; Onboarding New Hires
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Onboarding New Hires


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									                  On-boarding New Employees Successfully!

                     Managing an Effective Department Orientation

Do you remember your first day on the job? Were you confident or anxious? Were you
introduced to others with whom you would be working? Did you feel welcomed and informed?
Did you feel you had all the information necessary to perform your job satisfactorily? Did you
understand what was expected of you? Chances are you, like most new employees, had your
impressions and perceptions about your work, your colleagues and Rice formed by your early

Most employees begin their new job feeling a bit anxious. They worry about how their
supervisor and colleagues will receive them, and they worry about measuring up to their new
job duties and expectations. They have many questions about their work environment,
university policies and procedures, benefits and services and the overall culture and climate of

Effectively orienting new employees does take considerable time and effort, but the time
invested will pay off in huge dividends for all. A positive transition can leave a lasting
impression with a new employee for years to come, but negative impressions brought about by
bad experiences with colleagues, unclear expectations and an unpleasant work environment
are next to impossible to undo.

Additionally, employees tend to establish either good or bad patterns early in their employment.
Once bad work habits or unacceptable job performance are tolerated or become ingrained, they
are hard to change. Rice’s orientation program and other resources can help with the transition,
but steering employees onto desirable paths is the primary responsibility of the supervisors and

An Effective Department Orientation

      Creates a favorable impression of Rice and the employee’s department.
      Introduces the employee to departmental/school/division goals, policies, procedures and
      Conveys the supervisor’s or manager’s expectations.
      Assists employees in developing quality working relationships with colleagues,
       managers, students, and faculty.
      Addresses the anxieties and uncertainties of the new employee’s experience in the early
       stages of employment.
      Provides employees access to information and resources necessary to ease their
       transition into the department.

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 Before the Start Date

           After the job offer has been extended by HR and accepted, give the employee a warm
            welcome by phone. Verify the employee’s actual start date, explain the hiring process
            and remind the employee to bring his/her offer letter and the documents noted in the
            letter with him/her on the first day of work.
           Complete and end the approved Personnel Action Form (PAF) to HR (MS 92 or 26th
            floor, Suite 2600 of the Memorial Herman Medical Plaza at 6400 Fannin) in a timely and
            accurate manner so that the employee can be setup as quickly and efficiently as
           Identify the employee’s working space, necessary office supplies and computer needs,
            telephone, etc.

First Day(s)

          Send or escort the new employee to HR (on the 26th floor, Suite 2600 of the Memorial
           Herman Medical Plaza at 6400 Fannin) to complete new hire information and receive
           information on benefits if benefits eligible.
          All employees (faculty and staff) must come to HR on or before their first day of
          Meet with the employee (even better, take him/her to lunch!).
          Give a brief overview of the structure and goals of the unit or department.
          Give the employee a copy of his/her job description.
          Give the employee a copy of the campus map (also available on line).
          Discuss relevant office policies and procedures (work hours, lunch breaks, pay check
           procedures, requests for time off, or calling in for an emergency absence, etc.)
          Give the employee a tour of the facilities (include restrooms and break rooms).
          Introduce the employee to colleagues, key managers/supervisors, and any other
           individuals with which he/she will be working.
          Assign the new employee a work “buddy” or someone who can serve as a point of

 The Early Months

           Continue to “check in” with your new employee and see how he/she is doing.
           Provide consistent feedback about work duties and be available for questions and
           Openly praise and/or reward good work performance as applicable.
           Work with the employee to identify any development needs.

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            Sample Departmental Check List for New Hires

Complete?   To Do                                 Details

            Personnel Action Form to HR           Can print an “already started” copy from
            before employee starts work           RICEWorks (see “Get Reports” link in Hiring
            (MS 92 or 26th floor, Suite 2600 of   Packet section)
            the Memorial Herman Medical
            Plaza at 6400 Fannin)

            Send/escort new employee to HR        26th floor, Suite 2600 of the Memorial Herman
            on 1st day of employment to           Medical Plaza at 6400 Fannin. Remind
            complete employment documents.        employee to bring signed offer letter and
                                                  required documents noted in the offer letter.

            Identification Card                   Available from RUPD; will have to complete all
                                                  HR paperwork before ID card can be given to

            Job Description                       Provide each new employee with a copy of their
                                                  job description. Discuss duties and
                                                  expectations early!

            Sign up for Benefits if benefits      Must sign up within first 30 days of
            eligible.                             employment or wait until next open
                                                  enrollment period. Benefit information is given
                                                  out when doing new hire paperwork. Employee
                                                  should review the information and then contact
                                                  HR to schedule an appointment with a benefits
                                                  Benefit information is also available online at

            IT Net ID Account and E-mail          https://apply.rice.edu Employee must access
            Setup                                 site and authenticate account.

            Provide copy of campus map or         On-line at:
            provide link to on-line map.          http://www.rice.edu/maps/maps.html

            Parking Registration                  http://cohesion.rice.edu/campusservices/parktra
                                                  ns/parking/ May register on-line.
                                                  Office is located in underground garage of
                                                  Jones Graduate School

            Building access                       Contact RUPD to setup building access (via ID
                                                  Card) for new employee.

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Complete?   To Do                            Details

            Phone and Voice Mail Setup       Telecommunication/IT – very helpful website at

            Computer & Desktop Setup         Contact your department’s IT Desktop Support

            Banner Accounts & Training       Account form located at
                                             Training details available at

            VPN Setup or Additional IT       Does your new employee need a VPN account
            accounts                         in order to work remotely? Are there other
                                             special IT accounts or services that your
                                             employee should have established? Contact IT
                                             to request accounts be setup.

            P-Card Application               Available at

            Signature Card                   Contact Payment Solutions to get Signature
                                             Authority card setup for new employee (if
                                             needed). Gives authority for signature on
                                             invoices, purchase orders, etc.

            Payment Solutions Training       Training schedule available at

            Esther Account                   Rice’s online employee information and self-
                                             service website. Employees can access pay
                                             stubs, update addresses, etc.
                                             Initial pin/password is mailed from Rice’s
                                             Benefits team to the employee in the
                                             department. Must reset password first time into

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Complete?   To Do                              Details

            RICEWorks Account                  Online job description and hiring system.
                                               Employees involved in the hiring process will
                                               need an account. Employees needing accounts
                                               should initiate the request at the RICEWorks
                                               site, https://jobs.rice.edu/hr
                                               Account will not be activated until approved by
                                               the appropriate department contact.

            Time Sheets                        For employees paid on the hourly (B2) payroll,
                                               time sheets must be submitted. Timesheets are
                                               available on the HR Forms page at
                                               (see Timesheets)

            Copier Codes                       Does your office copier have a code? Does your
                                               new employee need it?

            Business Cards & Office Supplies   Ordered by the department as needed.

            Keys                               Department manages keys.

            Office hours                       Discuss with new employee.

            Contact information                Provide information on key contacts and
                                               who/when to contact for any unplanned,
                                               emergency absences.

            New Hire Orientation               Each regular staff member (not temporary
                                               employees) is scheduled for orientation by the
                                               HR Recruiter. Orientation date is noted in the
                                               offer letter, and more information is provided
                                               once the employee begins work.

            ACT (Administrative Career         ACT -- http://act.rice.edu/Training.cfm
            Training) & other HR Training
                                               Highly suggest Rice 101 for all new employees.
                                               Other HR Training --

            ACT website and Answerbook         Main site, http://act.rice.edu
                                               ACT Answerbook, collection of helpful Rice
                                               information, http://act.rice.edu/Answerbook.cfm

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Complete?   To Do                              Details

            SAC (Staff Advisory Committee)     http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~stafadv/

            What else do you need to add for
            your department?

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