USB Gadgets- The Inside Scoop by aihaozhe2


									USB gadgets are the newest craze in external unnecessary office equipment. The
equivalent of the desktop mini board games or the tiny Zen gardens of the eighties
and nineties, these little wonders have taken the office by storm. If you can dream of a
small item that can be powered by the juice found in a USB cord, it probably already
exists. The main categories are mood setters, efficiency enhancers, and entertainment
gadgets. Read below for a more thorough explanation of each.

The first types of USB gadgets we will talk about are the mood setters. The mood
setter is usually either a colorful light up item such as a small spinning lamp or it is a
smell-producing item such as a diffuser or incense burner. These items serve a dual
purpose, they allow you to take your mind off work for a few minutes every so often
and they set a mood more conducive to concentration and productive work. It is a
proven fact that alternating short period of rest with periods of concentration produces
better and more consistent results than trying to push yourself non-stop for eight hours.
This is beneficial to both you and your employer.

The next kind of USB gadgets we are looking at are the efficiency enhancers. These
items were created to perform some task that is necessary to keep you working and
working more efficiently. Application switches, cordless access devices, portable
drives and wireless connection devices all fit this USB gadget category. By allowing
versatility and mobility through the quick and easy USB connections on your PC,
these items give you many choices to fill your needs that can be changed in and out as
the situation demands.

The final type of USB gadget is the one that truly fits the gadget role. Entertainment
items come in almost every conceivable shape, size, and description. Remember the
whack-a-mole game you played as a kid? There is a gadget version that lets you take
out your daily frustration at your PC. If you play the piano or the drums, there are
USB devices that simulate these instruments to perfection. Cartoon characters and
sports figures that spin, sing, play ball, box and dance; all can be found for your
desktop or laptop. The only thing wrong with all these items is the fact that they have
to be plugged in at all. However, give it a few years and your USB toys will be just as
wireless as your USB mouse.

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