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Position Title:       Pools Customer Service Officer – Part Time
Division:             Leisure Active Business Unit          Date: January 2011
Group:                City Services                         Position Grade:
Location:             Huia Pool                             Salary Range:
Incumbent:                                                  Signature:
Reports to:           Huia Pool Manager                     Signature:

The purpose of this position is the competent and professional operation of the pool office and swimwear
shop resulting in the front line delivery of services to the agreed standard and polices on time every time.

                                                                            CURRENT DATA

Number of people reporting directly to you:                                      none

Total number of employees under your                                             none


Operating budget: = budgeted expenditure                                         none

plus budgeted income

Other direct costs under your control:                                           none

Other information:                                              This position is approx.30 hours per week

Comments of any changes likely within 12 months:                                  N/A

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                       % OF
    KEY TASKS         TOTAL       OBJECTIVE                           MEANS                         IMPORTANCE
                       JOB                                                                         (HIGH, MED, LOW)

                                    STAFF MANAGEMENT TASKS
 Perform   basic      5%      Make      sound  Exercise sound judgements and initiative              MED
  staff                         judgements.       in resolving problems or situations which
  management                                      may not have a clear cut situation.
                       5%      To monitor the  To provide balanced information to the                 MED
                                performance of   pool manager on the performance of the
                                staff.           front office staff.
                                                    Provide on-job training for office staff as

                                                      Collect and account for all monies taken
 Cash                 10%     When on duty                                                            HIGH
                                                       through the Class Point of Sale (POS)
  management.                   account for the
                                daily    financial
                                transactions          Prepare monies for banking.
                                through the pool
 Management of        5%      To manage a  To manage and take responsibility for an                 MED
  delegated area/s.             specific area/s of area/s of the pool operation as delegated
                                the          pool  by the pool manager.
                                operation on an
                                on-going basis

                                           TECHNICAL TASKS
 Promote              40%     When on duty  Have a detailed knowledge of all services                HIGH
  excellent                     direct       the   provided through the pool in order to:
  frontline                     delivery      of
                                                         Convey accurate information
  customer service.             excellent
                                frontline                Promote the pool and its services to
                                customer service           prospective customers and cater to
                                within resources           the needs of existing customers.
                                                  Work closely with staff and other Leisure
                                                   Active staff to deliver the best customer
                                                   service within resources available.
                                                    To interact with customers and relay
                                                     feedback to the pool manager on how best
                                                     to cater to customer needs.

                               To respond     to  To respond to enquiries from the
                                enquiries.          community, ensuring all are dealt with
                                                    promptly in a fair and friendly manner.
                                                    Take enquires for pool bookings and
                                                     confirm after consultation with the pool or
                                                     Assistant Manager and look after the pool
                                                     booking diary/facilities booking system.

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                       % OF
    KEY TASKS         TOTAL       OBJECTIVE                             MEANS                          IMPORTANCE
                       JOB                                                                            (HIGH, MED, LOW)
 Administer the                                      
                                                     To ensure the procedures and standards
                       20%       Ensure the pool                                                          HIGH
  pool office and                                    relating to operation of the pool office
                                  office and swim
  swim shop.                                         contained with in the Staff Operations
                                  shop     operates
                                                     Manual are carried out to the required
                                                   All stock level are maintained to
                                                     minimum standard and monthly auditing
                                                     of stock takes place.
 Contribute to the                                Promote efficient communication between
                       5%      Assist,     when                                                           LOW
  operation of the                                  Swim City and pool offices and reduce
                                required,    with
  Swim City office                                  problems caused through communication
                                administration of
                                                   Complete all necessary paperwork for
                                the Swim City
                                                    Swim City bookings and receipts
                                office. Under the
                                direction of the
                                Pool’s      Team
                                Leader and /or
                                Swim         City
   To provide a                                   Comply with the Leisure Active policies
                       5%      When on duty                                                               MED
    safe and well                                   regarding the management of hazards.
                                provide a safe
                                environment        Maintain Normal Operating Procedures
                                within resources    covering the day to day lifeguard
                                available.          supervision and customer service provided
                                                    by the pool.
                                                       When necessary facilitate the delivery of
                                                        the Emergency Action Plan detailing pool
                                                        procedures in every foreseeable emergency

                                 When on duty  To ensure the procedures and standards
                                  provide a well     relating to building hygiene contained with
                                  maintained and     in the Staff Operations Manual are carried
                                  hygienic           out to the required standard.
                                                    To either report or remedy building and
                                  within resources
                                                     plant maintenance issues as they are

                                  COMPLYING WITH HCC POLICES
 Ensure a safe        3%      When on duty           Identify and report hazards to the Health &        MED
  working                       and within the          Safety team or your manager, and
  environment is                resources               recommend actions in order to eliminate,
  maintained.                   available ensure        isolate or minimise them.
                                compliance with
                                                       Utilise operational safety procedures
                                the Health and
                                                        consistent with the Health and Safety in
                                Safety         in
                                                        Employment Act, and comply with safe
                                Employment Act,
                                                        operating practices.
                                ensuring HCC is
                                not exposed to         Maintain a safe working area, ensuring
                                unnecessary risks       customers and visitors are not exposed to
                                or          costs       unnecessary risks.
                                associated with
                                                       To record all accidents/incidents and near
                                                        misses on the appropriate health and safety

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                         % OF
    KEY TASKS           TOTAL       OBJECTIVE                           MEANS                          IMPORTANCE
                         JOB                                                                          (HIGH, MED, LOW)
 To    abide      by                                   To have a clear understanding of your
                         2%        When on duty                                                           LOW
  Councils policies                                      responsibilities under the Health & Safety
                                    and within the
  and     legislative                                    in Employment Act 1992.
  obligations                                           To uphold the principle of Equal
                                    available ensure
                                                         Employment Opportunities as well as "the
                                    any      statutory
                                                         good employer" principle of the Local
                                    obligations are
                                                         Government Amendment Act (No. 2) 1989.
                                    discharged      in
                                                        A clear perception of the intent of, and
                                    accordance with
                                                         commitment to, the application of the
                                    the        correct
                                                         principles of the Treaty of Waitangi
                                    procedure and
                                    to minimise the     To participate in corporate emergency and
                                    risk to council of   civil defence planning, training and
                                    non-compliance.      operations under the direction of the
                                                         Emergency Management Controller.

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                 DECISIONS EXPECTED                                 RECOMMENDATIONS EXPECTED

Authorise purchases up to $2,000.00

                                       INTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS
             MOST FREQUENT CONTACTS                               NATURE OR PURPOSE OF CONTACT

Team Leader or Pool Manager                                For ongoing assistance and support.

Pool staff                                                 Deliver services to customers.

Other Leisure Active staff.                                To provide back-up services.

Swim City Office staff.                                    To effectively deliver aquatic programmes.

                                       EXTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS
             MOST FREQUENT CONTACTS                               NATURE OR PURPOSE OF CONTACT

Suppliers of goods and services(contractors)               To facilitate effective day to day operation of the pool

Pool customers                                             To promote the effective use of pool facilities.


Essential:                                                 Desirable:
 Current First Aid Certificate                             National Lifeguard Award

Essential:                                                 Desirable:
 Customer service training or relevant work experience     Microsoft Office training.
   in a customer service role
Essential:                                                 Desirable:
 Must have experience in working as part of a team.        Experience in the delivery of recreation services.
 Must have a proven track record in the provision of       Ability to delegate responsibility and monitor
   customer service.                                         achievements.
 Proven experience in retail sales direct to customers.    Ability to engender confidence and enthusiasm and
 Must have computer experience.                             motivate others to achieve their goals
 Proven cash handling skills

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                                                                        LEVEL REQUIRED FOR THIS
 COMPETENCY                      DESCRIPTION                                   POSITION
                                                                      N/A     BASELINE   OUTSTANDING
                Interpersonal skills involves having the ability to
                communicate and negotiate effectively in                                     
                written and oral form. Baseline performers are
                competent to interact with a wide range of
skills          professionals but are more comfortable in
                smaller groups of people from their own
                technical discipline. Outstanding performers
                are equally comfortable and competent
                presenting     technical     and    non-technical
                information to large or small groups of
                professionals or on a one-to-one basis.
                Team Leadership is the intention to take a role as
                leader of a team or other group. It implies a                   
                desire to lead others.            While Baseline
                performers provide a clear understanding of
                what is to be achieved, Outstanding
                performers have a genuine ‘charisma’, and
                communicate a compelling vision that
                generates     excitement,      enthusiasm,     and
                commitment to the group mission
Coaching        Coaching involves a genuine interest to foster
                the learning or development of others with an                   
                appropriate level of need analysis. Its’ focus is
                on the developmental intent and effect rather
                than on a formal role of training. Baseline
                performers arrange a successful experience for
                others to build up their skills and confidence.
                Outstanding performers delegate full authority
                and responsibility, and even arrange
                promotions        for    especially    competent
Commitment      Personal attributes is about having a high
                standard of reliability, punctuality and                                     
                attendance. A high standard of initiative,
                sound judgement and self-motivation and a
                high standard of personal presentation and
                Holding People Accountable is about ensuring
                that others behave in ways consistent with the                  
                leader’s objectives through firmness and the
                appropriate use of the power of one’s position,
                with the good of the organisation in mind.
                Baseline performers use positive and negative
                feedback to ensure that standards are achieved
                and maintained, and that key business
                objectives are met. They monitor performance
                on a consistent basis. Outstanding performers
                become actively involved in addressing
                performance        problems,     and     structure
                situations carefully to achieve improvement in
                a constructive and proactive fashion.
Results Focus   Results Focus is a concern for working well or
                for competing against a target or a standard of                              
                excellence. Baseline performers make explicit
                considerations of potential profit, return on
                investment,        or    cost-benefit    analysis.
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                                                                       LEVEL REQUIRED FOR THIS
 COMPETENCY                     DESCRIPTION                                   POSITION
                                                                     N/A     BASELINE   OUTSTANDING
              Outstanding performers commit significant
              resources and/or time (in the face of
              uncertainty) to improve performance, try
              something new, or reach a challenging target,
              while also taking action to minimise the risks
              Commercial Orientation is the ability to
              understand rapidly changing commercial                           
              trends,       global     developments,       market
              opportunities, competitive threats, strengths
              and weaknesses of the organisation, to manage
              priorities and identify and develop the
              optimum strategic response, and communicate
              a clear vision of the business.             Baseline
              performers assess and link short term, day to
              day tasks in the context of long term business
              strategies or a long term perspective, and
              considers whether short term goals will meet
              long term objectives. Outstanding performers
              are aware of the projected directions of the
              industry and how changes may impact on the
              organisation.      They consider how present
              policies, processes and methods (not current
              actions, but ongoing issues) might be affected
              by future developments and trends.
Initiative    Initiative is a basis for taking action, proactively
              doing things and not simply thinking about                       
              future actions. Baseline performers create
              opportunities or minimise potential problems
              within a one or two month time frame.
              Outstanding performers look ahead to three to
              twelve months.
              Strategic Perspective is the ability to understand
              rapidly changing environmental trends, global          
              developments,           market        opportunities,
              competitive threats, strengths and weaknesses
              of the organisation, to manage priorities and
              identify and develop the optimum strategic
              response, and communicate a clear vision of
              the business. Baseline performers assess and
              link short term, day to day tasks in the context
              of long term business strategies or a long term
              perspective, and considers whether short term
              goals will meet long term objectives.
              Outstanding performers think in the medium
              term, developing strategies with a three to five
              year time frame to meet the future needs of the
              Analytical Thinking is understanding a situation
              by breaking it apart into smaller pieces, or                     
              tracing the implications of a situation in a step
              by step way. Baseline performers generally
solving       anticipate obstacles and think ahead about
              next steps.        Outstanding performers use
              several techniques to break apart complex
              problems to reach a solution.
              Information Seeking is driven by an underlying
              curiosity and desire to know more about                          
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                                                                    LEVEL REQUIRED FOR THIS
 COMPETENCY                    DESCRIPTION                                 POSITION
                                                                  N/A     BASELINE   OUTSTANDING
              things, people or issues. It implies going
              beyond the questions that are routine or
              required in the job. Baseline performers make
              systematic efforts over a limited period of time
              to obtain needed data or feedback.
              Outstanding performers have personally
              established ongoing systems or habits for
              various kinds of information gathering.
              Customer Service Orientation implies a desire to
              help or serve others, to meet their needs. It                              
              means focusing one’s efforts on discovering
              and meeting the customer’s or staff member’s
              needs.        ‘Customers’     include    internal
              colleagues, peers, or anyone that the person is
              trying to help.     Baseline performers seek
              information about the real, underlying needs
              of the customer, beyond those expressed
              initially, and match these to available (or
              customised) products or services. Outstanding
              performers work with a long term perspective
              in addressing customers’ problems. They may
              trade off immediate costs for the sake of the
              long term relationship. They look for long
              term benefits to the customer and the
              organisation. They can become intimately
              involved in the client’s decision-making
Teamwork      Teamwork refers to the ability to perform
              effectively as a member of a team and to                                   
              assume a number of roles within that team.
              Baseline performers are co-operative, listen
              actively to others, contribute when they are
              able. Outstanding performers can function as
              either team leader or team member depending
              on the purpose or function of the team. They
              recognise      the     different    skills     of
              multidisciplinary teams and actively seek and
              encourage all members to contribute.

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