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Calculating Speed


									                              Calculating Speed

Formula:     Speed = distance/time, so…

             D=SxT         and    T = D/S

Solve the following problems. Show the formula used, substitute the values into
the formula, circle the final answer and include the proper units of measure.

1. How far would you travel if you walked at a speed of 4 miles per hour (mph) for
   2.5 hours?

2. How long would it take to run 1000 meters if you ran at an average speed of 5
   meters per second?

3. If a person could run 1000 meters in 4 minutes, what is their speed in meters
   per minute? In meters per second?

4. How far would a jet plane travel in 6 hours at an average speed of 750 mph?

5. How much time would you need to travel 42 miles on your bike if you could
   maintain an average speed of 12 mph?

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