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									                    Greater   Knysna          Area

                 Cape Garden Route | South-Africa
                       Facility Fact Sheet
                2010 World Cup Football Tournament
                              ‫ ׀‬June 2008 ‫׀‬

                     Produced by Knysna Tourism
+27 44 382 5510 ‫ ׀‬knysna.tourism@pixie.co.za ‫ ׀‬www.tourismknysna.co.za
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Message from Executive Mayor; Cllr. Eleanor Bouw Spies       3
Message from CEO Knysna Tourism; Mr. Craig Nancarrow         3

Knysna Municipality                                          4
Message from Municipal Manager; Mr. Johnny Douglas           4
Municipal Guide                                              4
Knysna Municipality Contact Numbers                          4

Knysna – Place of People, Beauty & Mystery                   7
Lifestyle                                                    7
Accommodation                                                7
Adventure & Attractions                                      8
Climate                                                      8
Golfing                                                      8
Wellness                                                     8
Events                                                       8
Art & Culture                                                9
Nature                                                       9
Birding                                                      9
Restaurants                                                  9
Shopping                                                     9
Daytrips                                                     10

The Greater Knysna Area comprises of:                        10
Sedgefield                                                   10
Buffalo Bay                                                  10
Brenton on Sea                                               11
Rheenendal                                                   11

Tourism Infrastructure & Facilities                          12

Knysna Tourism Contact Details                               20
                                     Greater   Knysna             Area

                                        Facility Fact Sheet
                                2010 World Cup Football Tournament
                                               ‫ ׀‬June 2008 ‫׀‬

Message from Executive Mayor; Cllr. Eleanor Bouw Spies

                         On behalf of the Knysna Municipality, we welcome all the visitors attending the
                         2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa to Knysna, one of the gems of the Garden Route.

                         We are proud to present our town as a world class destination to our visitors. The
                         municipality is constantly upgrading tourist facilities and working towards our 2020
                         vision, "creating a town that works for all". Key parts of this vision is making sure
                         our town is ready and that our facilities and other visitor services are in place and
                         match our reputation as a top tourist attraction.

                         We are pleased to be South African and to be part of the hosting of this wonderful
                         event and will work towards ensuring that the benefits will reach our whole

Knysna is a wonderful combination of breathtaking scenery and interesting cultural experiences. It is also a
sensitive eco-system with a precarious balance - please treat our environment with sensitivity and help us
preserve our wonderful natural heritage for the next generation.

Enjoy your stay and we hope to see you and your family return for an extended visit to our beautiful area.

Message from CEO Knysna Tourism; Mr. Shaun van Eck

                             Knysna is perfectly placed as a fan's paradise between the 2010 Host Cities of
                             Cape Town and Nelson Mandela Bay.

                             Knysna has been voted “South Africa’s favourite Town”, and offers a
                             captivating international experience in the heart of our spectacular Garden
                             Route. You will love its natural beauty and wide range of tourist experiences.
                             Knysna caters for the energetic, the hungry, the curious, the nature lover, the
                             music lover, the shopaholic, the golfing enthusiast, the fine wine connoisseur
                             and, of course, the oyster lover.

                             Knysna is the perfect town to chill, or get an adrenalin rush between games.
                             Our Tourist Information Centre will make choosing and booking your
                             experiences easy, so just arrive and the rest will come naturally...

                             Go from the beautiful game to the beautiful town - we're waiting for you!
Quick Tourism Facts:
Tourism is the major recognized economic activity for the greater Knysna area.
In 2006 Knysna generated 550 000 tourists with a 50/50 split between International and Domestic visitors.
80% visited for Leisure reasons. The economic impact of Tourism for our Town was in the region of
R621 Million.

                                           Knysna Tourism
                                  Cape Garden Route ‫ ׀‬South Africa
               +27 44 382 5510 ‫ ׀‬knysna.tourism@pixie.co.za ‫ ׀‬www.tourismknysna.co.za
                                      Greater    Knysna               Area

                                         Facility Fact Sheet
                                2010 World Cup Football Tournament
                                                 ‫ ׀‬June 2008 ‫׀‬

Municipal Manager
Mr. Johnny Douglas
                            The Knysna municipality is an award winning local government institution that prides
                            itself in being proactive whilst community driven. Knysna is one of the first Towns in
                            South Africa to be WIFI enabled, hereby recognizing the importance of our valuable
                            visitors and citizens alike by providing access to technology and information.

                            Knysna is keen to attract trade and investment and the Towns Integrated Development
                            Plans and consultative 2020 vision makes this well administered Town a must for
                            potential investors and visitors alike, offering a safe and secure environment to live, work
                            or invest.

                            Our Local Economic development strategy is to ensure Knysna is positioned as the best
                            destination to visit on the Garden Route for now, 2010 and beyond.

                            You are welcome to contact the various divisions of the municipality to fast track any

Knysna Municipality
Knysna (‘place of wood’) derives its name from the indigenous Khoi-san people. The Local Municipality
comprises Barrington, Bracken Hill, Buffelsbaai, Concordia, Gouna, Karatara, Knysna, Kraaibos, Kruisvallei,
Mielierug, Noetzie, Sedgefield and Sonskyn.

Geography & Climate
• GPS position: -34.029999 Latitude / 23.059999 Longitude
• Time Zone: GMT +2 hours
The Knysna region covers a total surface area of 1 059 km². The town is situated mainly along the northern
shores of the Knysna Lagoon, while the region is bordered by the Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian
The area enjoys a mild climate with an average annual rainfall of 750 mm and temperatures ranging from
8°C in winter, to 28°C in summer, making it both a favourite holiday and retirement destination.
The natural beauty of the surroundings has enticed artists of all disciplines, earning it the reputation of
artistic capital of the Garden Route.
The region’s flora includes Afro-montane, or temperate rainforest, which covers the hilly terrain. An
abundance of unique Cape Fynbos (‘fine or delicate bush’) grows throughout the region.

Transport Infrastructure
The region is situated adjacent to the N2 (National road) , allowing easy access from either Cape Town (510
km) in the south, Port Elizabeth (260km) in the east, or travelling from the Klein Karoo (hinterland), via the
R62 and R339.
Seasonal traffic passing through the region is between 10 000 and 12 500 vehicles a day.
Plans for an N2 bypass road and a lagoon road as well as local internal road improvements, are underway.
There is an excellent waterfront leisure harbour facility on Knysna Lagoon.
Bulk Infrastructure
The EDM Socio Economic Survey: 2006 indicates that 69,5% of households have a flush or chemical toilet
system; 92,5% have weekly refuse removal; 98,69% have access to consumable water and 86,9%, to
electricity used for lighting purposes.

Regional Economy and Growth Sectors
Knysna’s economic contribution (2004) to EDM’s GDPR was 11%, while the (GDP) economic growth rate
(2003-2004) was 5%.
The main contributing sectors to the 2004 local economy were Finance and Business Services, Wholesale &
Retail Trade, and Manufacturing. The manufacturing sector is centred on wood, paper, furniture and others.
Knysna’s fastest growing sectors, in contribution to the GDP (1995 - 2004), were Transport and
Communication (8%), Finance and Business services (5%), Wholesale & Retail Trade (4,6%) and
Construction (4%).
Building plans to the value of R728 950 055 were approved for the budget year 2005/2006.
Tourism is also a major contributor to the local economy.

Local Economic Strengths
The strengths within the Knysna economy is a diverse cross-section of human and natural resources;
excellent tourism potential within the Garden Route region; a steadily decreasing population; high income
residential and golf estate developments and a construction industry with growth potential


Demographics                                            Labour / Employment
Population                                              Labour Force 2001                 22 592
Total population 2001 52 027                            Employed 2001                     16 125
Total population 2006 55 817                            Employed – skilled                44%
Male 27 710                                             Employed - highly skilled         18%
Female 28 106                                           Semi and unskilled                38%
Projected population 2010 57 541
Population p.a. growth rate 2001 – 2006 1,42%           Categories of Employment 2001, as a % of the
Estimated growth rate 2006 – 2010 0,61%                 Total Eden District Workforce of 137 000
Urban 2001 90%                                          Senior Officials / Professionals    13,1%
Rural 2001 10%                                          Operators / Technicians             11,3%
Demographic Profile by Age Groups 2006                  Clerks                              10,7%
0 – 14yrs (15 345) 27%                                  Trade / Crafts                      13,6%
15 – 34yrs (18 724) 34%                                 Services                            14,4%
35 – 64yrs (17 479) 31%                                 Elementary                          10,7%
65+yrs (4 269) 8%                                       Knysna - percentage of EDM total 11,8%

                                                        Employment Sectors for Individuals 2006
Economic Indicators                                     Formal sector                     51,29%
Gross Domestic Regional Product 2004 R923m              Informal sector                   34,03%
Contribution to GDPR 2004 11%                           Private sector                    13,13%
Annual Economic Growth Rate 2000 – 2004 3,9%

                                                        Domestic Statistics
                                                        Total number of households 2001   14 733
                                                        Average household 2006            3
                                                        Telecommunications Facilities 2001
                                                        Telephone and Mobile telephone     24,01%
                                                        Telephone                                18,62%
                                                        Mobile telephone                         15,13%
Method of Travel
Employed Individuals 2006
By Motor Vehicle                          0,22%
As Passenger in a Motor Vehicle           19,54%
By Bus                                    0,37%
Other                                     26.02%

Household Income / Earnings
Monthly Income 2006 R1 to R1 600          43,74%
R1 601 to R3 200                          23,29%
R3 201 to R6 400                          9,46%
R6 401 to R12 800                         6,4%
R12 801 to R25 600                        4,22%
R25 600 +                                 1,75%

Education Levels
Levels of Education (older than 18yrs)
2006 High school                          34,51%
Grade 12                                  21,22%
Tertiary                                  9,24%

Relevant Local Government Socio-Economic documents available on: www.knysnamunicipality.co.za

Integrated Development Plan (IDP) 2007-2011
Knysna Municipality IDP includes: Introduction and Process; Situation Analysis; IDP in Context; IDP Vision,
Mission, Strategies and Objectives; IDP Budget 2007/2008 – Capital and Operating budget; 5- Year IDP
Projects (funded and unfunded); Performance Management Systems Organisational Scorecard; Budget
Summary, and Summary of Community-based plans

Spatial Development Framework Draft Spatial Development Framework 2006 is available on the website
Knysna – 2020 Vision: “Knysna, the town that works for all”.
Mission statement: To provide affordable quality services, alleviate poverty and facilitate social and
economic development of the area through integrated development planning, cooperative governance, skills
development and sustainable utilisation of resources.

            For Local Economic Development & Investment Opportunities, please contact;
                                        LUBABALO GWINTSA
                                       Director Strategic Services
                                PO Box 21 ‫ ׀‬Knysna ‫ ׀ 0756 ׀‬South Africa
                           Tel no: +27 44 3026300 ‫ ׀‬Fax no: +27 44 3026333
                                     E-mail: lgwintsa@knysna.gov.za
                                   DIRECTOR POLICY, STRATEGY & IHS

                           Knysna Municipality Contact Details:
                                          PO Box 21, Knysna, 6570
                                          Tel no: +27 44 3026300
                                          Fax no: +27 44 3026333
                                          E-mail: knysna@knysna.gov.za
Knysna - Place of People, Beauty & Mystery
Knysna ‫ ׀‬Cape Garden Route ‫ ׀‬South-Africa ‫ 005 ׀‬km from Cape Town ‫ 062 ׀‬km from Port Elizabeth

Knysna is one of the Garden Route’s best known travel destinations – situated between lush forests and the
shores of the peaceful estuary….

“People. beauty and mystery” is what comes to mind when describing Knysna. The town nestles between the
impressive Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean, with the world-renowned forests encircling it like a
protective mantle. The 21 ha estuary is protected from the sea by the monolithic sandstone "Heads" - silent
sentinels down the centuries of the rich history of this unique part of "paradise of earth".

In and around Knysna one will find a selection of fine restaurants, activities, cultural & heritage experiences,
adventure and natural encounters, to match your mood, age, physique or budget. For the shopper, there are
interesting shops tucked away around every corner, authentic African traders and for the person with a
passion for art and history, well, Knysna will intrigue you…

Knysna is the ideal Garden Route base, offering visitors an unforgettable holiday, from the very adventurous
holidaymakers, to those who prefer relaxing in the sun, strolling through the cool forests or taking scenic day
drives. It is an excellent day trip base and we advise that you plan your trip to stay at least five days in the
heart of the Garden Route – Knysna.

Begin your journey to this fascinating and still mysterious place, and sample a taste of the beauty and a
whisper of the people, in this, South Africa’s favourite town.

Within its idyllic natural setting, the small picturesque town of Knysna emerges as a vibrant mini-metropolis,
offering a kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences. From leisurely relaxation to high energy adventure,
from sporting activities to shopping, from cappuccino to haute cuisine, from the famous Knysna oyster or a
taste of the locally brewed beer, Knysna reflects the finer things of life, a synthesis of discerning
sophistication and nature’s abundance. Alive and pulsing, the buzz of international trends mixes with the
beat of Africa and creates an unmistakable sense of real wonder not to be found anywhere else. From up
market waterfront shops to grassroots community living, Knysna offers the best of South Africa's varied

Knysna offers a wide range of accommodation options to meet the need of every visitor, from five-star
hotels and luxury lodges to bed and breakfasts and home stays. Whether you wish to be tucked away in the
forest, enjoy a beautiful view of the sun setting over the estuary, overnight on a houseboat on the water or
be in the midst of town, there is something for you. Complete lists of star graded and accredited
accommodation can be found later in this publication.
Adventure and Attractions.
Experience the thrill of high-speed mountain biking through indigenous forests or dive the depths of the
lagoon. Hire a kayak to tour the winding Knysna river, or, for an aerial view , raise the heartbeat with an
abseil above the ocean’s crashing waves. Quad bike along a dusty path or ride a horse along the water's
edge. Try fly fishing, rock and surf angling or deep-sea fishing. Or, for the daring, kite-surf on the waters of
the lagoon or paraglide over the hills and lakes. For the more leisurely inclined, three premier golf courses
offer the best in golf with views to match…

Take a cruise across the lagoon or out to sea on a stylish yacht. Hire a bicycle and tour the town...or visit
the Elephant Park and experience closeness with nature unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

Spring is soft and silky. Autumn tingles on the skin like champagne. Winter is crisp as an apple. And our
African summer bronzes the soul with its pure sunlight. Whatever the season, Knysna stays green. Its warm,
temperate climate makes it the perfect all-year-round destination. A place where days are packed with

                                           Summer (Daytime Average)             22`C
                                           Winter (Daytime Average)             19`C

                                           Summer Average                       75mm per month
                                           Winter Average                       74mm per month

                                           Sunny days a year:                   280

                                           Best period to visit Knysna          January to July

The Garden Route - South Africa’s capital of golf - boasts more than 20 golf courses. All within comfortable
driving distance from Knysna. Set against spectacular forest and ocean views, the Garden Route’s world-
renowned courses - designed by golfing greats like Jack Nicklaus and Ernie Els - have attracted a keen
following amongst players at every level. With three premier courses, great year-round weather, luxurious
club houses and affordable green fees, Knysna sets the standard in South African golf.

                                            Cape Garden Route
                          Golf Destination of the Year 2007 – Africa & Gulf States
The natural beauty of the Knysna area has attracted many healers and practitioners of alternative medicines
and here you’ll find home therapy and Reiki, body stress release and kinesiology and a host of other healing
disciplines. Knysna has become a popular destination for recuperation after illness and surgery and, with our
internationally renowned private hospital, visitors can rest assured that they're in the hands of highly
qualified medical professionals. Naturally, one of the most beautiful places in Africa also offers the best
pampering, easily rejuvenating even the weariest traveller. With its selection of wellness centres and health
spas, Knysna is the ideal place to indulge and relax. Natural. Healthy. Beautiful.

Knysna loves to party and every year the vibrant town, buzzing with creativity and energy, plays host to a
series of events and festivals. In April its the Cape Epic - the world’s second biggest staged mountain bike
race - “the magical & untamed African MTB race” ; in May it’s the outrageously gay Pink Loerie Mardi Gras,
while in July the hugely popular Oyster Festival in celebration of our famous mollusk combine sporting
events with eating oysters and having fun; September sees a celebration of fine food with the Gastronomica
Festival featuring top international chefs and a profusion of flavours; more sporting and leisure with the
Sedgefield Lakes Festival – fishing, yachting, cycling, running and more - on the lakes at Sedgefield; and
later in the month the challenging Karoo to Coast cycle Race - a 100 km mountain bike race over the
Outeniqua Mountains.
2009 Event Dates

:: 30 April – 3 May - Pink Loerie Mardi Gras -
:: 3 to 12 July - Pick & Pay Knysna Oyster Festival -
:: July Rastafarian Earth Festival -
:: 24 to 27 September - Gastronomica -

Complete list available from Knysna Tourism www.tourismknysna.co.za

Art and Culture.
Knysna’s natural beauty and its cosmopolitan community inspire a unique creativity in artists - both local
and international - making it the art capital of the region. Numerous galleries highlight local talent in its
many unique expressions - painting, ceramics, mosaic, sculpture and metal forgery being just a few. Various
rambles and craft routes allow visitors to truly experience this side of Knysna.
Zulu, English, Xhosa, Afrikaans and even Rastafarian are just a few of the languages you’ll hear on the
streets and with them come an extraordinary mix of cultures – all with their own rich stories to tell.
Eclectic. Exciting. Cosmopolitan.

Encircled by reserves and situated within a National Park Knysna is nestled on the banks of a tranquil
estuary and it is surrounded by paradise of lush indigenous forests and golden beaches, making it a real
natural wonderland. The town itself is surrounded by age-old forests in which the elusive forest elephant
lives. For a rare treat take a slow forest walk and experience the mystery that is Knysna. Touch the
beautiful forest giants, some of which are hundreds of years old, explore the old Millwood Mine and keep
your eyes open for the elusive Knysna Loerie. In Knysna, there's nature wherever you look… take a walk on
the beach and watch the oystercatchers promenade along the sand, embark on a sunset sail with oysters
and champagne across the lagoon to Knysna’s natural heritage sight, Featherbed; spend a night on a
houseboat and wake to the cry of the seagulls, or a seal splashing in the water. Discover nature reserves,
private game parks and the Knysna National Park on ferry tours, game walks and game drives. Dive
shipwrecks or see fish in their natural habitat, or the gentle swaying of a Knysna seahorse as it feeds.. Ride
a bicycle. Or just breathe... Close. Accessible. Natural.

Knysna boasts more than 240 terrestrial and marine species, 40 pelagic species and some of the rarest and
the most beautiful birds you’ll ever see. African black oystercatchers, Knysna warblers, Knysna loeries and
Malachite kingfishers. With habitats ranging from rocky shores to tranquil lagoons, fresh water ponds, forest,
fynbos and grassland, even an average day’s birding is a delight. Birdlife is everywhere in Knysna – in
suburban gardens, in local nature reserves, on the beach and even in the centre of town. The birder’s

Restaurants & Shopping
Knysna is a coastal town and the flavours of the ocean influence much of its cuisine. Expect the freshest
seafood – from the catch-of-the-day to coastal and cultured Knysna oysters. From world class cuisine to
convenient street food, Knysna`s restaurants promote the real wonder of food. Fresh. Tasty. Flavorsome.
A shopper’s paradise, with centralised shopping areas where you can buy everything from designer teddy
bears to the world's finest champagne - or even a holiday home! Trendy. African. Convenient.

Day trips.
Knysna is close to many places of interest, which makes it the perfect base for exploring the rest of the
Garden Route. Plettenberg Bay, Tsitsikamma Forest, Wilderness, George, Mossel Bay and Oudtshoorn are all
within comfortable driving distances from Knysna and provide excellent daytrip opportunities.
    The Greater Knysna Area comprises of Sedgefield,
       Buffalo Bay, Rheenendal, Brenton & Noetzie


Ideally located, Sedgefield is fast turning into a perfect family destination. “If it is outdoors, it’s out here”
goes the saying, but Sedgefield offers more than a wide range of outdoor activities. The natural beauty and
peaceful pace of the area has attracted many talented artists over the years as well as inspired them to
create great works. Their skills range from woodworking and pottery to painting in all its forms and much
much more.

Apart from just swimming and sun bathing, Sedgefield offers the best attractions for the whole family. With
four unspoiled beaches, Sedgefield presents a variety of water sports – from simply splashing around, to
excellent fishing, boating, canoeing, windsurfing, waterskiing, and sailing.

Sedgefield is a veritable paragliding mecca, with no shortage of spots perfect for this activity along the
adjacent coast.

Indulge in an abundance of fascinating fauna & flora hidden in a network of fynbos, lakeside and forest. If
you are a keen birder then you have just discovered paradise!

Sedgefield is indeed one of nature’s best kept secrets, and visitors are invited to enjoy its extensive riches.
While Sedgefield is as yet a rather reticent destination, it is only a matter of time before its name is on
everyone’s lips.

Buffalo Bay

Buffalo Bay is situated midway between Sedgefield (10km) and Knysna (17km). With fine, sandy beaches
stretching all the way to Brenton on Sea, it offers beautiful views and breathtaking sunsets. Buffalo Bay is a
family beach with safe swimming and excellent surfing conditions, including a “wild side”. Perfect for long
walks, beach fishing and whale and dolphin spotting
Brenton on Sea

Home of the famous “Brenton Blue” butterfly, Brenton on Sea nestles between the Indian Ocean and the hills
of Knysna’s Western Head. It’s golden sands are perfect for walking, sunbathing and fishing. From the cliff
top paths, schools of dolphins and whales can be easily spotted. Paragliding is a popular pastime and there is
quad biking on the ridge of the Western Head.


The beautiful Rheenendal country district, ten kilometres west of Knysna is home to many prominent artists
and crafts people. Explore the Ramble, where you’ll come across ceramicists, painters, woodcarvers, bowl
turners, screen printers, plant nurseries, tea gardens and restaurants. Visit the Millwood Gold Mines and see
mine shafts and old mining equipment. Walk through the indigenous forest and hike the historical trails in
the area.


"NOETZIE is one of those places that people remember...For many it is because of the "castles", which have
intrigued visitors over the years, and the first question nearly every visitor asks is: "Who built them?" But
what really make Noetzie so special are not the castles, but its natural beauty, much of which is still pristine.
The golden beach surrounded by forested hills, the dark waters of the lagoon, the rugged ochre rocks and
the thundering breakers that roll in row upon row.
                                   Greater    Knysna             Area

                                      Facility Fact Sheet
                              2010 World Cup Football Tournament
                                             ‫ ׀‬June 2008 ‫׀‬

        SECTOR                        DETAILS                           NOTES / DESCRIPTION

           Air                George Airport (Domestic)           Airport transfers can be arranged by
                               60km from town centre                         Knysna Tourism

                               Port Elizabeth Airport         Scheduled daily flights from all mayor cities
                            (Domestic) 260km from town                      in South Africa

                               Plettenberg Bay Airport                  African Ramble Air Charters
                            (Domestic – Private Charters                       Mark Andrews
                            only) 35 km from town centre                       083 375 6514

          Road              Knysna is situated on the N2       Complete list of Car Hire Agents available
                             500km from Cape Town &               from www.tourismknysna.co.za
                             260km from Port Elizabeth

    Public Transport         Served by all major intercity    Complete list of Transport Providers available
                                        liners                      from www.tourismknysna.co.za
                                                                       (SMME options available)
    Private Transport       Local tour operators, shuttle &
                                     taxi services             For Intercity coach schedules & ticket sales
                                                                      contact; Harvey World Travel

      Public Access          Access to all major hubs are     Knysna town map available on page 18, area
                              within comfortable walking          map available from Knysna Tourism
                                 distance of the CBD                   www.tourismknysna.co.za


       Travel Agents            All major role players
Registered Tourism Guides      represented in Knysna.         Complete list available from Knysna Tourism
      Tour Operators           SMME options available                 www.tourismknysna.co.za
 Specialty Tour Operators
    SECTOR                   DETAILS                      NOTES / DESCRIPTION

  TGCSA Graded

     Hotels                   *** (2)             Complete list available from Knysna Tourism
                              **** (6)                    www.tourismknysna.co.za
                             ***** (1)

                              *** (16)
   Guest House               **** (23)            Complete list available from Knysna Tourism
                             ***** (8)                    www.tourismknysna.co.za

      B&B                      ***(9)             Complete list available from Knysna Tourism
                              **** (8)                    www.tourismknysna.co.za
                             ***** (1)

  Self Catering               *** (14)            Complete list available from Knysna Tourism
                             **** (12)                    www.tourismknysna.co.za
                             ***** (2)

  Country House               **** (2)            Complete list available from Knysna Tourism
                             ***** (2)                    www.tourismknysna.co.za

Caravan & Camping             ** (1)              Complete list available from Knysna Tourism
                             **** (1)                     www.tourismknysna.co.za

  Total Graded         108 TGCSA Graded
 Accommodation          Accommodation
                        Establishments                    For more information visit:
                      1475 Units Available
                    3429 Bed Nights Available

 CTRU Accredited       1161 Units Available       Complete list available from Knysna Tourism
ACCOMMODATION        3004 Bed Nights Available            www.tourismknysna.co.za

CTRU Accredited       4 Accredited Home Stay      Complete list available from Knysna Tourism
  HOMESTAYS           establishments available            www.tourismknysna.co.za

 BACKPACKERS        3 Backpacker establishments   Complete list available from Knysna Tourism
                             available                    www.tourismknysna.co.za

  Total Knysna        2636 Units Available
 Accommodation      6433 Bed Nights Available

    SECTOR                   DETAILS                      NOTES / DESCRIPTION
                                                         2x Rugby Fields, Hockey Field, Tennis &
   Sports Fields                Loerie Park             Squash Courts. Cricket facilities. Pavilion &
    (Municipal)                                           Informal Seating, Public Toilets. Team
                                                                    changing rooms.

                          Hornlee Sports Ground          1x Soccer Field, informal seating, public
                                                         toilets & team changing rooms. Cricket
                        Knysna High School Sports
                                 Ground                2 x Rugby Fields, Pavilion & Informal Seating,
                                                           Public Toilets. Team changing rooms.
                                                             Bowling Greens. Cricket facilities.
                               Dam se Bos
                                                             1x Soccer Field, informal seating
                                                             1x Soccer Field, informal seating

   Sports Fields          Pezula Field of Dreams                 International Sports Oval
     (Private)                                              Surrounding Seating Embankments
                                                              Four World Class Tennis Courts
                                                             Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, Softball

      Gyms                  Knysna Biokinetics              Complete contact list available from
                       Oxigym & Inspire Fitness Club                 Knysna Tourism
                            Power Plate Knysna
                             Unique Aquacise
                             Pezula Spa & Gym
                           Simply the Best Gym
                         Lake Pleasant Spa & Gym
                            Simola Spa & Gym

 Swimming Pools           Knysna Primary School             Complete contact list available from
                          Oakhill Private School                     Knysna Tourism

Sporting Equipment             Grant Sports              36 Woodmill Lane, Knysna 044 382 5604


      Emergency                   Trauma                         Knysna Private Hospital
                                   X-ray                        Knysna Provincial Hospital

      Pharmacies       6 Service Providers available        Complete contact list available from
                                                                     Knysna Tourism
      Netcare Travel         Marine Pharmacy

      Ambulance          Knysna Private Hospital            Complete contact list available from
      Services          Baycare Private Ambulance                    Knysna Tourism

                         ER 24 (24 Hr Emergency)
                             0800 22 55 99
      SECTOR                             DETAILS                        NOTES / DESCRIPTION

Wi-Fi Internet access &      High speed wireless internet access   Complete hotspot lists available from
        hotspots                available throughout Knysna          www.knysnamunicipality.co.za
                               Complimentary 45 minutes per

Public Internet Facilities                  3@1                      Knysna Mall, Main Street, Knysna
                                           Postnet                   Spar Centre, Main Street, Knysna
                                       Adventure Cafe                  Opposite Knysna Waterfront,
                                  Explore the Garden Route         Thesen`s Jetty, Thesen Harbour Town

Communication Services                      3@1                     Copying, National & International
                                          Postnet                  Courier Services, Printing, Comm. Of
                                  South African Post Office        Oath, Letter, Postcard, Parcel Mailing

Mobile Phone Providers                      MTN                     Woodmill Lane Centre, Long Street
                                         Vodacom                      Woodmill Walk , Long Street
                                          2 Talk 2                  Next to Harry B`s in Main Street,
                                       Nashua Mobile                             Knysna


   Foreign Exchange                       FX Africa                  Knysna Mall, Main Street Knysna

                                     American Express                Knysna Waterfront, Gray Street,
  Foreign Exchange &         FNB, ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank
   Banking Facilities                                                All situated in Main Road Knysna
                                                                          Open daily 8:30 to 12:30
                                                                          Saturdays 8:30 to 11:00
                                                                             Closed on Sundays

         ATM`s                    Maestro, Visa, Mastercard            Available at all mayor banks,
                                                                              shopping malls
                                                                       and selected service stations


     Auto Electrical                  Rad Automotive

   Service & Repairs            7 Service Providers Available
                                                                    Complete contact list available from
          Tyres                    Speedy Tyre & Exhaust                     Knysna Tourism
                                        Supa Quick

     Wash & Valet               3 Service Providers Available
    Service Stations
     SECTOR                                 DETAILS                            NOTES / DESCRIPTION

 South African Police                 Flying Squad 10111
      Services                   Police Station 044 382 6600

Tourist Victim Support           Police Station 044 382 6600
                                Knysna Tourism 044 382 5510

                                    DEAT/ Rachael Michaels
                                        079 496 1971

 National Sea Rescue                     044 384 0211
       Institute                         082 886 3395

 Major Disaster Team                 Mr. Steven Langlands
(Fire, Floods & Traffic)                 082 339 3931

 24 Hour Crisis Line                     Mr. Conradie
                                         044 302 6400


  The Eastern Head         Viewpoints & restaurants, popular diving spot   Complete list available from Knysna
                                                                           Tourism www.tourismknysna.co.za
    Pledge Square

     Leisure Isle                   Greenhole & Bollard Bay

     Knysna CBD                 Woodmill Lane, Woodmill Walk,
                                De Oude Fabriek, Knysna Mall,
 Knysna Waterfront                 Spar Centre, Main Road

    Thesen Island

     SECTOR                                 DETAILS                            NOTES / DESCRIPTION

   Shopping Malls                       Woodmill Lane                      Complete list available from Knysna
                                        Woodmill Walk                      Tourism www.tourismknysna.co.za
                                       De Oude Fabriek
                                         Knysna Mall                       Refer to: Knysna Information Guide
                                    Thesen Harbour Town
                                      Knysna Waterfront
                                    Knysna Industrial Area
                                       Lagoon Traders


        Friday                    Montessori Friday Market                         Art & Craft Markets
       Saturday                 Harvest Time Farmers Market
                            Wild Oats Community Farmers Market             Complete list available from Knysna
       Sunday                   Thesen Harbour Town Market                 Tourism www.tourismknysna.co.za
Every day of the week                  Scarab Village

     TGCSA Graded                          Cruise Café                              044 382 1693
      Restaurants                       The Paddle Cruiser                          044 382 1693

      Restaurants            Knysna is a coastal town and the flavors    Complete list available from Knysna
                                 of the ocean influence much of its      Tourism www.tourismknysna.co.za
More than 80 facilities to     cuisine. Expect the freshest seafood –
      choose from            from the catch-of-the-day to coastal and    Refer to: Knysna Information Guide
                                cultured Knysna oysters. From world
                              class cuisine to convenient street food,
                              Knysna`s restaurants promote the real
                                    wonder of cosmopolitan food.

        Nightlife                Clubs, pubs, shebeens & taverns         Complete list available from Knysna
                                                                         Tourism www.tourismknysna.co.za

                                                                         Refer to: Knysna Information Guide


                                           4x4 Drives
 Hard & Soft Adventure                  Abseiling/Kloofing
                                          Bird watching
                                         Boat/Canoe Hire
                              Catamaran & Yacht Cruises & Sailing        Complete list available from Knysna
                                    Cycling/Mountain Biking              Tourism www.tourismknysna.co.za
                              Fishing (rock, surf, river, fly-fishing)
                                 Guided Walks / Eco-Adventure            Refer to: Knysna Information Guide
                                        Forest Excursions
                                               Golf                      Ideal for families, groups and single
                                          Horse Riding                                travelers.
                                         Lagoon Cruises
                                           Quad Biking
                                          Water sports
                                       Animal Sanctuaries
                                         Gold Mine Tour

                                                                         Complete list available from Knysna
  Children’s Activities                                                  Tourism www.tourismknysna.co.za

                                                                         Refer to: Knysna Information Guide

 Drizzly Day Activities
                                                                         Complete list available from Knysna
                                                                         Tourism www.tourismknysna.co.za
 Girls Guide to Knysna
                                                                         Refer to: Knysna Information Guide

 Boys Guide to Knysna
 Art and Culture   Knysna’s     natural     beauty   and     its    Complete list available from Knysna
                   cosmopolitan      community     inspire     a    Tourism www.tourismknysna.co.za
                   unique creativity in artists - both local
                   and international - making it the art            Refer to: Knysna Information Guide
                   capital of the region. Numerous galleries
                   highlight local talent in its many unique
                   expressions - painting, ceramics, mosaic,             Heritage Tours available
                   sculpture and metal forgery being just a
                   few. Various rambles and craft routes            Magnitude of Art Galleries to choose
                   allow visitors to truly experience this side                    from
                   of Knysna.

     Nature        Encircled by reserves and situated within       Garden Route Trail:
                   a National Park – in Knysna, there's            www.gardenroutetrail.co.za
                   nature wherever you look. The Knysna
                   forests and the Indian Ocean, the Cape          Beaches    include  Brenton-on-Sea,
                   fynbos, freshwater lakes, saltwater             Buffalo Bay, Coney Glen, Bollard Bay
                   lagoons and tidal estuaries are all easy        and Noetzie.
                   to explore by car or on foot. Take a walk,
                   or just breathe ...                             Eco Ed offers guided forest walks to
                   Close. Accessible. Natural.                     the historic Old Coach House, a
                                                                   labyrinth, the outdoor Natural History
                       South African National Parks:               Museum and a children’s forest
                   http://www.sanparks.co.za/parks/knysna          obstacle course. Very personalised.

                   The exceptionally beautiful Knysna              Featherbed Nature Reserve is a
                   National Lake Area is home to the               natural heritage site accessible only
                   endangered Knysna seahorse and a large          by ferry +27 (0)44 382 1693.
                   diversity of marine life. Sandbanks and
                   salt marshes teem with life and in turn         Goukamma Nature Reserve has a
                   provide food to an immeasurable number          river mouth, coastal forests and a
                   of organisms. Dominated by the craggy           sweet-water lake. +27 (0)44 383
                   bastions of the twin Knysna Heads, the          0042
                   lagoon has borne witness to centuries of
                   trade in timber, ivory and gold. The Lake       Knysna Estuary has endangered
                   Area enjoys a temperate climate and             seahorses, oysters, pansy shells, and
                   visitors can revel in the warm summer           hosts many fish & bird species.
                                                                   Knysna Indigenous Forest include
                                Cape Nature                        Goudveld, Diepwalle, Gouna, and
                             www.capenature.co.za                  Harkerville +27 (0)44 382 5466
                                044 802 5310
                                                                   Pledge Nature Reserve has 10ha of
                                                                   fynbos,   forests   and    wetlands
                                                                   abundant with bird life. +27 (0)44
                                                                   382 3712 / +27 (0)83 453 5526

                                                                   Steenbok Nature Park & Kingfisher
                                                                   Creek on the northern shores of
                                                                   Leisure Isle
                                                                   +27 (0)44 384 1237

KNYSNA ~ Out of Africa, out of this

     40 Main Street, Knysna, 6570
       TEL: +27 (0)44 382 5510
       FAX: +27(0)44 382 1646

 PO Box 87, Knysna, 6570, South Africa
  E-mail: knysna.tourism@pixie.co.za

     TEL: +27 44 (0)44 382 6960
       FAX: +27 (0)44 382 1609
     E-mail: booking@mweb.co.za

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