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					                                    AQUA 6 OZONATOR

                                          Buy now for: $160

The AQUA 6 utilizes ozone to perform all of these functions. The AQUA 6 comes with everything you
will need. The gray diffuser will purify drinking water, remove odors, destroy mold and kills viruses.
The white diffuser releases fine bubbles to sanitize aquariums, enrich massaging oils and lotions for
skin treatments and beauty regiments. A2Z also provides 2 free spare unit tubes.
The AQUA 6 has soft padding to prevent scratching on any surface and is light enough at 2 pounds to
hang on the wall with its built in wall mount. Due to its light weight, the AQUA 6 is portable and can
be moved from room to room as needed.
The AQUA 6 features a large, clear, LED screen to display the selected time setting. Easy to operate (+)
and (-) buttons change the time setting to your preference. The energy efficient design uses only 20
Watts of electricity and the ultra-durable design ensures long life for the entire unit. The Aqua-6 also
comes with a 90-Day Manufacturer Warranty.
1. Plug the ozone generator into a 110V AC outlet
2. Attach the open end of the ozone supply tubing into the ozone vent on the bottom side of the
generator and a stone diffuser to the other end of the tubing. Extend the tubing so that the diffuser stone
and the Aqua-6 Purifier are as far apart as possible.
3. Push the main power switch on the right side of the face of the unit on. The red light above the main
power button will come on. The LCD shows 00 blinking.
4. Press the + button to select the programmable setting from the table for the desired amount of time.
The – button will step down the setting numbers sequentially. Operation times will vary according to
the size of the room, amount of water being treated, amount of odor to be eliminated or the amount of
bacteria to be destroyed. There are many uses for this technology and each application is unique.
5. The ozone generator will start 10 seconds after you select the setting on the LCD. Once the generator
starts producing ozone, the LCD changes to display the time remaining for the setting you have chosen.
Once the cycle is complete, the LCD will change back to the setting number for repeat settings and 00
for one time run settings. Remember, settings 1 through 5 are a one time run setting, settings 6 through
10 continuously repeat every hour and settings 11 through 15 continuously repeat every 4 hours.
6. To cancel a setting, simply press the on/off button below the LCD. The LCD will blink 00 indicating
it is ready for a new setting.
7. To turn off the unit, cancel the setting and then turn off the main power with the button on the right
side of the face of the unit. The unit is now powered down and ready to unplug the power cord for
storage or transport.

                            A Revolutionary New Appliance!
                            That has multi-purpose applications.
    A low cost, safe and portable, energy efficient water and air purification system.
This system helps neutralize toxic chemicals and reduces bacteria and viruses.
Every individual needs one. Once you realize the benefits of Ozone, you will want one also.
Wash fresh fruits, lettuce, spinach, and vegetables to kill yeast, mold, bacteria and to
Reduce PESTICIDES on the surface. Wash beef, chicken, or fish to kill bacteria and reduce
salmonella and Ecoli.
It will help you reduce your carbon footprint, live a more germ free life, reduce your
dependency on toxic products, save you money, and
Promotes a greener healthier lifestyle!!
Ozone is approved by the FDA as a food additive.
Most bottled water you buy is ozonated. Read the label next time.
It’s being used today in many industries because it works, is cost effective, and Green!
Just search the web or Wiki Ozone.

The OZONE O3 Function:
This unit has a separate button and output nipple for Ozone.
It has a plastic tube and bubbler stone for Ozonating Water.
To ozonate Air you can use it with or without the plastic tube.

                                      Ozonating Water
Ozonating Water has literally dozens of different uses! Remember that Ozone is an incredibly
powerful sterilizer and disinfectant, so anything that you need to clean, neutralize, or
deodorize will be benefited by ozonated water. This includes things such as sterilizing
toothbrushes, dentures, sponges, sanitizing clothing, purifying drinking water, etc. You can
even use the ozonator with oral rinses or just water to make it more effective at
neutralizing the sulfur bacteria that cause bad breath!

To ozonate any liquid simply attach one of the included plastic tubes to the ozonator and on
the other end of the tube attach one of the ozonator bubble stones. Then just place the stone
into the liquid that you would like to ozonate and turn on the ozonator.

The ozone can be used in air or water!!
Ozone is used in many industries today.
Ozone is a safe alternative to Chlorine; use it wherever you would use chlorine.
It is approved by the FDA as a food additive.
Ozone O3 is used in many industries today.

                               Water Ozone Applications:
Ozone in water releases O3 oxygen to clean and kill bacteria and viruses in the water by
It breaks down residual traces of toxic chemicals and pathogens on fruits and vegetables and
kills bacteria on meat, fish and poultry.
It also enhances the taste of all food products and prolongs their shelf life by reducing the
ethylene gas*.
When ozonating water, make sure the water is lower than (below) the ozone outlet to prevent
water from backing up into the unit.

Sterilize Drinking Water: Eradicate water borne parasites.
Use it for about 3+ minutes with 12 oz. of water.
Use cooled water for best results. For larger amounts of water ozonate for a longer amount of
time. Many municipal drinking water systems kill bacteria with ozone instead of chlorine.
Most of the bottled water you buy is ozonated, read the label. Ozone has a very high
oxidation potential. Ozone does not form chlorine compounds, nor does it remain in the water
after treatment. Ozone is strong enough to kill pathogens.

Food Sterilization: Kill bacteria on food or on contact surface Ozone is the better faster way
to sterilize food, whether its meat, seafood, fruits or, vegetables. Wash fresh fruits, lettuce,
spinach, and vegetables to kill yeast, mold, and bacteria and to reduce the PESTICIDES on
the surface. Wash beef, chicken, or fish to kill bacteria and reduce salmonella and Ecoli. Fill a
bowl with cold water and place your bubble stone and food in it for about 5+ minutes, that all
there is to it. Use glass, ceramic, or stainless steel bowl or just in the sink. Don't use plastic.
Just fill it with enough cold water to fully cover your food and drop the bubble stone in it. Your
food will taste fresher, especially seafood, and it will make your vegetables less toxic.

Toothbrush and Denture Sanitization: ALL used toothbrushes are infected by bacteria.
Soaking your toothbrush in ozonated water for a few minutes destroys mostly all the bacteria
on the bristles or on. Ozonated water is also good as a mouth wash or oral rinse.

Clothes Washer:
Reduces virus, bacteria, and odors in your clothes and fabrics.
Fill your washer with cool water, ozonate for 15+ minutes, and then start the wash cycle
immediately. You will use less hot water and detergents.

Cleaning Surfaces and utensils: Reduces virus, bacteria, and pathogens on most surfaces
and utensils.
Clean your kitchen counter tops, sink, pots, pan, plates, silverware, bathroom, shower, with
ozonated water.
Ozonate a quart of cool water for 10+ minutes, then use it right away for cleaning surfaces.

Purification of Fish Tanks/Aquariums: Ozone reduces the bacteria, mold, fungus, and
algae in fish tanks For a 10 gallon tank ozonate and 12 oz. glass of tepid water for about 6
minutes, and then pour it into the tank.

Plant Fungus: Ozonate a glass of cool water for at least 4 minutes then use the water on
your plants. The plants will be healthier and should have fewer problems. It will also reduce
odors that plants produce.
Bath Water: Ozone is more effective than chlorine at killing bacteria and other
microorganisms in bathtubs, Jacuzzis, and pools. For a bathing use the bubble stone to
ozonate the water for half an hour before getting wet. Leave it running while in the tub for
while bathing. Turn on the exhaust fan or open a window while in use.

Skin and Foot soak: Ozonate 12 oz water in a glass for 5+ minutes and wash your skin with
it. Ozonate a container of water that is large enough to fully submerge your feet. Then place
your feet in the water while continuing to ozonate.

FDA recently approved the use of ozone in gaseous and aqueous phases as an
antimicrobial agent on food, including meat and poultry. Responding to a petition from
the Agriculture and Food Technology Alliance of the Electric Power Research Institute,
Palo Alto, Calif., FDA published a final rule June 26, 2001 that permits use of ozone as
a food additive. Ozone use in the food industry has not been widespread because it
must be manufactured on site and cannot be stores or shipped. FDA said proposed
use of the agent includes as an additive in preparing, packing, or holding ...

Ozone is one of the most powerful sterilizing agents in the world! It's 5 times more powerful
than chlorine in destroying germs, bacteria, and viruses. Read about it!

Our Ozonator is an inexpensive product that will fully saturate an 8 ounce glass of room
temperature water in less than 5 minutes. Everything needed is in the kit, including two
bubble stones and tubes. All you add is the water. Includes a one year manufacturer's

Ozone (O3) - it is a natural, colorless gas with a distinct fresh odor, similar to the smell when
a rainstorm is approaching. When used properly it provides a wide range of benefits. Ozone
is a natural molecule made up of 3 atoms of oxygen. If you want to know what ozone smells
like, just close your eyes and imagine that 'fresh, clean, spring rain scent' that occurs right
after a rainstorm. This scent is actually ozone - nature’s gift to us.

Ozone cannot be stored and has to be produced on demand. It has a half life of 20 minutes
and should be used immediately. Cold water holds more ozone than warm water.

Some other uses of ozonated water include:

       Sterilize kitchen/bathroom items
       Deodorize Dirty Laundry
       Control odors
       Sanitize Bedding
       Remove Pet Odors
       Soak Dentures/night guards

Many hospitals in the U.S. and around the world use large ozone generators to
decontaminate operating rooms between surgeries. The rooms are cleaned and then sealed
airtight before being filled with ozone which effectively kills or neutralizes all remaining

* Ethylene acts physiologically as a hormone in plants. It exists as a gas and acts at trace
levels throughout the life of the plant by stimulating or regulating the ripening of fruit, the
opening of flowers, and the shedding of leaves.

Ethylene shortens the shelf life of many fruits by reducing fruit ripening.
Ozone reduces Ethylene gas!

Tomatoes, Apples, and Bananas will ripen faster in the presence of ethylene gas. Bananas
placed next to other fruits will produce enough ethylene to cause accelerated fruit ripening.
Ethylene will shorten the shelf life of cut flowers and potted plants by accelerating floral
essence. Ozone reduces the Ethylene gas, providing longer shelf life.

                                  Air Ozone Applications:

Air O3 can be piped into a small container or bag. Put your items in the container, stick the
hose in it turn it on.
Ozone at low concentrations does not kill bacteria, virus, and pathogens but will help reduce
odor problems. This unit can produce a high level of ozone in small areas. High levels of
ozone are a lung irritant and need to be used in unoccupied areas only!
We recommend that you use the ozone option with the timer when the room is unoccupied.
Do not use the ozone option continuously while in a small occupied room. Use it when you
leave the area for a period of time and shut it off when returning. The ozone will convert back
to oxygen in about 1/2 hour.

I use this purifier in several locations in my own house:
      Reduce Pesticides, Bacteria, Salmonella, and Ecoli, on fruits, vegetables,
       salads, beef, chicken, pork, and fish.
      Reduce cooking odors and dust.
      Help purify drinking water.
      Sanitize utensils and dishes.
      Wash the counters and sink.

        Reduce the damp musty bathroom smell.
      Sanitize toothbrush, dentures, razor, tweezers, and other instruments.

      Reduce the musty or old clothes smell.
             Makes shoes smell better.

Cat litter box
      Deodorize the area around the cat box.
        Reduce Odors and smell.

Garage / Shed
      Reduce Odors and filter the air.
      Minimize the pollution from your car or garage activities.

                            Deodorize fabrics and sanitize objects
Do your own test!
Put a smelly shirt or one shoe in a bag or box,
stick to ozone tube in the bag or box and turn it on.
After several minutes turn it off and wait for 20 min. Air out the item and smell it later and the
next day. You will be amazed!
The odor and bacteria will be significantly reduced because the ozone concentration is high in
a small enclosed unoccupied area (the bag or box). Do not breathe the ozone from the bag or
box. It is at high concentration!
Almost any item or food can be ozonated in a bag or box or bowl using ozone in air or water.
Ozonate it, wait 20 min, air it out or dump the water!
Think of all the toxic chemicals that you can do without.
                         Make your environment greener!

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