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          International Pension Plans
          Pensions to accept accrued UK benefits
        For Non-UK Residents or those leaving the UK
    Part of the Pension Range from Concept Group

    International Pension Plans
              The Aurora International Pension Plans have been developed
              by Concept Group Limited to provide a competitive and
              flexible solution for individuals who have accrued pension
              benefits in the UK and are leaving or have already left the UK.
              Readily portable, Aurora provides asset protection and tax
              effective planning opportunities in the secure knowledge that
              assets are ring fenced and held by AA or higher rated
              custodians or custodians of your choice.
              Enjoy your choice of investment strategy and Investment
              Manager or the simplified but cost effective “Lite” Plans.
              Avoid the requirement to purchase an insurance annuity, and
              gain the advantage of passing remaining funds to loved ones
              on death.
              With the ability to remove your pension assets from the UK
              inheritance tax regime and the ability to pay pension benefits
              gross without deduction of Guernsey tax, significant
              advantages can arise from a transfer to an Aurora Pension
              Concept Group Limited specialises in the innovation and
              development of pension schemes and is a Guernsey licensed
              fiduciary company regulated by the Guernsey Financial
              Services Commission.
              Guernsey is an independent, well regulated and
              internationally accepted jurisdiction with a framework of
              legislation and practices that ensures its position in the
              premier division of offshore financial service centres.
              English speaking, with a centuries-old tradition of political
              stability and good governance, Guernsey is in the same time
              zone as London.
              Concept Group Limited are not qualified to give legal or tax
              advice but they can offer introductions to qualified legal and
              tax advisors/counsels, conversant with International Pensions.

                                                  International Pension Plans
                                                  Outline of Benefits
    Who May Apply:                      Aurora is available to all individuals, whatever their nationality, leaving of having left the UK.

    Tax Benefits:                       Aurora is not subject to tax in Guernsey* and has no reporting requirements under the European
                                        Savings Tax Directive.
                                        An Individual who transfers their accrued benefits from their UK Pension Scheme to Aurora will
                                        remove their pension fund from the UK tax system permanently and will avoid the risk of these
                                        funds being impacted by future changes to UK pension legislation.

    Contributions                       There are no limits to the amount or the type of assets that may be placed in the Plan. Employers
                                        may also contribute on behalf of the Individual. However, tax advice would need to be obtained
                                        on the effects of making such contributions.

    Fund Size:                          There are no limits to the value of assets held in the Plan. There are also no formal minimums
                                        although fees dictate that at funds sizes less than £100,000 for Aurora Lite and £200,000 for other
                                        Plans very careful consideration of the costs and benefits would be required.

    Investment:                         The investment choice is wider than under a UK Pension Plan. Using the Libertaï Plans, a Member
                                        may appoint themselves as the Investment Manager or may select their own Investment
                                        Manager (on a Discretionary or Advisory basis) and custodian. For those without a preference
                                        Aurora Lite offers pre-approved investment choices. Non-standard assets may also be held. For
                                        more details see Investment Choices.

    Retirement Age:                     Aurora has flexibility when taking benefits from the Plan.

    Drawing your pension:               The tax treatment of your pension when you draw it will depend upon the tax regime of the
                                        country in which you are resident, your age and the duration elapsed since leaving the UK.
                                        Please note that there is no requirement to purchase an insurance annuity and any funds
                                        remaining on the death of the individual or last annuitant may be paid to those nominated in
                                        accordance with your wishes. Dependent on the individual’s personal circumstances at the time
                                        tax planning opportunities may arise.

    Transfers In:                       As long as the UK Authorised Pension Scheme has the relevant powers to transfer out to a QROPS
                                        then an individual may request a transfer of their accrued benefits to their Plan in Aurora.

    Transfers Out:                      Aurora has powers to transfer to other Schemes which generally would also be QROPS.

    Financial Stability:                Guernsey is a premier International finance centre with the highest reputation and standards. Its
                                        legislative and fiscal independence continues to deliver political and economic stability on which
                                        the Islands mature innovative finance sector can rely.

    Regulated:                          The Guernsey characteristics of all the Plans have been approved by the States of Guernsey
                                        Income Tax.
                                        The Administrators (Concept Group Limited) are regulated in Guernsey by the Guernsey Financial
                                        Services Commission in accordance with the Regulation of Fiduciary, Administration Business and
                                        Company Directors, etc (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2000. Registration No: 41012.
                                        Aurora Schemes are all Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (“QROPS”) for UK
                                        purposes, for Aurora with effect from 24th August 2007 - Reference number: 501350, for Aurora Lite
                                        with effect from 15th November 2007 – Reference No: 50155 and for Aurora Libertaï and Libertaï
                                        Lite with effect from 18th June 2008 – Reference No: 501940.

    * Unless Guernsey resident taxpayer in receipt of annuity.
    This summary is of general nature only and should not be relied upon, nor to be a substitute for professional advice, or used in formulating any business decisions
    without first seeking such advice. No liability is accepted for any consequences arising from any transactions embarked upon in connection with this summary.
    The benefits in this summary may vary according to residency and domicile.
    No warranty regarding the appropriateness of investing in the Aurora International Pension Plans is being given and none of the above comments should be
    construed as investment or tax advice. You should always take independent investment and tax advice, as your personal circumstances may mean the
    comments above do not apply.

                                       International Pension Plans
                                       Investment choices available by Plan
                                           Subject to approval, the Member may pursue bespoke investment
                                           strategies with their chosen Investment Manager on a Discretionary or
                                           Advisory basis.
               Aurora                      The appointment is subject to Trustee’s approval and evidence that the
                                           Investment Manager is regulated, professionally qualified and holds full
                                           Professional Indemnity Insurance.
                                           The Trustee continues to be involved in the investment process.
                                           Investment Choices pre-approved by the Trustee:-
               Aurora                      Please see appendix attached for current investment options available.
                Lite                       As new offerings are approved by the Trustee and become available the appendix
                                           will be updated and available for download from
                                           The Member appoints themselves or an Investment Manager and
                                           Custodian on a Discretionary or Advisory basis.
              Aurora                       Ideal when an underlying bond is used as custodian or when the
                                           Investment Manager wishes to direct investment changes to the custodian
              Libertaï                     without repeated reference to the Trustee for approval.
                                           This appointment also applies to non-standard assets held through an
                                           offshore Company
                                           The Member appoints themselves or an Investment Manager and
                                           Custodian on a Discretionary or Advisory basis.
              Libertaï                     However, you are restricted to one:-
                Lite                       Bond or Discretionary Manager or Custody and Execution Account
                                           Non-standard assets are not available through this Plan. 
    Non- Standard Assets
    Non-standard assets may be held as investments in Aurora Plans, but it may be necessary to manage such
    investments through other structures, relevant tax advice may be required. By way of example:-
            Private Equity – In a separate, wholly owned offshore Company,
            Real Estate – In a separate, wholly owned offshore Company.

     Concept Group Limited does not provide Investment Advice but has appointed an independent Regulated Discretionary Manager to 
     review the pre‐approved investment choices available in Aurora Lite. 

                                   International Pension Plans
                                   Plan selection matrix

                    OBJECTIVE                              PREPARED TO ACCEPT                     PLAN

    Minimum Cost                                Aurora Pre-approved investment choices         Aurora Lite

                                                Restricted to one Bond or Discretionary
    Minimum Cost with Investment Freedom        Manager or Custody and Execution               Libertaï Lite

    Member wishes to direct Investment
    decisions themselves
                                                Trustee has no responsibility, power or duty
    or                                          to review investment decisions
                                                                                               Libertaï Lite
    Unregulated Investment Manager

                                                Involvement of trustee in approving
    Complex and bespoke investment strategy
                                                investment manager and investment                Aurora
    involving trustee responsibility

    Complex and/or bespoke investment           Trustee have no responsibility, power or
    strategies minimising trustee involvement   duty to review investment decisions


                                  International Pension Plans
                                  Payment of Benefits
    When Notification to HMRC is required
    Aurora Plans have been accepted as Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes by H M Revenue &
    Customs (HMRC) and therefore are required to notify HMRC of any payment of benefits, including those
    transfers which are treated under certain provisions as deemed to be making a payment in respect of a
    relevant member.
    There are a number of ways in which a payment could be deemed to be made and includes a transfer from
    Aurora to another plan, dependent on the time elapsed since the individual left the UK.
    When Notification to HMRC is not required
    HMRC do not need to be notified if the relevant member is a person to whom the member payment charges
    set out in the Finance Act 2004 do not apply.
    The relevant member payment charges do not apply unless the member:
       •   Is resident in the UK when the payment is made (or treated as made), or
       •   Although not resident in the UK at that time, has been resident in the UK earlier in the tax year in which
           the payment is made (or treated as made) or in any of the five tax years immediately preceding that
           tax year.
    If a relevant member is not resident in the UK when the payment or deemed payment is made and the
    relevant member has also not been resident for the five years preceding the tax year the payment or
    deemed payment has been made (paragraph 2 Schedule 34 Finance Act 2004) then no member payment
    or a deemed payment charge will arise or be reportable to HMRC.

                                           International Pension Plans
                                                                   Aurora             Aurora Lite             Libertaï           Libertaï Lite

    Formation Fees                                                        0.80%               £1,000                 0.80%              £2,000

    Minimum                                                              £2,000                      -              £2,000                       -

    Maximum                                                             £10,000                      -             £10,000                       -

    Transfers from existing providers included                              Two                  Two                   Two                 Two

    Annual Trustee Fees                                                   0.65%               £1,000                 0.65%              £2,000

    Minimum                                                              £2,000                      -              £2,000                       -

    Maximum                                                             £10,000                      -             £10,000                       -

    Payment of benefits included – per annum                          Unlimited                 One             Unlimited                  One

    Additional Fees

    Additional Transfer from existing provider                              £250                £250                  £250                 £250

    Payment of benefits other than annually                                  n/a                £500                     n/a               £500

    Transfer to another QROPS provider

    Transfer Fee                                                              1%                  1%                     1%                  1%

    Minimum                                                              £2,000               £2,000                £2,000              £2,000


    •   Fees detailed on this sheet are exclusive of commission payments shown on the application form.
    •   Formation fees are payable within seven days of receipt of tax relieved transferred funds.
    •   The first year’s Annual Management Fee will be invoiced and taken in advance from establishment of the Plan to the 30th June the
        following year and annually thereafter.
    •   All fee notes will be settled from funds held, or otherwise must be settled within thirty days of the invoice date.
    •   This fee schedule does not cover special classes of assets. These will be charged on a case by case basis. It may be possible to
        negotiate such fees in advance
    •   Where the administration of an entity of a specific task is of an unusual nature or is unduly onerous a fee will be charged including all
        travel expenses.
    •   All bank charges incurred on payments of benefits and investment transactions will be deducted from the payment.
    •   Any cost incurred from third parties maybe charged to the individual Plan, i.e. legal opinions, certificate of good standings, etc.
    •   All retrocession’s received, in negotiating enhanced rates from financial institutions for the provision of banking, Insurance and
        Investment services and products will be retained by Concept Group Limited.
    •   Fees paid to external advisors are exclusive of these charges.
    •   Concept Group Limited reserves the right to vary the above scales from time to time and undertake to provide the Member with one
        month’s notice.

                                                     International Pension Plan

                                     Contact Details

         For an application form or further information on the Aurora International Pension Plan please contact:-

                                                            Assured Alliance Limited
                                                             Asia Distribution Office
                                                                  102 LT Square,
                                                             500 Chengdu Nth Rd,
                                                                 Shanghai, PRC
                                                             Tel: +8621 6327 0174
                                                             Fax: +8621 6327 7621

                                                                    Concept Group Limited
                                                                        Filton House
                                Roger Berry                             St Peter Port                                Jackie Eley
                              Managing Director                          Guernsey                                 Fiduciary Director
                                                                          GY1 3HH

The information contained herein has been prepared in good faith by Concept Group Limited but has not been independently verified.

No representation is made or warranty given as the completeness, accuracy or timeliness of the information.

You should always seek independent advice as to the effectiveness of the Plan in light of your own personal circumstances.

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