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					                       Ahead of the Curve
                     Tapping into the Prairies’ Rich Leadership History
                     A Centre for Civic Governance Forum for Locally-Elected Leaders
                 2010 October 29 | Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Penner Road, Saskatoon

                                          REGISTRATION FORM
Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Elected Title: _______________________________________         Municipality: ___________________________________

Phone: (     ) ____________________ Fax: (       ) ____________________ Email: ______________________________

                                          PROGRAM SELECTION
                                         (Please select one from each group)

                                              Morning Workshops
           Workshop 1: Developing Opportunities for Young People to Thrive
           Workshop 2: Climate Change Solutions for Cold, Small Places

                                          Early Afternoon Workshops
        Workshop 3: Engaging Community Members in Sustainable Planning
        Workshop 4: Protecting the Environment and the Economy for the Long Term in Resource-
                    Rich Communities

                                           Late Afternoon Workshops
        Workshop 5: Principles of Democracy
        Workshop 6: Keeping Our Water Safe, Clean, and Public

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Please indicate if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies as well
as any other requirements.


I prefer a vegetarian meal       Yes          No

Please return form and payment to the Centre for Civic Governance
1200-1166 Alberni Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 3Z3 | Fax (604) 408-2525 | Email:
                               Registration deadline is October 25!

Seating is limited, and we encourage you to book early to ensure your participation. Conference fee includes
attendance at all sessions, workshops, meal, and snacks.

                    $150.00 – Early Bird Fee before October 5
                    $250.00 – Fee after October 5

Scholarships of up to $100 are available for those participants whose municipalities are unable to cover the
cost of this forum. To apply, please complete this portion of the Registration form:

              Name: ________________________________________________________________________


              City: __________________________________ Postal Code: _________________________

Cheques are payable to the Columbia Institute.

Credit Card

Name on Card: ____________________________Card number: ___________________________________

Expiry Date: ___________________ Signature: ________________________________________________

 Please send form and payment to:
 Centre for Civic Governance
 1200-1166 Alberni Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 3Z3
 Fax (604) 408-2525