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					University of California, Riverside

                                                Hiring Checklist
                            For Teaching, Research, Extension & Academic Administrative Positions

 The following checklist is designed to help you through the standard hiring process for regular faculty and other academic
 positions. Temporary, emergency, and other abridged-process hires will requires some but not all of the same steps. The
 goal is to answer yes to all the questions on the list. For more in-depth instructions, consult the Handbook for Academic
 1.       Search and Selection Committee
              Have you organized a Search and Selection Committee?
              Does the Committee have 3 to 7 members? (More than seven (7) members are acceptable in
              appropriate cases.)
              Does the Committee have male and female representation?
              Does the Committee have representative(s) from under-represented racial / ethnic groups?
              Have you considered adding search committee members from other departments?

 2.      Committee Responsibilities
            Have Committee members been fully informed (in writing) of their responsibilities for ensuring
            equal employment opportunity?
            Have Committee members been fully informed and briefed by the Director of Faculty and Staff
            Affirmative Action of the active role they are committed to undertake in recruiting candidates?
            Are the Committee members fully aware of the job-related criteria relevant to the job?
            Are the Committee members fully aware of the need to evaluate candidates without regard to
            stereotypes or presumptions regarding ability or disability?

 3.      Search Strategy
              Has the Committee or chairperson conferred with the hiring authority to design a search strategy?
              The strategy will be submitted on your Recruiting-Hiring plan.
              Has the Committee developed a means for consistently evaluating and ranking the applications
              according to job-related criteria and standards? The evaluation criteria will be submitted on your
              Recruiting Hiring Plan.

 4.      Position Announcements
               Has a position announcement been drafted which conforms to the requirements in the Handbook for
               Academic Hiring?
               Have you specified the minimum qualifications needed to be successful in the position?
               Is the announcement specific yet broad enough to cover contingencies, so that re-advertising is not
               required? Hires, without exception, must conform to the terms of the ad.
               For example:       If a Ph.D. is required, you cannot hire an ABD or even someone who will acquire
                                  the degree prior to start of employment. A more precise statement of our intended
                                  minimum qualification might be: "Ph.D. required by September 1, 2001."
               For example:       The application deadline is a cut-off date, so even the best of candidates must be
                                  rejected if the resume is received later. Phrasing that gives the Committee more
                                  flexibility: "Preference for applications received by (date)"; or "Screening of
                                  applications to begin (date)."
               Is the closing / screening date at least 30 days from the date of approval and at least 14 days from
               the first publication?

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 5.      Approval to Hire
             Have you submitted and received back a signed Recruiting - Hiring Plan granting approval to hire?

 6.      Requests for referrals / nominations
             Does each letter asking for referrals (e.g. letters to other degree-granting institutions, professional
             groups, etc.) include an affirmative action clause?

                At a minimum the letter should state that the University seeks nominations of all qualified
                candidates, including women, members of under-represented groups, persons with disabilities, and
                Vietnam-era veterans. The statement may be substantially equivalent to the following: "UCR is an
                equal employment / equal educational opportunity institution. In furtherance of our affirmative
                action commitments we would especially appreciate your assistance in identifying qualified women,
                members of under-represented racial and ethnic groups, persons with disabilities, and Vietnam-era
                veterans who might be interested in applying for this position. We guarantee equal consideration
                for all persons applying for employment."

 7.      Advertising
             Have you adequately advertised the position within the (national / regional / state) search area?
             Have you posted the vacancy on the Academic Personnel web site?

 8.      Recruitment of women and members of under-represented racial/ethnic groups
              Have you taken every possible step to enable members of under-represented groups to learn of and
              apply for this job? (Attach measures taken in separate document)
              Have you contacted appropriate organizations of / for under-represented groups that should be
              notified of vacancies in this field?
              Have you notified all individuals who may be able to refer members of under-represented groups
              for the job?
              Have you identified women and minority group members (e.g., through networking or directories in
              the AEVC office) and personally approached each with information about the opening?

 9.      Receipt of applications
              Have you dated each application received?
              Have you recorded each application on the Candidates Demographic Data form?
              Have you sent each applicant an Applicant Self-Reporting From, with the title, file number, and
              department fields complete? (Alternatively, have you provided the candidate with information so
              she/he can submit the form on our website?) The form should be sent upon receipt of application,
              and certainly long before rejection letters are sent.
              Have you notified each applicant of receipt of the application? Since you have to send the
              Applicant Self-Reporting Form anyway, it would be highly advisable to send a cover letter with it.
              In addition to acknowledging the application, you can note which required documents (references,
              transcripts, etc.) have been received and which are missing.

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 10.     Review of applications
              Has the Committee waited to review applications until the start of the advertised review period /
              close of the application period?
              Has the Committee reviewed and ranked the applications by uniformly applying its job-related
              Has documentation been maintained of the review process and results?
              Have at least three (3) members of the Committee reviewed all applications and materials?

 11.     References
              Have you stated a deadline for receipt of references? (You could put that information in the cover
              letter referred to in 9, above.)
              Have you developed a non-discriminatory means for deciding which applicants' references should
              be checked (e.g., the top 3 candidates)?
              Have you developed and used consistently a set of core questions in every reference interview?
              Have you solicited only job-related information?
              As a courtesy, have you obtained the candidate's consent to obtain references from persons not
              named by the candidate? It is presumed that a candidate will name as references persons who
              would recommend the candidate for the job. It is not improper for the Committee to use other,
              perhaps less biased sources to obtain background information on a candidate provided the
              information is job-related and given appropriate weight. However, if the University seeks to
              provide a degree of confidentiality concerning the candidate' quest for a new job, the Committee
              should notify the candidate and give him / her a chance to decline or to explain questionable
              references from sources she / he did not nominate.
              Is the job related information obtained from the references treated as one, but not the only, factor in
              the hiring decision?
              If negative information is obtained and would otherwise be a contributing factor in rejecting the
              applicant, has the applicant been given an opportunity to rebut the information? Or have you
              otherwise independently verified the information?
              Have you made notes for the file of each reference check and the answers received?

 12.     Interviews
              Have you used off-campus interviews, e.g., at a convention, only to screen candidates and not as a
              substitute for on-campus interviewing?
              Have you used the interview as an opportunity to "sell" UCR by conveying positive and accurate
              information about the job, the department, the University, its administration and the community?
              Have you developed and used consistently a set of core questions addressed to every interviewee?
              Have you asked only job-related questions?
              Have you at all times refrained from commenting or initiating conversation about race, creed, color,
              religion, national origin, citizenship, ancestry, gender, marital status, pregnancy, children, child
              care, sexual orientation, age, disability, health problems, and other similarly prohibited topics?
              Have you answered al of the candidate's questions even if they raise prohibited subjects, such as
              availability of childcare facilities or location of a church of a particular denomination?

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 12.     Interviews (continued...)
              Have you made notes for the file concerning the questions and answers received?
              Have you enhanced the formal interview process with other recruiting activities such as a campus
              tour, or social events? Additional activities are not mandatory, but may be extremely beneficial in
              the recruiting process, both in terms of enabling greater numbers of people in the academic
              community to meet the candidate and enhancing our "marketing" efforts to persuade the candidate
              to move here. Members of under-represented groups may find it particularly helpful to meet
              informally with other members of their group in order to get a realistic picture of life here in

 13.     Decision Making
              Has the Committee developed a system of weighing job criteria and the information obtained?
              Are the Committee's deliberations based on the applicant's ability to perform the job as evidenced
              from the resumes, references, interviews, and other job related criteria?
              Has the Committee provided the person making the initial hiring decision with the strengths and
              weaknesses of each acceptable candidate?
              Is the decision to hire based on the applicant's ability to perform the job?

 14.     Rejection Letters
              Have rejection letters been sent to all unsuccessful candidates?
              Was each letter sent as soon as possible i.e., upon determining that the applicant would not under
              any circumstances be considered further?

 15.     Job Offer
              Have you submitted and received back a signed Request to Make an Offer? The signed form gives
              the initial decision-maker the approval to hire the person named in the form.
              Have you (prior to submission) appended to the Request to Make an Offer the completed
              Candidates Demographic Data form?
              Does the letter of offer include all the terms agreed upon by the parties, for example, rank / title,
              salary, type and length of appointment, prior service credit and starting date?

 16.     Notice of Completion
              Have you given to the AEVC notice of the successful / unsuccessful completion of your search, by
              submitting a Notification of Completion form?

 17.     Documentation
             Does the hiring file contain the necessary documents, as set forth in the Handbook for Academic
             Have arrangements been made to retain the hiring file for a minimum of three years (including all
             forms, resumes, notes, etc.)?
             Is the transcript or other verification of credentials in the new employee's unofficial (department /
             college) personnel file?

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