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A newsletter for the Southern African GSP's


									March 2009

                           A newsletter for the Southern African GSP’s

 Inside this issue:

 Message from the      2

 Introducing Blessing 3

 Get to know Ronald    3

 IT Help desk update   4

 My Career, My Plan    4

 Purple Stars          5

 BDE Awards            5

 Choir charms          5

 2008 Nedbank Golf     6

 FedEx opens new       7
 Asia Pacific hub

 Lets play a million   7

 ISO Updates           8

 Sponsorships          8

                           Pere    Ariweriyai,    defender   from    Amazulu FC,
  We’re on the web!        demonstrates his soccer skills at the 2009 Let’s Play        distribution launch in Durban. [more on page 7]
                                            <Expressions>                                                                                                     Page 2

                                              A message from
                                            last person in our business, to go that
                                                                                              Andrew Lovell
                                                                                      was such a success as did Storme         fiancé Steve Abramson on the birth
                                            extra mile and be a continued part of     and Lindiwe Xaji and their team. To      of their daughter Jessica. We wish
                                            our recent successes. This way, we        all involved a special thank you and     them both well on their wonderful
                                            will continue to have the privilege of    we look forward to next year!            bundle of joy!
                                            serving our customers.
                                                                                     Our new office in the north of Johan-     There are also certain people
                                            We have seen the development and         nesburg (Unit 5, Cambridge Office         changes that have just occurred. We
                                            introduction of our very own online      Park, Regent Road, Paulshof) is due       have a new IT Director in the form of
                                            shipping product called FSM & DSM.       to open up at the end of March. Huge      Blake Higgin. Beans Heydenrych will
                                            Both these applications allow us to      preparation has gone into this move       now assume responsibility for the
                                            offer our clients a seam-                                   and we are confi-      Johannesburg North and Pretoria
                                            less shipping solution                                      dent that this will    offices. Gail Evans has been ap-
                                            obviating the need for            “...FedEx who not only enhance                   pointed as the branch manager for
                                            them to have to call our                                    our service delivery   our new Johannesburg North branch.
                                            offices for information         have given us a but also take us                   Keith Ramsewak has been appointed
                                            that is readily available                                   closer to our cli-     as the new branch manager for Jo-
                                            online as well as instruct                                  ents. The branch       hannesburg South (Old Meadowdale
                                            us to collect and dis-                 clean bill of will cover the                premises). To all these people, we
                                            patch their goods. For                                      northern and west-     wish you every success in your new
                                            more information on this,     health and were ern areas of Jo-                     roles and look forward to great things
                                            kindly contact the rele-                                    hannesburg. The        from all of you!
                                            vant BDE who services                                       new       telephone
                                            your area, our call cen-                 extremely number for the                  We have just recently renewed our
                                            tre or our IT department.                                   branch is 087 940      contract terms with FedEx and this
                                                                                                                               has brought about many changes to
                                            On the subject of IT, we   complimentary of 1144. Gail Evans is                    our current costs and modus oper-
                                                                                                        the branch man-
                                            have just recently con-                                     ager and she,          andi. More direct point to point desti-
                                            verted our Zambia of-             everything we along with all her                 nations are on offer and with this
                                            fices to the new MyFocis                                    team, look forward     change, come certain savings. Con-
                                            and Accpac applica-                                                                versely, there are other changes
                                            tions. This has made                   have done.” to being of service             within the FedEx world that have
                                                                                                        to all our custom-
                                            them far more efficient                                     ers, both internal     caused our costs to increase accord-
                                            form an information flow perspective.    and external in the years ahead.          ingly. The net outcome is that we
                                            Next on the agenda will be Zimbabwe                                                have folded both reductions and
                                            followed by Malawi and the rest of       Our Port Elizabeth team has also          increases into our new tariff and have
         Andrew Lovell
                                            our region.                              moved into their new offices at 32 1st    kept the net overall impact to around
             CEO                                                                     Avenue, Walmer. Fortunately their         the 11,93% that has been mentioned
                                            Our sponsorship of the Nedbank Golf      move was within the current ex-           in our communiqués over the last
Hi all                                      Challenge was again a resounding         change area of the old office and as      three months.
                                            success. As good as the golf was, no     such all telephone and fax numbers
                                            golfer managed to record a hole in       remain unchanged. The new bigger          A big positive is that all exports previ-
Our long summer is showing signs of         one on the 7th hole which would have     and better offices will greatly en-       ously known as RP will now be
cooling off as we edge towards au-          given the Strathyre Girls Home a         hance our service delivery in Port        known as IP. Only one AWB will be
tumn and of course winter. With this        healthy cheque for R500,000. Per-        Elizabeth.                                required for all “exports”. Our clients
comes shorter days and longer nights        haps this year?                                                                    will now be able to track and trace
and just that little bit more energy is                                              Our new Pretoria office is well under     these shipments on the FedEx web-
                                            A great time was had by all our cli-     way and should be ready for occupa-       site which was previously not avail-
required to get up in the mornings to       ents who attended the tournament
start our days.                                                                      tion in late May. Similarly our en-       able. Another example of how we
                                            over the four days. The winner           hancements at our Gateway office at       strive to make things more user
The global economy has sneezed              (Henrik Stenson) ended up walking        OR Tambo airport and to our Cape          friendly for our customers!
and South Africa has caught their           away with the tournament and much        Town offices will begin shortly and
cold. There is little doubt that the        of the competition was for the minor     should be ready for beneficial occu-      Last but not least, it remains for me
slowdown has reached our business           places. Nice to see an “old              pation by late August. Our last devel-    to thank all of you for your dedication
as we watch volumes decline and our         flame” (Kenny Perry) burning brightly    opment in Lusaka is somewhat more         and loyalty that has helped make this
customers shift their “pain” to us. It is   to end up taking second prize. Our       of a long term plan and will only be      Company into the great “FedEx
in times like this that the strong have     involvement with a tournament such       ready for occupation in about a year!     Family” that it is and I look forward to
the opportunity to get stronger and         as this does not come without careful                                              all of us working harder and smarter
for us to do this, we have to offer not     planning and countless days of hard      We are happy to give feedback on          to make our business even stronger
only exceptional service but also           work. To this end we must make           the audit team from FedEx who have        to successfully tackle the turbulent
great value to our customers.               mention of Storme Valentine who          given us a clean bill of health and       financial times that we find ourselves
                                            worked tirelessly to make it the suc-    were extremely complimentary of           in!
Our clients keep our business alive         cess it was.                             everything we have done. This find-
and through that, we are all em-                                                     ing further endorses our processes
ployed. To this end, we must all now        Our corporate golf day was held          and our promise of making every
                                            recently at the Wanderers golf club in                                             Until next time, have fun
be even more courteous, more effi-                                                   FedEx experience truly outstanding!
cient, more proactive and above all,        Johannesburg. The standard of play                                                 Kind regards
offer an overall better experience to       was up on previous years as we saw       On a very pleasant note, it gives me
                                            the winning scores improve. The club     great pleasure to congratulate our        Andrew Lovell
ensure that we remain their service
provider of choice. It is time for every    pulled out all stops to ensure that it   CXM Director, Dale Johnson and her
<Expressions>                                                                                            Page 3

     Introducing                         Blessing Bonginkosi Mtshali
                                         a policeman (Blessings father        Collector (he has since               Manager, Blessing’s portfolio
                                         was a policeman for 33 years),       received his qualification)           includes functions such as
                                         his dream was to follow in his       ending his career at Wesbank          inspections, loss control,
                                         f at her ’s f oo ts tep s. On        whilst he did the necessary           various elements of health and
                                         matriculation from Ezakheni          training. Blessing pursued            safety, investigations and the
                                         High      School,                                      various             ongoing monitoring of our
                                         Blessing joined                                        interests           CCTV camera’s.
                                         his father at
                                         John       Voster
                                                                  “we are all                   w h i l s t
                                                                                                receiving           In the evenings, Blessing goes

   Blessing Mtshali
                                                                  equal, but                    training,
                                                                                                                    home to his wife Wendy, a
                                                                                                                    hairdresser, and his three
  National Risk Manager
                                         After nearly 20              as                        assisting
                                                                                                his sister to
                                                                                                                    boys, Mpho (19), Tshepho (14)
                                                                                                                    a n d     A n d i l e    a k a
                                         years with the
                                                                 individuals                    set up a            “Christmas” (7).
From his beginnings in
                                         South African
Rosbom on the outskirts of                                                                      successful          On behalf of the staff and
                                         P o l i c e
Ladysmith in Natal, to his time
spent at John Voster Square
                                         B l e s s i n g
                                                                   we are all                   Bed
                                                                                                         and        management of FedEx, we
                                                                                                                    wish Blessing success in his
(now Johannesburg Central
Police Station) in the 1980’s as
                                                                   unique”                      in Estcourt.

                                                                                                By chance,
                                                                                                                    new position at FedEx.

a policeman, Blessings’ story
                                         2007 to pursue                                         Blessing
is definitely an interesting one.
                                         corporate interests. He joined       saw an advert for a Risk
Born as one of six children on           Wesbank as part of their             Manager in the newspaper
23rd September 1969 in                   Tracing      Unit,     being         and applied. A recruitment
Rosbom, Blessing and his                 responsible for tracing and          process lasting two months
f a m i l y w e r e f o r c e f u ll y   repossessing vehicles.               followed and we are now very
removed from Rosbom to                   Changes in the financial laws        pleased to have Blessing in
Ezakheni in 1976 when he                 meant that Blessing needed to        our FedEx family.
was 7 years old. As the son of           train as a Qualified Debt
                                                                              As our new National Risk

                           Get to know
                                                               Ronald Tshwaane
                                         Taljaard, who was the country        stylish clothing.                     the list. He had so much faith in
                                         manager by then also noticed         We all have “pearls of wisdom”        me and I grew up having so
                                         my interest in ops and he moved      – what is yours? Never leave          much faith in myself also with "I
                                         me to operations. From there I       anything for tomorrow because         can do it" attitude. My advice to
                                         never looked back, Everyday I        tomorrow never comes.                 others will be to take each day
                                         leant a new lesson, even today I     Give me one good reason why I         as it comes a deal with all your
                                         have leant something new,            should book my next holiday in        challenges at once, don't wait
                                         Why a career in courier? To be       Botswana. Botswana is rich in         another day because there will
                                         honest, this was a total             history, natural beauty, and its      be too much work and damage
                                         coincidence, but I like              political stability (democracy). If   to deal with.
                                         challenges, and I knew               you like wildlife ,this will be
                                         that courier business is very        your destination.                     Some facts on Botswana
                                         challenging, certain things has to   What inspires you? Waking up
                                         be done at certain times without     every morning knowing that I’m
                                                                                                                    Capital : Gaborone
                                         fail.                                going to put a smile on
Your full name:                          Tell us something about yourself     someone's face (a customer)           Official languages:
Ronald Mmoloki Tshwaane                  that not many people know.           and that I’m going to learn           Setswana and English
Give me a short history of your          Before joining FedEx, I was a        something new and face a new
working life: I have done a bit of       professional soccer player for       challenge                             Currency: Pula (BWP)
sales after graduating, but I            eight years.                         Describe your life mentors. What      Calling code: +267
joined FedEx as a Creditors Clerk        If you could visit any country in    advice would you give other
back in 2003.I then moved to             the world, which one would you       people who wish to achieve            Area: 600,370 km²
POD Clerk in 2004 and I also             go to and why? France, I love        what you have? Mmmm!!!many            Population: 1,639,833
used to help a lot in CSD .Lance         their healthy food and their         of them, but my late uncle tops
                   <Expressions>                                                                                    Page 4

  Help Desk Update                                The World Online
                                                        software on all PC’s - THANKS      went down to PLZ to assist
                     Words by Bianca Botha
                                                        SAM!                               with the IT related parts of the
                In the previous issue of Expres-                                           move. All went smoothly,
                                                        We are overjoyed to welcome
                sions we introduced you to the I.T                                         though Telkom did make us
                                                        Claudine back from maternity
                Helpdesk team, this issue I                                                sweat a little, and our guy’s
                                                        leave. Claudine is now dealing
                wanted to tell you a bit about what                                        moved pc’s, monitors, printers
                                                        with administrative functions
                we get up to here all day long.                                            and cables, they checked net-
                                                        that the boys in the department
                                                                                           work points, telephone points,
                We at helpdesk certainly had our        are not good at, particularly
                                                                                           etc and all 13 users are now
                hands full the last few months,         involving updating info on serv-
                                                                                           comfortably set up in their new
                with the virus issues that were         ers, creating CD library’s and
“ desk   hitting us left, right and centre. We   ensuring that our policies and
    certainly   had crashed PC’s piled up in our        procedures are up to date and      Next on our list is the Johannes-
    had their   workshop awaiting repair and the        adhered to.                        burg North Branch which they
hands full in   pile kept getting bigger, but thanks
                                                        Amos, Vusi and Hoosen went
                                                                                           will be setting up from the now
                to hard work, all nighters and a lot                                       until the official move on the
 the last few                                           on an Active Directory 2008
                                                                                           21st March. Hoosen is already
                of patience, our guys in the I.T
  months…”      Department pulled us out of it and
                                                        Training course, Knowledge is
                                                                                           very busy with preparations in
                                                        power guys…well done.              order for everything to be ready
                things seem be running much
                smoother now. We have now               PLZ branch moved to new            on time. GO HOOSEN!
                successfully loaded new antivirus       premises, Matthew and Amos

                          I.T. Helpdesk 011 923 8111
<Expressions>                                                                                  Page 5

                   J u d i t h
                                                      Purple              Stars
                                    tomer, cleaned and washed all
                   Nyathikazi       the containers and re-packed
                   CSD Durban       them for the customer into
                   Kenneth          heb coolers, thus ensuring the
                   Govender in      shipment was delivered in
                   D u r b a n      excellent condition to the lab.
                   wrote, “ A       She tracked the delivery and
                   well known       as soon as the package was
fast food chain had an issue        delivered she advised the           legendary. That’s
with a product supplied by one      customer telephonically.”           why its no sur-
of our customers. The process       Kenneth goes onto state that        prise that our
is that we collect the item and     in his dealings with Judith, he     customers have
send it to the lab that investi-    always finds her efficient,         noticed as well.
gates the complaint on behalf       professional and considerate.
of our customer. On collec-
                                     Lize Cooper
tion, it transpired that the bot-
                                    Group ISO Manager
tles of liquid were open and
                                    Head Office
that these spilt in the packag-
                                    Lize’s passion for service is
ing. Judith contacted our cus-

Business Development Executive                                                    Awards
                                                                      Congratulations    to
                                                                      Jenny Turner for win-
                                                                      ning the November
                                                                      2008 award and Carol
                                                                      Van Der Linde, who
                                                                      grabbed it for the
                                                                      Bloemfontein branch
                                                                                              The winner of the 2008 BDE of
                                                                      in December 2008
                                                                                              the Year will be announced at
                                                                                              the 2009 Sales and Manage-
                                                                                              ment Conference in Mauritius
             Jenny Turner                Carol Van Der Linde

Choir charms bosses at 50th birthday celebrations                                                   On behalf of the
                                                                                                    employees       and
Friday the 13th of February saw celebra-
tions as both our CEO, Andrew Lovell                                                                management        of
and our Managing Director, Micky West                                                               FedEx, we would
got ready to face the “big 5 oh”!
                                                                                                    like to congratulate
The choir were phenomenal and crowd
                                                                                                    Micky and Andrew
enjoyed their beautiful voices.
                                                                                                    on celebrating their
Thank you to Portia Kumalo and Thembi
Molaudzi for all the hard work they put                                                             50th Birthdays and
into getting the choir up to speed. Much                                                            hope the next 50
                                                                                                    years are as good
 The choir celebrating Andrew and                                                                   to them as the last
 Micky’s 50th Birthday                                                                              50 have been.
            <Expressions>                                                                                                    Page 6

2008 Nedbank Golf Challenge
                The final day saw Henrik            to     extract      himself    and    totaled 263 in 1999, Nick Price 264 in
                Stenson cap a magnificent           scram-                                                   1993     with     Els
                two weeks of golf with an           ble       his                                            matching        Sten-
                inexorable march to the             p     a     r                                            son’s 267 in 2002,
                2008 Nedbank Golf Chal-             figures                                                  but the course has
                lenge title over the Gary           a n d ,                                                  since    been     re-
                Player course at Sun City.          y e s ,                                                  modeled – some
                He was in such control              given                                                    length         added,
                that even the loss of his           that this                                                additional       and
                favored three-wood (the             is     golf,                                             deeper     bunkers
                shaft snapped while he              there                                                    dug     and…      the
                was scuffing up a grass             w e r e                                                  new     17th    green
                tee) failed to distract him.        also the                                                 which has trans-
                He simply geared down to            two pieces of good fortune            formed this hole into the hardest on
                the four-wood, or a long            when he found sprinkler               the course.
                iron, kept hitting the ball in      heads near his ball to drop           Stenson’s score defied belief. At 21
                the fairway and putting             away from potentially dam-            under he was five better than Trevor
                confidently to continue his         aging lies.                           Immelman’s winning score last year
                relentless progress.                Ironically his only yardage           while Perry could only get to four
                Stenson       revealed     after-   mistake came on the 72nd              shots shy of the Masters champion’s
                wards that he had spent a           hole      when      his   long-iron   16 under – an indication of just how
                lot of time in practice             approach from a scruffy lie           well he played.
                working       out    the   exact    near the bunker on the 18th           Last year “Africa’s Major” propelled
                distances he was able to            ended up long and buried –            Immelman to his first major in the
                hit his irons in the rarefied       resulting in a buried lie from        Masters. Don’t be surprised if it
                air and it certainly paid off       which he was unable to                works out that way for Stenson too.
                as his distance control was         save a par four.                      For more information go to http://
                superb    –     an    important     And afterwards Gary Player  
                aspect given the horren-            sparked what is likely to
                dously    thick      collars   of   become          a   talking   point
                unkempt        kikuyu      grass    when he described Sten-
                around every green.                 son’s 21-under-par total of
                When he did make the                267 as a record.
                odd mistake (a pull being           It is certainly not the lowest
                his bad shot) he was able           total posted, for Ernie Els

                FINAL SCORES
                267 - Henrik Stenson (SWE) 63 71 65 68
                276 - Kenny Perry (USA) 73 70 68 65
                279 - Robert Karlsson (SWE) 72 68 67 72
                280 - Rory Sabbatini (RSA) 68 70 72 70
                284 - Sergio Garcia (ESP) 72 70 72 70, Lee Westwood (ENG) 70 72 70 72
                286 - James Kingston (RSA) 72 77 70 67, K.J. Choi (KOR) 72 67 73 74
                290 - Justin Rose (ENG) 73 73 72 72
                291 - Trevor Immelman (RSA) 72 73 69 77
                292 - Luke Donald (ENG) 72 74 71 75
                293 - Miguel Angel Jimenez (ESP) 75 76 73 69

       Don’t think your division / branch gets enough mention? Expressions is YOUR newsletter. Please send photo’s
       (with captions) and articles (100-150 words) to the editor by emailing
<Expressions>                                                                                                 Page 7

FedEx Express Opens New Asia Pacific Hub in Guangzhou, China
                                                                ter of          positioned to better serve cus-              customers with access to trade
                                                                produc-         tomers around the world doing                opportunities in Asia and around
                                                                t i o n         business in China and the                    the world."
                                                                a n d           broader Asia Pacific markets,                The new FedEx hub offers sev-
                                                                trade in        strengthening global commerce."              eral unique advantages. The
                                                                t h e           The new FedEx Asia Pacific hub               facility features its own ramp
                                                                region.         represents a US$150 million                  control tower " a first for an inter-
                                                                T h e           capital investment and will be               national air express cargo com-
                                                                h u b           the center point of the com-                 pany facility in China. This en-
                                                                links           pany's operations in the region              ables FedEx to better manage
                                                                t h i s         for the next 30 years. There will            and control its aircraft move-
                                                                d y -           be 136 flights per week into and             ments, delivering even higher
                                                                namic           out of the new hub, providing                standards of efficiency and reli-
                                                                e c o -         access to more than 220 coun-                ability. It is also equipped with a
                                                                nomic           tries and territories served by              dedicated customs clearance
                                                                region          FedEx.                                       facility and advanced package
February 9, 2009                               to the FedEx global              The first flight that arrived at the         and sorting systems capable of
FedEx      Express                             network,      facilitating       new FedEx Asia Pacific hub                   processing up to 24,000 pack-
(FedEx), a subsidi- becomes                    further development of           originated from Indianapolis                 ages an hour at the start of op-
ary of FedEx Corp.                             surrounding industries           International Airport. The MD-11             erations.
(NYSE: FDX), and    l a r g e s t              such as high-tech elec-          aircraft landed at 11:07 p.m. at             FedEx will decommission its
the world's larg-
est express trans-
                    F e d E x                  tronics.                         Baiyun International Airport from            facility at Subic Bay, Philippines,
                                               "The launch of our new           Charles de Gaulle International              but will continue to maintain its
portation      com- Express hub                Asia Pacific hub is a            Airport in Paris.                            presence in the country, where
pany, began op-
erations at its new
                    outside    of              significant milestone            "The FedEx role as a global logis-           Manila and Cebu will remain
                                                                                                                             integral parts of the FedEx-
                                               for FedEx and rein-              tics facilitator is to connect the
Asia Pacific hub    the United                 forces our long-term             world. The new hub will enhance              AsiaOne network.
located at the
Baiyun     Interna- States                     commitment to this
                                               region," said Michael L.
                                                                                our competitive edge in manag-
                                                                                ing the volume of trade that will            For more information go to
tional Airport in                              Ducker,      president,          be routed to and within this                 h t t p : / / n e ws .v a n . f e d ex .c o m /
Guangzhou, China on Feb. 6,          International, FedEx Express. "As          region over the next few dec-                node/12730
2009. This hub is now the com-       part of the FedEx international            ades," said David L. Cunningham
pany's largest outside of the        growth strategy, we are continu-           Jr., president, Asia-Pacific,
United States.                       ously enhancing our operations             FedEx Express. "The first FedEx
The new FedEx Asia Pacific hub       in markets that are critical to            flights signaled the beginning of
is strategically located in the      powering the global supply                 another chapter in our commit-
heart of Guangzhou's Pearl River     chain. Through our new state-of-           ment to strengthen the region's
Delta " a major international cen-   the-art hub, we are well-                  competitiveness by providing

A hot and windy day in Dur-
                                              Lets Play                                        a Million
ban saw adults and children
alike gather at Access Con-
tainer Park in Durban to re-
ceive the new consignment
of soccer balls destined for
clubs and schools in our
less privileged communities.

                                     (Left) Break time! Kids from the beneficiary school enjoy a quick snack. (Right) Neil
                                     Tovey, Vaughn Bishop (Supersport), Storme Valentine and Vinesh Devnund with a
                                     ball signed by Supersport United.
A newsletter for the Southern African GSP’s

                                ISO Updates                                                            Welcome to our
                                                                                                  tions     to
                                                                                                  Dale John-
                                                each and every one of you                         son,     our
                                                purple people play a vital                        CXM direc-
                                                role in our maintaining this                      tor on the
                                                standard.                                         birth of her
         Words by Samantha Mullens              If you need to know more regarding
                                                Qualifier or ISO, please contact Lize             Jessica.
   March is a busy month for the ISO De-        Cooper or myself.
   partment, with the launching of the
   QAISO competition, and the imminent
   external audit.

   Further to that, we have our Internal
   Auditor Training in March, and would like
   to take this opportunity to welcome our
   newly trained Internal Auditors and ask
   that you give them your full support:

   Mark Royeppen
   Florah Mamphiswana
   Arveen Singh
   Yolande Strydom
   Claudine Perumal
   Jody Welthagen
   Charlene Fester
   Wayne Marks

   We cannot reiterate enough how impor-
   tant I.S.O is to our business, it keeps us
   a “Cut Above” the rest in terms of Qual-         Back (L-R): Jody Welthagen, Mark Royeppen, Wayne Marks, Yolande Strydom, Lize
   ity. It is not only our responsibility to                                     Cooper, Arveen Singh
   keep the Certificate in reception, but             Front (L-R): Claudine Perumal, Charlene Fester, Samantha Mullens and Florah

     CENTRAL                METHODIST
     Thanks to all of you who con-
     tributed to the Central Meth-
     odist Church in Johannes-
     burg. 19 boxes of goods were
     collected and I'm sure it's go-
     ing to make a huge differ-
     ence in the
     lives of those
     who receive
     K a r         e    n
                                                                                Some of the refugees who benefited from
                                                                                 the generosity of Karen Kruger and her

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