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Treating Saddle Sores Is Now Easy

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					Saddle sores are sores that develop between the buttocks and legs due to bicycle or
horse riding. Most people suffering from saddle sores often wonder over this question,
"How do I treat saddle sores effectively"? Fortunately, there are many things that you
can do to deal with saddle sores effectively and with great ease.

First, you should reduce the friction in order to avoid saddle sores. One can make use
of a good cream or powder that can be applied on the area around the legs and
buttocks. Good padding can also be of huge help over here. Comfortable paddle will
also minimize friction to a great extent.

While riding, you must ensure that you rise up from your bike seat very often because
if you do not, the condition will only worsen. Your best bet would be to halt your bike
for a couple of minutes in regular intervals. Keep doing this, whether you are affected
by saddle sores or not, because it can prevent saddle sores in the first place.

In addition, you should consider wearing riding shorts with proper padding that are
specially formulated for bike riders. The regular workout shorts are not meant for
bikers. Therefore, if you wear them, your chances of getting affected by saddle sores
would be high. On the other hand, shorts that are specifically designed for bikers offer
great comfort and prevent saddle sores from aggravation. One must necessarily check
the product labels to ensure that they have laid their hands on good quality riding

One of the important things that you should consider over here is proper hygiene. One
must wear clean riding shorts at all times. Unclean shorts leave behind dirt and
perspiration, which can cause skin irritation and saddle soreness. Whenever you finish
your tough ride, wash the shorts immediately to avoid such issues. You can apply
some good antibacterial cream on your skin before wearing the shorts again to deal
with saddle sores effectively.

What most people do not realize is that saddle sores may begin with chafing, which
later results into soreness and redness. In some cases, it may also prevent sufferers
from riding bike from a temporary phase due to extreme discomfort. Ironically,
certain infections may also build up over a period of time, which can result into a
huge pile of medical bills. The affected skin area must be washed with mild soap and
water to prevent infections.

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