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									                                                                                                        SA Application 1

                                   Office of Student Life
                        University Residences and Dining Services
                          Staff Assistant – Position Description

Staff Assistants for Graduate, Professional and Non-Traditional Housing are student employees who share
responsibility with the Senior Staff, Resident Manager, other Staff Assistants, and Paraprofessionals for the
overall operation, student personnel, residential programs and administration of their designated building or

Specifically, Staff Assistants are responsible for assisting students in crisis, advising students in student groups,
conducting community meetings, planning and implementing cultural, educational, social and informational
programs, serving as a resource to residents, aiding students in transition, on-call duties as assigned, and
assisting with the management of their residence hall community.

Please see the following position description for more information.

▪   Staff Assistants are expected to work approximately twenty hours per week.
▪   Staff Assistants are available to residents at all times while in the building.
▪   The Staff Assistant position requires that you work on a staff team that includes undergraduate students.
▪   Staff Assistants serve on a rotational on-call system with other staff members.
             o An on-call shift is from 7:00pm to 7:00am during the week (Monday-Sunday). During quarter
                 breaks, Staff Assistants are expected to work 24-hour on-call shifts (7:00 pm – 7:00 pm).
▪   Between the hours of 7pm and 9pm, Staff Assistants work at their community’s front desk as Office
    Assistants, providing customer service and promoting community. During these hours, they fall under the
    co-supervision of the Resident Manager and Senior Staff.
▪   Staff Assistants are expected to plan and implement engaging events that address the specific learning
    outcomes designated for on-campus living and their community, as outlined by their supervisor. These
    events are typically based on the needs of residents and planned in consultation with their peers and the
    Senior Staff.
             o Passive Programming in the form of Bulletin Boards, Door Decorations and other means are
                 also expected and will be outlined by the supervisor.
▪   Staff Assistants attend individual meetings with their supervisor and group meetings with their staff team on
    a regular/weekly basis.
▪   The Staff Assistant position is a 12-month position. The 2010-2011 term begins June 14, 2010 and ends
    June 13, 2011. Reappointment for the position will be determined by the level of excellence in job
    performance as evaluated by the supervisor. Other staffing needs may also be a part of the decision making
▪   Staff Assistants are required to attend training sessions during fall training, quarterly re-openings, and
    building closings.

Remuneration for your services as a Staff Assistant includes the following:

   A single room with private bath for the term of appointment.
   A cash stipend based on the rate of $320.00 (pre-tax) for each full month of service during the contracted
    period will be provided. The total stipend each quarter will be divided evenly across the number of biweekly
    pay periods associated with that quarter.
   SAs are required to purchase any one of the dining plans that residential students are eligible for, including
    the commuter meal plan. The facility fee for this meal plan will not be charged to the SA. Dining commons
    meals are provided when the dinning commons are open for regular service. There are no per-diem
    payments for meals during times the dining commons are closed.
                                                  Updated: January 2010
                                                                                                     SA Application 2

   Local telephone service is provided at no cost. You will be responsible for payment of long distance calls
    from your telephone.
   As a Staff Assistant, vacation and sick leave benefits do not accrue to you.


Applicants should be applying to or enrolled in a graduate/professional program at the time of application.
(Undergraduate candidates would be considered only in special circumstances.) Successful
graduate/professional applicants must be admitted into an academic program by July 1st and begin classes no
later than the first day of Fall quarter. Students must be in good academic standing.
      If a graduate/professional student, academic standing is determined by the appropriate graduate or
         professional school (3.00/4.00 cumulative grade point average G.P.A.).
      If an undergraduate student, the Staff Assistant must maintain a quarterly and cumulative GPA at or
         above 2.5.
Students must be currently enrolled with a minimum of seven credit hours per quarter and may take one quarter
off of classes after three consecutive quarters are completed.

Previous experience in group living, college residence halls, or graduate housing is preferred. Applicants with
previous experiences as a resident advisor, residence hall government officer, office manager, or other related
experiences will receive the strongest consideration.

Personal qualities must include leadership skills, communication skills, awareness and sensitivity to lifestyle and
cultural differences, organizational and planning skills, energy, enthusiasm, initiative, commitment, and
willingness to work long hours without the need for close supervision. For those who are living or have lived in
the graduate housing community, contributions to the community as well as student experiences will be
considered as we evaluate applications.

The Staff Appointment:
    The Staff Assistant position is designated as halftime (50%) by the University. University policy limits
       any additional campus employment to no more than 10 hours a week or 25% time depending upon your
       student status (for monthly positions such as GTA or GRA position). The Senior Staff, whether the
       second form of employment is a University position or outside position, must approve any employment
       in addition to the Staff Assistant position.

Benefits/Time Away Request:
    The Staff Assistant position is a student-employee position, and like all student positions does not carry
        any fringe benefits (vacation, sick leave, etc.). You will be expected to work between quarters, when
        classes are not being held and at busy check-in and check-out periods. Staff Assistants are eligible for
        any financial benefit afforded undergraduate paraprofessionals working over break periods in an
        academic year building, per the policy set forth by the department. You are free to leave the campus up
        to seven (7) nights per quarter, with prior approval from the Housing Coordinator/Hall Director. Time
        off, though limited can be requested and will be granted as scheduling permits.

All completed applications must be returned to:

Attention: Brian Tomlinson                                   Applications for the 2010-2011 Academic
Staff Assistant Application                                  Year are accepted on a rolling basis. The
William Hall Complex                                          selection process will remain open until
249 W. 10th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43201
                                                                   all vacant positions are filled.

Telephone: (614) 292-6637
Fax: (614) 292-9505
                                                  Updated: January 2010
                                                                                               SA Application 3

                                      The Ohio State University
                              University Residences and Dining Services
                                      Staff Assistant Application

General Information:
Name:                                                        Email Address:

Mailing Address:                                             Cell Phone Number:

Cumulative GPA:                                              Please select the type of student you are:

                                                             Undergraduate Graduate        Professional
Field of Study or Enrolled College:                          Years needed to complete program:

Employment History: Please list the last two jobs you have held.
Employer:                                               Dates of Employment:

Your Title:                                                  Supervisor’s Name:

Job Responsibilities:

Employer:                                                    Dates of Employment:

Your Title:                                                  Supervisor’s Name:

Job Responsibilities:

References: Please list two references we may contact to verify your employment. At least one
person should be a faculty/staff member.
1. Name:                                                Title:

Phone Number:                                                Email Address:

2. Name:                                                     Title:

Phone Number:                                                Email Address:

                                           Updated: January 2010
                                                                                          SA Application 4

Please type a response to the following questions:

1. Why are you interested in being a Staff Assistant?

2. Describe any personal or professional experience and/or qualities, which you feel qualify you for
   this position. Include any administrative abilities in which you excel (e.g. record keeping,
   supervision, training, and programming). How will these experiences aid you in the Staff
   Assistant position?

3. Discuss the experiences you have had with persons of different cultural backgrounds and
   lifestyles from your own and how these experiences will assist you while performing your job

4. In your opinion, what special needs are prevalent among graduate, professional, and non-
   traditional undergraduate student populations? Provide an example of how you would respond
   to those needs.

5. When developing ways to create a sense of community in an apartment-style residence, what
   strategies will you use to engage with your residents, understand their needs, address those
   needs, and in general, create a sense of community with your floor?

6. How will you balance your academic commitments with the expectations as a Staff Assistant?

Please attach your response sheet to this application form and return to:

Attention: Brian Tomlinson
Staff Assistant Application
William Hall Complex
249 W. 10th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43201

I agree that the information in this application is accurate and that I have read and understand the
duties and responsibilities of the Staff Assistant position.

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Signature: ______________________________             Date: ___________________

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