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									  Fascial Link TherapyTM                                            On-Site Chair Massage

  Advanced Pain Relief, founded                                      Corporate Workshops & Ebooks
 here at Ishman BodyCare Center!                                Healthy living can increase everyone's effectiveness at
                                                                                          work. Our commitment is to offer
Fascial Link TherapyTM is a method of releasing                                           programs that improve well-being
connective tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments along                                 and productivity in the office. We
Fascial LinkTM lines. It is a form of neuromuscular therapy                               offer
that includes working closely with muscles, tendons, and
fascia.    Fascia is connective tissue that bands together
                                                                                               On-Site Massage
much of the body’s soft tissue, and is one of the ways the
                                                                                               Ergonomic & Other
body keeps everything connected. Advanced levels of
Fascial Link Therapy address imbalances in the body’s
                                                                                               Health & Wellness
energy systems, and are based in meridian therapy.
Meridians are the basis for sciences such as acupuncture
                                                                                               Workstation                            Massage &
and acupressure.                                                                                                                     Neuromuscular
Exactly what is involved? Fascial link therapy addresses
                                                                               Use Chair Massage for
                                                                                                                                    Therapy Services
muscles, tendons, and most importantly, fascia that
                                                                                     your next
responds to a stressor and becomes painful. Usually this
                                                                                 Sales Incentive                                    Pain Relief & Postural Balance
includes assessment of structural and meridian-based
                                                                                  Corporate Gift                                    Sports Massage
energy imbalances, the application of the Dual-Release
                                                                            Health Promotion Program                                Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
techniqueTM, a Malcolm ApproachTM to bundled muscle
                                                                                 Hiring Incentive                                   Massage for Pregnancy
fibers, light or no-touch meridian balancing, and self-care
                                                                                                                                    Stress Reduction & Relaxation
guidelines for each client. The Dual Release method
                                                                                                                                    On-Site Chair Massage
includes techniques for releasing restricted tissue in the
body by working with two stress points at the same time.
                                                                     Increase clarity of mind, accuracy & productivity
Fascial Link Therapy can reduce your discomfort and pain
during the treatment and relieve pain and tension faster
                                                                      Improve self-awareness and encourage self-care
                                                                      Boost morale and satisfaction
                                                                                                                                    (630) 355-5125
than treating each area separately, or just applying deep                                                                                   Appointments
pressure right at the area of pain.                             According to recent medical studies, ergonomic
                                                                adjustments, massage, and neuromuscular therapy are
As the nervous system makes adjustments, the Fascial Link       able to make significant differences in the lives of many        608 S. Washington Street, Suite 309
therapist adjusts as well. In this way, your therapist treats
                                                                back and neck pain patients in America. Back and neck                    Naperville, IL 60540
                                                                pain is currently the leading cause of workers                  (888) 395-7140 appointments toll free
compensation patterns quickly and effectively, matching         compensation and long-term disability costs.                             (630) 355-5186 fax
your neuromuscular responses to restore balance.
                                                                       A single case of back/neck pain costs
                                                                    business & industry about $24,000 annually.                Promoting Positive Transformation...
                                                                    (Including time lost from work, impact on productivity,             Person to Person
  Advancing the work of Kennedy’s doctor,
                                                                        medical expenses, insurance implications, etc.)
  Janet Travell, Fascial Link Therapy offers
    faster pain relief and less pain during                           Please ask for an On-Site Chair Massage
treatments to those with pain or discomfort.
                                                                     brochure, or visit
        Pain and Tension                                                   Sports & Lymphatic                                                                 WEllness
          Member International Assn. Healthcare Practitioners                           Members American Massage Therapy Assn.                    State Licensed Massage Therapy Practitioenrs

Pain Relief and Postural Balancing                                                    Sports Massage                                                                  Massage Therapy
Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point                                                                                                                  & Aromatherapy
                                                                      Sports massage can increase an athlete's rate of recovery
therapies are used to relieve pain, discomfort, and
                                                                      (approximately 30%), improve performance, improve                                             Swedish massage, Deep tissue
muscular imbalances.       These therapies involve more
                                                                      mental focus, and decrease risk of injury.                                                    therapy, Acupressure, and/or
analysis of specific conditions, and treatment planning to
                                                                      This type of massage can address conditions such as                                           aromatherapy techniques may
normalize nerve and muscle functions. We often relieve
                                                                      low back pain, golfer's or tennis elbow, sprains and                                          be used to create a relaxing,
conditions,                   including:
                                                                      strains. Sports Massage is now common at the                                                  rejuvenating experience. The
                                                                      Olympic Games, the Goodwill Games and                                                         focuses here are to flush and
       Carpal Tunnel                                                 professional   and      amateur     sports    venues                                          drain the body - increasing
       Back & Neck Pain                                              nationwide.                                                                                   circulation to skin, muscles, and
       Chronic Fatigue                                                                                                                                             organs, and to relieve minor
       Fibromyalgia                                                  Our orientation is toward maintaining health and keeping                                      discomforts.
                                                                      you up to performing at your best. We may also help
       Stress & Migraine Headaches
                                                                      athletes to recover from injuries, cutting down on the time    This type of massage has been shown to reduce anxiety,
       TMJ and Joint Pain                                            they are away from their sport. For more information,          blood pressure and respiration rate, improve oxygen and
       Tendonitis                                                    please ask for a brochure on Sports Massage.                   blood flow to skin, muscle, and organs, and relieve the
       Whiplash                                                                                                                     pressures of daily life.
                                                                           Lymphatic Drainage Therapy                                Suggestions for healthy habits, including stretching
How long the problem has been there, and what type of                                                                                activities, use of hot or cold, or other self-care techniques
prior care it's had may affect recovery time. Please ask              This is a gentle and relaxing drainage technique used to       may be included. Ask your therapist for this information!
about the timeline involved in eradicating or limiting your           reduce swelling and pooling of lymph. It may be used for
muscle problem.      Some conditions heal very quickly.               chronic lymphedema, pre- and post-surgery to aid
Others take more time.       Some may be covered by                   regeneration of burned, scarred, or swollen tissues and                  Massage for Pregnancy
insurance. Please ask for our "Recommendations About                  speed healing significantly.     It may also be used to        Coping with stress and fatigue, easing aches and pains,
Insurance Reimbursement" sheet.                                       detoxify, reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome          and learning self-care techniques is healthful and enjoyable
                                                                      and fibromyalgia, reduce sinusitis, acne, eczema, allergies,                      during a normal pregnancy.
                                                                      headaches, and venous conditions.            It also offers
Neuromuscular Therapy uses pressure and linear
                                                                      antispastic actions that reduce constipation and tension.
strokes, gauged to relieve muscle tension and to retrain /                                                                                               Massage therapy is a wonderful way to
re-educate nerves.     This therapy is often related to                                                                                                  relax, increase energy, and relieve
                                                                      Also referred to as MLD, manual lymphatic drainage
posture, and is applied to restore normal, healthy nerve                                                                                                 discomfort. Please ask for a brochure on
                                                                      activates the circulation of lymph in the body through
and muscle function so you may return to activities of daily                                                                                             Massage and Pregnancy.
                                                                      subtle, gentle movements of the therapist's hands.
life without pain.
                                                                      Pressure is usually about the weight of a nickel or a
                                                                      quarter. Trained therapists are able to systematically apply
Myofascial Release is a offers relief from muscle                     pressure, directing the flow of lymph and following the
tension by accessing the layers of             muscle tissue, skin,   lymphatic pathways to stimulate movement with skill and                                  Self-Care Products
connective tissue, and fatty tissues.           Some of this work     ease.
may involve active resistance from             the client, or may                                                                    Visit our website or ask about self-care products, including
involve deeper tissue release.     It          is modified to the                                                                    massage tools, heat or cold body packs, aromatherapy,
                                                                      MLD is a useful tool in preventively maintaining health and
tolerance of each client.                                                                                                            Neck roll pillows, air and water purifiers, fitness bands and
                                                                      wellness. It is immensely relaxing and rejuvenating, and
                                                                                                                                     equipment, workout planning workbooks, energy medicine
                                                                      allows the client greater awareness during and following
                                                                                                                                     books and videos, and more!
Trigger Point Therapy involves the relief of a                        the session.
muscle condition called a trigger point. These points are
located at sites where too much nerve stimulation is
present for that area to process. The area sends the nerve                  Call (630) 355-5125 locally                                            Visit our website at
signal down a related nerve pathway into another area.
The first area is then called a trigger point.                                (888) 395-7140 toll-free                                  

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