile of the canal
beyond this. Work parties have been arranged for this year. Where willows
have been removed a new landing stage will soon appear to the right of the
      Details of the restoration can be seen on the canal websites: and
Work on the canal is largely by volunteers and there is always room for more
in the restoration work.
      The willows at this time of the year may look bare but they restore
themselves rapidly and by the spring the view will have changed again.
                                     Ron Read

May I offer a huge thank-you to all those who are helping to pay for the
running costs of the floodlighting.
        Donations have been given to commemorate the following for the
period February-March 2011 as recorded in the floodlighting diary.

February 20th Remembering Constance on what would have been her 1st
February 27th In memory of Bud Miles
March 8th     Always remembering Ken-his birthday. Joan Liller
March 8th     In memory of Dr Christopher Hasbury
March 11th    In memory of Jane Krouse
March 12th    In memory of Jane Krouse yesterday, today and always
March 14th    In memory of Edna Medley
March 20th    In memory of Nicholas Miles
March 24th    Remembering my beloved Helen. Joan Liller

In addition donations were made in January 2011.

January 12th    In loving memory of Dick. JFP.
January 14th    For Lizzie Fry on her 40th birthday
January 30th    In loving memory of Daphne Tryon

           If you would like to contribute towards the running costs of the
floodlighting and would like to commemorate a special person or event
please enter the details in the diary. The names and events will be published
in The Bridge on a regular basis.
        The PCC has suggested that a minimum donation of £10.00 would
be appropriate and, if you are a tax-payer, you could consider gift-aiding
your contribution. Gift-aid envelopes may be found at the back of the church
and all donations should be placed in the wall-safe or barrel.
                                   Jan Taylor

Fundraising has had a very difficult and challenging past year. Events had
to be cancelled because of flooded ground, lack of support and high rents
for venues, but a cheque for £4,816, including £500 donation, has been sent
off for use in Gloucestershire, which is brilliant. Special thanks are due to
Stella and Mike Stanley, who are the regular support team, and to the
wonderful helpers in May for the Lechlade Food and Drink Festival. Thank
you all very much. We have booked a stall at the 2011 festival, which is
Sunday, May 1st. Please come and support us.
                               Philippa Hunter

Rainfall in Lechlade in 2010 was about 22% below what may be considered
average for the area. This may come as a surprise to many considering the
amount of rain that seems to have fallen from August onwards, but the
shortfall may be attributed to the lack of precipitation in the four months
April-July, which are also the months when the rate of moisture loss from
the soil is normally greatest.
          Rainfall measurements were taken daily at 9.00 a.m. in a garden on
Perrinsfield, in an area clear of any overhanging vegetation or buildings. The
9.00 a.m. readings therefore show the amount of rain that fell the previous
day and overnight. The nearest official weather statistics are collected at
Brize Norton, and these are used as the source of what may be regarded
as ‘typical for the area’.

    Month  Total rainfall Number Most rain on any          Consecutive
    2010   in month       of days one day**                days without
                          on                               rain
                          rain fell
    Jan    73mm           10        20mm 4th/5th           6
    Feb    47.5mm         19        10mm 28th/29th         5
    Mar    37mm           12        7mm 19th/20th          13
    Apr    24.5mm         7         6mm 24th/25th          21
    May    27.5mm         9         10mm1st/2nd            10
    Jun    31mm           6         15mm 7th/8th           11
    Jul    20mm           13        6.5mm 15th/16th        8
    Aug    103.5mm        18        32mm 22nd/26th         4
    Sep    25mm           12        6mm 6th/7th            8
    Oct    38mm           15        19mm 1st/2nd           9
    Nov    47mm           19        13mm 5th/6th           6
    Dec    31.5mm         12        10mm***17th/18th       10
    YEAR 505.5mm          152       32mm22nd/23rd          21
           19.9 inches              Aug                    April 4th–25th
    Brize  647.7mm25.5 183
    Norton inches
·     *Data derived from internet. Average figures over period of years
·     ** Readings taken at 09.00 daily for previous 24 hours
·     *** As snow. 1cm snow = 1mm water

Rain fell on 152 days in Lechlade in 2010, about 30 days less than might be
expected. The two wettest days of the year were in August, when 30mm or
more fell on two days, the 22nd/23rd and the 25th/26th. This is at least 10mm
more than on any other day in the year. Devotees of St Swithun will note
that it rained on the 15th/16th July and on a further 25 days between then
and the 27th August!!
          Although rainfall was down in 2010, not only in Lechlade, but over
most of the country, the monthly pattern was not atypical. The months
April-July, usually the driest, are crucial to gardeners, who might be well
advised to start watering early in this period before any drought sets in. This
will be especially relevant in Lechlade where the gravelly subsoil means that
soil moisture retention is not good. Regular addition of compost, manure and
mulches will help combat soil moisture loss which, in the summer months,
can be as much as 5mm/day or more – almost as much as the total monthly
rainfall in those months in 2010. Low soil moisture loss in the winter months
makes everything seem a lot wetter, even with infrequent rain, whilst the
converse is the case in the summer, when even heavy rain dries out rapidly.
                                Richard Dadson

Local dog Ellie was specially chosen to have puppies for the Hearing Dogs
for the Deaf charity. Ellie, a 3-year-old spaniel, had her puppies in November
and all four of them have been accepted for training. Now, at 8 weeks old,
the puppies have moved on to new homes for socialisation training.
     Hearing Dogs for Deaf People was launched at Crufts Dog Show in
1982. They train dogs to alert deaf people to specific sounds, whether in the
home, workplace or public buildings. To date they have placed more than
1,500 hearing dogs. Much of their work is undertaken by volunteers such as
Ellie's owner John Hunt and the dogs are supplied free to deaf people who
will benefit from their support.
     "Ellie made a great Mum," said John. "She even woke me up one night
because one of the pups had escaped from the pen they sleep in at night."
                                   Sue Coakley

Rehearsals are held in St Lawrence CE Primary School hall on the first and
third Wednesday of each month at 7.00p.m. Rehearsals for February: 2nd
and 16th. All instrumentalists welcome, whatever standard. Details from Jay
Mathews 01367 253510 or Peter Kingslake 01367 253200.

A concert performed by Lechlade community music groups in aid of
St Lawrence Church Restoration Appeal
For the last two years the community music groups have raised money for
the restoration appeal by staging a concert entitled ‘All in the April Evening’.
When we were planning our 2011 concert, there was talk in the town of a
Lechlade Festival being held in April, so we decided to move our concert
forward to March to avoid a clash! So, we are proud to tell you about our
concert ‘March Madness’ to be held on Saturday March 5th at St Lawrence
Church at 7.30p.m. Tickets are £10.00 (students and concessions £5.00).
The concert features The Ha’penny Bridge Singers, The Riverside Recorder
Group and local contemporary folk group Chalice.
Tickets are available from Keith Salway or Jay
Mathews or Lechlade Newsagents.

The Cotswold Recorder Consort with special guest performers Helen Hooker
(recorder) and Rosemary Robinson (spinet) are performing a concert at
Horseshoe Lake, Burford Road, Lechlade GL7 3QQ on Friday 1st April at
7.30p.m. Tickets £10, children £5.00 available from Steve Marshall 01452
831654 or Jay Mathews.
         The Cotswold Recorder Consort consists of seven recorder players,
using the full range of instruments from the tiny sopranino to the huge (8
foot) subcontrabass. The group plays music in all styles and from all periods
(this evening features music from 1180 to 2010). The group is led by Steve
Marshall who, together with his wife Ann, ensures a supply of new pieces
and arrangements of old favourites to keep their repertoire constantly
refreshed. They are delighted to be joined for this concert by Helen Hooker,
quite simply one of the foremost professional recorder players in the country
and Rosemary Robinson, a highly sought-after keyboard accompanist and

Lechlade Methodist Church Hall, 2.00p.m. to 5.00p.m.
Non-members and other branch members £4.00 entrance
Saturday February 5th: conductor Alyson Lewin
Saturday March 5th: conductor Steve Marshall
Saturday and Sunday June 4th and 5th
Two days of recorder playing with conductors Pam Smith, Matt Taylor, Steve
and Ann Marshall at the Lechlade Memorial Hall and Pavilion, 10.00a.m. to
4.00p.m. Cost per day £40.00. All food is included, plus a free ticket to the
Phoenix Recorder Orchestra concert in aid of the St Lawrence Restoration
Appeal at St Lawrence Church on Saturday June 4th at 7.30p.m. Concert
tickets for the general public £10.00, concessions £5.00. Course details and
application forms available from the SRP website: (click onto
‘branches’ and then ‘South Cotswold’ and download the forms) or from Jay

Singarounds in the Creel Bar at the Trout Inn, 8.00p.m. £1.00 entrance.
Friday February 11th: Singaround plus spotlight by Braham Levy
Friday February 25th: Gig night plus short singaround. Guest artists Huw
Chidgey and Catherine Handley.

New Riverfolk event: Wednesday March 30th: Session playing in the Creel
Bar. All players and listeners welcome. For further information about this
event, please contact Jack and Jackie Brothwell

For further information about any of the above Community Arts groups and
events, please contact Jay Mathews on 01367 253510 or email

                     At Meysey Hampton
                        Memorial Hall
                           Jumble Sale of
                          Designer Clothes!
                         £1per item of clothing
                       Coffee and Cakes available
                            10am to 12 Noon
                           February 12th 2011
             All proceeds to go towards the re-building of
                   Meysey Hampton Memorial Hall
               Further information from 01285 850850


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