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					With rising advertising costs and lower spending, more and more people are using
Twitter Marketing as an inexpensive and effective means of marketing themselves.
Twitter is more than a social platform for keeping up to date with what your friends
are up to. It helps you find people who are potential clients for your business of

Twitter can be used in several ways to market your business or service. A good way to
use Twitter is through the search tool. Here one can find other business or services
which share common ground. You can use either the basic search wherein all
keywords entered will produce results or the advanced search feature which allows
you to search for very specific things. Likes, dislikes, people, words and dates can all
be found using the advanced search feature.

Twitter can also be used to network. This means you can search for other people and
entities that share your business ambitions and goals, as well as your social and
political ideas. Some of these people are in need of your special services or would like
to see what you have for sale.

You can promote yourself or your business on Twitter. Since you do not have
unlimited space, you don't have to spend a lot of time coming up with tempting ideas
and don't have to use a lot of fluffy words. You can simply state your case to the

Using Twitter you can instantly post tweets, which are immediately received by
followers for real time conversations. This is useful if you have something new to sell
that you just love, or just received some good information that you can use in your

With Twitter Marketing, you can reach thousands of potential customers who are
searching for your products or abilities to fill their specific needs. If you just found the
best soap in the world, go ahead and tweet about it.

Although "Tweets" are limited to only 140 characters, there is a lot of specific
information that can be given while eliminating the need for too much babbling. This
way you don't have to come up with a lot of flowery language to embellish your tweet.
Also, one can add an advertisement after 140 character message, in any blank space.
One can even post direct advertisements in their twitter pages.

While Twellow searches for all subscribers, Twellow categories allows searches for
subscribers based on their interests. If your client likes pink poodles, let him know
you like them too.

Twellowhood gives the demographic information of people who subscribe to it in the
US and Canada. It gives maps and zooms, allowing people to connect by region. This
is a great thing to have access to if you live in a snow belt and just happen to own a
snow plowing service.

For anyone interested in more exposure with very limited costs, the development of
Twitter marketing is an effective tool which should be used by anyone who wants to
promote his business or himself.