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London, 13 September 2010

Leading global cross-media company, Power to the Pixel‟s four-day Cross-Media Forum,
12–15 October, features a world-class line-up of speakers and industry experts.
Keynotes for the first-day conference include Michel Reilhac, Executive Director of
ARTE France Cinéma; Mike Monello, co-creator of The Blair Witch Project and co-
founder of New York-based creative agency Campfire; film director, producer and long-
time collaborator of Richard Linklater, Tommy Pallotta. The Forum is held in
association with the BFI London Film Festival.

The conference is an essential guide for anyone wanting to understand the fast-changing
global digital environment. It is followed by a two-day marketplace, the first of its kind
to be dedicated to cross-media innovation and business. Thomas Hoegh, Managing
Partner of Arts Alliance will be delivering the opening keynote to The Pixel Market.

Bringing together 18 cross-media projects from around the world, project stories extend
across media platforms including film, broadcast, gaming, online, interactive, publishing.

Producer-led teams were selected from almost 100 applicants from 23 countries. Each of
the participants will take part in one-to-one business meetings with potential partners
and financiers from across the media industries.

Nine of the market projects will go forward to The Pixel Pitch Competition backed by
French/German broadcaster ARTE to compete for the £6,000 top prize. Teams will
present their projects to a jury of international commissioning executives, decision-
makers and financiers in front of an audience of Power to the Pixel delegates.

The winner of the ARTE Pixel Pitch Prize will be announced at an evening awards
ceremony on 14 October.

The Cross-Media Forum is the fourth edition of an event that has become an essential
part of the calendar for anyone interested in creative business and digital change.

“Power to the Pixel has always been a place where cutting-edge ideas can be discussed
in a unique collaborative environment,” said founder Liz Rosenthal.

“This year‟s world-class speakers will once again show how filmmakers, storytellers and
content creators are finding new means to engage audiences and build on the potential
represented by digital technologies.

“The Pixel Market will demonstrate the interest of investors in projects which are in tune
with the realities of today‟s digital economy.”

The Pixel Market is supported by the Media Programme of the European Union, the BFI
London Film Festival, ARTE, TorinoFilmLab, Audio Network.

Costas Daskalakis, Head of MEDIA programme unit at EACEA said: “Cross-media
projects have attracted a lot of attention over the last year. MEDIA is happy to support
events such as The Pixel Market so that they also attract funding. The MEDIA
programme has developed an overall strategy to support cross-media projects including
training, financial support for development, markets and distribution."
Sandra Hebron, Artistic Director of the BFI London Film Festival said: “We are pleased
to be supporting and hosting Power to the Pixel for a fourth year, and applaud the
innovation and ambition of this dynamic and ever more relevant event.”

Michel Reilhac, Executive Director of ARTE France Cinéma said: “I realize, now that it
will very soon be time again for another great Power to the Pixel experience, how much
being there last year and the year before has had a tremendous impact on my
understanding of cross-media transformation. It is clear that in the year that has passed
since the last PttP I have felt how much insight I have gained all along just from being
there. Can't wait to do it again...”


Selected teams are:


1. 94 Elements (UK) – online, broadcast documentary, mobile
Producers: Mike Paterson & Roz Mortimer Production Company: PFILM

Logline: 94 Elements is a collection of commissioned films from established documentary
filmmakers and user-generated short films, centred around the common theme of man‟s
relationship to the planet‟s physical resources.

2. Dr0id (UK) – multi-player social game, TV series, mobile
Producers: Kevin Moss & Emma Foster Production Company: PlayThisNext

Logline: International governments have launched future technology Dr0ids into space –
unmanned, Internet connected robots – that have the capability to match the Alien
arsenal. The Dr0id global defensive strategy is predicated on the „power of many‟ as
each Dr0id can be controlled by anyone with Internet access. If you are reading this on a
computer, if you have a mobile phone, YOU can help save the world.

3. Granny’s Dancing on the Table (SWEDEN) – Feature film, ARG, live event,
interactive, publishing
Producers: Helene Granqvist & Hanna Sköld Production Companies: Good World;
Tangram Film; Ozma Game Design; Kore Productions; MEDEA

Logline: What does a girl who grows up alone in the woods have to do with an
earthquake that happened 100 years ago in Messina? Does she have anything to do with
you and me? What if she is connected to all of us in a way none of us could imagine?

4. Korridor (UK) – TV series, gaming, mobile, interactive web, publishing
Producer: Margery Bone Production Company: Bonafide Films

Logline: A 21 year-old young man develops incredible powers and is catapulted into a
secret global war between a society of super-humanly gifted people and a sinister
private organisation with unlimited authority.

5. Lion vs. Midgets (UK) – Feature film, broadcast, interactive, gaming, mobile
Producer: Raphael Warner Production Company: Joke Disco Films

Logline: A spoof documentary charting the incredible story of a how a small local land
dispute in a remote region of East Asia evolved into a global phenomenon, resulting in
what is now widely considered to be the most incredible flight ever staged on our
6. Petrus (FRANCE) – Feature film, online series, mobile, live event, interactive,
publishing, album
Producer: Emilie Blézat Production Company: Sciapode Films

Logline: Petrus is the new project from the multi-media artist Wayn Traub. It is a road
movie tangled up in the Internet and steeped in an imaginative fiction, which eventually
leads the audience to physical action.

7. Socks, Inc. (USA) – Broadcast, gaming, live event, interactive
Producer: Jim Babb Production Company: Awkward Hug

Logline: Employees of Socks, Inc. are beginning to disappear and as Gary is the new
guy, he gets blamed! When the boss‟ daughter - his new best friend - disappears, Gary‟s
quest for the truth reveals his world is contained within another world…

8. The Artists (BELGIUM) – TV series, gaming, live event, mobile, interactive
Producer: Peter de Maegd Production Company: Caviar Films

Logline: On the same day across Europe in five major museums in five different
countries, five world renowned paintings disappear and are replaced by an enigmatic
symbol: a spiral. Who did this, and why? You, the audience, are invited to investigate…

9. The Rodshire Archives Project (USA) – TV and web series, gaming, mobile,
interactive, publishing
Producer: Julia Pontecorvo Production Company: Iris Media Works

Logline: On the surface, Rodshire, USA looks and sounds like any other small town
across America. However, things are rarely as they seem. In a place where rumors are
fact, peculiar is commonplace, and the strange is probable, The Rodshire Archives
Project seeks to discover the truth behind this underworld of the fascinating and the
macabre, the almost too strange to be true stories of Rodshire and its citizens.


10. I-Dole (FRANCE) – Broadcast, mobile, web
Producer: Jérôme Barthélemy Production Company: Caïmans Productions

Logline: In today‟s fictions, heroes look for love or they profile and track criminals.
Others work for justice or fight disease, but they don‟t look for jobs. I-Dole follows the
professional and personal adventures of four young unemployed people…

11. Legends of Valhalla (ICELAND) – Animated feature film, gaming, mobile,
interactive, publishing
Producer: Hilmar Sigurdsson Production Company: CAOZ

Logline: An over confident teen with a magical weapon and a handful of imperfect gods
join forces against an evil queen and her army of giants.

12. Madam Samurai (UK) – Publishing, mobile, gaming, interactive, feature film
Producer: Gael McLaughlin Production Company: Madam Samurai Properties

Logline: A broken Samurai warrior is chosen by a strange mute girl, rescued from death
to tutor a child in the brutal art of killing. Her mission is to wreak revenge on her dead
mother‟s sadistic destroyer – her own father.
13. Moderation Town (CANADA) – Broadcast, interactive, interactive
Producers: Evan Jones & Victoria Ha Production Company: Stitch Media

Logline: A small working-class community is reborn through the Internet, moderating
bad behaviour online when the town‟s paper factory shuts down. But before long the
town adopts the uninhibited and immature world of NSFW actions and inappropriate

14. NetQuest (FRANCE) – Broadcast, gaming, mobile, interactive
Producers: Thibaut Chatel & Guillaume Galliot Production Company: Label Anim

Logline: It‟s the mid 2020‟s and Noah and his friends are among the top players of
NetRun, an augmented reality street-running sport. They spend the rest of their time
investigating W@RZ, an evil artificial intelligence company, which is trying to take over
the Internet.

15. Sarahn_12 (USA) – Feature film, gaming, mobile, interactive
Producer: Krista Parris Production Company: Buzz Rickson

Logline: When her lover is murdered, Sarah Nilson decides to investigate, unlocking a
virtual world of deceit and betrayal.

16. The Cosmonaut (SPAIN) – Feature film, web series, mobile, ARG
Producer: Nicolás Alcalá Production Company: Riot Collective Cinema

Logline: October 1975. Stan is getting ready to be the first cosmonaut on the Moon.
Andrei, his best friend since childhood, is directing the mission. But two days after the
launch, the spaceship loses all communication with Earth…

17. The Everyday Walk of Fame (FRANCE) – Broadcast, mobile, interactive
Producers: Marc Lustigman & Noam Roubah Production Company: Darjeeling

Logline: The Everyday Walk of Fame tells the unusual stories of everyday people,
reflecting society through compelling multimedia reportage.

18. The Laughter Clinic (UK) – Feature film, mobile, live event, interactive,
Producer: Ed Blum Production Company: Tin Pan Films

Logline: In this not-so-brave-new-world in the not-so-distant-future, all comedy is
outlawed. Eric Parades, head of the counter humour unit The Laughter Squad, must go
undercover to infiltrate New York‟s most legendary comedy resistance movement.

Confirmed international jurors:

      Nuno Bernardo, CEO & Producer BeActive Entertainment (PORTUGAL)
      Guillaume Blanchot, Director of New Media & Video Games CNC (FRANCE)
      Rosa Bosch, MD & Producer B & W Films (SPAIN/UK)
      Peter Cowley, Former Head of Digital, Endemol (UK)
      Rob Crossen, Senior Product Manager, MSN (UK)
      Mel Exon, Managing Partner, BBH Labs (UK/USA)
      Jonathan Ford, Executive Vice-President of Digital Acquisitions and Distribution
       ContentFilm (UK)
      Lizzie Francke, Senior Development and Production Executive UK Film Council
       Film Fund (UK)
      Ian Ginn, Producer Hubbub Media (NETH)
      Ben Grass, Producer and Managing Director Pure Grass Films (UK)
      Thomas Hoegh, CEO Arts Alliance (UK)
      Matt Locke, Commissioning Editor, C4 (UK)
      Ray Maguire, President UK, Ireland, Nordic Sony Computer Entertainment (UK)
      Maureen McHugh, Writer & Partner, No Mimes Media (USA)
      Rob McLaughlin, Assistant Director, Digital Content and Strategy, National Film
       Board of Canada (CANADA)
      Mike Monello, Co-founder, Campfire (USA)
      Brian Newman, Consultant and Former President, Tribeca Film Institute (USA)
      Tommy Pallotta, Producer (NETHERLANDS/USA)
      Michel Reilhac, Executive Director ARTE France Cinéma (FRANCE)
      Joel Ronez, Head of Internet, ARTE (FRANCE)
      Lance Weiler, MD Seize the Media (USA)
      David G. Wilson, EON

with more to be announced.


About Power to the Pixel:

Power to the Pixel supports the film and media industries in their transition to a digital
age. The company‟s London team has a wealth of experience and expertise across film
and cross-media, and is linked to a unique network of the leading thinkers, practitioners
and innovators who are developing new business and creative opportunities around the

Specialising in new ways for content creators and businesses to create and finance
stories and engage with audiences across multiple platforms, Power to the Pixel‟s core
activities are:
         Providing consultancy to international media organisations, content creators
            and companies
         Designing innovative in-house company training programmes and bespoke
         Producing international forums, events and labs centred around cross-media
            IP and business
         Facilitating the exchange of ideas and the building of international
            partnerships between media professionals and between industries

The company‟s clients and partners include: ARTE; BAFTA; BBH; Berlin Film Festival;
BFI; Cannes Film Festival (Marché du Film); EAVE; Edinburgh Film Festival;
Nordisk Film & TV Fond; Rotterdam Film Festival; UK Film Council.


Bianca Boey /
Tishna Molla / +44 (0)20 7453 4579 /

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