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					                                                   The Disability
                                                   Advisory Service
                                                   (DEAS) & DEECD
The Victorian Government has engaged the Disability Employment Advisory
Service (DEAS) to further the goals articulated in A Fairer Victoria, the
Disability Act 2006 and the State Disability Plan 2002-2012, namely to;
    •   increase employment opportunities for Victorians with disabilities, and
    •   ensure the public service is representative of the Victorian community.
The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) is
working with the DEAS to bring this service to DEECD corporate and school
This brochure sets out how the Department and the DEAS will work together
to achieve these goals in the education context.

The Benefits of using the DEAS
       Increased retention and enhanced performance achieved through the
        high levels of motivation, loyalty and productivity demonstrated by
        employees with a disability
       Enhanced diversity of skills and recruitment advantage in the labour
        market achieved by tapping into a broader talent pool of potential
       Improved reputation in the community for demonstrating fairness and
        inclusion and striving to become an employer of choice
       Enhanced staff and management understanding and confidence in
        recruiting and working effectively with people with a disability
       Greater capacity to meet reasonable adjustment obligations under the
        Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cwth)

Facilitated Recruitment
The DEAS assists suitably qualified candidates with a disability to apply for
positions in DEECD corporate offices and schools. The DEAS will also assist
hiring managers and school leaders to approach disability employment with
greater confidence. The recruitment process operates as follows:
The DEAS identifies vacancies on
   (for corporate jobs) or Recruitment Online (for
                 school-based jobs)

        DEAS sources potential candidates

DEAS pre-screens candidates for suitability against
              key selection criteria

 DEAS contacts hiring manager/principal to discuss
key accountabilities and inherent requirements of the

       Candidate submits application online

DEAS notifies HR Services Diversity Contact Officer
  (disability) that application has been submitted

   DEAS assists selection panel with reasonable
adjustments before and during the interview process
                    (if required)

  Selection panel arranges interview time, date and
              location with applicant/s

Panel conducts interview and makes decision using
        merit based selection procedures

   DEAS liaises with hiring manager/principal for
          interview results and feedback

   DEAS coordinates workplace modifications as
    required for successful applicants prior to

The DEAS will:
        liaise with hiring managers to discuss the requirements of advertised
        refer suitable candidates with disabilities to DEECD corporate and
         school-based vacancies
        discuss the candidate’s disability with the hiring manager/principal
         where appropriate
        work with the selection panel to ensure interviews are accessible to
         the candidate
        assist the hiring manager/principal to arrange any workplace
         modifications required
        obtain feedback to assist unsuccessful applicants to improve their
         prospects for future applications

Hiring managers and principals will:
        be prepared to discuss the requirements of the role with the DEAS
         case manager
        be prepared to discuss the abilities and disabilities of the proposed
         candidates with the DEAS case manager
        interview DEAS referred candidates (as required by the DEECD
         Disability Action Plan 2009-2012)
        assess the candidates using standard merit based selection
        make reasonable adjustments to the workplace as appropriate
        provide helpful feedback to the DEAS case manager to assist
         unsuccessful applicants with their future applications for similar roles

DEECD Human Resources will:
        provide advice to hiring principals/managers regarding the
         processes and the benefits of working with DEAS
        work with DEAS to ensure the initiative is meeting its objectives
        keep abreast of any innovations in disability employment policy and
         facilitate disability awareness training
Frequently asked questions

Is this service consistent with merit based employment – particularly the
requirement to interview DEAS referred candidates?

The DEAS undertakes rigorous screening and matching of candidates prior to
making a referral to any vacancy. This often includes discussions with the
hiring manager or principal about the role, and the nature of the candidate’s
disability. This pre-screening service enables DEAS referred candidates to be
added to the short-list for interview with confidence that the applicant can
meet the key selection criteria.

The selection of the best applicant for the role is made using standard merit-
based procedures. Other candidates are not disadvantaged by the services
offered by the DEAS.

Will the initiative create extra work for selection panels?
Hiring managers and principals may be asked to provide the DEAS with
information about the requirements and nature of the role and to ascertain
whether particular candidates with disabilities are suitable for referral.
Following the selection process the DEAS may request feedback on the
applicant to assist to develop their skills and knowledge. No other additional
work is expected.

Will the initiative affect other equal employment initiatives?
The DEAS is not expected to affect our responsibilities or programs designed
for other equal opportunity groups.

How does the initiative work with the VictoriaWorks for Young People (VWYP)

DEECD gives priority to VWYP trainees with disabilities. The DEAS may refer
candidates with disabilities to VWYP traineeship vacancies.
For further information

About a specific application
To enquire about a specific application call the DEAS case manager:
Jennie Kosahiw
Senior Recruitment Consultant
T: (03) 8318 8592

About Recruitment Online
For assistance using recruitment online
Telephone Schools Recruitment on 1800 641 943 (free call from within
Australia) or +800 0408 0408 (toll free from other countries). Once connected,
you can bypass the instructions and menu by selecting option 1, then select
option 1 again on your telephone keypad.
Telephone support is available Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm
Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC + 10).

About School HR matters
Principals, school business managers and other staff with HR administration
responsibilities requiring advice, assistance or further information concerning
HR policy, procedures or the operation and use of the HRMS are requested to
telephone Schools HR Services on 1800 641 943.

About HR matters in corporate DEECD locations
Managers and staff in non-school locations can obtain advice, assistance or
further information by contacting their Corporate HR Services Consultant.

About DEECD diversity (disability) policies
Adriana Palamara
Manager Diversity and Equity
Human Resources Division
(03) 9637 2457