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									                                                                                                       official newsletter of the mercedes-benz
                                                                                                                           club of south africa

                                                                                                  Andrew Hempel's 560SEL – the iconic W126 series turns thirty this year

Volume 24

April / May 2009

no. 2

                                                                                                                       FROM THE DESK...
             Unbelievably, almost half of 2009 has already passed. As you will       which occurred in George this year in this issue. Suffice it for me to say that if
             have noticed, it has been quite some time since the last edition.       you missed it, you missed out big time! Waldo Scribante and his team
             Unfortunately we had to cut back on the number of issues for this       managed to pull of a wonderful weekend – full of surprises and planned in a
            year, from 5 to 4. We decided to do this edition after the AGM, so       most exemplary fashion. The program was interesting, and enough time was
            the report back is relatively fresh.                                     available for interaction with fellow members. Even the weather played
            This edition is of course the handiwork of our new editor, Grant         along! Our AGM meeting went smoothly and efficiently. My thanks go to all
            Viljoen. Grant, welcome aboard! I hope you will have as                          who participated. The positive spirit in which the meeting was
            much pleasure from putting the 'Lens together as I                                   conducted surely reflects the current healthy state of the club. It
            did.                                                                                    is a pleasure to be part of a club with a great “vibe”!

                ECONOMICS                                             ANOTHER                          Nominations for the committee were received for current
                                                                                                         members only, so the team is basically unchanged for
                                                                                                          another year. Before the AGM, André Kolver was elected
                There is a global downswing in the                  SUCCESSFUL                             chairman of the Central Region. Baie geluk, André! Ons
                economy, and most, if not all sectors are                                                  sien uit na jou insette en glo jy gaan die streek uitbou.
                 feeling the pinch. Closer to home we
                  have been directly affected, in that
                                                                      NATIONAL                             Dankie aan Chris Kühn wat die leisels voor André gehou
                                                                                                           het. (Andre Kolver passed away suddenly after the PMB
                  MBSA asked us to save on expenditure
                   regarding the cost of the Benz Lens. We
                                                                     GATHERING                            Cars in the Park. Please see Steve Rademeyer’s obituary
                                                                                                         on Page 2 - Ed).
                    agreed to (temporarily) cut back on the
                     number of issues from 5 to 4, and to              & AGM                         2010 AGM
                      reduce the number of copies printed too.
                       Fortunately the sponsorship for our AGM's                               Although no dates have been set yet, we will be having our next
                        gala evening was not compromised. Here's to                     gathering in the Northern Region! Maxim, we're looking forward to what
                         hoping that things will improve sooner rather than later    you have in stall for us. Of course 2010 is a busy year with the soccer, and the
                           ....                                                      public holidays are also not so well placed on the calendar as they were this
                                                                                     year. Having said that, I think 2010 AGM will be an even bigger event for our
                             NATIONAL GATHERING                                      club, with the result that we will have to limit numbers. Personally I think 200
                                                                                     people are about the maximum we should accommodate on a first come, first
                                 You can read all about this fantastic event         served basis.

                                                                                                                                           IN THIS ISSUE
P.O. Box 2443
Durbanville • 7551                               Page 3              Page 8                 Page 10                       Page 11
                                                 Club News            Playing with           From the mail box            National Gathering
Tel: (021) 975 9019
                                                                      Cars                                                Prize giving
Cell: 082 920 0501
                                                                                                                                                             page 1
                                                                                                     A Word from Mercedes-Benz
                                                   Did you know that as a valued Mercedes-Benz Club of South Africa member, YOU now qualify for a
                                                 special offer from Mercedes-Benz? This offer is only applicable to new cars that are registered and
                                             licensed in your name, and for current club members only. When purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz from
                                          participating dealers, we are offering MobiloDrive 120+ for FREE. MobiloDrive 120+ is an extension to the
                                       normal maintenance plan and covers maintenance and servicing for 6 years or 120 000 km - whichever come
                                   first. There are also additional quarterly model-specific offers, which will be communicated through the club. To
                                 take advantage of these offers, contact your preferred Mercedes-Benz dealer and tell them that you are a “Special
                               Groups” customer. You will need to bring along your Mercedes-Benz Club of South Africa membership card for their
                             records. For more information, please e-mail us at

                         Tracy Bergman

         I don't know what I was thinking when I volunteered to take over the Benz Lens, but
         barely had the words been spoken when Graham cried “Great! Thanks! Here are the
          keys. Bye!” And that probably about sums up how relieved he was to relinquish this
           position. However, for those of you who resist change, Graham will actually be here
           for some time yet looking over my shoulder until the training wheels come off, so
            fear not. I realize that I have some pretty big shoes to fill, as Graham has done an
             outstanding job on our newsletter over the past few years. Nevertheless, I am up
              to the challenge and look forward to hearing any comments that you may have.

               In this edition, you will find the regular features, as well as a number of new
                features: 'Meet our Members' is where we ask four of our members to answer                       STOP PRESS!
                 a few questions about themselves and in this edition, the president and some            ANDRE KOLVER – REST IN PEACE
                   of our committee members come under the spotlight. There is a feature on
                    the W126 series, a 'Comings and Goings' section which tracks the               It is with sadness that we say goodbye to our newly
                                                                                                   elected chairman of the Free State region, Andre
                      movement of cars within the club, 'In the Pits' is an overview of club
                                                                                                   Kolver. Having spent the day with him at PMB Cars in
                        members involved in motorsport and there is the first in a series of       the Park, his recent passing was a shock to one and
                          classic Brockbank cartoons. With this being the AGM edition, there is    all. Andre did everything in style and was a humble
                            also coverage of the recent national gathering.                        and down to earth man that knew what he wanted
                                                                                                   out of life. His passion for cars was evident in his love
                                Please remember that this is your magazine, and I encourage        for classics. He grew up with Cadillacs, which held a
                                                                                                   special place in his life - as was evident at the George
                                  you to send me as much material as you can to fill these
                                                                                                   show this year. We have not only lost a loyal club
                                     pages. We would all love to hear about your cars, work in     member, but a great friend, and he will be sadly
                                       progress restorations, funny events, or anything else       missed. Our condolences to Elsa and the children.
                                          that may be of interest to fellow members.               His memory will be with us for a long time.

                                                Grant                                              Steve Rademeyer

page 2
                 Calendar of Events / Club News
WESTERN CAPE REGION                                                                Since I first heard about Mr. Basil Wesson's collection, I couldn't wait to
                                                                                   see his variety of convertible cars. These cars are stabled in Ceres, a
                                                                                   beautiful 1 ½ hour drive from Cape Town, which made it even more
The Western Cape is pleased to report continued growth, enthusiasm,                tempting for club members to get their Mercedes out, do a final dust off
passion and support for our brand, the Three Pointed Star.                         and stretch those legs onto the winding road. No wonder this run was
                                                                                   booked out 2 months in advance.

                                                                                    After every car received a “Goody Bag” filled with exciting things to
February Meeting – Franschoek Motor Museum                                         keep everyone busy along the way, we departed at 08:30. We made a
                                                                                   quick stop in Wellington to allow Pieter du Toit and his party to join the
                                                                                   convoy, before we snaked through beautiful gorges and over the
The Club held the monthly club meeting for February at the Most Beautiful Car      majestic Mitchell's Pass to arrive in Ceres in style at 10:00.
Museum in Africa, and one of the most beautiful set museums in the WORLD.
On a perfect summers evening at 18h00 we gathered on L'ormarins Wine               First stop was Basil's collection, stockpiled at three different locations.
Farm at the Franschhoek Motor Museum’s, drank wonderful wine and had a             There was even a SL for the kids to play with.
short meeting. At 19h00 we had a very special introduction to three of the
museums vehicles.                                                                  From childhood, Basil has always been fiddling with cars. Whenever
                                                                                   there was something wrong with his dad's car or bakkie, he would do
The Three Vehicles presented were the Mercedes-Benz 540K, the Austro               small repairs - earning him the right to test drive the vehicle. At that
Daimler and the CLK DTM - one of 100 manufactured. The 540K and the DTM            stage, the Austin Sevens were very popular and he was forever busy
share the lineage from the 30's to the 2000's in the capacity of the engine and    repairing or restoring one. Basil says, "I was never a good student,
the use of the supercharger. The DTM, just like the 540K, has a 5.4 liter engine   because I was at the scrap yard more than I was in class. Eventually, I
– 68 years apart but totally connected!                                            ended up working for Dunlop". He says that because Dunlop was big in
                                                                                   motor racing in those days, it was not long before he ended up
We all had drives around the museum inner circle and the smiles and                participating in rallies & racing. In 1957, his dad urged him to preserve
adoration was palpable. Dennis Porter remembered from his schooldays how           a pristine Austin 7, rather than race it. That was when he started
the son of Mr. Marais was brought to school in the Austro Daimler on Sunday        collecting cars. He now has 140 running cars.
afternoons, and the pleasure that he and others with longer memories got
from finally sitting in these cars was enough to make the whole outing a great

We stood around taking in the smells, flowing lines and colours of the 3 cars
on display, and like true “petrol heads”, we were also able to enter and visit
the four display halls which were open for members to stroll in and out and
view the 80 cars on display at any one time. It is a true sensory overload and a
place for each and every car person to regularly visit when cars on display

The Museum is open every day of the week (excluding MONDAYS) from 10 am
to 3pm (out by 4pm). Their website is and the club would like
to thank Wayne Harley, the Curator, for making this visit possible.

Ceres Outing – 29 March 2009

                                                                                   Then it was the stomach's turn to shout and at 13:00 we rushed back
                                                                                   down to the Ceres Inn for a splendid buffet lunch, enjoyed with the
                                                                                   exquisite sponsored wines from the only cellar in the Ceres appellation -
                                                                                   what a life!

                                                                                    After lunch we tackled the dreaded Bain's Kloof back to Cape Town,
                                                                                   testing brakes, tyres, steering, acceleration, patience and

                                                                                    A HUGE thank you to all our sponsors on this trip, Wine Concepts,
                                                                                   Koelfontein, Overgaauw, La Vie de Luc, the great escape, Cape Deli,
                                                                                   Aqua D'or, Forktruck Solutions, Ryno Wilson & Associates and Bryan

                                                                                                                                                        page 3
                                                  Coming Events

                                     30 May 2009 - Oude Molen Brandy
                                   Museum and Lunch in Grabouw, but
                                 subject to confirmation. Contact Dave
                               Venter: (021) 859 2517 (work), (021) 859
                             3192 (fax) or cell 082 577 0578

                        27 June 2009 – Weekend outing to Sutherland.
                      Contact Dirk v.d. Westhuizen:
                    083 284 8557

                 26 July 2009 – Lunch at Hout bay Harbour, Fish
                Restaurant. Contact Okkie: or
               082 4402 019

              CENTRAL REGION                     by Chris Kuhn

          2009 started with a bang! The George Show in January is a great
          way to get the motoring year going and the trip down there is
         always a highlight - a must do for any members who haven't been
         there yet!

         We are experiencing an upsurge in new members in the region,
         which is great! A bring & braai was held at Gerrie Lessing's house   Gerrie has a beautiful collection of cars and model cars!
         and we had 3 new members signing up, including my wife,
         Rensche with her “new” Ponton.

page 4
by Maxim Erdmann

According to Wikipedia, Frühschoppen is explained as follows: it began in the
rural areas of Germany as a Sunday brunch, usually taking place in a German
microbrewery. During Frühschoppen, discussions about everyday life and
politics take place and in the corner of the microbrewery or Festzelt, there
would typically be a traditional band playing Volksmusik.

It has become quite a tradition in the Northern Region to attend the
Frühschoppen at Armourer's Place, an Austrian restaurant owned and run by
the Weissnar Family. This year was no different, so on the 22nd March, off we
went to attend this year's festivities. This was my first time at a
Frühschoppen, and this venue has become well known amongst the fun-
seekers, who enjoy good food with a wide selection of wines, beer and
Schnapps (over 100!) in the cordial and swinging atmosphere of Germany's

When I arrived at the Beer Hall with wife, kids and mom in tow, (sounds like a
great place to take kids hey!!), the music was already in full swing, although
the Oompah band had not yet started blowing on their bellows yet. I arrived
just after 11am, and it felt like I was late, with the beer that was already
flowing, the chatter in the air and the shrieks of laughter all around. People
were sitting in their Kaiser Stüber (beer-hall bench style seats) and swaying
from side-to-side.

Not only was the Mercedes-Benz Club there, but the restaurant was
celebrating 21 years of being in business, thus the Schnapps and beer flowed
freely - one eine Kleines after another. An eine Kleines is a Schnapps followed
by a beer, once the local "Hop! Hop! Hopassa!" toast has been given. The
restaurant delivers great Austrian Gemütlichkeit and cuisine: Eisbein and
roasts of the day with dumplings and Sauerkraut.

There was singing and dancing and schunkel (swaying) at the tables as the
Oompah band got into full swing. Fun was had by all, but I had to leave earlier
than others due to family commitments. However, the festivities went on into
the very late afternoon.

Thank you once again to Ernst de Meynier for arranging and coordinating
such a fantastic day. You can be sure that I will not miss next year's
festivities!! I am sure that many of the merry crowd utilised their designated
driver privileges for the day.

                                                                                  page 5
                                                                                            CONSOLIDATED AUCTION – 28 MARCH 2009
                                                                                            LAST AND FINAL CALL........ by Maxim Erdmann
                                                             T h i s       l o n g      b i d d i n g     o p e n e d       a t     R 6 0 0     0 0 0 ,       t h e n
                                                         anticipated       auction      “ I hear One Million? I have one
                                                    was held at Consolidated            million, one million, one million.... do I have any advances on One
                                                 Auctioneers in Johannesburg            Million? All done! One million for the First, One million for the Second,
                                             on Saturday 28 March with their            One million for the Third and final call.......SOLD!!!” However don't
                                          offering of Classic and Collectable           always believe what you hear, as on this car the reserve was not met
                                        cars. There were some very heavy                and the car was not sold. There is, however, or so I am led to believe, a
                                     batters up for auction on the day, not             pending offer on the car.
                                 only Mercedes, but a number of other                   The car that went for the highest amount of the day was the ever
                              classics:     1930    Ford     Roadster,        1904      beautiful W100 600 SWB limousine, with the hammer falling at a
                            Oldsmobile,      1976   Rolls    Royce     Camarque         whopping R1 300 000. Even at the price the reserve was not met, but is
                          (Number 1 of 375), 1902 Peugeot, 1925                         pending on offer subsequent to the auction. Below is a list of the
                        Chevrolet Soft Top, 1920 Ford Model T Roadster,                 Mercedes-Benz vehicles that went on offer, and the results once the
                      1970 Jaguar E-type, 1939 Daimler DB, 1948 Nash                    dust and the excitement had settled:
                    Ambassador- it was a lineup of some great stuff to fall
                   under the hammer that day.                                           1957     W180 219 Ponton             Sold           R   45,000.00

                 The viewing room was electric on the morning of the                    1952     W186 300 Cabriolet          No Sale @      R 1m (offer pending)
                                                                                        1967     W100 600 Limo               No Sale @      R 1,3m (offer pending)
                auction, with bidders coming to have a look-see at all the
                                                                                        1952     W186 300 Saloon             Sold           R 280,000.00
               wares on offer for the day. You could have sworn that it was
                                                                                                 W126 Limo                   No Sale @      R   77,500.00
              an official club outing with the number of club members                   1970     W114 250CE Coupe            Sold           R   38,500.00
             there to look at the cars, among others Louis Coetzer, Thys                1982     R107 280SL                  No Sale @      R   62,500.00
            Willemse, Nevil Quixley, Ray Dyker and Hercu van der Walt. It               1979     R107 450SL                  Sold           R   65,000.00

           was also great to see Gerhard Pieterson.                                     1964     W110 200D                   Sold           R   25,000.00
                                                                                        1971     W109 300SEL 3.5             No Sale @      R 135,000.00
          Gerhard's main interest was to see what the 1952 300 Cabriolet
                                                                                                                                            (offer pending)
          would go for, as he's busy building up a similar car. (I hope to
                                                                                        1967     W111 230S                   Default sale @ R   20,000.00
         have a comprehensive story from Gerhard about this car soon -                  1988     W124 300CE                  No Sale (Reserve not met @ R70K)
         Ed). Gerhard shared some very interesting information, not only                1994     W129 600SL                  No Sale (Reserve not met @ R600K)
         about the Cabriolet, but also about the 300 Adenauer and the                   1979     R107 350SL                  Sold           R   40,000.00

         Dora that were on offer for the day. Gerhard is really a wealth of             1978     R107 450SL                  No Sale
                                                                                        1977     W107 350SLC                 No Sale
         knowledge in respect to these cars and you can sit and listen to
                                                                                        1979     W107 450SLC                 Sold           R   25,000.00
         the little pearls of information that filter through in a conversation
                                                                                        1969     W108 280S Manual            Sold           R   62,500.00
         with him for hours. I have no doubt that if I were fortunate                   1952     W186 Dora (Incomplete)      Sold           R 120,000.00
         enough to purchase one of these beautiful vehicles, he is the guy              1983     W126 380SEL                 No Sale
         that I would contact to make sure that I am buying the right car.              2000     W460 300GE Gelandewagen Sold               R   40,000.00

         I was told that there were bidders interested in the cars from all             1956     W120 180 Ponton             Sold           R   20,000.00
                                                                                        1987     C126 560SEC                 Withdrawn
          over South Africa, Namibia, United Kingdom, USA, Ireland,
          Scotland and one from somewhere in Europe, whose bids would
                                                                                        If a bid is not accepted on the day, you can go to the auctioneer
           be handled telephonically. The auction started with huge
                                                                                        afterwards and negotiate on the car that has not been sold, but you
           excitement when auctioneer Chico Da Silva explained how
                                                                                        CANNOT do that on a car that has been sold. So take your chances and
            things were going to work, among some of the rules included a
                                                                                        take that gamble - maybe you can pick yourself up a gem for a bargain
             buyers commission of 9.12% over and above the purchase
                                                                                        price, like the stunning W114 250CE Coupe that sold for a bargain-
              amount on the fall of the hammer, plus a R 1,000.00 (incl
                                                                                        basement-price of R38 500. Or you can buy at over-the-top prices - you
               VAT) vehicle documentation fee. This is where you either
                                                                                        just have to watch how you bid. If you look at some of the sale prices, I
                have to do your homework or be aware of these things
                                                                                        don't think some of the sellers did that badly either, but if you put your
                  when you bid, as there are costs over-and-above what
                                                                                        reserve on your car at over-the-top prices, you won't get very far either.
                   you bid. One has to consider if the final figure you are
                                                                                        What an interesting day filled with excitement and intrigue. Auctions
                     prepared to pay for the vehicle includes or excludes
                                                                                        are well worth a visit to find that illusive bargain, or to hear: 'Are we all
                      this figure.
                                                                                        done? For the last-and-final-call.......SOLD!”

                           As all auctioneers do, they build up the hype and
                             atmosphere, so that the bidders get anxious
                                to start bidding before the first offer is put
                                                                                        Coming Events
                                     on the table. The first Mercedes-Benz out
                                       of the starting blocks was a 1957 219
                                                                                        Witbank Classic Motor Club – 31 May 2009
                                          which sold for R45 000, and next
                                              up was the 1952 300 Cabriolet,
                                                                                        This will be held at the Witbank High School sports grounds. Entrance is
                                                 which      created    a     lot   of
                                                                                        R20.00 per adult and scholars R10.00. Secure parking is available. It's
                                                    interest prior to the sale.
                                                                                        an exhibition of vintage, veteran & classic cars, motor bikes, hot rods,
                                                         With two bidders on
                                                                                        racing cars and more. There will be a radio controlled aerial display and
page 6                                                       the phone and two
                                                                                        an area provided for a car boot sale.
                                                                on     the    floor,
                                                                                   KZN REGION
PRETORIA CARS IN THE PARK - 2nd August 2009                                        Marmic Day - Saturday 7th March 2009
                                                                                   by Chris Carlisle-Kitz
This will be held at Zwartkops Raceway, and is the car show with the
largest attendance by far, of all the car shows in the country, we will have       Saturday was a lovely sunny day in Durban, although we did have some
access to the Dynamic Driving Center again, so it will be comfortable for          anxious moments on the way down from Pietermaritzburg, when the
all show-goers and cars.                                                           clouds came over and down came the rain, but fortunately only for about
                                                                                   five minutes. Arnold Hohls had organized transport in the form of a demo
                                                                                   luxury 7 seater bus with a 320CDI motor…. What a fabulous vehicle!
SOUTHERN CAPE REGION                                                               Arnold had picked up brother Erold and me, Chris Carlisle-Kitz, and we

Sondag 8 Maart het ons Suidkaapstreek op 'n heerlike windstil somersdag
bymekaar getrek by Riverside wat op die wal van die Klein Brakrivier geleë is.
Ek, Kobus, Marietjie en Johan Sloet was al vroeg daar om ons plek onder die
bome af te baken. Die groep het vinnig groter geword en ons was 21 in totaal.
Waldo moes Rene huis toe stuur om die hond, wat onwelkom was, terug te
neem George toe. Sy het later weer by ons aangesluit. Falk Weyand het ook
kom kuier en vir ons sy Duitse weergawe van "Night Rider" kom wys – 'n 1989
560 SEL AMG LHD. Die motor is te koop teen R55000. Dit was lekker om
Akker en sy familie daar te hê en soos gebruiklik het hy 'n lafenissie uitgedeel
en moes almal witblits uit sy horingkie drink. Gou het die reuk ven
brandende rooipitjie en wattel vure in die lug gehang en spoedig was daar
enigiets wat gewissel het van skaaptjops en steak tot gemarineerde
heerlikhede op die kole. Dit is werklik so dat 'n dag in die natuur saam met
goeie vriende meer geniet word as 'n ete in 'n formele eetplek en sal daar
gepoog word om meer sulke dae te reel. Ander besoekers aan die kamp het
                                                                                   then travelled in luxury to Ottawa, just inland from Umhlanga Rocks on
dit geniet om die mooi STERRE te bewonder. Menige van ons het deur die
                                                                                   the north coast. Eric Robert of Marmic Used Spares was there to meet us
middagslapie gekuier en glo ek dat almal 'n vroeë aand gehad het. Kobus se
                                                                                   and host our morning with the old cars. New member Greg Barnes in his
gaste uit die noorde het so lekker gekuier dat hulle besluit het om 'n week
                                                                                   W203 AMG C55 was already there together with possible new member
langer te bly. Met die wete dat die AJV om die draai is, sien ons al uit daarna
                                                                                   Mohamed (Mo) Badrodeen. These two men are well known businessmen
om die lede van ander streke hier te verwelkom.
                                                                                   from PMB and long time Mercedes enthusiasts. Ingrid and Dave Roux in
                                                                                   their SLK 230 were there too and we were soon deep in conversation
Benz groete
                                                                                   about the KZN Region and its future. Roland Davey followed in his W107
Die Suid-Kapenaars
                                                                                   450SL, Louwrens Coetzer and his wife together with their young son,
                                                                                   arrived in a slick Land Rover Discovery and Jaco van der Walt who has two
                                                                                   lovely Mercedes arrived in his now familiar green Honda Civic. Arthur and
                                                                                   Jeanette Neubauer with their 126 380SE were welcomed by all and Anna-
                                                                                   Lee Dos Santos also joined us in her new C180 Kompressor. We then
                                                                                   made our way through the scrap yard to the warehouse which houses
                                                                                   most of the cars. On our way in I met with another possible new member,
                                                                                   Derrick Larsen, a Durban Garage Proprietor. Well it really is a small world,
                                                                                   after some discussion between us, we found that we were at school
                                                                                   together many years ago in central Tanzania… Both of us are East African
                                                                                   Safari enthusiasts, so we were lost in discussion for quite a while!

                                                                                   About ten years ago, Eric Robert bought over one thousand 1930's 40's
                                                                                   50's and 60's cars, ranging from scrap to almost concourse, from Willy
                                                                                   van Niekerk, the owner of Central Garage in Utrecht. The cars were
                                                                                   bought as a business venture and today most have been sold, however,
                                                                                   some choice cars were here for us to view and enjoy. As we approached
                                                                                   the double storey warehouse, we found the remains of about ten old cars
                                                                                   outside, a 1930's Dodge, a 40's Pontiac, a 60's Fintail and various other
                                                                                   old Americans lying outside, the ravages of rust showing their lack of
                                                                                   loving owners. We all climbed the stairs to view the first cars, about 30 in
                                                                                   all. Obviously we headed for the Mercedes: an early Fintail 220S, a couple
                                                                                   of 190 Pontons, another Fintail 190 and loads of mostly American cars of
                                                                                   the 40's and 50's. A fair condition 1957 Chev had recently sold for R100K
                                                                                   and a 60's Ford Ranchero bakkie also changed hands for R100 000. High
                                                                                   prices! So were the asking prices of many of the other vehicles. The very

                                                                                                                                                       page 7
                                                    original, but needing
                                                 work, 1956 190 at
                                              R85000.00 was considered
                                            by everyone to be an
                                         astronomic price. Wow!!

                                      The cars are generally in good to great
                                   restorable condition. Practically all the
                                 cars need some sort of restoration in order
                              to make them presentable, remembering
                           that they were bought and stored many years
                        ago just as they had come off the road. Photos
                       will tell a better story about what is there.

                    We all climbed the stairs to view the first cars, about
                   30 in all. Obviously we headed for the Mercedes: an
                 early Fintail 220S, a couple of 190 Pontons, another
                Fintail 190 and loads of mostly American cars of the 40's
               and 50's. A fair condition 1957 Chev had recently sold for
              R100K and a 60's Ford Ranchero bakkie also changed
             hands for R100 000. High prices! So were the asking prices
            of many of the other vehicles. The very original, but needing
            work, 1956 190 at R85000.00 was considered by everyone to
           be an astronomic price. Wow!!

          The cars are generally in good to great restorable condition.
          Practically all the cars need some sort of restoration in order to
         make them presentable, remembering that they were bought
         and stored many years ago just as they had come off the road.
         Photos will tell a better story about what is there.

         On the ground floor were about 30 other gems for sale, also            “PLAYING WITH CARS” DAY:
         requiring a fair amount of work to restore. The guys spent much
         time around a 300SEL 6.3 - Jaco wanted it, but finally decided         SUNDAY, 14 MARCH 2009 by Chris Carlisle-Kitz
         that it was too much work at the R150K price tag. Arnold spent a
          lot of time with a 280SE 3.5. I idly toyed with the idea of a “Rat    Jaco van der Walt from Amanzimtoti visited me at my workshop in
           Car” 300 Adenauer, but soon joined the small crowd around a          Pietermaritzburg on Sunday 14 March for a morning of messing about with
           1935 130H, which would be a great project…… A W110 230,              cars. It actually turned out to be a morning and afternoon, which proves that
            W114 230 bakkie, then on to the other makes. A gorgeous             we had lots of fun in and around old Mercedes (and we looked at my
            1958 Cadillac convertible resplendent with powder blue              immaculate old Cortina, which took up very little time!).
             paintwork and many other American sedans and coupes were
             also for sale.                                                     I was in my workshop by 05:30am with a small project painting primer on the
                                                                                roll cage of Race Car, before Jaco arrived at 09:30am in his trusty green
              It was all too much to take in with the time available,           Honda, having decided that the weather was certainly not W113 weather. It
               however everyone was able to spend some quality time             was drizzling with rain and cold, so he left his SL in its garage.
                with the cars of their choice and when it was time to bid
                 farewell to Eric, our very knowledgeable host, we took         Jaco arrived with his W113, W114 and W108 parts manual - all in his head
                  with us memories of an interesting day with good              nogal! He has an incredible knowledge of these cars stored away in his brain,
                    friends old and new.                                        which he can access at a moment's notice. Information, part numbers and
                                                                                technical detail are always at hand. This proved most useful as we
                      We adjourned to Ocean Basket at Umhlanga Rocks            progressed from the cars in my workshop to the “Stores Departments”. I am
                       for lunch. Sadly Louwrens and Derrick had other          at present moving from the “old” store to a “new” one. When I originally
                         appointments, so were unable to join us. A             moved to the “old” store, it was in a great hurry, with the result that lots of
                            lively party ensued over a welcome meal             parts were dumped in piles on the floor or mixed up in old tea chests. A
                               together with much networking as well as         somewhat slower and much more controlled move to the “new store” is now
                                 some interesting car talk. So ended a          taking place.
                                    memorable outing.
                                                                                The stores contain the remains of at least six W111's, which I have stripped
                                                                                over the years, together with a W126 300SE, which I stripped a while ago, as
                                                                                well as some W108 parts.

                                                                                Jaco was able to find some parts for his 230SL Pagoda, which are common to

page 8
the W111's. We had an interesting hour or so rummaging around in the             Cape winters day and brought back memories of the 2003 AGM when we
dark and dingy environment of the corrugated iron shed, which houses the         were literally washed away. As we looked at each other in silence we
spares. Thank goodness the sun was not shining, as it becomes a real hot         thought “….again??”, but it cleared up. Registration took place at Waldo's
house sometimes.                                                                 BENZeum and there was time spent to view his collection and meet new
                                                                                 faces. The Round Table provided a cash bar to quench the thirst. The raffle
Armed with switches, bits of seats, original hose clamps and other valuable      car, a 1976 W116 280S donated by Waldo Scribante was strategically
treasurers, which to the uninitiated are merely bits of junk, we headed off to   parked next to the bar. Registration officials – all dressed in their blue T-
the “new” store. The ”new” store, although somewhat smaller, has an              shirts especially printed for the occasion as arranged by Corné Oosthuizen
assortment of shelves, which are now starting to be loaded with some form        - were geared for the rush and by 18h30, 108 cars and 200 delegates were
of order and organization. Rear lights all together, headlamps, starter          registered. The biggest AGM ever!
motors, alternators, door parts and lots of suspension, steering and engine      An evening to remember was held at the Alpine Inn, where we were served
parts all stored together in their own dedicated spots! At last I will be able   with German sausages, traditional sauerkraut, red cabbage and potatoes,
to find parts easily – if you can't find what you want, you have not got it!     but it was an early night for most of the guys, as they had travelled far.
                                                                                 Friday morning started early at the Outeniqua Transport Museum. Jan Ellis
Jaco found the correct brake booster for a LHD 230SL, and then we found          and Kobus Lessing guided us through the Museum, where we had 30
another - common to some W111's. Both had the correct master cylinder            seconds per car for a photo shoot. After the photos, coffee and pancakes
on them too! Although both are old and look like rusty scrap, I am sure that     were served, and by 09h30 we were ready to board the Outeniqua CHOO
Jaco will refurbish one from the two. What a great day so far. Jaco has          TJOE for our train trip to Mossel Bay. The route took us along the coast line
promised his help with “electronic-izing” my race car distributor, as well as    passed all the small villages with fantastic views of the beaches and sea.
researching and hunting down information which I need. How great is the          The laughter and chatting in the coaches indicated the enjoyment we all
barter system! It is much more personal and among friends it just goes on        had – we even had a bar for the thirsty.
and on! Then we were off to Northdale to view some interesting cars.

We met with Desh, a young man who plays with old Mercedes. I have
known him since he was a young boy, who inherited a number of old cars
from his father. Most of the cars were “strippers” and have long since gone,
but he has two cars which have caught Jaco's fancy.

Five or six years ago Desh bought a package of 2 stripped and partly
restored cars. One is a LHD W108 280SE 3.5, the other a RHD W109
300SEL 3.5. The bodies are in excellent shape with no rust and all the parts
are piled up together in a store. A major exercise to transport, sort out and    Traditional fish and chips was served at the Santos Express Train
store. Jaco will attempt to find a suitable place at his end to store them,      Restaurant on the waterfront of Santos Beach.
then make a decision on whether to proceed or not, followed by a bit of price
haggling before he starts work on the project. I can see that he is keen, but    The return journey was much more quiet……good food, good wine, good
he is obviously contemplating the big job ahead. Jaco, it will certainly keep    friendship and the rocking of the train put many to sleep. After being
you out of mischief for a week or two!                                           refreshed, we all enjoyed a four lamb spitbraai hosted by Stanmar Motors,
                                                                                 the local Mercedes-Benz dealer. Our thanks to Bles de Wet, Stan Karandis
As we wended our way back to my workshop, we pondered on the day                 and their staff. The setting in the show room was professionally done,
feeling satisfied that, not only had we killed more than two birds with one      even with model cars as decoration.
stone, but also we had a most enjoyable day.
                                                                                 Steve Rademeyer and Donnerwetter contributed to the excitement with
                                                                                 breath taking acceleration performances up and down York Street - ZE
                                                                                 FAST AND ZE FURIOUS!
2009 Annual General Meeting and National
                                                                                 Waldo Scribante officially opened the 24th National Gathering, after which
Gathering – By Kobus Harris                                                      supper was served and enjoyed while we were entertained with good
And so the 24th AGM is something of the past. After the 2003 AGM held at         Early Saturday morning the cars were lined up at the Protea Hotel King
Hartenbosch, the Southern Cape Region had ample time to observe the              George for the Fun Run Rally. The first car was set off at 08h30, Graham
increasing standard, quality and fun of the last AGM's held in other regions.    van Heerden, followed by all the other participants at 30 second intervals.
The organizing committee started their planning last year already and by         This mysterious rally made everybody very excited and more than one
December's year-end function the program was well on its way.                    spouse had to calm the driver of the three pointed star with: “Remember
The new year gave us 120 days to put the plan together and every                 the average speed is only 80 km per hour"
Wednesday at 17h30 we had a meeting at Waldo's house. The final event
was packing the 100 “goodie bags” on election day, 22nd of April. A remark       Kobus Harris and Johan Sloet did an excellent job. The spectacular views
was passed “Do you realize that this is our last meeting and next week they      and winter fauna and flora blooming were splendid whilst driving over the
are here”, and so it was.                                                        Robertson Pass. Arriving at Safari Ostrich Show Farm, all route schedules
Wednesday 29 April the last preparations were done at the Outeniqua              had to be handed in and it was evident that everyone had enjoyed the
Transport Museum for the photo session prior to our train trip to Mossel Bay     event so far. Our members were treated to various activities and a few had
and back to George on Friday. Thursday 30 April was a cloudy, misty cold         the experience to ride an ostrich after a demonstration on how to steer and

                                                                                                                                                       page 9
                                                        stop an ostrich by    van Zyl of Nashua; Waldo Scribante; Louis Harris of The Point Hotel;
                                                   its neck.                  Corné Oosthuizen of Coca Cola SA; Rietha Oosthuizenfof BP South
                                                                              Africa; Gerrit Lambrechts of Leatherman and Ladies gift; Marius van
                                              After a drive over the          Huysteen of Tekkie Town; Nico van Rensburg of Tiger Wheel and Tyre;
                                           Outeniqua Pass, the AGM            George Botha of Klein Karoo Motors; Kobus Harris for the Snoek braai;
                                        started at 15h00 at the Protea        Fuchs Mossel Bay; Grundheim Wines and Kango Wines. A special word
                                      Hotel King George. The ladies were      of thanks to Marlize Heroldt and Adele Stander for the administration
                                   treated to a “High Tea", believed to be    they managed. And especially to all the members of the Southern
                               fit for a queen. The AGM was led by our        Cape!!
                             president Graham van Heerden and, like
                           always, handled in a most effective manner.
                         The present committee was re-elected for the
                       next term after which the meeting was                                    FROM THE MAILBOX
                      adjourned.Our Gala evening was held at “The
                    Venue” at Tramonto, an excellent example of Cape
                  Dutch Architecture on the outskirts of George, which          About 60 years ago I lived in Gwelo, then Rhodesia, and my passion
                                                                                was collecting dinky toys. My dad was a builder and he used to get
                 rounded off three wonderful days of camaraderie.
                                                                                me long boxes which his carpenters bought their big 'automatic'
                Andre Fourie provided a display of his exotic Mercedes-
                                                                                screwdrivers in, called a “yankee”. I must have had about 6 of
               Benz cars, as well as his beautiful Maybach - a car that was
                                                                                these long boxes filled with dinky toys. Well the dinky toys grew to
              seen by many for the first time.                                  a 1:18 scale model collection for 25 years. Needless to say the
                                                                                result did not end with the scale model collection, but rather 11
            A short welcoming speech was delivered by Waldo Scribante,          classic Mercedes-Benz' in a museum, and two awaiting restoration.
           followed by Graham van Heerden's president's speech. Plenty          A drive to prefect them in every detail and beauty, just seems to
          of prizes and lucky draws where handed out: Cathy van der             grow stronger and stronger.
          Westhuizen won the Fun run and was awarded a weekend for
                                                                                Developing a flair for restoration, I collected many books in
                                                                                assisting me to improve my skills, standards and knowledge. I
                                                                                came across a photo of a Pagoda taken from the rear, where the
                                                                                owner had mounted a chrome horse on the right side of the boot lid.
                                                                                With great interest I read that the chrome horse was “The Emblem
                                                                                of the city of Stuttgart.” This detail idea tickled me and was not
                                                                                going to rest until I owned one. I was very privileged to join a
                                                                                group visiting Germany about 3 years ago and vowed that I would
                                                                                bring back a number of these horses. For me, most Mercedes-Benz
                                                                                should be associated with their birthplace, Stuttgart - the home of
                                                                                about eleven Mercedes-Benz factories. Whilst I hunted every
                                                                                Mercedes-Benz Centre, dealer, spares shop or museum, I could
      two at The Point Hotel in Mossel Bay as well as a gift voucher of R       only find flags and stickers with the Stuttgart horse on.
      500.00 from Tekkie Town.
                                                                                On my return, I had breakfast with a German friend who frequently
                                                                                visits Germany and he promised to bring me a chrome horse. He
          The raffled car was won by one of our new members Hennie van
                                                                                kept his promise with the horse, only it belonged to a Ferrari. I took
          Zyl.                                                                  it to my museum, and lay it on one of the stickers I bought. It was
           The famous Danie Niehaus entertained us to a repertoire of           exactly on scale to the sticker except for 3 differences. The
            excellent music. Perfect surroundings and divine cuisine made       Stuttgart horse's tail was more upright, its mouth was closed and
             this a prestigious evening to be remembered. Wines from            unlike the crossed front legs of Ferrari, they were apart. I took the
              Springfield were once again sponsored by Pieter Meiring / SA      sticker and horse to a badge and signage expert who adapted the
               Eagle.                                                           Ferrari horse to a perfect Stuttgart horse in every detail. I was like
                                                                                a dog with seven tails when viewing it and placed an order for 10
                Sunday morning 30 star gazers left Stanmar Motors for           reproductions.
                 Knysna to have breakfast. It was a cloudless day and a
                                                                                Both my Pagodas and the W115 220 now boast their birthplace with
                  beauty to the eye to see the long row of Mercedes-
                                                                                great pride, displaying the “emblem of the city of Stuttgart” on the
                   Benz's which drew a lot of attention by the passers-
                                                                                right hand side of the boot lid. Whilst the Peugeot boast their Lion,
                     by.                                                        the Porsche and Ferrari their horses, and our Mercedes the 3
                       On board the Paddle Cruiser of the Featherbed Co,        pointed star, the Stuttgart horse has a special meaning for me.
                         we were served breakfast while cruising across         From the 1880's to our present time, a mere 130 years of
                           the Knysna lagoon to The Knysna Heads. This          technology and production, the Mercedes-Benz brand has
                             event was the cherry on the cake.                  developed in every field, whether it be racing Formula 1, trucking
                                                                                or car manufacturing.
                                   We would like to thank all our sponsors
                                     for their support:                         I became so aware of the proud history of our brand during my visit
                                                                                to Stuttgart that I developed no hesitation to display the origin of
                                        Mercedes-Benz SA; Bles De Wet
                                                                                my passion. For me it was “horses for courses!”
                                           of Stanmar Motors; Southern
                                               Cape Old Car Club; Hennie
                                                                                Regards, Okkie Potgieter

page 10

      Winner of the Nashua Raffle – Hennie van Zyl    Graham van Heerden receives a
                                                      gift as outgoing Benz Lens editor

                Ladies Choice Winners –              Best SL Winner – Jannie Gildenhuys
      Dirk van der Westhuizen and Fred Swanepoel

            Best Coupe Winner – Pat Jansens           Best Fintail Winner – David Main

            Special Prize – Steve Rademeyer

                                                                                          page 11
                                                                     National Gathering – People

                                         1st Cathy van der
                                       Westhuizen; 2nd Johan
                                     Hendricks; 3rd Pieter Moolman

                                OLDEST CAR FROM EACH REGION:

                            Gauteng –
                          Fred Swanepoel 1958 220S Ponton;

                      Free State –
                     Willie Ludick 1970 280S W108;

                  Western Cape –
                 Johan Hendricks 1958 180 Ponton;

               Eastern Cape –
              Pieter Moolman 1966 230S Fintail;

             Southern Cape –
            George Botha 1956 180 Ponton;

          KZN –
          Dave Roux 1997 SLK230 Kompressor

      BEST CARS:

      Best SL –
      Jannie Gildenhuys (Pagoda);

      Best Coupe –
      Pat Jansens (W123);

      Best Cabriolet –
      Graham van Heerden (W124);

          Best Sedans –
          Fred Swanepoel (Ponton);
           David Main (Fintail);
           Dirk van der Westhuizen (W108)

            SPECIAL PRIZE:
             Steve Rademeyer (Donnerwetter)

page 12
National Gathering – Cars

                            page 13
                                                                                                      MEET OUR MEMBERS

                                                          Graham van Heerden
                                                What's your nickname?
                                            How old are you?
                                           Where do you live?
                                         Durbanville, Cape Town
                                       What is your occupation?
                                     Businessman/ Advocate
                                   Are you married? Family?
                                 Married – 1 Son, 1 Daughter
                               What was the family car when you were growing up?
                           What car did you learn to drive in?
                          Mini 850
                        What was the first car you owned?
                      Ford Cortina 1600 Super 1968
                     What do you drive daily?
                    Colt Bakkie / S124 230TE
                  What was your first Mercedes-Benz?
                W126 280SE
               What is your ultimate dream machine?
              Stirling Moss 722SLR
             Congratulations, you've just won the Lotto. What car are you going to buy?

          Steve Rademeyer
         What's your nickname?
        How old are you?
        62 going on 17
       Where do you live?
      What is your occupation?
      Are you married? Family?
      Married with two sons
      What was the family car when you were growing up?
      Fords and Pontiac Silver Streak
      What car did you learn to drive in?
      Ford Fairlane
      What was the first car you owned?
      Renault 4CV
       What do you drive daily?
       Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 W201
       What was your first Mercedes-Benz?
       Mercedes-Benz 280SL W113
        What is your ultimate dream machine?
        Mercedes-Benz Black Series
         Congratulations, you've just won the Lotto. What car are you going to buy?
         Mercedes-Benz Black Series

          Dirk van der Westhuizen
           What's your nickname?
            How old are you?
              Where do you live?
               Durbanville - Cape Town
                What is your occupation?
                 Self Employed - Forklift Business
                  Are you married? Family?
                   Married to Cathy - 2 Sons 27, 22
                      What was the family car when you were growing up?
                       Few, mostly Valiants
                         What car did you learn to drive in?
                           Valiant 200 1968
                             What was the first car you owned?
                               Mazda 616 Coupe
                                 What do you drive daily?
                                    Isuzu Bakkie
                                      What was your first Mercedes-Benz?
                                        W203 200K
                                           What is your ultimate dream machine?
                                             W112 300SE Cabriolet
                                                Congratulations, you've just won the Lotto. What car are you going to buy?
                                                  600 Pullman Limousine
page 14
Maxim Erdmann
What's your nickname?
Well that's a tough one, my name is Maximillian, shortened to Maxim and then for some reason others prefer to
shorten it to Max, but you can call me M.
How old are you?
264, I've found the fountain of youth.
Where do you live?
In the Berg …………Johannesburg
What is your occupation?
We design, manufacture and install custom made furniture, specializing in bars.
Are you married? Family?
To Janine. Besides naming the entire clan (remember I'm 264), I have two sons Jarad (4) and Ethan (almost 2)
What was the family car when you were growing up?
Too many to mention, but Mercedes-Benz: 70's something W114 240D Auto (Yellow, yuk!); 1981 W123 230E Man;
W124 260E Man; 1989 W124 300CE…… and then I was kicked out the house.
What car did you learn to drive in?
Mazda B1600 Bakkie column-shift - I stole it from my dad and taught myself to drive.
What was the first car you owned?
1967 Ford Anglia Delux 1200
What do you drive daily?
Toyota Prado 3.0D
What was your first Mercedes-Benz?
190D Ponton
What is your ultimate dream machine?
For Driving: McLaren SLR 722; For Posing: McLaren SLR Cabriolet; For Playing: CLK DTM Black Series; For Owning: SSK Congratulations, you've just won the
Lotto. What car are you going to buy? If it's the South African lotto, I'd have to shop in the 'Bargain Buys' in the Auto Trader. Seriously though, as a daily driver
I would buy myself a CLS55 and for fun a W112 Cabrio.

                                                                                                                                               It's     hard        to
                                                                                                                                                 believe that the
                                                                                                                                                 W126       series
                                                                                                                                                 celebrates         its
                                                                                                                                                 30th     birthday
                                                                                                                                                 this year. After
                                                                                                                                                 six    ye a r s    of
                                                                                                                                                 the Bruno Sacco
                                                                                                                                                 designed W126
                                                                                                                                                 series        was
                                                                                                                                                 unveiled at the
                                                                                                                                                 F r a n k f u r t
                                                                                                                                                 Motor Show in
                                                                                                                                                 1979. However,
                                                                                                                                                 the    W126        'S'
                                                                                                                                                 Class         only
                                                                                                                                                 reached       South
                                                                                                                                                 African     shores
                                                                                                                                                 three years later
                                                                                                                                                 in    1982.       This
                                                                                                                                                 was the second
                                                                                                                                                 to carry the 'S'
                                                                                                                                                 Class name, the
                                                                                                                                                 W116 being the

                                                                                                                                                               page 15
                                                         f i r s t
                                                  recognized 'S'
                                               Class. The W126
                                             went on to become
                                       the best selling 'S' Class
                                     ever over a twelve year

                           Throughout its life, the W126 was
                         available as either a six cylinder, or
                     as an eight cylinder. The initial lineup
                    consisted of the carburetor 280S, the
                   fuel injected 280SE, the long-wheel-
                base 280SEL, the diesel 300SD (US and
              Canada only), the V8 380SE, 380SEL,
             380SEC and the flagship 500SE, 500SEL
            and 500SEC. Transmissions were offered in
           both manual and automatic, although the
           eight cylinder models were only available in
          automatic. In South Africa, the 'S' Class was
          restricted to the 280SE, 380SE and flagship
      380SEC, all models only being available with an
      automatic transmission. In May 1982, the 280SE
      was listed at R30 494 and the 380SE at R36 422. The 380SEC was listed in March 1983 at R64 330.

      Visually, the W126 was a
      huge leap forward from
      the design of the W116.
      It     was    a    lot    more
      aerodynamic                  and
          featured a distinctively
          sloping front end with
          integrated deformable
            bumpers       -    a    big
             change      from       the
              traditional chrome
               bumpers              on
                previous           and
                   current models
                    of the time.
                        The bonnet
                         e d g e
                              closest to
                                the windscreen was aerodynamically shaped to hide the windscreen wipers. Certain safety features that
                                    are taken for granted today were pioneered on the W126: driver's side airbags, Acceleration Slip
                                       Regulation (ASR) and seatbelt pre-tensioners. The W126 underwent a facelift in September 1985
                                             with the introduction of new engines and certain     visual design changes. The biggest visual
                                               change was the introduction of new deeper bumpers and side panels, where the side panels
                                                   were now smooth as opposed to the old ribbed panels. Allow wheels were also redesigned
                                                      to replace the traditional old “Baroque” style alloys, which had been around since the

page 16
early seventies. In South Africa, the new lineup consisted of the six cylinder 300SE, the V8 420SE and the 560SEC, although the 420SE
was later superseded by the 500SE. Elsewhere, the W126 range consisted of the 260SE, 300SE, 300SEL, 350SD and 350SDL diesels,
420SE, 420SEL, 420SEC, 500SE, 500SEL, 500SEC, 560SE, and 560SEL. The rarest W126 is the 560SE (1251 units) built from 1988-
1990, closely followed by the 350SD (2066 units) and the 350SDL (2925 units), both diesels being produced from 1990-1991.
                       1966 W110 230S flagship
Interestingly, the 420SE, which was themanual of the sedan range in South Africa for a time, is also a rare W126 with only 13 996 units
being built. By comparison, 74 017 420SEL's were built, 133 955 280SE's and 105 422 300SE's.

The 380SE was awarded the Wheels Magazine “Car of the Year” accolade in 1981, and the W126 range was awarded the “Safest
Passenger Car of the Year” by the US NHTSA in 1988 and 1989. For four years in a row, with the W126 range leading its sales, Mercedes-
Benz received the highest customer ratings in the J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index from 1987 – 1990.
The W126 was probably the last bulletproof model to come from Mercedes-Benz. Its relative lack of technology means that problems
are easy to diagnose and repair, and because of the quality of materials and engineering, a well maintained W126 will go on and on for
thousands of reliable kilometers.

Thanks to Andrew Hempel, Pieter Venter, Isaac Louw and LeFre Potgieter for pictures of their 560SELs, as well as Johan Sloet and
Waldo Scribante for the pictures of the 560SEC

                      1968 W110 200Manual

                                                                                                                                  page 17
                                                   Comings and Goings
                                        Izak Louw has sold his W123 280TE to Michael Funke, and bought himself a W126 560SEL.
                                      These cars seem to be popular at the moment, as Le Fre Potgieter has also just bought one.
                                  Another 560SEL has been acquired by Steve Rademeyer on behalf of his techno wizard, Eddie. Andre
                               Fourie has acquired Raymond Leisher's W100 600 and W186 300 Cabriolet. Adriaan Ludick has bought
                             himself a rare W115 240D 3.0 from Anthony van Zyl, which was advertised on the website forum. Fred
                          Swanepoel has bought a W136 170D and is progressing very nicely with its restoration. Frik Roux is now
                        barking with the big dogs, having bought himself a 300SEL 6.3 with the engine in pieces. He's making
                      excellent progress in getting this car back to its former glory. Louis Coetzer has added another car to his vast
                    collection – he bought himself a very tidy W114 250CE at the Germiston Auction. Yogin Naidoo has been spending
                   again and has recently added a 560SEC, as well as a very rare C107 500SLC to his garage. Rensche Kuhn has
                 joined the Ponton circle with a very neat and original 1958 190.

               Why you should join the our website forum
           The forum is becoming more active every month, but remains largely underutilized by our members. Not only is it a place
           for social interaction, but it's a valuable tool to find parts or technical assistance almost instantly. Furthermore, there are
          cars that come up for sale on the forum that are not mentioned in the Benz Lens, or by the time they make it to the Benz
          Lens, they have already been sold a long time ago. There are also continuous threads about ongoing restorations – you can
      catch the whole story about Steve Rademeyer's Donnerwetter, Fred Swanepoel's restoration of his 170D, Chris Carlisle-Kitz
      racing Fintail project and Frik Roux's restoration of his 300SEL 6.3, just to mention a few. A new section specifically for
      suppliers has now been added, so if you're looking for someone who makes brake pipes, or someone to repair your
      temperature gauge, visit the Supplier Listing. If you're not on the forum yet, register today. If there are any hassles with
      registration, please contact Waldo Scribante.

      In the Pits
          There was a good turnout of Mercedes-Benz
           racers at the Golden Age of Racing, held at
           Zwartkops at the beginning of February. Selwyn
            and Michael Roberts were out in their two
             W123 280E's, which must be of the best
              sounding cars on the track. The exhaust note
               is distinctive and pure music. A welcome
                entry was Colin Kean in his newly finished
                 W123 280CE, which is being run with its
                   standard    auto    transmission.   Colin
                     entered in the 'Marque Cars' event,
                       which is held on a handicap basis.
                         The slowest car sets off first,
                           followed by the next slowest car
                              at a determined time interval,
                                 with the fastest car leaving last. The theory is that all the cars should arrive at the finish line at the
                                    same time, which gives anyone in any car the possibility of winning the event. Colin had
                                        tremendous fun, and has subsequently been developing his car further since its debut race.
                                           The Finny was a disappointing two seconds off pace, but performed well enough. I managed
                                              some exciting dices with Alfas and Lotus Cortinas, and managed to push the Cortinas far

page 18
                                                                        CLASSIFIED ADS
enough to blow their motors. There were a number of club
                                                                        For Sale
members' who were out for the day to join in the fun: Clive
                                                                        1981 280 SL
Winterstein and Tanya, Gary Bowes, Izak Louw, Thys Willemse,
                                                                        Car presently owned for 6 years is in a very good condition. FSH,
David Main, Hercu van der Walt, Michael Funke and Wayne Gibson.
                                                                        new shocks and springs, new radiator, new exhaust, new tyres,
We are waiting eagerly for Maxim Erdmann to get his Ponton racer        original paint, new radio/ CD front loader (Original Becker still
onto the track, as well as Chris Carlisle-Kitz' Fintail racer.          available), interior good - no dashboard cracks and soft top still
A website has been launched all about the Finny, so please pay a        in good condition. R129 000. Phone 082 560 0202
visit and sign the guestbook:
                                                                        1982 MB 500SL
                                                                        White, leather seats, Air Con, e/w, central locking, Radio/cd, soft
Brockbank                                                               top like new, mag wheels, 225.000 Km.
                                                                        Very good condition. R 120 000 onco. Contact Joe Janssens 083
                                                                        235 1101. The car is in Pretoria. Pictures can be e-mailed.
Russell Brockbank (1913-1979) was one of the world's foremost
motoring cartoonists, with his work appearing in magazines like
                                                                        1952/1953 180 Diesel
Motor and Punch. His association with Punch lasted for over 30
                                                                        The car is not in good condition but all the spares are there - has
years, where he was art editor from 1949–1960. 'Major Upsett', his      no papers. All offers considered. Contact Hannetjie Kemp 076
luckless but much loved character, appeared regularly in the pages      978 0146.
of Motor, and below is the first in a series of Brockbank's Mercedes-
Benz themed cartoons.                                                   1980 W123 280E Automatic
                                                                        285000km, light metallic green with light brown upholstery (not
                                                                        leather). A/C and speed control not working. R14000 as-is
                                                                        o.n.c.o. Call 0877543632 (Gauteng, Pretoria)

                                                                        1965 W111 230S Fintail
                                                                        I have a 1965 Mercedes 230s non-runner for sale. The car has no
                                                                        lights, but a new engine which I cannot start. No carbs. Can only
                                                                        be used for spares. The price is R2000neg. Contact Johann
                                                                        Bongartz via e-mail:

                                                                        1958 300d 'Dora'
                                                                        Right-hand-drive runner for restoration with fuel injection.
                                                                        Black/silver with red interior. All parts present and car runs.
                                                                        Phone: 0829206291

                                                                        1979 R107 450 SL

This editions prize pic                                                 128 000km's - perfect. New cream carpets and new dark blue
                                                                        soft top. Light Blue Silver metallic with Cream Leather interior.
                                                                        Aircon, original Becker Radio tape. R145 000 onco Phone:

                                                                        1980 C107 450 SLC
                                                                        67 000km. Off white with pale green velour, FMBSH, Original
                                                                        Radio, Immaculate Car. In Cape Town - Beautiful and perfect car.
                                                                        R140 000 onco - Probably the best SLC in SA Phone:

                                                                        1964 W111 220S Fintail
                                                                        Dove grey with red leather upholstery. Interior in nice condition
                                                                        with original Phillips radio, which still works. Has a full set of
                                                                        original books. Needs a re-spray, and engine smokes a bit, but
                                                                        the car runs well and is reliable. Currently licensed. Nice
Johan Coetzee trades his turbo for something with a bit more 'woema'
                                                                        restoration project and selling due to lack of use and lack of
(Thanks to Hans-Georg Bosch)
                                                                        space. R25 000. Contact Grant Viljoen 083 442 5833

                                                                                                                                             page 19
                                                                                                       mercedes-benz club of
                                                                                                           south africa
                                                                                            The only officially recognised Mercedes-Benz Club in Africa
                                                                                                   Member of the SA Marque Club Association

                                                            graham van heerden                                                  theo claassen
                                                        President                                                               Treasurer

                                               T: (h) (021) 976 2934                                                            T: (h) (021) 852 5928
                                            T: (w) (021) 975 9019                                                               T: (w) (021) 854 7301
                                          F: (021) 975 9999 • Cell: 082 920 0501                                                F: (021) 853 8911 • Cell: 082 654 7300
                                       E-mail:                                                 E-mail:
                                     P.O. Box 2443, Durbanville, 7551                                                           P.O. Box 119, Strand

                                  Grant Viljoen                                  steve rademeyer                                Ander Kolver
                               Editor                                            Vice President                                 Chairman: Central Region

                          T: (012) 664 4825                                      T: (h) (011) 742 2222                          Cell: 082 773 0440
                         F: (012) 644 2302                                       T: (w) (011) 740 7474                          E-mail:
                        Cell: 083 442 5833                                       F: (011) 740 9057
                       Email:                      Cell: 082 887 5201
                    Maxim Erdmann                                                Okkie Potgieter                                Dirk van der
                   Chairman: Northern Region                                     Chairman: Western Cape                         Westhuizen
                                                                                 T: +27 21 852 7035                             Secretary
                T: (w) (011) 781 5205                                            F: +27 21 852 5293 / 852 7040                  T: (h) (021) 982 1142
               F: 086 666 5205 • Cell: 083 649 6969                              Cell: 082 440 2019                             T: (w) (021) 982 1141
              E-mail:                             E-mail:                Cell: 083 2848 557
             PO Box 3551, Pinegowrie, 2123                                       15 Verster Avenue, Land-en-                    E-mail:
                                                                                 Zeezicht,Somerset West 7130                     P.O. Box 3221, Durbanville, 7551

           pieter moolman                                                        George Padley                                  Chris Carlisle-Kitz
           Chairman: Eastern Cape                                                webmaster                        Chairman: KZN
                                                                                 T: 0861 112 118 (work)
       T: (h) (043) 721 3045                                                     F: 086 684 8768                  T: (033) 347 3000
       Cell: 083 780 4727                                                        Cell: 083 539 5916               Cell: 082 966 3463
      E-mail:                                           E-mail:                          E-mail:
      10 Buchholtz Straat, Vincent,                                     P.O. Box 2353, Pietermaritzburg, 3200
      Oos Londen, 5247

      Club approved        1) Pieter Meiring       2) Glenrand MIB (Mandy Barrett)    3) Indwe Brokers (Thelma Krugel)
      Insurance brokers:   Cell: 082 557 0100      Tel: (011) 293 2511                Tel: (021) 914 0752                       waldo scribante
      Life Members:        Sir Stirling Moss       Steve Rademeyer                    Philip Kannemeyer                         Chairman: Southern Cape
                           Ettienne Geel           Ria Geel
                                                                                                                                T: (h) (044) 870 7809
                                                                                                                                T: (w) (044) 803 5011
                                                                                                                                F: 086 684 0235
                                                                                                                                Membership Secretary
      CLASSIFIED ADS                                                                                                            T: (044) 803 5012
                                                                                                                                Southern Cape
                                                                                                                                Cell: 083 627 6757
          Wanted                                                                                                                E-mail:
          W124 Cabriolet                                                                                                        P.O. Box 999, George, 6530
                                                                                                                                Note: membership secretary is only available on
          I'm looking for a 124 E320 Cabriolet to buy - contact                                                                 wednesdays between 9:00am - 12:00pm
           0829040936 Morne Du Toit

            W124 Coupe
             I am looking for a Mercedes-Benz W124 230CE in                            450 SLC Spares
              pristine original condition, preferably with sunroof                     Ek het 'n 1977 450 SLC wat ek nou onlangs na n paneel klopper toe
               and leather seats. I am based in Johannesburg                           geneem het vir n repsray en vir n herbkleding aan die binnekant . Na
                northern suburbs. Please contact me on 083 447                         'n paar maande het ek my motor terug gekry met baie skade, onder
                  7111 Craig Canter                                                    andere baie binne items wat weg is, asook al die deur en venster
                                                                                       rubbers. Weet iemand in die klub waar 'n skenker kar staan, of waar
                                                                                       ek parte kan kry? Die meeste sal binne wees. My kontak nommer is
                                                                                       0823355479 of epos jaap.vdw@absa (Parys)

                                PLEASE NOTE: The placement of ads is a service rendered to our members. Neither the editor nor the committee accepts any liability pertaining to condition or
                                ownership of goods advertised. It remains the responsibility of the reader to investigate these issues before closing any transaction.

                                    DISCLAIMER: The Mercedes-Benz Club of South Africa, although an authorized user of the Mercedes-Benz Trademarks, is an independent organisation and
                                      the views expressed in the Newsletter are not necessarily those Mercedes Benz SA, Daimler AG or the Mercedes-Benz Museum GmbH.* Opinions
                                        expressed are those of the individual contributors and should not be interpreted as official club policy. While great care has been exercised in the
                                          compilation of the material published, members are advised to personally verify information, statements and claims before committing themselves to
                                             acts on transactions.

                                                   * Mercedes-Benz Museum GmbH is a Daimler Company.

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