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Underwear - but by no means underwhelmed_


									Calvin Klein has long been quite the name when it comes to underwear for both men
and women.

Since time immemorial, the brand has been the leader in the market, with the
innovative designs and exceptional quality that it offers its customers.

With all of these and more, it is no wonder why it has become quite an icon in the
industry. What's more, the brand's advertising campaign features the top models in the
industry, as well as celebrities and talents that have just been discovered.

Any model who is asked to endorse the underwear is certainly at the top of the game
because Calvin Klein goes for models who make its products look all the more sexier
and fashionable to the eye.

It was in 1982 when the foundation of the company was first built, with the finest
designs for underwear for both men and women. It did not take long for the company
to realize its role of changing how the world views underwear. Before Calvin Klein,
men's underwear was just viewed as one of the many utilitarian products that are in
use. But with the exposure given by Calvin Klein, men's underwear transformed into
objects of desire. The advertising campaigns conveyed the message of men's
underwear being sensual and updated in terms of design already. These were the
qualities that first set the brand apart from others in the market.

In 1983, the brand expanded quickly by including women's underwear in their product
line. It did not take long for the female counterpart of the brand to capture the
steadfast attention of women all over the world as well. But what really set Calvin
Klein apart from other brands was the fact that it promised to deliver product lines
that featured the basics and the trendy. And they made good in this promise! The
brand did deliver underwear in basic colors and trendy colors!

With Calvin Klein underwear, you are sure to receive optimum quality with the
products that they have. Whatever fit or fabric the products may come with, you are
guaranteed to get products that have been designed for perfection. Sheer synthetics
and premier cotton are used to manufacture men's underwear. As for women's
underwear, sexy elements in the form of lace and satin are incorporated, to give that
sensual ambiance many women look for in their undergarments.

Truly, Calvin Klein has remained in the lead in the market over the years. And it can
only get better with the coming of innovative designs conceptualized by world-class
fashion designers and icons in the industry!

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