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									                                  Muscogee County
                                       School District

                            ADDENDUM #2


      Request for Proposals (RFP)
   Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
             RFP # 060210-1

Questions and answers are attached and incorporated into this Request for Proposals.

RFP 060210-1
Addendum #2                                   1
ERP Pre-Proposal Conference Questions and Answers

Question 1.
In Appendix A of the RFP, page 3, it lists a number of databases that can support the proposed
ERP products including SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2. Does the District have a preference for a
specific database and hardware? In a related question, are you asking for both in-house and
ASP costs for a specific database and hardware? Also can we propose more than one solution?

        The District is currently running on DB2 on a mainframe. The District has standardized
        on Dell server hardware. The District is looking for your best recommendations for the
        database that supports your product. You can make your base proposal and you can
        propose options or alternatives to your basic proposal. Although, the District has a
        preference for in-house operations, it will consider ASP alternatives. That is why both in-
        house and ASP alternatives are listed in Appendix B.

Question 2.
Can you supply us the name and contact for your hardware vendor?

        The contact information for the Dell hardware is:

        Paul Wells.                  or             Brooke Baker
        (770) 753-4274                              (800) 766-3355 x-7269183
        Paul_Wells@dell.com                         (877) 459-7307 fax

Question 3.
Does the District plan to purchase its own hardware or is it looking for vendors to propose
hardware? Do you want pricing for hardware?

        The District is looking for vendors to propose whatever hardware is required to implement
        their solution, including pricing.

Question 4.
Is the District interested in having hardware installed and maintained on site or are you more
interested in a hosted solution?

        The district is more interested in an on-site installation; however we will consider
        proposals for both on-site and hosted solutions.

Question 5.
Does the District have a preference for which set of applications it wishes to install first; financial
and its related modules or, H/R, payroll, time and attendance and its related modules?

        H/R and payroll have been identified as our most pressing need at this time; however, the
        district wants your best implementation plan in the proposal and is looking for your

RFP 060210-1
Addendum #2                                        2
Question 6.
What is the scope of the training requirements? Does the District want to train only the staff or all
6000 employees? In a related question, is there a centralized training facility or is training to be
distributed throughout the district?

        The District has training facilities that can accommodate 30 participants in a classroom
        environment. Some training will need to be distributed and specialized to certain
        departments. The district plans to train the staff that will utilize the ERP software on a
        daily basis which is spelled out in Section 4.9 Training Services in the RFP and Appendix
        B -- ERP System Total Cost Summary Forms. Vendors should address in their proposal
        the method they would use to train the 6000 employees on employee self-service
        applications. The district will highly value solutions that are intuitive to use and minimize
        the amount of training required to operate the system.

Question 7.
For niche vendors that offer Time and Labor systems, can we bid Time and Labor on our own or
do we need to partner with another vendor? How important is the T&L in this project at this time?

        The District is not accepting bids from niche vendors; Niche vendors such as T&L
        vendors must partner with a prime proposer. Time and Attendance is a critical function of
        this RFP. We will need to deploy time clocks, biometric devices, or some way to log into
        the system at each location. The district has had time and attendance problems with
        some types of employees, for example, bus drivers because they do not report to any
        central site to begin and end their workday. These issues will need to be addressed in
        the proposal.

Question 8.
Is the District looking for a single vendor or a "best-of-breed" solution?

        The District has outlined its requirements for a single Prime Proposer in Section 4 -
        Installation and Support Services -- of the RFP. "Best-of-breed" vendors may jointly
        propose a total ERP solution providing one of the vendors is designated as Prime
        Proposer. The district will contract with a single Prime Proposer for an integrated

Question 9.
What is the District's interpretation of an integrated solution?

        Currently, the District exchanges data from one system to another through the creation of
        extract files and scheduled jobs. The district does not want to manage manual extracts
        and interface jobs in the future. The District is looking for an integrated solution where
        data is automatically shared among modules without the need for manual intervention.

RFP 060210-1
Addendum #2                                        3
Question 10.
Will the district accept proposals from different implementation companies bidding with the same
software package, e.g., PeopleSoft on Oracle, with different implementation strategies?

        Yes, we would accept more than one Systems Integration vendor proposing identical

Question 11.
Will the district accept multiple bids from a Prime Proposer bidding different software packages,
such as one for Oracle Business Suite, and another for PeopleSoft?


Question 12.
Shall support include complete hardware and software support for the entire five-year term, or will
there be MCSD personnel that will share in that responsibility?

        Yes, the district wants a hardware maintenance support contract for the entire period.
        The district wants one phone number to call for problems related to this application suite
        including hardware and software.

Question 13.
Is the District expecting to call for hardware maintenance directly or would the District call the
solution provider and have them call for hardware maintenance?

        The district wants one number to call for this entire solution. It is not always immediately
        obvious whether it is a hardware or software problem. We do not want to make that
        determination ourselves. If there is a problem, the district does not want to have to
        determine which piece of hardware has the problem; the district wants to make one call
        and have it fixed, whether it is hardware, software, operating system, etc.

Question 14.
Is the District looking for desktop support as well?

        No, just the application servers.

Question 15.
Will the county disclose how much they have budgeted for this project?

        The district will not disclose what it has budgeted for this project.

Question 16.
Has the project been budgeted for or is this project to be proposed for a future year?

        The district is in the budgeting cycle now, there's no approved budget next year but it is
        part of those discussions. The district expects to phase in the project over multiple
        budget cycles.

RFP 060210-1
Addendum #2                                        4
Question 17.
Is the district's warehouse process mostly internal requisition processes with warehouses across
the district from which district employees requisition supplies, or do requisitions go directly to

        The District will probably end up using both internal warehouse and direct sourcing to
        outside vendors. The warehouse will essentially be treated like another vendor.

Question 18.
Is the warehouse one of the 61 sites mentioned in the RFP? Is it co-located with other offices or
is it a separate stand-alone operation?

        The warehouse is part of a complex that includes transportation, plant services and
        financial services.

Question 19.
Is there is a requirement for an electronic interface with the state for background checks? How is
that done today?

        The district requests and receives the background check information as an electronic file
        which we print. We are not expecting an electronic interface. However, the district wants
        a workflow process to identify whether a background check has been completed or not.

Question 20.
The District has specified Time and Attendance functionality in the RFP; however the RFP is not
specific about hardware collection devices, which will be a significant cost for the Time and
Attendance section. How should vendors respond?

        The district would like vendors to propose the hardware also, whether biometric devices,
        terminal login devices, scan card, or all of the above and its associated costs. One issue
        that the district needs to deal with is the collection of attendance from bus drivers. The
        bus drivers’ office is their bus. They don't come to a central location where they could
        swipe a card or fingerprint.

Question 21.
The RFP states that there are a hundred locations for Time and Attendance. Does that mean
100 sites, some with multiple devices, or 100 devices?

        We have approximately 70 buildings presently and we estimate that about one third (1/3)
        would need multiple devices. For purposes of this RFP, vendors should anticipate the
        requirements for 100 devices.

Question 22.
During the finalist demonstration process, how many days does the district plan to allow for
vendors to demonstrate their proposed solutions?

        The district will schedule two or three days for each vendor finalist. The district will
        announce the schedule in the future.

RFP 060210-1
Addendum #2                                       5
Question 23.
Does MCSD plan on using a MAC 10.3 O/S for its server operating system?


Question 24.
The RFP says, “It will allow first names to be used as family names.” (page A-83, #16) Please
         There are certain cultures where first names are used as family names, e.g., Hawaiian

Question 25.
The RFP says, “It will allow two sets of Chart of Accounts (MCSD Chart of Accounts and State of
Georgia Chart of Accounts)” (page A-21 # 16). Why would the district wish to use two separate
Chart of Accounts?

        The district maintains only one Chart of Accounts; however the District's Chart of
        Accounts is more detailed than the state of Georgia Chart of Accounts and must be able
        to roll up the district's chart of accounts to the state chart of accounts for periodic
        reporting purposes. The district wants to follow the changes in the state Chart of
        Accounts without losing the historical data within the district. There needs to be a
        crosswalk or conversion program that retains our existing transactions while re-casting
        the Chart of Accounts in the State of Georgia format.

Question 26.
The RFP says, “It will provide electronic alerts and high priority processing of MCSD’s Personnel
Information Sheet or Personnel Action Forms PAFs for employees being separated.” (page A-85
# 45) Please provide additional information on this process and provide example.

        The district expects that the new H/R system will be capable of establishing a workflow
        process for the termination of employees including the routing of documents for
        management notification or approval as well as alerting the technology department when
        departing employees must have their e-mail and all security privileges terminated.

Question 27.
The RFP says, “It will provide suggested salary review dates based upon policy.” (page A-86 #
54) Please provide additional information on review policy.

        The district anticipates using the new H/R system to alert employees’ supervisors of
        when staff members should have job reviews. The system should be capable of allowing
        district H/R personnel to run periodic reports identifying supervisors that have job reviews

RFP 060210-1
Addendum #2                                      6
Question 28.
The RFP says, “It will maintain the following job assignment/task information: Purchase order or
approval number.” (page A-92 # 52). Does the district plan on using purchase order to assign
employees to a task or job during the creation of a work order?

        The District wants the capability of being able to track the total cost of a work order
        including employee costs as well as material costs to a project.

Question 29.
The RFP says, “It will provide the ability to build an applicant’s record from OCR reading.” (page
A-98 # 39) Please provide additional information on process? Does MCSD plan on scanning an
application and having the data automatically populate the appropriate fields? Would MCSD
prefer for an applicants information to be electronically entered by the applicant and then build the
record without requiring MCSD staff to do anything more than “proof and post”?

        The district would prefer that an applicant’s information be electronically entered by the
        applicant and then build a record without requiring MCSD staff to do anything more than
        “proof and post”.

Question 30.
The RFP says, “The substitute system needs to be integrated better with the rest of the HRM
system.” (page A-100 #74) What substitute system is MCSD currently using? Is it currently a
stand-alone solution?

        Sub-Finder, is a stand-alone system that receives input from H/R on qualified substitute
        teachers and provides output to payroll for teacher compensation. It is basically a
        telephony system that allows teachers to call the automated system when unable to
        attend work. It contacts potential substitutes who can accept or decline the offer.

Question 31.
The RFP says, “It will provide the ability to store the detailed results of the Gallup Assessment
with the applicant’s paperwork but only visible to the HR managers. HR will provide only
“Pass/fail” information to the hiring manager.” (page A-101 # 79) Please provide information on
what data is captured by the Gallup Assessment.

        The District plans to use a product call “TeacherInsight” by Gallup Corporation.
        The TeacherInsight assessment requires approximately 40 minutes to complete. Gallup's
        report is based on the applicant's responses and includes a score that is predictive of an
        applicant's potential for teaching success based on the applicant's talent. Gallup reports
        scores to districts through its Web-based reporting site, Gallup University Online, or
        transmits scores electronically. Once an applicant has completed TeacherInsight, access
        to the results is nearly immediate. MCSD plans to store a single applicant score into the
        new applicant tracking system. MCSD’s H/R department plans to maintain two user-
        defined fields for the Gallup Assessment. The first field will contain the test score
        (viewable only by H/R) the second field will be a “Pass/Fail” indication for the school
        hiring manager to assess.

RFP 060210-1
Addendum #2                                       7
Question 32.
The RFP says, “It will maintain the following information on interviews: (page A-104 #125 &126)
             Facilities management
             It will provide an expert system to support the interview criteria”
Please provide information on these two applicant tracking requirements.

        This would provide note taking ability on line. The district may want to develop a
        interview template for interviewers to follow during employee interviews.

Question 33.
The RFP says, “It will provide before and after tax calculation reports.” (page 121 # 201) Please
provide additional information on the need to run calculation reports before running payroll.

        The District would like a self- service “what if” function to provide employees with
        information when they are considering a change in deductions from their pay.

Question 34.
The RFP says, “It will provide interim feeds to direct deposit.” (page A-125 # 275)
Please provide additional detail or example.

        The system needs to transmit to our banks the direct deposit information in between
        scheduled events such as payroll. Currently, there is a direct deposit for each of the six
        payrolls per month. The District plans to add a direct deposit on the Accounts Payable
        function. We do two vendor check runs per week.

Question 35.
The RFP says, “It will provide for earnings per pay period or billing cycle to be accrued by: Client
“(page A-127 # 316) Please provide an example.

        The District has no plans to accrue information by client. Please ignore this line item.

Question 36.
Are MCSD employees eligible to participate in a 401K, 403B, or 457? Does MSCD fund its own
pension fund or do employees participate in a state sponsored pension?

        MCSD employees are eligible to participate in 403B or 457 plans, not 401K plans.
        MCSD employees participate one of three state sponsored TRS, PSERS and ERS plans.

Question 37.
Will Muscogee County School District consider granting an extension to the proposal deadline of
March 17, 2006?

        The current time allows for five weeks for vendors to respond to this RFP. The District
        feels that this time is adequate for vendors.

RFP 060210-1
Addendum #2                                       8
Question 38.
Please provide a list of the expected system interfaces (inbound and outbound)?

        The current system interfaces are:

               Health Insurance enrollment from State Health to update payroll deductions
               P-card transactions from Bank of America (post expenditures to financials)

               Ga Dept of Education - DE 46 (budget & actual)
               Ga Dept of Audits - Salary & Travel Report
               Banking activity - ACH files, Positive pay files (uses bank's software)
               Various 403(b) and 457 vendors - listing of employees and salary reductions
               (uses vendor's secure web site)
               Teachers Retirement System files

Question 39.
Are there any systems or applications being sunset as pat of this initiative?

        The ERP system is expected to replace the current finance, H/R, payroll, fixed asset, and
        warehousing systems. In addition, it is desirable to sunset two other systems: The district
        has a separate Leave Tracking System for tracking employee absences which
        functionality should be incorporated into the new system. The Benefits department has
        a program that handles Flexible Spending Accounts and it is desirable to include that
        functionality within the H/R system.

Question 40.
Can the District provide a sample of its tuition billing letter for out of county students? (page 55,
Business Process Analysis Recommendations Document)

        Please see Word document on next page.

RFP 060210-1
Addendum #2                                        9
February 21, 2006


To the parents/guardian of: XXXXXXXXXX

We have been notified that your child/children have enrolled in the Muscogee County
School District for the 2005-2006 school year. According to Muscogee County School
Board policy, the residence of a student is determined by the residence of their parents or
legal guardian. Since you reside in Harris County, a non-resident tuition fee is
applicable. Please forward tuition payment of $601.35 per student (pro-rated for 57 days
@ $10.55 per day for the remainder of the school year) made payable to Muscogee
County School District, Ms. Donna Hedden, P.O. Box 2427, Columbus, Georgia, 31902-

Should payment not be received within ten days, your child/children will be withdrawn
from the Muscogee County School District in accordance with Board Policy.

If you are an employee with the District, but have yet to apply for a wavier from Dr. John
Phillips, Superintendent of Schools, the withdrawal process will apply also.


Del Parker CPA CGFM
Muscogee County School District

RFP 060210-1
Addendum #2                                 10

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