Parent Handbook - Valley Elementary School by suchenfz


      Parent Handbook
       310 Opportunity Drive

         Pelham, AL 35124

Welcome to Valley Elementary School for the 2010-11 school
year. I am looking forward to working with you as we continue to
pursue educational excellence in our school. We have a talented
and experienced teaching and support staff vigorously working
toward teaching needed skills and providing a positive and
favorable climate for children to learn and grow. Each member of
the Valley school community plays an important role in this
endeavor. Our mission is to encourage each child to become a
lifelong learner by performing to his or her potential in a safe and
challenging learning environment. We will continue to strive for
excellence through our continued commitment to academic
excellence, learning, fitness, enrichment, and character

Please continue to support our school through our Parent Teacher
Organization and take advantage of the numerous opportunities to
volunteer. In order to achieve the maximum educational growth
for your child, a collaborative partnership between you and our
school is needed and encouraged. Your involvement with your
child’s education is vital to his/her academic success.

Please read this handbook and discuss the information with your
child. Please give both immediate and careful attention to the
following topics: Student Attendance, Carpool Procedures, Bus
Information, and School Policies.

I appreciate Valley’s tradition of excellence and commitment to
meeting the needs of our students. I look forward to meeting each
member of our school family as we strive to make our school the
very best it can be for the children we love and are responsible for.


Dr. Deborah A. Scarbrough, Principal

STAFF                                      6
MISSION STATEMENT                          6

HONORS AND AWARDS                          7
INSTRUCTIONS                               7

CHECKOUT                                   8
ATTENDANCE POLICY                          8
PERFECT ATTENDANCE                         9
DOCTOR VISITS                              9
ILLNESS AT SCHOOL                          9

HEALTH FORM                                11
STUDENT ALLERGIES                          11
MEDICATION                                 11
STUDENT INSURANCE                          12
TEACHERS                                   12
AFTER SCHOOL DAY CARE                      12
VISITORS                                   13
PARENT VISITORS                            13
CELL PHONES                                13
MONEY                                      14
LOST AND FOUND                             14
TEXTBOOKS                                  14
LIBRARY BOOKS                              14
PTO                                        14
BIRTHDAYS                                  14
VALUABLES                                  15
CHILDREN VISITORS                          15
SCHOOL PARTIES                             15
PHYSICAL EDUCATION                         15
VOLUNTEER PARENTS                          15
CONFERENCES                                16

TRANSPORTATION CHANGES                   16

REPORT CARDS                             16
STUDENT WORK                             17
FIELD TRIPS                              17
SECURITY                                 17
DRESS CODE                               18
LUNCH PROGRAM                            18
LUNCH REMINDERS/NOTICES                  19
BREAKFAST PROGRAM                        19
ADULT LUNCHES                            19
FREE/REDUCED MEALS                       19
PARENT/VISITOR LUNCH                     20

ARRIVAL                                  21
TARDINESS                                22
WHERE TO LOAD/UNLOAD                     22
PROCEDURE                                23
CAR RIDER DIRECTION MAP                  28

BUS SERVICE                              29
EARLY/LATE BUSES                         29
ARRIVAL AT SCHOOL                        29
BUS SCHEDULE                             29
BUS STOP RULES                           30
WHILE ON THE BUS                         30



Randy Fuller


Dr. Lee Doebler, PhD
106 Old Spanish Trail
Montevallo, AL 35115

Mr. Steve Martin
5209 Meadow Garden Lane
Birmingham, AL 35242

Mrs. Anne Glass
Board Member
1600 Wingfield Drive
Birmingham, AL 35242

Dr. David Nichols
Board Member
234 Beaver Creek Parkway
Pelham, AL 35124

Ms. Peg Hill
Board Member
114 Arlington Avenue
Columbiana, AL 35051


Dr. Deborah A. Scarbrough, Principal
John W. Vincent III, Assistant Principal
Kim Parker, Bookkeeper
Stephanie Thomas, Registrar
Shannon Patterson, Secretary
Lisa Brown, Nurse
Kay McRae, Counselor
Ashley Nipp, Counselor


Our vision is for each child to leave Valley Elementary
School with the critical thinking, innovative problem solving
and technological skills necessary to become a healthy,
moral, well-rounded citizen capable of meeting the
challenges of his/her future endeavors.


The mission of Valley Elementary School is to encourage
each child to become a lifelong learner by performing to his
or her optimal potential in a safe and challenging learning


All students can learn. Each student is a valued individual
with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual
needs. Student learning is the chief priority for the school.
Students' learning needs should be the primary focus of all
decisions impacting the work of the school. Students learn in
different ways and should be provided with a variety of
instructional approaches to support their learning.


Honors and Awards:

Alabama Reading Initiative School
CLAS Banner School
National Blue Ribbon School Recognition
Official Site of the Toyota Family Literacy Program


Instruction in all classes meets guidelines outlined in the
Alabama State Courses of Study. Shelby County Schools
have adopted the following textbook series:

Math: McMillan-McGraw Hill/Math Investigations
Reading: Alabama Reading Initiative Best Practices /
Harcourt Reading
Social Studies: Scott Foresman
Science: Scott Foresman

Instructional Focus:

Valley Elementary School provides a strong educational
foundation for our students with an emphasis on the
connection between reading, language arts, spelling, and
writing.    Higher level thinking skills and hands-on
experiences are emphasized in math, social studies, science,
and character education. Our students benefit from related
arts classes including physical education, art, music,
technology, and guidance.


Students who must leave school during the day must be
checked out in the office by a parent or person designated by
the parent on the enrollment card, which is signed by the
parent and kept on file in the office. Identification will be
requested. Please restrict checkouts and make them only for
valid reasons.

Parents are not permitted to go to the classroom when
checking in or out without permission from the office.

Any checkout that involves more than one-half of an
instructional day (before 11:30) is counted as an absence.
Any checkouts should be made prior to 2:15.

Attendance Policy:
No child can be expected to successfully complete required
classroom work if attendance is irregular. A child should be
in school every day that he/she is physically able. To miss a
day may mean that the child will miss the introduction or
development of some necessary skill.
      Parents or guardians shall send a note of
        explanation, i.e., parent’s excuse, doctor’s excuse,
        or court notes to the school the day the child
        returns to school. Failure of the parent or
        guardian to send a note will ordinarily result in
        the absence being marked unexcused.
      Checkouts shall be considered as an absence for the
        classes missed. Notes of explanation for the absence
        will be required as in number one above.
      Only an excused absence permits work to be made
        up. It is the responsibility of the parent to contact
        the teacher the day the student returns to arrange for
        make-up work.

Perfect Attendance:
Students with perfect attendance are recognized at the end of
the year. Attendance is perfect if a student has not been
absent, tardy, or checked out. Attendance is exemplary if the
student has been present every day but was tardy or checked
out part of the day no more than 5 times.

Emergency School Closings:
When inclement weather occurs prior to the school day, the
county administrators will decide if schools will open or
remain closed. Announcements of closings will be broadcast
via local news media generally by 6 AM. The general rule is
that the school IS open unless otherwise announced.

If inclement weather occurs during the school day, county
administrators may close schools early. Due to the volume
of calls required, we are unable to phone parents.
Notification is provided via local news media. Our dismissal
procedures will begin one half hour prior to the announced
closing time of school.

Doctor Visits:
Visits should routinely be scheduled outside of school hours.
Whenever any part of the day is missed due to a doctor’s
visit, a doctor’s excuse is expected.

Illness at School:
If a child becomes ill at school, a parent will be contacted
and will be responsible for taking the child home. After a
child has been sick, use the 24-hour rule to determine if they
are still contagious:
       24 hours without a fever
       24 hours without vomiting
       24 hours without diarrhea
       24 hours of using eye drops for ―pink eye‖
       24 hours of taking an antibiotic for strep throat

Student Withdrawal from School:
If a child’s family changes residence outside the Pelham
attendance area, it will be necessary to withdraw the child
from school and enroll the child in the school which is in
the appropriate attendance area.          Applications for
exceptions should be made through the Shelby County
Board of Education.

When withdrawing a student from Valley Elementary
School notify the teacher at least 24 hours in advance in
order for the proper papers to be processed and sent home
with the student. The date of the last day of attendance at
Valley Elementary School should be declared. Upon
withdrawing from school, the child should return all
textbooks and library books to Valley Elementary School.


Health Form (Immunization Form):
An Alabama Immunization Form is required to be on file for
each student. This form may be obtained from your doctor
or from any health department. Students cannot register
without this form.

Student Allergies:
Please notify your school officials if your student has any

   All medications, whether prescription or over-the-
      counter, must be turned into the health room by the
   Medications can not be transported on the bus.
   No student is allowed to possess any type of
   The parent/guardian must sign a School Medication
      Form before any medication can be administered at
   Prescriptions to be administered all year require the
      physician signature on the School Medication Form.
   If the prescription order is changed during the school
      year, a new School Medication Form must be
   For prescription medications, a current original
      container is required. Over-the-counter medications
      may be administered for only two weeks without a
      physician’s signature.
   All unused medications not picked up by the
      parent/guardian by the end of school will be

Student Insurance:
Student accident insurance is available through MegaLife.
Additional coverage having income restrictions is offered
through All Kids (1-888-373-5437). Forms are available in
the front office.

Professional Qualifications of Classroom Teachers:
As a parent of a student in a Shelby county school, you have
the right to know the professional qualification of the
teachers who instruct your child. Specifically, you have the
right to ask for the following information about each of your
child’s classroom teachers:
     Whether the Alabama State Department of Education
        has licensed or qualified teachers for the grades and
        subjects he/she teaches.
     Whether the Alabama State Department of Education
        decided that the teacher can teach in a classroom
        without being licensed or qualified under state
        regulations because of special circumstances.
     The teacher’s college major; whether the teacher has
        any advanced degrees and, if so, the subject of the
     Whether any teachers’ aides or similar
        paraprofessionals provide services to your child and,
        if they do, their qualifications.
Please call the school office if you wish to request this

After School Day Care:
An extended day program is offered from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Cost is $150.00 monthly (1 child). Enrichment class drop-in
rate is $10.00 per day. To attend, the student must be
registered with A.S.C.P. The registration fee is $25.00,
payable upon registration. The registration form is available
in the front office and on the website. For more information
about either program, please call 682-5958.

Visitors must enter by the front door and sign in at the office
to obtain a visitor’s pass. No one is allowed in the building
or classroom without appropriate authorization from the
office. Visitors are persons other than the local school
employees and students.

Parent Visits to Valley:
Parents are always welcome visitors! However, a scheduled
meeting with teachers or the staff is very much preferred to a
―drop in‖ visit. Scheduling a visit will cut down on time
spent in waiting and will allow for preparation to make your
visit more beneficial. All visitors must check in at the office
and obtain a visitor’s badge before visiting classrooms.

There will be no conferences held during student
instructional time except during teacher planning time.

Instructional time is defined as 8:00-2:30. We are
focused on teaching and learning and will protect the
teacher’s instructional time with students. No parent
visits will be allowed during the instructional day. No
classroom deliveries are permitted during instructional

Beginning September 1st, parents are always welcome to
come and have lunch with their child, but are discouraged
from bringing siblings to lunch due to the cramped space in
the cafeteria. Adult lunches $4.00.

Cell Phones:
School policy prohibits the use of cell phones in the building.
Cell phones can be a safety hazard as well as a distraction in
an educational setting. Please turn off your cell phones
before entering the building.

Please be sure any money brought to school is sealed in an
envelope with the student’s name and teacher’s name on the
outside. Also, list the purpose of the money (lunchroom
account, field trip, etc.).

Lost and Found:
To insure that your child’s lost items are promptly returned,
please label all supplies, personal articles, coats, hats,
sweaters, lunch box, etc. Please ask your child to check
―Lost and Found‖ immediately if any items are lost.

―The parent, guardian, or other person having custody of a
child to whom textbooks are issued shall be liable for any
loss, abuse, or damage in excess of that which would result
from normal use of such textbooks.‖ (Excerpt from State
Textbook Law)

Library Books:
If a library book is lost, the cost to replace it is $20.00. If a
bar code is destroyed, the cost to replace that is $3.00.
Immediately upon receipt of payment for lost books the
library orders a replacement. Therefore it is impossible to
issue refunds. If a lost book is found after payment has been
made, it may be donated to the library or kept.

Please join the PTO. Annual family dues are $20.00. They
would like to have 100% participation and have only three
general sessions per year.

Invitations to parties may be handed out at school by the
teacher if there is an invitation for each child in the class, or
all girls—all boys.

Children should only bring valuables to school for
educational purposes and with the teacher’s permission.

Children Visitors:
The Board of Education does not allow students enrolled in
one school to visit another school. Also, no under age child
may visit during instructional time.

School Parties:
School policy allows for three parties each year: Christmas,
Valentine’s Day, and End of the School Year.

Physical Education:
Physical education is a requirement of all elementary pupils
in Alabama. Any restrictions your child has should be made
known to the school, accompanied by a doctor’s verification.
Girls should wear clothing appropriate for mixed classes,
such as slacks, culottes, and shorts under a dress. Each
student will need tennis shoes with laces or Velcro.

Volunteer Parents:
The PTO has organized a group of parent volunteers who
wish to help the teachers and students in many capacities. If
you are interested in volunteering your time, please call the
school office.

Home-School Communications:
Regular communications between parents and teachers
provide an excellent opportunity to discuss many details
regarding the child’s school experiences that cannot be
conveyed on the nine-week report card. Either the teacher or
parent in order to share knowledge about the child and gain a
better understanding of the child’s needs and interests may
request conferences. Regular contact between the home and
school will help the child see that both parents and teachers
care about his/her progress. Please include your child’s first
and last name on all correspondence.

We hope that each parent will be able to confer with the
teachers on a regular basis during the school year. Please
call the office at 682-5550 if you would like to schedule a
conference.      A parent-teacher conference should be
scheduled to prevent interruptions of instructional time and
to avoid conflict with the teacher’s planned schedule.
Should you have unanswered questions or concerns, please
contact the principal, assistant principal, or counselor.

Transportation Changes:
Students will not be allowed to go home any way that is
different from his/her normal schedule without a signed note
from the parent. Transportation changes should be in as
early as possible, but no later than 1:30.

Report Cards:
Computerized report cards are sent home after each nine-
week period.

Student Work:
The teacher sends home class work and tests home each
week with a brief progress report or comments on papers.
Please sign the report, making comments as you wish, and
return the folder with the packet of papers. All papers will
be returned.

Field Trips:
Field trips are important in carrying out the curriculum.
Students must have a signed permission form returned prior
to the day of a field trip. Any monies necessary for the trip
will be collected in advance. Students are not allowed to
purchase souvenirs or other items and should not bring extra

Special Education Opportunities:
Special education classes are made available to ensure an
appropriate education for all students in the least restrictive
environment. There is a specified procedure for admittance
to all special education programs. Inquiries concerning these
classes should be directed to the school principal, assistant
principal, or guidance counselor.

   1. Please enter the school ONLY through the FRONT
       DOOR and sign in at the office before going
       elsewhere in the building. Office personnel will
       check with the teacher before visitors enter the
       classrooms to be sure instructional time will not be
       disrupted. The only exception will be when you are
       picking up students from After School Care, at which
       time you should use the entrance which is located at
       the end of the school near the gymnasium and
       covered bus awning.
   2. You will receive a badge to wear while you are in the
       building. Please place it where it can be readily seen
       and then return it to the office before leaving.
   3. When you join us for lunch, after you sign in at the
      office, please wait outside the front office and wait
      for your child’s class. Please do not wait in the hall
      or by the classroom door. After lunch is finished,
      please leave the cafeteria and come directly back to
      the office rather than visiting the class.
   4. All staff members have been requested to report any
      visitor without a badge. Even though some teachers
      may recognize visitors as being parents, all staff
      members will not know every parent. Therefore,
      please be understanding if this request comes from
      someone who knows you. Your compliance will help
      teachers have more time to focus on instruction while
      still safeguarding our students.

Dress Code:
Please refer to the Shelby County Code of Conduct for
minimum requirements. The following items are not
permitted: Roller shoes or Heeley’s, flip-flops, spaghetti
straps, halter tops, or tube tops. All shorts and skirts must be
an appropriate length.

Lunch Program:
Participation in the lunchroom program is strongly
encouraged. We encourage all children to eat the meal
prepared in our lunchroom, especially at the beginning of the
year while we are establishing lunchroom routines. Please
remember, no ―fast food‖ may be brought to the lunchroom.

Lunches are $1.75 per day. A permanent record is kept on
computer for each student crediting and debiting the meal
account. Please make payment for at least four weeks. This
amount will be $35.00. The computer will print a reminder
for additional payment when the student’s account is less
than $5.00. The price for milk is only .30 cents.

When sending lunch money, please write the student’s name,
student’s account number, and teacher’s name on the
envelope with the child’s name, account number and
teacher’s name on the outside. Make checks payable to

Lunch Reminders/Notices:
The lunchroom computer will print daily reminders to
parents when the student’s account is less than $5.00. Please
note that this amount is the amount in the account BEFORE
lunch on that day. Therefore, one day’s meal will need to be
subtracted from the amount shown on the reminder. If the
lunch account is in the negative, the sheet will be yellow.
This amount must be repaid to the lunchroom immediately.
Remember to replenish the account as well so your child will
have money for the days to come. These reminders will be
sent home daily.

Breakfast Program:
Don’t forget to deduct $1.00 for breakfast if your child eats
breakfast at school. Breakfast is being offered for $1.00 for
students and $2.00 for visitors. Breakfast is served daily
beginning at 7:15.

Adult Lunches:
When joining your child for lunch, notify the teacher the
morning of the day you expect to eat at school by sending a
note. Sign in at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass. You
may wait outside the front office. The cost of visitor’s lunch
is $4.00.

Free/Reduced Meals:
Applications for free/reduced lunch are available in the
office and during orientation at the CNP table. Reduced
lunch price is 40 cents per day. Reduced breakfast price is 30

Parent/Visitor Lunch:
Beginning September 1st, parents are welcome to eat lunch
with their child. A special parent table and stool/bar area is
available at which parents and children may converse
throughout the lunch period. Due to large numbers of
parents eating lunch with their child, other students from the
class are not permitted to join lunch at the parent table.
Please send a note informing the teacher that you are
coming, if possible.       Fast food lunches, such as
McDonalds, Burger King, etc. may not be consumed in
the school cafeteria. Glass containers are not allowed in the


Early Bird Care:
Children that arrive between 6:55-7:15 a.m. must be escorted
inside by their parents/guardians to the library for Early
Bird Care. This service is available for $1.00 per day, per
child. Payment is due at the time the student is dropped off.

We are concerned about the safety of your child at all times
and are especially concerned about students who are on the
school grounds without adult supervision. Early Bird Care is
from 6:55-7:15. At 6:55, the Early Bird Care teacher will
post a sign indicating that you may walk your child to the
media center. Please do not enter the building until the
Early Bird Care teacher posts the sign. All students
unloading for early bird care should be escorted to the media
center. Please refrain from loading/unloading children in the
bus lane, the lane nearest to the school. Please do not drop
your child off and leave as this is a safety issue. Failure to
escort your child to early bird care at the designated time
and/or failure to pay the fee will result in the suspension
of the early bird care services.

Students are required to be in class by 8:00 a.m. A warning
bell will sound at 7:55. If a child is dropped off at or after
7:55 and does not arrive INSIDE THE CLASSROOM on
time, he/she will incur a tardy. Please ensure that your child
arrives to school before 7:55 in order to provide enough time
for him/her to get to class on time. If eating breakfast,
students should arrive to school no later than 7:30. Please
be mindful that the carpool traffic is much lighter
between 7:15 and 7:30. The person transporting students
who arrive at or after 8:00 must sign in the tardy students at
the office. A sign will be posted indicating when the late
bell has sounded. At that time, students must be signed in at
the office. Time missed from class because of tardiness is an
attendance issue and excessive tardies will be referred to the
Early Warning Program per Shelly County Code of Conduct.

Where to Load/Unload:
Children are to be loaded/unloaded directly in front of the
school. There are three lanes designated for this purpose.
Signs are placed out on the walk to indicate the area in which
you are to load/unload your children. Please refrain from
loading/unloading children in the bus lane, the lane nearest
to the school. This lane is reserved for bus traffic only.
Students should not be loaded/unloaded from the parking lot
directly in front of the school. This lot should be used only
if you find it necessary to enter the school with your child to
take care of business. Only children who attend VaES should
be unloaded at VaES.


Morning & Afternoon Carpool Safety and Procedure:

Please refer to the map on page 27.

We ask that all parents in carpool line refrain from using
their cell phones while driving through the line. This is an
obvious danger as attention is diverted from the many, many
young children who are waiting for their rides.

Display your carpool pick-up sign; proceed with caution;
and, please be patient!

For the safety of our students, we ask the cooperation of
all parents and drivers. The following rules will help to
safely expedite traffic:

Guidelines for Morning Drop-off:
 1. Cars will form three lines. Only buses, daycare vans
    and cars with special needs students will be allowed in
    the lane closest to the school building.
 2. Cars in each line will pull up to the crosswalk. Only
    the first five cars behind the crosswalk will be
    unloaded. If your car is the sixth car or just over the
    stop line, please have your child remain in the car until
    the next unload.
 3. When traffic gets heavy, five cars in each line will be
    directed by the crossing guard to move across the
    crosswalk up to the second stop sign. Only the cars in
    front of the crosswalk will be unloaded at this time.
 4. Car riders should be dropped off at the school after
    7:15 and in time to be in their classrooms before 8:00.
    If they reach their class after the 8:00 bell rings, they
    are counted tardy. If your child is tardy, please escort
    him/her inside and sign him/her in at the office. A sign
    in front of the school will indicate when it is 8:00.

5. The traffic is much lighter between 7:15 and 7:30
    than it is from 7:30-7:45 and parents are asked to
    arrive at school during that time.
6. Do not block the exit of another parked vehicle.
7. Please drive slowly when entering and leaving the
    loading area.
8. When loading or unloading during carpool, please pull
    your vehicle up as far as possible so other vehicles may
    load and unload at the same time.
9. Please place your car in park while students are loading
    or unloading.
10. Have your children’s lunches, books, backpacks and
    other items ready before you enter the unloading area.
    Say your good-byes early and be ready to unload.
11. Do not open car doors until the STOP sign has been
12. Direct your child to follow the yellow line to the
13. Please pay attention to the crossing guard who is
    directing traffic and follow the directions.
14. Unload on the right side of your vehicle only.
15. Parents, please remain in your cars. If you are having
    difficulty getting your child out of the car, please
    summon the crossing guard for assistance. Do not
    escort your child into the building.

Guidelines for Afternoon Pick-up:
 1. Car riders are dismissed at 2:30.
 2. Arrival procedures are the same as for the morning.
 3. Do not pull into the upper parking lot to avoid the
     carpool line. Traffic in this area will move the other
     way. Please obey the signs.
 4. Do not leave your vehicle unattended.
 5. Do not block the exit of another parked vehicle.

6. If you arrive early in the afternoon before students
    are dismissed, please turn off your engine while
    waiting for the line to start moving. This helps
    decrease ground-level ozone.
7. Remind your child to watch for you in the afternoon.
    Upon entering the car line, clearly display your
    child’s pick-up sign in your front window. This
    serves as your identification. If you do not display
    this sign, you will be asked to park and check your
    child out in the office.
8. When loading or unloading during carpool, please
    pull your vehicle up as far as possible so other
    vehicles may load and unload at the same time.
9. Please place your vehicle in park while students are
    loading or unloading.
10. We request that all parents drive through the carpool
    line everyday instead of parking and walking to the
    school to get their children. Also, our entire carpool
    line is slowed down when we have large numbers of
    people using the crosswalk.
11. All drivers should have a carpool pick-up sign and
    should be in a carpool line. Always display your
    carpool pick-up sign daily (including rainy day
    carpool). Two copies of this sign will be given out
    during registration confirmation. Please ensure that
    the carpool pick-up sign is displayed. This serves as
    your identification. If you do not display this sign,
    you will be asked to park and check your child out
    in the office.
12. Remain in your cars. Allow the teachers to get your
    children to the cars. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE TO
13. If your child is not out front when you pull up, you
    may be asked to pull to the side until we locate
14. Remind your child to walk to the car.

   15. All passengers should be safely loaded with the door
       closed before advancing forward.
   16. All car riders should be picked up prior to 3:00. At
       that time all students who are not picked up are
       brought back into the school and parents must come
       inside to get them. Children who are not picked up
       by 3:00, and are enrolled in the After School Care
       program, are taken there. Payment will be the
       responsibility of the parent.

Any cars parked in the parking spaces surrounding the
loading area will not be able to leave during school arrival or
dismissal times.

              In the afternoon, we ask the children to sit
               down under the awning rather than stand. We
               like for them to sit with the other children in
               their carpool so when they are called, they
               will all be ready to load.
              If you have a reason to park and come to the
               school, please set a good example by crossing
               only at crosswalks.
              Students must always walk, never run, when
               loading and exiting vehicles.
              The crossing guard is on duty in the mornings
               and afternoons to help ensure children's
              Students will not be allowed to walk to their
               carpool vehicle before it arrives at the
               designated pick-up point.

Important: If arrangements for normal afternoon pickup
change, please notify your child's teacher by note. Please do
not call the office with change of transportation plans if at all
possible. These messages are difficult to get to the teachers
and children. Teachers cannot take the word of children that
pick-up plans have changed. Unless teachers are officially
notified, children will be directed to follow regular

      Car Rider Directions

     Valley Elementary Entrance
                                                                                                                 Bus & Emergency
                                                                                                                   Vehicle Lane

                                                                                                                     Lane 1

                                                                                                                     Lane 2

                                                                                                                     Lane 3
                                                                                       Wait for next unloading

                           *Only the first five cars behind the stop sign may unload

Bus Service:
Bus service is available for all students. The routes are not
interchangeable and students must ride the bus at the
designated time.

Early/Late Buses:
Some buses run a double load, returning to school for a
second load of students after delivering the first one. These
are referred to as early and late buses. Buses will begin
leaving the school at 2:30.

Arrival at School:
Students who arrive by bus before 7:40 should go directly to
the bus room. If eating breakfast, students will go to the
cafeteria. Students arriving after 7:40 should go directly to
their classrooms.

Change in Transportation Method:
If your child will go home a way other than that is
designated on the enrollment card, a note must be sent to the
teacher. Any and all changes must be in writing. We cannot
accept phone calls or facsimiles. Bus changes will be sent to
the office for approval and returned to the teacher. A student
must have this note with office approval in order to ride a
bus for which he is not assigned or to get off at a different
stop on the usual bus. No changes will be made after 1:30
p.m. unless there is an emergency.

Bus Schedule:
Bus schedules will be posted in each classroom during
orientation, and will be available in the office and on the
Shelby County Board of Education’s website.

We love our students and want to be certain they arrive
at school and back home safely. For that reason, the
following rules for the bus stops are necessary.

Bus Stop Rules:
   1. Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled
      arrival time. The bus cannot wait for a student.
   2. Stay off the road at all times while waiting for the
   3. No horseplay at the bus stop.
   4. Be careful when approaching the bus stop.
   5. Do not move toward the buses at the loading zone
      until buses have been brought to a complete stop.
   6. The bus must be at a complete stop before attempting
      to load or unload.
   7. On roadways where there are no sidewalks, walk
      single file facing the traffic.
   8. At the designated bus stop, remain on the side of the
      road where you live. When the bus comes to a
      complete stop, and the driver motions that it is safe to
      cross, cross the road in front of the bus, then board
      the bus.

While on the Bus:
  1. Keep head, arms and hands inside the bus at all
      times. Keep all objects inside the bus.
  2. Assist in keeping the bus clean. No eating, drinking,
      or chewing gum on the bus.
  3. Remember that loud talking and laughing or
      unnecessary confusion diverts the driver’s attention
      and may result in a serious accident.
  4. Treat bus equipment as you would valuable furniture
      in your home. Damage to seats and other items must
      be paid for buy the offender.
  5. Never tamper with the bus, the emergency door, or
      any other equipment.

6. Leave books, packages, coats and all other objects
    out of aisles and driver compartment.
7. Help look after the safety and comfort of small
8. Nothing is to be thrown from the bus window.
9. Remain in the seat while the bus is in motion.
10. Horseplay is not permitted around or on the bus.
11. Be courteous and respectful to fellow students and
    the bus driver.
12. Obey the directions of the driver.
13. Absolute quiet is necessary when approaching a
    railroad crossing.
14. In case of a road emergency, remain in the bus and
    follow the driver’s directions.
15. Pencils or other sharp objects are to be put away.
16. Glass objects, large projects and animals are not
    allowed on the bus.


Valley Elementary School thanks the city of Pelham under
the leadership of Mayor Don Murray for our educational
partnership. We appreciate the many efforts of members of
the community who work closely with our faculty and staff
to insure an excellent program for our students.


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