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									Socio-Economic Development
             here is a growing need to bring sustainable change to the lives of marginalised South Africans and the group’s Socio-
             Economic Development (SED) programme aims to contribute to these development needs. Our investment builds
             on the brand’s reputation as a good corporate citizen caring for the community in which it operates. The approach is
             human-centred with a specific aim to uplift the future generation by creating opportunities for young people to develop
             their talents through sport and education. During the year under review, the group invested R7.0 million in various
             interventions focused on the development and transformation of vulnerable children and youth nationally. The majority
             of the investment was allocated to the RedCap Foundation and its projects.

 During 2009, Mr Price Group and RedCap Foundation were acknowledged
 by The Mail & Guardian’s “Investing in the Future” Awards, receiving both the
 prestigious Corporate and Sports Development awards.

                                                                         Social investment is allocated as follows:

                                                                                Sports development          26%
                                                                                  Product donations         5%
                                                                                RedCap Foundation           69%
Sports development
Mr Price Schools’ Soccer Development Programme
Schools in Mitchell’s Plain are challenged by gang activity and drug abuse and in many instances have been unable to address the
problems. Implemented in 2004, the Mr Price Schools’ Soccer Development programme has become a vehicle to help address these
social challenges. Many children have reportedly left behind their criminal activity to be part of this programme into which the group
has invested over R4 million to date. The Mr Price Schools’ Soccer League was the recipient of The Mail & Guardian’s “Investing
in the Future” Sports Development Award.

KZN Rugby Union - Development in Historically Disadvantaged Communities
Mr Price Group supports the KZN Rugby Union which has, over the past 12 years, run a development programme throughout
KwaZulu-Natal. The talent identification programme for under 12, 15 and 17 rugby players has seen over 300 players from previously
disadvantaged communities receive the opportunity to access coaching and bursaries to top-performing schools. The initiative feeds
talented players through the system towards a professional rugby career. The group has invested over R3.5 million in this programme
over the past three years.

 Neil Tovey coaching teachers

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RedCap Foundation envisions a South Africa where young people create
social change by being inspired, healthy and engaged citizens. This is
achieved through sustainable interventions focused on national priorities.

The Foundation’s approach is to identify potential areas for interventions
and programmes that can assist the current education system improve
the quality of education. A two-stage approach is employed. Initially
experimentation and testing of innovative interventions is done on a small-
scale with the ultimate objective of reaching the nation by applying the
                                                                                                               JumpStart participant
interventions at a systemic level.

RedCap Foundation is a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation established in 2006. It has already made a positive impact
in the lives of more than 142 000 children and youth from impoverished communities.
The Foundation publishes its own annual report on the website www.redcapfoundation.org

Programmes running in schools:

 Programme        Objective                                        Number of schools          Total learners          Total educators
                                                               2010             Total
 YoungHeroes      A physical education programme carried out
                  in primary schools and aligned with Life
                  Orientation                                    31              106                106 000                    1 400

 DreamBuilders    Personal mastery programme in high
                  schools aligned with Life Orientation          10               10                  7 000                      250

 CompStart        Computer equipment and computer literacy
                  training for educators and learners             9               29                 29 000                       58

 Total                                                           50              145                142 000                    1 708

Note: As a result of the sustainable nature of the programmes, the number of children impacted every year grows exponentially as more
children enter the schools where the programmes are running. Only the initial impact has been reported.

         DreamBuilders participants

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We have made a positive impact in the lives of more
than 142 000 children and youth from impoverished

 The Youth Risk Behaviour Survey (2002) suggested that
 more than a third of South African school children did not
 participate in sufficient physical activity to have a positive
 health benefit and only 54% of learners had access to
 physical education (or an equivalent) in school.

 Since 2005, the YoungHeroes programme has addressed this
 need through its innovative approach to introduce regular
 physical education lessons into public primary schools. To
 date 106 primary schools, 1 400 teachers and over 100 000
 children in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng have benefited
 from the initiative.

 An independent sustainability assessment of this programme
 has shown us a high immediate impact, but some weaknesses
 in sustaining the long-term impact in schools. Consequently,
 the Foundation has commissioned the development of a             Young South Africans need to develop soft skills and
 monitoring and evaluation tool that will help improve the        values such as ethics, ambition, confidence, teamwork,
 future sustainability.                                           responsibility and motivation in the hope they will positively
                                                                  impact their own lives and those of their family, community
 The group is proud to report that the National Department        and society.
 of Education acknowledged the work done by the RedCap
 Foundation and formalised a partnership aimed at improving       In 2007 the RedCap Foundation partnered with the
 the implementation level of physical education in all South      DreamBuilders Institute to pilot a project focussing on
 African government schools.                                      teaching soft skills and values to Grade 10 to 12 learners.
                                                                  The three year test was introduced at 10 high schools
 This partnership means 14 130 primary schools will receive       in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and Western Cape that
 resource manuals developed through the YoungHeroes               benefited approximately 7 000 learners and 250 educators.
 programme to assist Life Orientation teachers implement          Inspirational training sessions were conducted with the
 physical education at the foundation phase. These manuals        principals, educators and learners to build capacity to bring
 indirectly impact on the lives of over one million South         about positive change. The last phase involved training
 African children between six and 13 years.                       and accrediting Life Orientation educators to teach the
                                                                  programme to school learners.
 Briardene Primary School Case Study
 Briardene Primary School is a YoungHeroes recipient              Feedback shows a significant improvement in learners’
 project. Located in Redhill, Durban North, the school            self-confidence with some schools reporting improved pass
 received the programme during the initial stage in 2005.         rates following this project. However, various stakeholders
                                                                  have suggested the project would better impact younger
 “The YoungHeroes model brought a new dimension to our            children and the belief is that this programme should be
 physical education lessons. It taught us practical ways of       incorporated as part of a holistic intervention in schools.
 encouraging learners to live healthy lifestyles. Learners now    It is therefore planned to use it as part of the RedStars
 enjoy physical education and we have witnessed a positive        programme that commenced in April 2010, a new
 change in some of our overweight learners. The coaches           intervention that will assist schools improve their
 placed in our school during the second term showed us how        performance and strive to become centres of excellence.
 to make them work harder on-field to maintain their normal
 weight. Kids who showed commitment and enthusiasm for
 the lessons were awarded with small incentives like stickers,
 which was very encouraging for our learners,” said acting
 Head of Department, Mrs Dunn.

 Mrs Dunn added that the equipment and training manuals
 made their work more enjoyable and the children loved
 using the equipment. Exercises are clearly outlined on the
 “easy-to-use and follow manuals and the whole programme
 is aligned to our Life Orientation curriculum that has made
 it easy for us to continue.”

 The school has also noticed improved hand-eye
 co-ordination among learners, particularly after the free-
 play board was installed. Concentration, teamwork and
 unity have all improved.

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                                                              Socio-Economic Development

Around 60% of KwaZulu-Natal schools do not have access
to computers, making it challenging for school leavers to
access job opportunities or further their studies at higher
education institutions.

The CompStart programme, in partnership with the
Dell Development Fund and the Durban University of
Technology, positively contributes to education in KwaZulu-
Natal by addressing the need for computer equipment and
computer literacy training at schools.

This year the CompStart programme was implemented
in nine provincial high schools. Since inception in 2007,
the project has distributed 560 computers and trained 58
educators in computer literacy. Through the CompStart
Schools Challenge, three learners from the winning school
received tertiary education bursaries.

                                                               It is through the JumpStart programme that the RedCap
                                                               Foundation addresses the national challenge of youth
                                                               unemployment. Unemployed matriculants are invited to gain
                                                               much-needed work experience at a Mr Price Group store
                                                               or distribution centre after which each delegate receives a
                                                               recognised certificate for the time spent gaining skills.

                                                               Since inception in 2007, the programme has provided work
                                                               experience to over 1 000 unemployed young matriculants
                                                               between 18 and 24 years. Here are some of their inspiring

                                                               Emmanuel Mazibuko saw his opportunity with JumpStart
                                                               in 2007 as a stepping stone, vowing to make the best of
                                                               it – and that is exactly what he has done. He progressed
                                                               from flexi-casual to semi-permanent and is now a new
                                                               permanent store associate at Mr Price Pavilion. One of his
                                                               highlights was receiving the Best Customer Service Award
                                                               a few months after being offered permanent employment.
                                                               Emmanuel looks beyond his current circumstances, aspiring
                                                               to run a department as manager within the next few years
                                                               and he is still holding fast to his dream of furthering his
                                                               education. “JumpStart gave me the confidence and hope that
                                                               I can achieve more in life,” adds Emmanuel with a wide

                                                               Andile Mkhize, who is in her early 20’s, is a busy mom to
                                                               three boys. She knew she had to grab the chance JumpStart
                                                               offered for her own and her children’s sake. Andile said
                                                               “I made sure I gave my absolute best and worked hard. This
                                                               was my chance to change my life and give my children a

                                                               Beverly Goba, a Mr Price store manager, is full of praise for
                                                               the JumpStart programme. “They are driven, passionate and
                                                               hungry for success. You can see the difference between the
                                                               JumpStart delegates and the casuals who randomly walk in
                                                               the store looking for a job,” she said.

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Bursary Fund
The Foundation’s Bursary Fund assists qualifying Mr Price
Group associates to fund their children’s education. In
the year under review 148 bursaries worth over R370 000
were granted for secondary and tertiary education.

Kids are Priceless
“Kids are Priceless” is a strategic fund-raising partnership
between Mr Price Group, RedCap Foundation and
UNICEF South Africa. Funds raised assist both the RedCap
Foundation and UNICEF’s Early Childhood Education
projects. Cause-related products sold in Mr Price Home and
Sheet Street stores and donations from customers, raised
over R400 000 during the year.

Gear up our Kids
This campaign, launched four years ago in partnership with
Let’s Play, continues engaging the public to donate used
sports equipment at Mr Price Apparel and Mr Price Sport
stores nationally. The equipment is donated to selected
non-profit organisations and schools involved in sports
development. The February 2010 campaign resulted in the
collection of approximately 2 560 items with a replacement
value of over R300 000. Since the inception of this campaign,
nearly 30 000 units of equipment have been collected for        Ride for RedCap
needy projects and schools across the country.                  Craig Jones and Clynt Lund
Cash donations
The Foundation supports various community projects that
contribute to the welfare and development of children and
youth. The most significant donations were made to World
Changers Academy, Habit Trust, Magaye Visually Impaired
and Browne School.

Voluntary contributions from Mr Price Group associates
Mr Price Group associates and customers make a monthly
contribution to community development programmes
implemented by the RedCap Foundation. This year the
RedCap Club raised over R110 000 from associates.

Ride for RedCap
Four Mr Price Group associates put their cycling enthusiasm
to work and raised funds for the RedCap Foundation through
sponsored participation in the 2010 Cape Epic Cycle Race.
Gross sponsorship of R193 500 was received from various         Ride for RedCap
suppliers to the group.                                         Graham Daniel and Andrew Kenny

Do it Day for the youth of World Changers Academy

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                                                                  Socio-Economic Development

Do it Day
KwaZulu-Natal associates dedicated one day and joined
RedCap Foundation in doing a good deed for the youth
of World Changers Academy in KwaZulu-Natal. Despite
the chilly, rainy weather in the Valley of a Thousand Hills,
Do it Day was an excellent team-building session for our
associates. While some were landscaping, others were
painting the students’ boarding rooms and the academy
offices. The participants showed immense enthusiasm and
passion in doing a good deed for this charity.

“It’s inspiring to see people who
dedicate and give of their time to the
community. It’s my wish and hope
that this empowers more and more
people every day and I am thankful
that I had the privilege of sharing this
day with RedCap Foundation and
World Changers.”
Michelle Di Meola – Mr Price area manager

HABIT Charity Cycle
HABIT (HIV Affected Babies and Infants) runs a safe and
peaceful transitional baby home for abandoned or HIV/
AIDS-orphaned babies in Umhlanga. This year group
associates again supported the annual 320km cycle from the
Drakensberg to Durban to raise funds for this home.

Lorraine Parkes case study
Mr Price Group associate Lorraine Parkes discovered
her passion and compassion could make a difference in
children’s lives. Giving back her expertise and talents as a
meaningful contribution to developing vulnerable children
felt like the right thing to do and Lorraine initiated art
classes. She voluntarily teaches creative skills like painting,
drawing and collage to young children between five and 15
years and was recently joined by her sister Lucy Parkes,
who is also a Mr Price Group associate. The art classes take
place every second Saturday of the month at a local church
premise in Mahatma Gandhi Road (formerly Point Road)
with Mr Price Apparel sponsoring the materials for the
classes and motivational prizes. Having enjoyed dance and
sport as a young girl, Lorraine added some fun and physical
activity to the creative class.

“We’ve introduced dancing and a bit
of sport activities, where the kids get
a bit of exercise. Thanks to Mr Price
Sport for their kind donation of sample
equipment which has helped us add
value to the lives of the little ones.”
Lorraine Parkes – Visual Merchandise Manager

                                                                    Lorraine Parkes and her pupils

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