RAIDERS CROSSWORD SPONSORED
                                 BY THE WITS SHOP
              1     2            3           4         5                  6             7

                                                                                        8                  9
                                10           11

             12                                                          13                   14

                                15                     16

                    17                       18                                        19



             22           23          24

                    25          26                                               27                        28

             29           30                           31                32                   33

             34     35

             36                 37                                       38      39

                    40    41                                     42                                 43

                    44                                                           45    46

             47                                                  48

Cut-------------------------------------------------                  ------------------------------------------------------
1.The guy who is always around beautiful                              27. A carnival held by students to collect
chicks, but does not have one of his own.                             money for charity
4. The guy who has never been with a chick                            30. Sex in men’s res. terms
- the fact is this guy does not have a chick.                         33. Men’s res. worst enemy, plus guys from
8. Porn movies are called many__________                              there made the word “skomoro” very
in men’s res. terms                                                   popular
10. A men’s res. resident                                             34. Words that are thought to have magic
12. A mentally deficient person who is                                power or to make a piece of magic work.
permanently incapable of rational conduct                             (Your answer should be wrongly spelt)
13. Slang for an idle talker                                          36. Abbreviation: “Sexually Unrestricted”
15. Abbreviation: “trademark”                                         37. Interjection expressing disappointment,
18. -____________TV room, center of                                   sympathy, etc
men’s res. also used for meetings                                     38. A snake-like fish
19. When something is finished, we say it                             40. Someone who likes ugly-ass chicks
is___________                                                         (Judas)
20. Steady, not shaking                                               44. Abbreviation: “scripture union”
21. A men’s res. cat that achieved notoriety                          45. An area about the size of a bean situated
for its amorous desires. He lies buried                               about two-third up vaginal wall, which
outside college house                                                 results in orgasm when stimulated
22. Line in raiders anthem “…boys in                                  47. A run scored in cricket from a ball that
______and white……”                                                    passes the batsman without being hit
25.A bush or shrub bearing ornamental                                 48. The divisions (five in man) of the front
usually fragrant flowers, very popular in                             part of the foot

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!                            Rules:
One lucky raider will WIN a wits                      1. The judges’ decision is final
watch and a pen courtesy of the                       2. You may not enter more than
Wits Shop (Wits Alumni)- Senate                           once (No photo copies will
House                                                     be accepted)
                                                      3. Friends and relatives to the
Provide your name, room number                            Media committee members
and student number. Submit your                           are not eligible to enter.
completed puzzle to Sandile (OC 35)
or Vusi (OD 306).
A draw will be held during the first
house meeting after the Easter
holidays. Closing date 23rd April ‘04

Name :_______________________
Room Number: ________________
Student Number: _______________

Cut ---------------------------------------        ------------------------------------------------------
                                                   24. The same person in no.6, in men’s res.
PUZZLE CONTINUED                                   terms (also used to get Sonnyboy’s
DOWN                                               attention)
2. South African currency                          26. Of or connected with the sun
3. Senior raider on the picture                    28. Female singer and dancer in musicals,
5. The creator and ruler of the universe in        variety shows, etc is a __________girl
Christian, Jewish, Muslim teaching                 29. A donkey or a very stupid person, who
6. A person who has never had sexual               belongs to knockando
intercourse                                        31.When Jubes is being friendly with men’s
7. Mawillies colleague in the men’s res.           res. (gives it up), we say they _________
office, who drives a conquest                      with men’s res.
9. Full of desire, enthusiastic                    32. To look at a person lustfully
11. A raider who always spends money on            35. “What do you smell freshmen?”
chicks (Chomane’s award last year)                 39. Something that Wits and only Wits give
14. Another word for Drinks black label,           you
castle, coca-cola, brutal fruit etc                41. During “many more” most raiders stand
16. Abbreviation: “South Africa”                   like _______ sticks
17. Fermented drink, the name is also used         42. Mothaolo (sex) is the _______of love
to describe a chick from Sunnyside                 43. Head of a college
21. Another word for naught, the figure            44. Abbreviation: Super Sefebe (b***h)
most of us do not want to get on tests and
23.Rounded roof with a circular base


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