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98th YEAR NO. 156                                                                            THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2006                                                                                      $1.17 + GST

                                                                                                                      Doggie in the window
GST cut
not finding
its way to
Many towns, businesses
pocketing the 1% reduction
  RICHMOND HILL, Ont.               taxes.”
(CP) — It’s “outrageous” that         He said while consumers
some merchants are absorb-          will be forgiving when it
ing the federal government’s        comes to a difference of pen-
GST cut instead of passing          nies, they won’t be for larger
the savings on to consumers,        items, such as a monthly
but Ottawa can’t do much            parking pass.
about it, Finance Minister Jim        “There’s absolutely no rea-
Flaherty conceded Wednes-           son why those savings should
day.                                not be passed on to con-
  Retailers that choose to          sumers,” Williamson said.
absorb the percentage-point           He said individuals need to
cut in the GST, which went          “push it if they think they’re
                                                                                                                                                                                       JOHN E. LIGHTFOOT/THE SUDBURY STAR
into effect over the long           being overcharged ... It’s
weekend, are engaged in a           important for consumers to            Monique Roy, children’s librarian at the main branch of the Sudbury Public Library, paints heroes on the library’s windows.
“cash grab” that the Conserv-       remain vigilant.”                     The theme of the library’s Summer Reading Club is Quest For Heroes. Sudburians are being asked to be heroes, too, by
ative government is power-            The controversy applies             donating new school supplies and backpacks. The items will be distributed by the United Way of Sudbury and District and
less to prevent, Flaherty told      mostly to vendors who use             The Wild At Heart Wildlife Refuge Centre.
a news conference.                  all-included pricing, such as
  “I’m not aware of any steps       those with parking meters,
that we could take,” he said.       candy bar vending machines
  Businesses must remit six per
cent to the Canada Revenue
Agency on goods and services
purchased after July 1, but
there’s no law forcing them to
                                    and taxis.

                                    “There’s no
                                                                          Kashechewan residents head home
                                    enforcement power
lower prices, Flaherty said.
  “They’re reducing the GST         with respect to us. We                Evacuees came                        services, said Indian and North-
                                                                                                               ern Affairs Canada flew home
                                                                                                                                                    going home, said Stephen,
                                                                                                                                                    and young children appeared
                                                                                                                                                                                          A former military man,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Stephen said the experience
from seven to six, which is                                                                                    members whose homes had              confused “because this has         of Kashechewan residents,
their legal obligation, and         can’t tell them not to                here to escape                       been renovated and repaired.         become their home.”                who have been living in
then they’re imposing new           increase their charges.”                                                      Work is expected to be                                               hotels and a community cen-
charges on the people that                                                flooding up north                    completed on another 50                                                 tre in Sudbury, reminds him
they’re serving,” he said.                                                                                     homes in the trouble-plagued         “There was no                      of his time in the armed
  “There’s no enforcement                               Jim Flaherty,           BY CAROL MULLIGAN              First Nation by the end of                                              forces.
power with respect to us. We                        finance minister                The Sudbury Star           July, said Stephen.                  challenge to them                     He and his family moved
can’t tell them not to                                                                                            Kashechewan residents             being accepted in the              several times, and he remem-
increase their charges.”                                                    There was “tears all over          have had an on-again, off-                                              bers well what it felt like to
  John Williamson of the               Many businesses that aren’t        the place” Wednesday at the          again relationship with Sud-         city.”                             live out of suitcases in a hotel
Ottawa-based Canadian Tax-          passing down the savings say          Sudbury Airport as 97                bury since last October when                                            for even a week as they relo-
payers Federation said he’s         changing the way they cur-            Kashechewan residents left           a couple hundred of them                             Alan Stephen,      cated. Sudbury treated
received a number of com-           rently do business is not cost-       the city on three flights to         were airlifted here because                      emergency services     Kashechewan evacuees well,
plaints about businesses that       effective, given how little           return home.                         their water was contami-                                                he said.
don’t reflect the GST cut on        money the GST cut represents.           About 180 members of the           nated. Most remained here                                                  “There was no challenge to
price tags.                            The Toronto Parking                James Bay First Nation have          until about Christmas.                 The     reaction       among     them being accepted in the
  “When it comes to paying          Authority, which oversees             been living in Sudbury since            When annual spring flood-         teenagers was split, he said,      city.”
for goods and services after        about 50,000 parking spots in         April after being evacuated          ing made their homes inhab-          with some looking forward to          What many Kashechewan
July 1 ... most people expect       the city, is among those busi-        from their homes during              itable again, Sudbury was one        returning to the familiar and      members are going home to
the savings to be passed on to      nesses that won’t be chang-           spring flooding.                     of the communities that wel-         others not wanting to leave a      is a way of life in which as
consumers,” he said.                ing fees at its garages and             Alan Stephen, Greater Sud-         comed displaced residents.           big city and its attractions.      many as 13 or 15 people live
  “It’s really not acceptable       street meters.                        bury’s general manager of               Elderly Kashechewan resi-           “It’s a traumatic time for       in a single-family dwelling.
for businesses to be hoarding                          See GST / A2       infrastructure and emergency         dents seemed to be glad to be        them,” said Stephen.                                  See KASH / A2

Inco aids Adanac rebuilding
$100,000 will help buy new snowmaking equipment, making season longer
     BY LAURA STRADIOTTO               To recognize Inco’s support,       Europe.                             of snow-making equipment,”
         The Sudbury Star           the ski chalet will be called           “From our point of view,          Brian Smith, chairman of the
                                    the         Inco                      having a facility like this         volunteer        group,      said
  The skiing season may last        Chalet.                               makes it more attractive for        Wednesday.
a little longer thanks to a sig-       “Anything                          kids, teens and younger                “We want to have an out-
nificant contribution to the        where you                             adults to want to stick around      standing beginners facility so
Adanac Ski Hill.                    can encour-                           in Sudbury.”                        we can teach young kids how
  Inco Ltd. announced               age all mem-                            To date, Friends of Adanac        to ski.
Wednesday it was donating           bers of the                           has raised $120,000 towards            “One of the things we need
$100,000 to the ski hill as         community,                            developing the ski hill.            for that facility is a carpet lift,
part of its commitment to the       whether that                            In its original business plan,    which is a conveyor system,
city’s Healthy Community            b e c h i l d r e n Smith             Friends of Adanac indicated         (and) is a lot easier for kids to
initiative.                         or seniors, to                        that with improved snow-            use as opposed to a chair
  The money will be spent on        participate in                        making equipment, the ski           lift.”
a new carpet lift for beginner      something healthy and                 hill could open before Christ-         Smith said the goal is to
                                                                                                                                                                                     JOHN E. LIGHTFOOT JR./THE SUDBURY STAR
skiers, improving the snow-         active, then I think that’s a         mas and run through the             have all the projects, includ-
making       equipment       to     good thing,” said Mark                March break.                        ing a new chalet, complete by         Mark Cutifani, Inco’s president for North America and
lengthen the ski season and         Cutifani, Inco’s president              “So we need to get some           the winter season.                    Europe, announces a $100,000 donation for Adanac Ski Hill
to help build a new chalet.         for North America and                 technology here in the form                          See ADANAC / A2      on Wednesday afternoon.

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