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					February 2005

  Jennie and Paul Breeze  Queenstown Tasmania
           BMW Safari November 2004

Member of the International Council
                                                                                     Events Calendar
                                         Clubman points are only given to events in bold. To claim Clubman points for attending any listed events,
                                         someone attending must give the names of the event and the attendees to the Vice President.
                                         Wed 2nd Social Sip at Cricketers Arms Prospect at 7.00pm                                         Andy Crook
                                                                                                                                          0414 476 286
                                         Sun 6th               Watagan Mountains Meet at the BP Waitara 7.30am for 8am Andrew Le
                                                               departure. GS style dirt ride through Ourimbah, Watagan SF, waterfalls, Lievre
                                                               camping lunch at the basin. Bring water and food – full tanks and positive 0418 220 658
                                                               attitude. Meet Newcastle & C.Coast riders Old Woodbury Inn 9.30 -1000
                                         Thurs 10              Social Sip at Bomaderry Pub. Meet 6:30-7:00pm for dinner and a Dave Blunn
                                                               drink. Live music after 8:00pm.(Nowra Group)                               0407070825
PRESIDENT:                               Sat 12
                                                               Karuah River Rally Frying Pan Creek campsite in the Rob Lovett
Ian Ramsay:                              Sun. 13
                                                               Chichester State Forest. Rob Lovett on 02 6296 1949 before 8.30 02 6296 1949
9833 8588; 0414 746 992
                                                               pm ( rob@gaslightbooks.com.au ).
peckertimbers@yahoo.com.au                        th
                                         Sat 19                Club Service Day ( Maintenance Day ) @ Fred Warrens from                   Fred Warren
                                                               10am – sausage sizzle – see this magazine for details.                      9894 9796
                                                               34 Rondelay Drive Castle Hill
Warren Buffett
                                         Wed 23th              Special Meeting called for 7.30pm                                          President
(NSW MCC rep)
Mobile 0411 076 941                                            CLUB MEETING to follow * (you are also invited to meet for dinner
Home 9622-4254                                                 before the meeting at the Toongabbie Hotel from 6pm).
wozzasshed@iprimus.com.au                                      BMW Safari slide show /
                                         Thurs 24              Summer Blood Challenge No 2 : Parramatta Blood Bank –                      Warren Buffett
GENERAL SECRETARY:                                             followed by a BBQ at the local park. We have to beat the cops on            0411 076 941
Sandra Gluck                                                   donations. Australian Red Cross Blood Service, 4 George St Parramatta      Home 9622-4254
9725 2300, 0419 022 025                                        NSW 2150 ph: (02) 9840 5555
segluck@syd.gunnersens.com.au                                  Ring the Blood Bank for an appointment to avoid waiting
                                         Fri 25                Drinks & Bistro Meal (if you wish 7.00 PM) HEXHAM MOSSIE CLUB Rob Tiedeman
MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY:                                          (Hunter group)                                                             49 63 1901
Tom Torrance                             Sat 26
                                                               Weekend at Cundle Flat Farm see info inside magazine                       Rob Tiedeman
0417 236 816                             Sun 27
                                                                                                                                          49 63 1901
TREASURER                                St 6
                                                               Cold Flame Rally see details inside this magazine                         ?Club Event
Andrew LeLievre                          Sun 7
 0418 220 658                            Thurs 10
                                                               Social Sip at Bomaderry Pub. Meet 6:30-7:00pm for dinner and a Dave Blunn
                                                               drink. Live music after 8:00pm.                                           0407070825
                                         Sun 13                Five Ferries Ride Meet at Caltex Round Corner Dural 8am for 8.30am Andrew Le L.
Richard Maher                                                  departure, Ride across the 5 Hawksbury River ferries: Berowra, 0418 220 658
9639 6114; 0409 437 768                                        Wisemans Ferry, Webb Creek ( a little gravel) to Lower Portland and
maree_richard@bigpond.com                                      finally Sackville. For the adventurous then do it in reverse or come back
                                                               via Windsor. Lunch at Wisemans – choice of picnic, pub or café.
EDITOR                                   Sat 19                Camping Weekend at Jervis Bay – Bristol Point Jane or Cheryl
Jennie Breeze                            Sun 20                see details in this magazine Jane Schmierer 44 221270,
42 941 384, 0402 147750                                        Cheryl Ison 44234 878
pjbreeze@bigpond.com                     Fri 25                Drinks & Bistro Meal (if you wish 7.00 PM) HEXHAM MOSSIE CLUB Rob Tiedeman
                                         (Easter )             (Hunter group)                                                            49 63 1901
EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS                           th         th
Peter Diehm (Advertising)                Fri 25 -7             Easter Weekend                                                    TBA if a club
bmwtc@hotmail.com                        Mon 28th              BMW Nationals at Stanthorpe QLD                                   event
                                                               Contact: www.dmwclubqld.asn.au/Nats_2005
NEWSLETTER DISTRIBUTION                                        Information supplied by Richard Maher 0409 437 768
Tony Conliffe                            Wed 30th              CLUB MEETING 7.30pm Meeting * (you are also invited to meet for President
                                                               dinner before the meeting at the Toongabbie Hotel from 6pm).Guest
REGALIA                                                        speaker Ambulance Officer Eddie Furnell (Eddy teaches First Aid )
Vacant see President
                                         Thurs                 Social Sip at Bomaderry Pub. Meet 6:30-7:00pm for dinner and a         Dave Blunn
SPARE PARTS                              14th                  drink. Live music after 8:00pm.(Nowra Group)                           0407070825
Fred 9894 9796 or                        Sun 17      Catherine Hill Ride Details TBA                                                  Mike Day
hicool@ozemail.com.au                    Sat 23      Anzac weekend Laurel Hill , Forest Lodge –see details inside                     Dave Blunn
                                         Sun 24                                                                                       0407070825
ASSETS & ARCHIVES                        Wed 27      CLUB MEETING 7.30pm Meeting * (you are also invited to meet for President
Tony Micallef                                        dinner before the meeting at the Toongabbie Hotel from 6pm).
tonym@hotmail.com                        Fri 29      Drinks & Bistro Meal (if you wish 7.00 PM) HEXHAM MOSSIE CLUB Rob Tiedeman
                                                     (Hunter group)                                                                   49 63 1901
Club Website:                            Change to Roo Runs: Contact Paul Evans ph 9674 2361
www.users.bigpond.com/pennykid           Hunter Riders: - all input gratefully accepted. If attending a ride please confirm final details:- With Rob
                                         Tiedeman 49 631901. Mob 0414503808 or Trevor Hooker 49325223
Club Yahoo Email site                    Nowra Riders contact Dave Blunn 0407 070 825 0r 4464 1056 for info on rides in your area
(members mailing list – voluntary)
                                         *Club Meetings are held at 7:30pm on the last Wednesday of each month(except for December) at the
                                         Andrew Cook Hall, corner Targo and Toongabbie Roads, Toongabbie.
                                         Front cover photo: Glen Wills, Wildcard Photography Tas.

 Events Calendar/Committee List ..................................................................2
                                                                                                                   Send all editorial material, (excluding         Advertising Material should be sent to:
 Regional and Classic Reps ..........................................................................3
 Classic Register Registrars ..........................................................................3           advertisements) to:                             bmwtc@hotmail.com
 Editorial (AKA Pillion Ponderings) ................................................................3              The Editor, BMWTCNSW
Web site/s of the month ........................ ………………………………………….3                                                17 Kallaroo Ave ,                               All other correspondence to:
General Meeting Minutes ................................................................................4          Stanwell Park,                                  The Secretary,
 President’s Report AKA Ramjet’s Rave..……………………………………..…5                                                          NSW 2508                                        BMWTCNSW,
 Wozza’s Winge ............................................................................................5                                                       PO Box 53, RYDALMERE BC 1701
Karuah Raffle……………………….……………………………………………....5                                                                      email: pjbreeze@bigpond.com                     NSW
 40th Anniversary report…….……………………………………….……………...6                                                               Submissions will be accepted by mail (typed or handwritten) or by E-mail (MS Word or .TXT
                                                                                                                   format)                               to                           pjbreeze@bigpond.com
 Caption Contest…………………………………………………………………....6                                                                     Completed documents are appreciated. All newsletter submissions should be received no later
 My Day in Court…………………………………………………………………....7                                                                     than the 3rd Wednesday of the month
 Letters to the Editor………………………………………………………………..8                                                                  The newsletter is a forum for all members. Views expressed by members in the newsletter do
 Recipe of the Month......................................................................................9        not necessarily represent the views of the editor or the BMWTCNSW. Publication of all materials
Coming Weekends details…………………………………………………….….10                                                                   is at the editors’ discretion.
 For Sale/Wanted ……………………………………………………………..…..11
Official Regalia …………………………………………………………………..12
 Karuah Rally Map………………………………………………………………...14
 Club Calender Spreadsheet aka Wozza’s ride Calendar …………………...15                                                  Editorial (AKA Pillion Ponderings)
                                                                                                                   Firstly I would like to draw to the attention of members
REGIONAL RIDE CO-ORDINATORS                                                                                        that there will be a Special meeting to be held prior to the
Contact these people if you are interested in rides in your area                                                   February monthly meeting. Details page 4
ACT                               Barry Thompson
                                                        Barry.Thompson@health.gov.au                               It was great to see so many at the recon run to Dungog
Dubbo                                                   Steve Treloar                                              ( but maybe the couple in the dining room looking forward
                                                                                                                   to a quiet, intimate dinner for 2 weren’t so pleased!!!)
                                                        Rob Teideman                                               It was very, very hot as usual but Marie and I managed to
                                                        (02) 4963-1901                                             keep cool and entertain Al and Paul by having a frequent
                                                        race@idl.com.au                                            wet t-shirt competition on the way up via Tamworth
Nowra                                                   Dave Blunn,                                                 ( where we checked out the new Bike Museum and later
                                                        (02) 4464-1056 or                                          joined in the boot scootin’ on the Friday night).
                                                        0407 070 825
                                                        Angus Monday
                                                                                                                   I have changed the format a little in the Events Calendar
Port Macquarie
                                                        (02) 6581-4007                                             – all events will be shown ,BUT only Club events will be
                                                                                                                   in BOLD and non club events won’t be bold.
BMWTCNSW                                                                                                           I plan to alternate monthly the Wozza Ride Calendar with
CLASSIC REGISTER REGISTRARS                                                                                        the membership form on the second last page.
Contact these people if you are interested in older BMWs.
Northern Region (Gosford, Newcastle etc.)
Craig Hancock
1Nimala Ave.
                                                                                                                   Jennie Breeze (Editor)
Koolewong 2256
02 4343 1818 (Home)
0419 557 014 (Mobile)
                                                                                                                   BMWTCNSW PDF Signup
Sydney Region                                                                                                      Get the magazine on email
Damien O'Toole                                                                                                     tom.torrance@telstra.com
13 Keith St
Clovelly, 2031
ph 02 9665 2281 (home)
0419 29 69 39 (mobile)

Western Region Registrar
(Bathurst, Orange etc.)
Brian English                                                                                                      St Johns First Aid Course for bike riders.
2 Camidge Place
Bathurst 2795                                                                                                      50% subsidiary of the cost – apply now
02 6332 5801 (Home)
0429 325 801 (Mobile)

Southern Region Registrar
(Goulburn, Canberra, Wollongong)
John Marquette –
174 Thornford Rd.
Yarra 2850
02 4829 7104 (Home)0425 280 390 (Mobile)
                                                                                                                   Web site/s of the month:
                                                                                                                    None available

Notice of Special General Meeting of                             Membership Secretary – Tom advised 4 new members
BMWTCNSW to be held at 7-30PM 23 Feb 2005 at                     this month.
the Andrew Cook Memorial Hall Toongabbie.                        Editor – Jenny thanked members for all their articles.
                                                                 Next newsletter out in end of January.
                                                                 Spares – Ian had all the Club spares at the meeting.
The purpose of this special general meeting is to present        Regalia – Ian had all the Club regalia at the meeting.
to the members for approval, the financial statement of          Assets & Archives – All in order.
the Club up to 31st May 2004.                                    Clubs Australia – Richard advised no response to 2004
 The Club is required to submit to the members for ap-           PESP request as yet.
proval a financial statement each year and this is nor-          Public Officer – Trevor is still waiting on DFT returns to
mally done at the AGM. Due to some anomalies that                be finalised.
have been difficult for past Committees to isolate, the          Sub-Committee Updates –
financial statement has not been submitted to the mem-           * Xmas Party – Marie advised she will be catering for
bers for approval at the AGM for the past 2 years.               approx 60 adults and 20 children again. Will need 8
 Approval by the members of the financial statements to          cheques. Details of event in the newsletter
the 31st May 2004 will be accepted by the Dept of Fair           * Karuah River Rally – Ian advised flyer for Rally in news-
Trading as complying with statutory requirements and             letter and recon run is in January.
                                                                 * 40th Anniversary – Sandra advised the venue for the
the BMWTCNSW will be able to move forward.
                                                                 40th will be the Hawkesbury Conference Centre at Rich-
                                                                 mond (old Agricultural College) and will be on the week-
A BMWTCNSW General Meeting will immediately follow               end of 8th & 9th October 2005. Centre has a new motel
the Special General Meeting.                                     and converted student accommodation. Expect entries to
                                                                 be ready for distribution by the end of January.
                                                                 Special mention – Rob Edgar and Hans Bielaczek were
                                                                 congratulated on 30 years membership – they both joined
                                                                 the Club in November 1974!
General Meeting Minutes                                          Special Guests – George & Charis Schwarz, the authors
                                                                 of ‘Highlights of the Road’ told the meeting of their travels
        BMWTCNSW Club Meeting                                    detailed in their book and the charitable purpose of the
   th                                                            proceeds from the book. Signed copies of the book were
24 November 2004                                                 for sale at the meeting - $60 each. Members wanting
                                                                 more info or to obtain copies can email –
Chairperson – Ian Ramsay
                                                                 gschwarz@iprimus.com.au or ring George & Charis on
Meeting opened – 8.00pm
                                                                 (02) 9361 6452.
Apologies – Graham Johns
                                                                 Past Events –
Visitors – George & Charis Schwarz, Ian Berry, Wolf-
                                                                 * Cootamundra – Fred Warren and Mike Day reported
gang Markgraf, Eric Anderson, Steve Smith.
                                                                 that there was a great turnout for the meeting, it was a
Previous Minutes        - Accepted – Andrew Watson
                                                                 fantastic weekend and that there should be more of them.
                        - Seconded – Mike Day
                                                                 * Ramjets Roo Run – Mike Day and Andrew Watson had
Correspondence -
                                                                 a good ride.
* Resignations received from Richard Maher – Spare
                                                                 * Snowy Ride – Fred Warren reported it poured rain Fri-
Parts Officer position and David Lovelock – Treasurer
                                                                 day evening, snowed Saturday with hailstorms, etc,
and Regalia Officer positions.
                                                                 cleared on Sunday. 2,600 riders attended the ride @
* Magazines from – BMW MCC of QLD, BMW Club UK,
                                                                 $50/person, the ride had a great result.
BMW Owners Register NZ, BMW MCC of WA, BMW
                                                                 * Andy’s Dirt Day Ride – Andy reported 8 bikes attended
MCC of Victoria, BMW MCC Owners Club (Bris) BMW
                                                                 and they covered approx 300kms via Bowen Mountain
Owners Club of SA & BMW Drivers Club NSW.
                                                                 and Bells Line of Road. Andy had such a good ride he’s
* Letter from Holroyd Council confirming hall bookings for
                                                                 organising another ride.
                                                                 * BMW Safari – Jock Wallace, Jenny & Paul Breeze all
* Advertising for MRA Toy Runs, Blue lagoon internet             reported on the fantastic ride they had. Tassie’s a great
Services and Touring Tassie.                                     place for the Safari, the event was well organised given
                                                                 there were 500+ people attending. The Safari may be-
* Statement from St George Bank.
                                                                 come an annual event.
President’s Report – Ian wishes all members and their            Coming Events – Refer to Newsletter.
families a safe and enjoyable festive season.                    General Business –
Vice President’s & MCC Report – Wozza advised the                * First Aid Course – Jenny Breeze asked for all members
Summer Blood Challenge is on again – the Red Cross               interested in completing the course to contact her. (Se-
need our support. The Caption Contest rules were dis-            lection criteria for the Club subsidy yet to be determined
closed and all were encouraged to participate. Coota-            by the Committee.)
mundra was a very enjoyable weekend and there was                * Ian Ramsay advised the Raffle will be drawn at the Ka-
great support from members for country meetings.                 ruah River Rally. Ian has books of tickets for sale.
Committee to look at organising one or two country meet-         * Caption Competition – as per details in newsletter.
ings annually.                                                   * Rob Tiedeman – Wozza advised that Rob is consider-
Secretary’s Report – As per Minutes in Newsletter.               ing retiring from his position of Regional Ride Co-
Treasurer’s Report – Sandra advised Bank balance as              Ordinator for Newcastle at the end of this Club year.
at 1st November 2004 $15,690.91. Annual Dinner State-            * Ride Calendar – Wozza advised the calendar is in the
ment tabled – the function ran at a loss of $49.60.              newsletter with events organised to the end of June.
* Positions vacant – Ian declared the positions of Treas-           tween less than exemplary and short of stupid you should
urer, Regalia Officer and Spare Parts Officer vacant and            get the idea. On the way up the average was 17k’s per
asked for nominations to fill the casual vacancies. Fred            litre. It was at 16.9k’s per litre coming back.
Warren was nominated for the Spare Parts Officer posi-
tion by Trevor Dean, seconded by Mike Day – Fred ac-                I told you I’d be happy if I could still get 300k from a tank.
cepted the nomination.                                              If I get down to running on the fumes I should get a range
* Meeting Raffle – the raffle raised $84. Prizes - 1st –            approaching 350k while pushing on a bit so the verdict is
Jenny picked the Multimeter, 2nd – Hans picked the Mo-              that the Techlusion is a big winner.
toGp Stamps and 3rd – Wozza the tshirt. Thank you to
those members who donated the prizes.                               Cheers,
* Auction – Ian auctioned off lots of items brought by the          Woz
members. Final figure next meeting.                                 Vice Prez
Meeting Closed : 9.40PM
                                                                    P.S See you at Karuah! If you’re a bugger for punishment
                                                                    be there on the Friday night as well.
Ramjets Rave – AKA,
The Prezo’s Report.
                                                                    KARUAH RAFFLE
Not this month.                                                     4 Prizes
                                                                     -Gift Certificate from PROCYCLES that enables the re-
                                                                    cipient to obtain a choice of 2 tyres for their motorbike.
Wozza’s Whinge                                                      -$250 Motohansa voucher,
                                                                    -Staintune Gift Pack,
G’day. Well I survived another Christmas and New Year               -Mystery Prize.
period so I’m back to either annoy or entertain you or              2000 tickets, bound as 100 books of 20 tickets @$5 ea.
perhaps both according to whatever floats your boat. A              We can post books of 20 tickets to members so they can
few good rides, a couple of days camping back at Dunn’s             sell tickets elsewhere .
Swamp with some members and the recon run have all
got me off to a good start. The clubman point score (see            All tickets $5-00 each
elsewhere this issue) is a close race with half the year’s          The raffle will be drawn at the Karuah Rally.
events gone. See if you can get out with the club to do a           Please make cheques and money orders payable to the
few runs.                                                           BMW Touring Club of NSW.
                                                                    Post order to Karuah Raffle
We are running the caption competition started last issue                         BMW Touring Club of NSW
and have been inundated with fantastic responses total-                           PO Box 53
ling absolutely zero. In the search for something different                       Rydalmere BC
that was something that could be participated in by every                         NSW      1701
member I thought we might get one or two. It’s still run-
ning, with a membership renewal up for grabs as the
prize. There has to be a line somewhere. Think of all the
smart arsed comments you would have liked to use when
you’ve been pulled over.

MCC stuff…... MCC first meeting for 2005 is start of Feb
so not much to tell apart from the DEC’s sneaky little
Christmas Eve passing of amended exhaust legislation
concerning motorcycles. Bottom line is, if your bike is late
‘80s or later with a non-original exhaust then if you don’t
have a complying label your gone for $200-00 next time
you get pulled over. This is just another round in an unfin-
ished bout but as it stands now, you can get fined.

Techlusion Fuel Injection Control
Second instalment………

Last issue I gave a fair wrap to the Techlusion that I’d just
fitted to the GS. The only reservation I had was what it
might do to the fuel consumption and consequently the
touring range per tank. On the recon run to Dungog the
trip up was done two-up (or about one and half up ‘cause
Kim is a midget) at around 10kph over the posted limit.
The run back was solo and for the most part I was riding
by myself. If I say my behaviour was somewhere be-

                                                                   The Editor is looking for anecdotes/profiles/articles
                     The 40th Anniversary Committee                about some of our original members to provide an
    needs the names and contact details of any past                interest in the background and history of the club.
       members still living. So that they may be                   It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare – anything will do.
         invited to the anniversary week-end.
                                                                   Send to: Jennie Breeze
                Please Urgently contact.                           pjbreeze@bigpond.com or
          Sandra Gluck (02) 9823 1651 or email                     17 Kallaroo Ave Stanwell Park 2508 NSW
            Paul Evans (02) 9674 2361 email
          Graham Johns (02) 9823 3426 email

                                                                   CAPTION CONTEST
                                                                   Here’s something every member can participate in!

                 to be held 8th & 9th October 2005
The organisation of the 40th Anniversary is coming along
nicely and entry forms along with all the info re accom-
modation, etc., will be in your next newsletter.

We are planning to put together a 70 minute Powerpoint
presentation of photos (new & old) spanning the 40 years
of the Club’s history. Averil Devine has generously of-
fered her time and energy to put this presentation to-
gether for the Club.

We need urgently NOW any photos, slides or other
incriminating evidence you may have. The photos can
be scanned onto a CD, or you can send your pho-
tos/slides – we will keep track of what you have sent and
ensure they are returned to you. Please ensure you put             Our own Damien O’Toole was the model used in this year’s
your return address details on your envelopes. If you can          promotion for the Summer Blood Challenge. Damien is on his
email your photos to Averil, that’s even better.                   R1150GS Adventure and there is some chat going on between
                                                                   him and the cop on his DR650. If you can put the best caption
                                                                   on this photo as judged by our expert panel you win one year’s
Please don’t leave it until later to sort through your al-
                                                                   free membership! Email them to wozzasshed@iprimus.com.au
bums as this presentation will take time to put together,          or post them with your name and member number to:
and if left until the last minute, your contribution may not
make the CD.
The cut off date for receiving your photos is Wednesday,           Caption Comp BMWTCNSW
31st August, 2005.                                                  PO Box 53 Rydalmere BC 1701 NSW. Winning entry to be
                                                                   announced at Karuah River Rally. The decision of the judging
Contact details are:                                               panel of Wozza, Paul & Jennie Breeze will be final. Send bribes
* Averil Devine, 1 Marigold Close, Calamvale, QLD, 4116            to.…(JUST KIDDING)! You can submit multiple entries.
  email – averilclaire@bigpond.com Ph: 07 37114455
(AH)                                                               (P.S. Don’t forget that there is a third person in the photo) Ed.
  or mobile 0417765223
* Sandra Gluck, PO Box 53, Rydalmere BC, NSW, 1701
  email – segluck@syd.gunnersens.com.au Ph: 02 9725
  2300 (BH) or 0419 022 025

                                                                              So, what did we do?????? ....... we go to court the next day
My Day In Court - What follows is                                             anyway, but we’re there to apply to have the police pay my
my strange but true tale.......                                               costs.
By Paul Breeze                                                                And when our turn arrives we tell the judge we’re applying for
                                                                              costs under section blah blah blah, and the judge asks
Last February, whilst puttering home from work in peak hour                   specifically which bit of that section we’re accusing the BIBs
Newtown traffic at about 30kph (“puttering” is about all that’s               of...., incredible ineptitude, vicious victimisation or what? To
possible on an XT600!!!), a young lady dodged out between the                 which we reply “all of them your honour!” and we hand over a
cars and ran into the rear side of my bike, sending bike ‘n me                wad of documents to the judge, who adjourns the court to read
bouncing down the road. Damage... to her a bruised shin where                 them and comes back after 20 minutes.... and the scene goes
she kicked my bike (probably the swing arm) ... to the bike, the              something like this....
usual blinker/mirror/panel scratches and, to me personally well,
apart from the usual commuter black/blue/yellow bruises, just                 Judge -           “Defence counsel, section blah blah blah covers
acute embarrassment from being “T boned” by a pedestrian.....                 incredible ineptitude and vicious victimisation but also covers
and a girl one at that!!!!!                                                   colossal corruption... and I don’t see any evidence of corrup-
                                                                              tion.......” (at which point I see a glimmer of light at the end of
Anyway, a beat patrol of boys in blue (from here on called the                the tunnel ………….‘cause to me she’s saying that there’s no
“BIBs”) turns up, pedestrian admits not looking, admits she                   corruption but, as for incredible ineptitude and vicious victimisa-
didn’t see me, admits the closest pedestrian lights were red for              tion, .......well......that’s another story!!!!)
her..... and all the witnesses agree and say I wasn’t speeding,
took appropriate evasive action etc etc. So, after breath testing             Us -           “No your honour...sorry your honour...our
me and finding that I’m sober as a judge (whoops... can’t say                 mistake.....no, not corruption”
that anymore, can we???) the BIBs tell me not to worry, to go
home, be thankful I’m still alive etc etc....                                 Judge -       “I thought not” and, turning to the prosecutor, “Are
                                                                              the police objecting to the awarding of costs?”
But then, six months later, I get a special surprise in the
mail.....an invitation from the BIBs..... to see them in court for            Prosecutor - “Yes your Honour”.
neg driving. Well, not only was I obviously surprised, but I must
confess I was just a teensy bit p.ssed off as well !!!!!!                     Judge -       “On what basis?”
So I get a lawyer and, in September, (yes, we’re now seven                    Prosecutor - “The defendant should have used his horn”.
months after the event) I pleaded not guilty in court. We also
asked the police at this stage to be a bit more exact as to what I            Judge -      “Ahhhh.......then why did you withdraw the charge?”
was being charged with.... but unfortunately they didn’t want to..
                                                                              Prosecutor (referring to the papers in front of him) - “Well, the
So............ we go back to court a month or so later to get an              senior prosecutor said the defendant didn’t have a case to
order to get the police to explain to us just exactly what it was             answer for and so we probably wouldn’t get a conviction” !!!!!
about my riding they considered negligent. We get the order
and a few weeks later we get a half page from the police saying               The judge shakes her head in amazement and refers to her
my actions were clearly negligent because, if I don’t sound my                notes....
horn or come to an immediate stop to avoid being run over,
then obviously I’m responsible for any accident and the whole                 Judge -      “Well, since the defendant had right of way, wasn’t
thing is my fault....                                                         speeding, took evasive action, and the pedestrian admits run-
                                                                              ning through peak hour traffic and not looking, she wasn’t at a
So……remember that the next time a car goes through a red                      pedestrian crossing, that there were hundreds of witnesses and
light and takes you out !!!!!!!!!!….. its all your fault!!!!!!!               everyone agrees that the pedestrian ran into the bike.............”
So, we write to the Local Area Commander of Newtown,                          At which stage the judge looks up from her notes and eyeballs
suggest that the charge appears a touch unrealistic, that they’ll             the prosecutor ... “AND THE PEDESTRIAN RAN INTO THE
probably lose, that we’ll then apply for costs and we therefore               BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….. I would have thought the fact that you
respectfully request that the BIBs reconsider their position.                 didn’t have a case at all would have been abundantly clear from
Their response.... well, I don’t know, ‘cause we never got one...             day one !!!!!!”
……….must have been lost in the mail I guess…..
                                                                              The police prosecutor proceeds to shuffle his feet awkwardly
So, ten months after the accident the actual case is scheduled                and stare at the floor, apparently looking for a rock to hide
to be held in the Downing Centre criminal court (yes, along with              under....
a few serial murderers, assorted assaults & battery and the odd
armed robber there’s Paul Breeze, 52 year old chookie rider                   Now its taken ten months and cost a lot a money and caused
and rampant danger to society... vroom...vroom).                              me a lot of aggravation, but I finally realise that there IS a God
                                                                              and that he IS just and merciful.... except in this case “he” is a
But wait............no, its not to be for, lo and behold ............my       “she”……!!!!!!!!!
barrister gets a call at 3.00pm the afternoon prior to my
scheduled court appearance saying that they’ve changed their                  And the end result... I was awarded full costs against the NSW
minds and withdrawn the case... all is forgiven....                           Police Department... FULL costs!!!!! (which had never been
                                                                              seen before by our 55 year old barrister). So, yes, the police
Ok, so I know I should be really, really happy ........ but I’m               have to send ME a cheque for a change!!!! ……WHACKO!!!!!!!!!
not.... this has gone on for TEN months, there’s already been
TWO court appearances and I’ve invested THOUSANDS of                          So is there a moral to this fractured David and Goliath
dollars in lawyers, and they expect me to just wander off into                fairytale???? Well….. I’ll leave that one up to you……
the dusk so they can try it on somebody else???
                                                                              (And to the BIBs in our club, yes, I accept that every organisa-
They’ve gotta be dreaming............................                         tion has its bad apples...............) ………. cheers, Paul

LETTERS to the EDITOR                                          Hi Jennie
                                                               Season’s Greetings

RIDE REPORTS                                                   Report on our Day Ride to Umina

                                                               7 bikes and nine riders overcame the indulgences of Christmas
                                                               to meet at BP Asquith on 27th December. Two GS’s, R50,
                                                               R80,K1200,R1100 S,R1150R.
                                                               We cruised up the old road, long sweeping bends for
                                                               35kms to Mt White. Not a policeman in sight and good
                                                               weather to boot. Then along the continuation of the Old
                                                               Road to Gosford and onto the Woy Woy road and down
                                                               into Umina. Peak Hour traffic in the beach side town
                                                               lasted all of 5 minutes and we found three parking spaces
                                                               to fit all the bikes. There is a café underneath the local
                                                               surf club - a fundraiser for the boys and girls in red and
                                                               yellow and well patronized. A Real Hamburger with the
                                                               lot set us back all of $5.50, fish and chips and good
                                                               coffee too.
                                                               Around midday we split up, George and Charis to meet
                                                               some friends at Pearl Beach, some of us down the F3 for
                                                               a 30 minute trip back to where we had started, and four
                                                               of us took off through Peat’s Ridge. If it’s a while since
                                                               you’ve ridden up here treat yourself by heading up there.
Hello Jennie,                                                  The surface is outstanding on the old Pacific Highway.
I took some snaps of the group who rode the Dec.1 roo          You can loop the loop as many times as you like and
run to Mt. Banks                                               then re join the old road at Calga just north of Mt White.
Yes it was quite a relief from the Sydney heat that day,       We cruised back and pulled over for a chat at the old Toll
once we were headed up the Bell Line of Road, great run        Booths. Our frat police car for the day headed off in hot
and great ride. Be warned the rubble (rocks about the          pursuit of some poor unfortunate.
size of half house bricks on the Mt. Banks dirt road).
Although there was a stiff breeze a blowing as the storm       The ride was enjoyable even with holiday traffic and I
that evening blew in over Sydney. Ian, Kim, Paul, Warren       think it showed that you make a real outing out of these
and myself tucked into a marvellous feed of prawns and         locations so close to Sydney.
salad followed by a fine roast of coffee. What a way to
break up a Sydney working week.

Thank You
Merry Christmas to all                                         Andrew
Michael Spencer-Brown                                          Andrew Le Lievre

                                                                         Lesson Number One

                                                                         A crow was sitting on a tree, doing nothing all day. A small rab-
                                                                         bit saw the crow, and asked him, "Can I also sit like you and do
                                                                         nothing all day long?" The crow answered: "Sure, why not." So,
                                                                         the rabbit sat on the ground below the crow, and rested.
                                                                         All of a sudden a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.
                                                                         Management Lesson:
                                                                         To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very
                                                                         high up.

                                                                         Lesson Number Two
                                                                         A turkey was chatting with a bull. "I would love to be able to get
                                                                         to the top of the tree", sighed the turkey, "but I haven't got the
                                                                         energy." "Well, why don't you nibble on some of my droppings?"
                                                                         replied the bull. "They're packed with nutrients."
                                                                         The turkey pecked at a lump of dung and found that it actually
                                                                         gave him enough strength to reach the top of the tree. Soon he
Riders on the Breakfast Run to Brooklyn, clockwise be-                   was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot the turkey out of
hind Sandra Gluck, who                                                   the tree...
had surgery later that day to extract her fingers from her               Management Lesson:
ears, are Graham                                                         Bullshit might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there.
Bode, Michael Spencer-Brown, Greg Tow, Bruce Camp-
                                                                         Lesson Number Three
bell, Warren Buffett & Mike                                              A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold; the
Day. Ian Berry took the picture. They all enjoyed a lei-                 bird froze and fell to the ground in a large field. While it was
surely double                                                            lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on it. As
demerits ride from Windsor via Wisemans Ferry, Spencer                   the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, it began to real-
to Calga and then                                                        ize how warm it was. The dung was actually thawing him out!
down the Old Road. We managed to enjoy breakfast                         He lay there all warm and happy and soon began to sing for joy.
without the horde of flys                                                A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate.
that have been known to share the fare at previous visits                Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the
to the cafe on the                                                       pile of cow dung and promptly dug him out and ate him.
marina. A good start with plenty of the day left by the time             Management Lesson:
we all got                                                               1) Not everyone who drops shit on you is your enemy.
                                                                         2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend
home. Thanks to Sandra for organising the run.
                                                                         3) And, when you're in deep shit, keep your mouth shut.

Recipe of the Month                 ABC Radio 2BL
Coq au Can a la B-B-Q
                                                                          A dedicated Teamsters union worker was attending a conven-
1 can of your favourite beverage (usually beer)                           tion in Las Vegas and decided to check out the local brothels.
1 medium / large whole chicken
1 BBQ with hood (or oven)                                                  When he got to the first one, he asked the Madam, "Is this a
1 baking tray (optional)                                                                           union house?"
                                                                                        "No," she replied, "I'm sorry it isn't."
Preheat the BBQ to 200deg C                                                    "Well, if I pay you $100, what cut do the girls get?"
Dispose of 1/3 of the drink in a hygienic manner,                          "The house gets $80 and the girls get $20," she answered.
Insert the can of drink into the chicken so that the can protrudes
slightly from the chook (try to keep the can upright)                        Mightily offended at such unfair dealings, the union man
then stand the chicken upright in the tray and place into the               stomped off down the street in search of a more equitable,
BBQ, with hood down, for 1 hr or until the juices run clear when                             hopefully unionized shop.
stabbed and the skin is crispy.                                           His search continued until finally he reached a brothel where
                                                                         the Madam responded, "Why yes sir, this is a union house. We
(The chicken can be pre-marinated with your favourite herbs                                   observe all union rules."
and spices & or rubbed with oil).                                          The man asked, "And if I pay you $100, what cut do the girls
In the interests of the Club a member tried this and yes it did                     The girls get $80 and the house gets $20."
work – yum yum. Editor                                                               "That's more like it!" the union man said.

                                                                           He handed the Madam $100, looked around the room and
                                                                                   pointed to a stunningly attractive blonde.
                                                                                             "I'd like her," he said.
Looking for Ear Plugs?                                                            I'm sure you would, sir," said the Madam.
Contact Joanne Vella, of Earmold Australia on
Ph 9671 5301.                                                             Then she gestured to a 92-year old woman in the corner, "but
$50 + GST.                                                                     Ethel here has 67 years seniority and she's next."

Club Service Day. Saturday 19th Feb 05                                           Camping Weekend Saturday 19th March
Contact Fred 9894 9796 or hicool@ozemail.com.au                                  at Bristol Point, Jervis Bay .
34 Rondelay Drive Castle Hill                                                    Jane Schmierer and Cheryl Ison are organising a W/E at
All members are invited to our first service day for 2005                        Bristol Point which can cater for 7 large tents or several
                                                                                 smaller tents, for up to 35 people. The site costs $86-50
When did you last; change your engine oil & filter, plugs                        which will have to split amongst those that stay.
clean your fuel bowls or filters etc.or slacken and re-                          The camping area (Section M) is located in a natural
grease your R series exhaust flange nuts??                                       setting.
                                                                                 Amenities include:
Paul Evans will be available, with tips and advice on set-                       . male and female toilets
ting R1100/R1150 Throttle Positioning Sensor (TPS) and                           . hot and cold showers
the balancing of carburettors using his "Twin Max" elec-                         . fresh water
tronic balancer.                                                                 It is advisable to bring along a personal gas BBQ al-
Warren Buffett with help and advice on K 100s                                    though wood fireplaces are provided.
                                                                                 Entry fee of $10-00 into the Park may be required.
Let me know a couple of weeks in advance to ensure
spare parts are available on the day!

If you intend working on your bike make sure it is clean
and free of oil and grease. And bring your own oil.

A sausage sizzle and soft drinks will be available.
Time: From 10am (1000hrs) on.

Cundle Hill Weekend 26th-27th February
Rob Tiedeman is organising a weekend at Cundle Hill as a
recon for a GS W/E in October.
Cundle hill is 50kms north of Gloucester on the Upper manning
river – an ‘idyllic’ spot for a weekend.
There are 21 bunks for $15-00 per person (basic) or camp by
the river with amenities for $10-00 per person.
Rob is bringing some inner tubes and ? canoes for a float down
the river.
Breakfast will be supplied for a modest sum.
Bookings need to be made through Rob Tiedeman on
49 631901. Mob 0414503808                                                        ---------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                 BMW Nationals at Stanthorpe QLD
COLD FLAME 4 – 6 March       th       th                                         Easter Weekend 25th-28th March
                                                                                 Contact: www.dmwclubqld.asn.au/Nats_2005
The Cold Flame gathering (it's not a formal rally as such), will                 Information supplied by Richard Maher 0409 437 768
convene on 4 – 5 – 6 March 2005 at the junction of the Pinch
and Snowy Rivers on the Barry Way just north of the Victorian
Border. The site (on the right hand side coming from north), is                  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
about 60k south of Jindabyne with some 34k of dirt. About 20k
down the Barry Way from Jindabyne is Wallace Craigie Lookout
which gives you a panorama of the valley down which the
Snowy River flows. There is a long dirt descent to the valley,                   ANZAC DAY LONG WEEKEND
and the weather is always pleasant, and warm enough for a
paddle or swim in the Snowy. This is a byo everything affair,                    23rd-25th April 2005
the dirt is manageable (trail bike in unnecessary, but ride to
your ability – not someone else's), and the scenery is beautiful                 Dave Blunn has booked The Laurel Hill Forest Lodge for
now that it's beginning to recover from the January 2003 fires.                  the Anzac Day Weekend 2005.
There are lots of options for exploring the region if time permits.
                                                                                 $44-00 ea for Dinner, bed and breakfast, per night.
Last supplies are at Jindabyne, but Seldom Seen destroyed by
the fires might be back in action further south. This one is al-                 Sleeping bag and pillow required / linen provided via ar-
ways a great but quiet gathering for like minded riders.                         rangement with Dave.
 Contact Rob Lovett 02 6296 1949 or                                              The Lodge is approx. 495 kms from Sydney, close to
rob@gaslightbooks.com.au.                                                        Tumbarumba and can be seen on the following website:
                                                                                 All bookings via Dave, (02) 4464-1056 or 0407 070 825
                                                                                 Final numbers by 18th April.

For Sale, Wanted, etc.
                                          Post to:
     To place or remove an ad here “The Editor”
and on the clubs website:             17 Kallaroo Ave
•     Contact Peter Diehm:            Stanwell Park
     bmwtc@hotmail.com                NSW 2508
     To view the website:
Click on “Classified”
     or email to:
     All ads should be motorcycle related, preferably BMW.
All ads should be submitted, written as you want them printed. The
Editor reserves all rights.

      Ads appearing for the First time…

.   BMW R1200C Avantgarde
Wayne Collum Ph: 0738 223 222 or 0402 814 696 7am                                 .         R100RS, 1991 model. Very good condition, well maintained.
11pm Mobile is Optus connected" Email: wscollum@optusnet.com.au                   113,000K's. Panniers, dri-rider jacket + pants. 28/02/05 TAS. rego.
                                                                                  $5400 ONO. Must sell. Contact Mick on (03) 6229 3081 or
·     R100RT Solo/single seat to suit a 1983. Contact Bill on                     slyemm@aapt.net.au

·    R80GS R100GS if fair condition reasonably priced. cosmetics not
important ,contact Rod on 0421921902.or email rodpry@hotmail.com

·     Georg Meier Fuel Tank 24 litres for our BMW R50 1965 any con-
dition (but prefer black). Contact George Schwarz   ph 9361 6452 or

·     Tank Bag to fit K1200GT (Blue) must be good condition, also rear
rack soft bag wanted. Please phone Robbi 0414 731 888

.        BMW touring pannier, Left hand, to suit R75/7. Contact
Volkhard Korner at volkhard.korner@jcu.edu.au

                                                                                  .         BMW R1100GS 75th Anniversary 1998 Model ABS, Heated
    For sale                                                                      Grips, Crash Bars, BMW Panniers, Givi Top Box, Intercom for 2 with
                                                                                  VHF CB, Bagster Tank Cover and Bag, 59000 easy Ulysses Member
.         Touratech handlebar risers for R1200GS $75 0296055089                   klms. 1 years rego $12,500. Contact Steve 0410 403 380 Green Point,
                                                                                  Central Coast, NSW
.          R1100R, 2000 model immaculate cond, 63000 touring K's
only, Ulysses owner, Panniers, top box, 3 screens small med and large,
ABS, heated grips, excellent tyres. $11,500. Contact Steve Smith on 02
96804880 or 0417 682 891.                                                         ·       Cast iron discs (X2) for older R series (/6. /7 etc). These have had
                                                                                  little use, are not warped and include the 10 special bolts required for
.         BMW pannier (brand new) left H/S, suit R1100/R1150 series.              mounting. When mounted they dramatically improve front braking -
Givi top box and rack to suit BMW K100/K1100 series, other BMW K                  $250. Contact Mark on 0409 441 381 or mhungerford@seven.com.au
and R parts currently on ebay, www.ebay.com.au under Cars/Bikes,
Motorcycle parts, search for BMW, Parts from $20, Gosford-NSW, con-               ·     Fournales rear shock - will suit K100 or other model with 350 mms
tact PETER on 02 4365 3410 or email peterbmw@bigpond.com                          mounting centres. This unit has been used little. The shock relies on
                                                                                  compressed air for springing and has infinitely variable damping and
·     K100RS 1986 model, 12 months rego, new rear tyre, front 80%,                springing. It provides a big improvement to handling with a slight bias to
96,000 kms, rear shock has just been rebuilt and upgraded by Chivo's,             sport riding. This model is one of the current versions and sells for over
BMW touring panniers, seat has been reshaped and has a sheepskin,                 $1500 new. It comes with a mini-compressor. I'm asking $450. Contact
rear rack, fork brace, fork gaiters, rear splines recently replaced by Mo-        Mark on          0409 441 381 or mhungerford@seven.com.au
tohansa, and new battery. To my knowledge the bike has never been
dropped, although the right-hand mirror fell off once and has some                ·    BMW R1100GS 75th Anniversary 1998 Model ABS, Heated Grips,
marks. It's a great bike, but I don't get a chance to ride it any more            Crash Bars, BMW Panniers, Givi Top Box, Intercom for 2 with VHF CB,
$4,500 negotiable.                                                                Bagster Tank Cover and Bag, 59000 easy Ulysses Member klms. 1
  Contact Mark on 0409 441 381 or mhungerford@seven.com.au                        years rego $12,500. Contact Steve 0410 403 380 Green Point, Central
                                                                                  Coast, NSW
·     Heated grips for older R series (/6, /7, R80, R100 etc). These are
the 2 speed version which now cost close to $400 new. Will sell for               ·     R80, 1985 mono - Good condition. Needs tyres + rego (Got sick of
$200. Contact Mark on 0409 441 381 or mhungerford@seven.com.au                    paying it on two bikes). Replaced over ownership; Steering head bear-
           BMW K100RS 1986 good condition, headlight protector, fork              ings, front shocks rebuilt, new rubber fork gaiters, new handgrips and
gaiters, plain K100 handlebars, Good Wool Store sheepskin seatcover               mirrors, gearbox reco, new clutch, new ignition switch, push rod seals,
plus raincover, City case panniers, Staintune exhaust, engine protection          battery, foot rubbers, fuel lines, tank cap, pannier lock, master cylinder
bars and rear rack. Good tyres, rego to July 05. Serviced by Taffy. Price         on brakes, new balancing box on exhaust. Has staintunes and gearsack
now dropped to $3500 ono. Photos available. Contact Paul on ph (02)               not pictured (not fitted) in excellent condition. 96000kms on clock. Re-
6265 1217 - work or email me at yeeticup@yahoo.com.au.

luctant sale, just being wasted. $3200 ono. Will rego for new owner for          •   R1150GS, silver with 32,000 kms. Extras include Corbin seats,
extra $$$. approx 1hr from Sydney CBD.               Ph 0409 856 529                 Staintune exhaust, twin FULL size panniers, GIVI screen and new
                                                                                     rear tyre. Full service history available. $16,250. phone Paul 0407
                                                                                     913 099 or 02 9712 4068

                                                                                 •   BMW R1150RT, 2002, Silver in Colour, Pristine condition, always
                                                                                     garaged, Genuine reason for selling my pride and joy, new tyres,
                                                                                     ACT Reg to Jan 2005, $18,300.00 ono contact Robert on
                                                                                     0403 090 085, rvtaylor@ozemail.com.au

                                                                                 •   BMW R100GS 1993, panniers, heated grips, Staintune exhaust,
                                                                                     nothing to spend, 8 months reg, low font guard, excellent mo-
                                                                                     tor/gearbox/clutch, a bit cosmetically challenged $6800. Ph Peter
                                                                                     0405 383 900 or e-mail peter.marvig@integral.com.au

                                                                                 •   BMW Rockster for sale. Showroom condition 280klm. Grips,
                                                                                     ABS/Servo, BMW warranty, suit new buyer, cost over $20000 on
                                                                                     road, 10 months reg. Bargain $17800 Contact Peter 0405 383 900
·    R1100R, 2000 model immaculate cond, 63000 touring K's only,                     or peter.marvig@integral.com.au
Ulysses owner, Panniers, top box, 3 screens small med and large, ABS,
heated grips, excellent tyres. $11,500. Contact Steve Smith on 02 9680
4880 or 0417 682 891.
                                                                                 •   R90S 1975, smoke silver. Good cosmetic and mechanical condi-
·     Marzocchi rear shock to suit K100 or bike with similar mounting -              tion. Frame and cycle parts re-painted to original standard, few
has adjustable rebound damping and has done little work - $200. Con-                 small scratches and stone chips but very presentable. Recent new
tact Mark on 0409 441 381 or mhungerford@seven.com.au                                cast iron discs and pads, BMW battery regulator, tachometer, ca-
                                                                                     bles, centre stand bushes, rebuilt seat, rebuilt carbs, near new
·     Staintune muffler for K100 - this saves about 5kgs in weight and               Metzeler tyres, panniers, original tool kit (including towel!), Stain-
improves the sound. It is not much louder than the standard. Similar                 tune mufflers, Koni shock absorbers, Haynes manual. Runs very
mufflers from Staintune cost around $1000 - sell for $450. Contact mark              sweetly and reliably, registered to Feb 2005, regretted sale, $7300.
on 0409 441 381 or                 mhungerford@seven.com.au                          Contact christopher_armstrong@pacificnational.com.au (jpegs
                                                                                     available) or 0404 048 638.
·     K1100LT (White) 1997, Side panniers, Top box, Extra low
47,000km, Comes with Walden Miller leather Jacket, Nolan Helmet
(clear and tinted visors) and a fully waterproof bike cover. Lovely bike,
under instructions from other half to sell due to young child and compul-        •   R80GS, 1985 model with 32 litre tank, single and dual seats, full
sory station wagon purchase. $7,990. Phone Tristan Waller on 0402                    size panniers, Staintune system with low pipe, Ohlins shock, up-
098 806                                                                              graded fork springs, new tyres, 175000km, Service history since
                                                                                     99000km, reg 2/05 NSW.$4000. Ring Jon Shannon on 02 9359
                                                                                     2617 BH or (0408 744 222) Email jdsh@ozemail.com.au or
Ads appearing for the Second time…
For Sale
                                                                                 •   Computers, several, suitable for home or pleasure. 3 years old
•    1980 R80 G/S with 40 Lt Fuel tank plus standard tank. Stainless                 Pentium 111 450, 500, 550, 677 and 866 processors with 64-
     headers & collector box ( not standard – made for me by exhaust                 128mb ram, mainly 15” monitors all with network cards and some
     shop ) plus R100 G/S stainless muffler. Approx 240,000 kms                      manuals. Running Win ’98 II or ME (clean install). All HP brand,
     (speedo broken). First R80 G/S sold in Australia I think. Owned it              ex-corporate machines, some printers also available. PCs $120-
     since new – 23 years. Regrettable sale ph Jeff 0419 617 634                     195, printers $25-35. Buy 2 PCs get a free printer. Make good
     $5,000.                                                                         Christmas present to yourself or another. Contact Peter on 02
                                                                                     9868 4034 (home) or 02 9911 3515 (work)
•    1997 fully faired R1100 RS. ABS, silver - colour matched panniers,
     sheepskin seat covers, 55,300 kms. Recent T.Byrne service – un-             •   Boots – Spider brand, only 1 pair left, calf length pull on cruiser or
     happy sale $14,400 O.N.O.          John ph 02 9521 4667                         road touring style. BRAND NEW still in box never worn, black in
     Photo supplied (unable to scan) – looks great. Editor                           colour size 12 (small 12 probably more like 10.5-11). $120. Con-
                                                                                     tact Peter on 02 9868 4034 (home) or 02 9911 3515 (work)
•    Classic Tow Bar to suit R 1100 RS – definitely used once only
     John ph. 02 9521 4667                                                       •   VW Transporter 1984, 200500 Km, water cooled motor, auto, 12
                                                                                     months rego, colour white, rego YBD 535 $4350. Call 0407 012
•    Tow Bar – Came with 1981 R100RT – New Paintwork - $ 100.                        839
     Contact Ian on 9833 8588 or peckertimbers@yahoo.com.au                      Wanted

                                                                                     •    Parts for /5, Krauser wrap around engine heads crash bars &
                                                                                          also some Krauser Panniers rack, all for /5 & any condition
•    Tow Bar & Wiring loom – off 1993 K100RS - $ 100. Contact Ian on                      would        be       OK.      Contact      Henning       at
     9833 8588 or peckertimbers@yahoo.com.au                                              Henning.Jorgensen@bluescopesteel.com
                                                                                     •    Mufflers for BMW 1000cc Twins Conti Replica Stainless
•    Trailer – Classic Medium Size – Spare Wheel. New Tyres – New                         made by Staintune. Would prefer NOS or excellent used
     Bearings – Inside Light – $ 900. Contact Ian on 9833 8588 or                         pieces. I live in the US so please be willing to ship there. Re-
     peckertimbers@yahoo.com.au                                                           ply to : phactory1@yahoo.com

                                                                                     •    BMW Panniers and mounts for 1150GSA Phone Andrew
                                                                                          0418 220 658
•    BMW Sports Cam – To Suit “R” Series – up to 1000cc - $ 300.
     Contact Ian on 9833 8588 or peckertimbers@yahoo.com.au

                             Official Regalia
                                                                            Haynes: Compress...
                           Metal Badges $5,                                 Translation: Squeeze with all your might, jump up and down on,
                          Stickers $1, Pins $5,                             swear at, throw at the garage wall, then search in the dark cor-
                    Plate Frames $16, Key Rings $3                          ner of the garage for while muttering "Piece of Sh@t" repeat-
                                                                            edly under your breath.
        Item                   Normally        Out they Go!
        T-Shirts                $18.00           $15.00                     Haynes: Inspect...
           Polo Shirts          $25.00           $22.00
                                                                            Translation: Squint at really hard and pretend you know what
                         Limited Stocks, Buy Now
                                                                            you are
                    Free Postage for orders over $25                        looking at, then declare in a loud knowing voice to your wife,
                                                                            "Yep, as I thought, it's broke!"
                    Free Key Ring for orders over $15
                                                                            Haynes: Carefully...
                                                                            Translation: You are about to cut yourself.

                                                                            Haynes: Retaining nut...
                                                                            Translation: Yes, that's it, that big spherical blob of rust.

                                                                            Haynes: Get an assistant...
                                                                            Translation: Prepare to humiliate yourself in front of someone
                                                                            you know.
Haynes Manual Translations                                                  Haynes: Turning the engine will be easier with the spark pugs
Haynes: Rotate anticlockwise.
                                                                            Translation: However, starting the engine afterwards will be
Translation: Clamp with visegrips then beat repeatedly with
                                                                            much harder. Once that sinking pit of your stomach feeling has
hammer counterclockwise.
                                                                            subsided, you can start to feel deeply ashamed as you gingerly
                                                                            refit the spark plugs.
Haynes: This is a snug fit.
Translation: You will skin your knuckles!
                                                                            Haynes: Refitting is the reverse sequence to removal.
                                                                            Translation: But you swear in different places.
Haynes: This is a tight fit.
Translation: Not a hope in hell, bucko!
                                                                            Haynes: Prise away plastic locating pegs...
                                                                            Translation: Snap off...
Haynes: As described in Chapter 7...
Translation: That'll teach you not to read through before you
                                                                            Haynes: Using a suitable drift...
start; now you are looking at scary photos of the inside of a
                                                                            Translation: The biggest nail in your tool box isn't a suitable
Haynes: Pry...
                                                                            Haynes: Apply moderate heat...
Translation: Hammer a screwdriver into...
                                                                            Translation: Placing your mouth near it and huffing isn't moder-
                                                                            ate heat.
Haynes: Undo...
Translation: Go buy a BIG can of WD40...
                                                                            Haynes: Index
                                                                            Translation: List of all the things in the book but the thing you
Haynes: Retain small spring...
                                                                            want to do!
Translation: "Jeez what was that, it nearly took my eye out!"
Haynes: Press and rotate to remove bulb...                                  Not for the prim and proper
Translation: "OK - that's the glass part off, now use some good
pliers to dig out the base...                                               A little old lady wanted to join a biker club.
                                                                            She knocked on the door of a local biker club and a big,
Haynes: Lightly...                                                          hairy, bearded biker with tattoos all over his arms an-
Translation: Start off lightly and build up till the veins on your          swers the door.
forehead are throbbing...                                                   She proclaims "I want to join your biker club."
                                                                            The guy was amused and told her that she needed to
Haynes: Routine maintenance...
                                                                            meet certain biker requirements before she was allowed
Translation: If it isn't broken... it's about to be!
                                                                            to join.
Haynes: One spanner rating.                                                 So the biker asks her "You have a bike?"
Translation: Your mother could do this... so how did you man-               The little old lady says "Yea, that's my Harley over there"
age to botch it up?                                                         and points to a Harley parked in the driveway.
                                                                            The biker asks her "Do you smoke?"
Haynes: Two spanner rating.                                                 The little old lady says "Yea, I smoke. I smoke 4 packs of
Translation: Now you may think that you can do this because                 cigarettes a day and a couple of cigars while I'm shooting
two is a low, tiny, little number... but you also thought the wiring        pool."
diagram was a map of the Tokyo underground.
                                                                            The biker is impressed and asks "Well, have you ever
Haynes: Three spanner rating.                                               been picked up by the Fuzz?"
Translation: OK - but don't expect us to ride in it afterwards!             The little old lady says "No, never been picked up by the
                                                                            fuzz, but I've been swung around by my nipples a few
Haynes: If not, you can fabricate your own special tool like                times."
Translation: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah !
There are over a thousand people who can probably navigate their way to the Karuah River Rally blindfolded.
Hopefully, the following map will simplify things for those who struggle with the myriad of signs in Chichester
State Forest. Please note the map's not to scale or oriented, but if you stay on the thick line you'll get to
the rally.

For a start, a good reference point is the Bank Hotel in Dungog.
From the front of the Bank, head left, taking the Fosterton sign at the intersection the Hotel is located on, and
about 4.4 k out of town (past the Fosterton turn off), turn left onto Main Creek Road and stay on this going past
the Gloucester and Monkerai turn off, past a dairy farm and the remains of an old timber mill (both on the right).
Main Creek Road turns to dirt along this section. Soon (about 15.5 k from Dungog), Main Creek Road ends at
the Cabbage Tree Road junction and Skimmings Gap Road commences. Take Skimmings Gap Road up into the
hills, past Yeranda Cottages and a nursery, until a junction between Skimmings Gap Road and Frying Pan Road
is reached. Keep right onto Frying Pan Road (Skimmings Gap Road veers left across the range joining onto
Wangat Trig Road on the way out). You then pass Prickly Knob Road and Coachwood Camping Area. The
Frying Pan Camping Area (the rally site), is about 300 metres further on, with two tracks leading down to it. The
road surface is solid but bumpy with some pot holes - and keep an eye out for four wheel drives.

You can head back to Dungog by turning right out of the rally site, staying on the Frying Pan Road and going
uphill, which becomes Middle Ridge Road at a "Regrowth Thinning" sign. Go past this sign, (ie don’t turn right to
go up Middle Ridge Road – keep going downhill), until it junctions with the Wangat Trig Road (and some old
logging machinery on display). Turn left onto Wangat Trig Road which becomes sealed at its junction with the
Chichester Dam road. Go past this, and past the Salisbury & Barrington House turnoff, and past the Gresford
turnoff to return to Dungog. From the start of the Wangat Trig Road everything is well signposted.

The rally site via Main Creek Road is 27k from Dungog with 14k of dirt. Dungog to the rally site via Wangat Trig,
Middle Ridge & Frying Pan Roads is 31k with 14k of dirt – the latter route is a bit steeper with clay sections
which are challenging in the wet. The Telegherry River causeway and picnic area on this section is quite

If it's wet, the Frying Pan Road – Main Creek Road exit is easier (head left when leaving the rally site).
Rob Lovett
           Feb-05                                      Mar                                      Apr                                  May                                      Jun                        Other
1                                    1
     Social Sip Cricketers Arms
2    Prospect Andy Crook 7pm -       2                                                                                                                       1
3                                    3                                                                                                                       2
4                                    4                                            1                                                                          3
5                                    5                                        2                                                                              4
                                          Cold Flame Rally Contact Rob Lovett
6    Watagans Andrew Le Lievre       6                  - NCE                 3                                         1                                    5

7                                    7                                            4                                     2                                    6
8                                    8                                            5                                     3                                    7
                                                                                                                             Social Sip Cricketers Arms
9                                    9                                            6                                     4    Prospect Andy Crook 7pm -       8
      Nowra Group Social Sip -            Nowra Group Social Sip - Bomaderry                                                                                      Nowra Group Social Sip - Bomaderry
10                                   10                                           7                                     5                                    9
          Bomaderry Pub                                Pub                                                                                                                     Pub
11                                   11                                           8                                     6                                    10
12                                   12                                                                                 7                                    11                                          Oct 1,2&3. GS
          Karuah River Rally                                                                                                      Loaded Dog rally?
13                                   13       5 Ferries Ride Andrew L.L.                                                8                                    12        Alpine Rally - Brindabella        25th
14                                   14                                           11                                    9                                    13                                          Anniversary
15                                   15                                           12                                    10                                   14                                          w/end.    Rob
16                                   16                                           13                                    11                                   15                                          Tiedeman
                                                                                         Nowra Group Social Sip -             Nowra Group Social Sip -
17                                   17                                           14                                    12                                   16
                                                                                             Bomaderry Pub                        Bomaderry Pub
18                                   18                                           15                                    13                                   17

19    Maintenance Day Fred W.        19              Camping W/E                  16                                    14                                   18
                                          Jervis Bay - Jane Schmierer / Cheryl                                               Andy's Dirt day Ride Neriga
20                                   20                                        17        Catherine Hill - Mike Day      15                                   19                                          Oct 8th & 9th
                                                          Ison                                                                      Details TBA
21                                   21                                        18                                       16                                   20                                          40th
22                                   22                                           19                                    17                                   21                                          Anniversary
23      BMWTCNSW Meeting             23                                           20                                    18                                   22
24         Club Blood Run            24                                           21                                    19                                   23

     Drinks & Bistro Meal, (Hunter         Drinks & Bistro Meal, (Hunter group)                                                                                   Drinks & Bistro Meal, (Hunter group)
25                                   25                                           22                                    20                                   24
     group) Hexham Mossie Club                    Hexham Mossie Club                                                                                                     Hexham Mossie Club

26   W/End at Cundle Flat Farm.      26   Easter weekend BMW Nationals     23                                           21                                   25
                                                                                       ANZAC W/E -Laurel Hill Dave
          Rob Tiedeman                            Stanthorpe QLD
27                                   27                                    24            Blunn /Outfit Rally in Vic /   22                                   26
                                        www.bmwclubqld.asn.au/Nats_2005 or
                                                                                       Autumn Leaf Rally near Tumut
28                                   28            Richard Maher           25                                           23                                   27
                                     29                                           26                                    24                                   28

   Folks, there are     30      BMWTCNSW Meeting                                  27      BMWTCNSW Meeting              25      BMWTCNSW Meeting             29 BMWTCNSW Annual General Meeting
  plenty of dates to    31                                                        28                                    26                                   30
 organise rides. All it                                                           29
                                                                                       Drinks & Bistro Meal, (Hunter
                                                                                                                             Drinks & Bistro Meal, (Hunter
                                                                                       group) Hexham Mossie Club             group) Hexham Mossie Club
takes is the desire to be named as the ride co-                                   30                                    28                                        Additions shown in
ride somewhere and         ordinator. Send ride                                                                         29                                               BOLD
  the willingness to suggestions and dates to:                                         Warren Buffett.                  30                                            CE =club event
                                                                                            Vice Pres.
                                                                                                                        31                                          NCE = non club event