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Trump It


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									I have heard people say, "Well, these are the cards that I've been dealt." They are not
talking about a card game. They are usually talking about things they perceive as

Regardless of your current status, I do not think that any circumstance or situation
ought to be viewed as "the cards you have been dealt." To look at it that way indicates
that there is nothing that you can do about your situation. That is just not true.

Let me show you a better way to look at life using a card game as an analogy.

Have you ever played the card game, "Hearts?" Over the years my wife and I have
played it with different couples. It really is a lot of fun. The way we play it is
normally in teams of two. In every round, each player plays one card, and the player
with the highest card wins that round for his team. The exception is when a card in the
"heart" suit is played.

In the game of "Hearts," any heart card outranks all the other suits. Even a deuce of
hearts will defeat and win over an ace of spades. When that happens in the course of
play, it is called "trumping." In this case, the deuce of hearts "trumps" the ace of

This past weekend I was sharing just that with someone. I was using this silly game of
"hearts" as an analogy. I told her that no matter what you hear, the promises of God
can "trump" any and everything that we are faced with.

I am not talking about ignoring or refusing to acknowledge what we are faced with.
Just like in the card game, the ace of spades is very real, and in fact it is the highest
card in the deck. No other card can beat it, except a "trump card."

But, on the other hand, if you in turn play a deuce of hearts and don't know or forget
that the suit of hearts is the trump suit, then that ace of spades will beat you.

If you play the deuce of hearts and the one playing the ace of spades thinks that he
won that round, you may have to speak up and say, "No! My trump card beats your

That's why I don't like the phrase, "These are the cards that I've been dealt." People
say that to indicate that they are lacking or limited. I simply see it another way.

The cards that we as Christians have been dealt are all "trumps!" The things that we
have to face in life are all the other cards that are played. And even if the ace of
spades is played, we still have all the "trump cards" in our hand; we have all the
promises of God!
But, it is up to us to understand that "our cards" are indeed, "trump cards." We can't
think, "Gee, this little deuce could never defeat that big ace." And, likewise, when we
play our "trump card," we must refuse to allow anyone else to claim victory over us;
we must remain convinced that God has given us the victory!

Just ask yourself this question: "Who can defeat a super conqueror?" No one; they are
more than a conqueror. That's why the Bible says, "If God be for us, who can be
against us?" We have all the trump cards; we are more than conquerors!

We need to understand that the promises in the Bible are real and they are true,
regardless of any and every situation in life that we are faced with. We "trump" the
circumstances we are faced with by claiming the victory based on those promises. We
must refuse to allow anyone or anything else to claim victory over us.

So, the next time you are faced with a circumstance, big or small, "trump it" with the
promises of God.

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